Sonic the Hedgehog: The Phantasy of Archangelus



Eggman's base presided silently beneath the umbrage of many groves. Within those metal walls were metal chambers, and in one of those chambers was Eggman, plotting yet another nefarious plan for his domination of the world.

"This time my plans shall not fail!" he exclaimed, pecking out keys on the keyboard; they were coordinates. "As long as that annoying hedgehog is out of my way…!"

Suddenly, the sirens all around the base blared noisily. Eggman covered his ears and started looking around. "Curses!" he exclaimed over the alarms. Then, he gasped. 'Speak of the devil-hog…! It's Sonic!'

Outside of the base, laser guns were firing at their target.

"But it can't be…!" Eggman gawked at the multiple monitors to see Sonic the Hedgehog's blurry blue light streak in every camera's view. "How in the world does he keep finding me so fast?" he exclaimed.

Sonic darted along, dodging laser fire and Spin-Dashing through all of Eggman's defenses. Although more colossal enemies appeared in Sonic's path, the result was the same. Sonic smirked as he came closer and closer to where Eggman was hiding.

"No! This can't be…!" Eggman cried fearfully. He made a few final adjustments.

But Sonic came crashing through the ceiling, and he landed safely on his feet. He stood just a short distance away from Eggman. He crossed his arms and glared at him.

"Ah-hah! Sonic…!" the older man said. "We meet again." Eggman pulled out a small trigger and held it threateningly out to Sonic. He snickered. "These Chaos Emeralds are going to be of great assistance in my plans of ruling the world."

Sonic snickered. "Not if I stop you first…!"

And before Eggman realized it, Sonic was gone.

"Damn it! Where'd you go, you spiky little—Gah!" Eggman yelped, his grip on the trigger becoming nonexistent, as he soon noticed. "Agh! No!"

Sonic had the trigger and was safely tossing and catching it. "Looking for this, Egghead?" He stifled a snicker.

"I had a feeling something like this would happen…!"

Sonic lifted a curious but cautious brow.

There was a mysterious glowing coming from the center of the chamber, where a pillar-shaped capsule stood, holding the Chaos Emeralds.

"What are you trying to pull, Eggman?"

"Why, a Chaos Control, my 'beloved' arch-nemesis. But now, you have two options—either press the trigger and activate Chaos Control…" Eggman pointed at the trigger. "Or wait it out…and activate Chaos Control anyway!"

'Those aren't very different options…!' Sonic thought critically. "How can that be? What have you done, Eggman?"

"Well, I've set a timer for the activation of Chaos Control, just in case I lose 'control' of the trigger, so to speak," Eggman explained. "Now that I have, the power lies with you, Sonic: Whether or not to press that little button. But either way you look at it, my plan will pull through!"

But Sonic's attention was diverted and given to the increasing glow of light that came from the pillar. His eyes widened. "What the…?"

"Gyah ha ha hah!"

The pillar of glass shattered, and sprays of it scattered everywhere, slitting Sonic's arms as he shielded his face. Light burst from its source, blasting into the air, through the roof, like a gigantic laser. It beamed brightly into the sky. The clouds surrounding the beam instantly evaporated, and its impact on them caused them to twist around it.

"No…!" Sonic awed, still looking at the brightly expanding column of light. His pupils remained constricted as he looked over to see Eggman laughing victoriously. He grimaced, racing toward his mad nemesis. But as the light swallowed them, "Eggman!" was the last thing Sonic was able to get out.


Sonic was sprawled in the middle of a vast field of flowers underneath a clear night sky, under an infinity of stars. A breeze caused his quills to billow gently back and forth; this didn't wake Sonic from his sleep.

Or, at least, not yet.

Sonic was stirred from his dream by the fragrance of flowers. His nose twitched as he subconsciously sniffed at the pleasant aroma. His eyes squinted tighter before they gently opened.

He moaned. "Huh? Where…?"

He sat up from his reclined position and looked around to see more flowers and a river in the distance. He blinked in astonishment.

"Whoa…! Where am I?" He stood from his place and looked around some more. "And why is it nighttime?" He frowned a little. 'Am I alone, or did Eggman get transported here too? Or anyone else for that matter…?'

But there was no one around to answer him.

Sonic blinked a little before glancing around a bit more. He was scratching his head as well. "I think this whole Eggman fiasco just got a little weirder…"

Meredith Pandora Lilith: Hello, all! Only consider this fic a reboot of Rise of Archangelus, only for those who have been paying attention to it. Basically, the mass-edit version of the Sonic x FFX-2 crossover I'd written a little over five years ago. It shall be Rated T for now; will upgrade to M much later. The story is still undergoing mass edits, but it is almost finished—I can assure you.

Regardless of if you were or were not aware, this story was intended to be a sequel to The Just and the Fallen. But after the initial creation, the original idea of it slackened in vigor in my brains, so I decided to make it a stand-alone fic. It still goes along the theme of our main-men Hedgies (Shadow being first, now Sonic, and possibly Silver) and I hope it'll grab more attention this time around.

The plot's just starting, though...and Sonic's already confused as hell. But he'll take it in stride, no worries. Sounds a lot like Sonic X, no? Heh...much to my mistake. Whoops! Too late to turn back now! XP