Kay, I know I am a bit late, alright really late… but hey a second chapter but don't expect it to become a full length story.

My Borderlands 2 disc actually broke so I haven't played for months now. Last thing I did was buy Krieg and get him to level 43… ;.;

Knock Knock

"Um, Maya," An uncontrollable smile formed on my face when I heard that voice from the washroom.

"Yes?" She said trying hard not to snicker or laugh.

"Have you seen my armor?" He asked, I really couldn't help but laugh. "Are you laughing?!"

"What no, no of course not!" She said, trying to control herself. "I put it in the washer…" The door flew open and tall, white, and alien came running out in nothing but a towel.

"You what?!"

One look at him and I just died, I fell on the floor laughing like I was on drugs. He stood with arms crossed waiting for me to finish, but the look on his face just made me laugh even harder. God, I was even crying from laughter, and that look on his face wasn't helping either.

"Are you done?" I finally got myself together and stood up.

"I was just kidding; they are in the living room…" I spoke, letting out a snicker at the end. He began grumbling and stomped his way other to the living room, I followed behind waiting for the surprise.

'Luckily Maya isn't as stupid as I thought, I mean who the hell puts ELECTRONIC armor in a WASHER, you must be a special kind of stupid to do tha—'


I was dazzled by the sudden bright flash, and I had to rub my eyes to see again.

"Pose, pretty boy, pose like you are modeling for Playgirl!" Axton yelled, taking pictures of me with an expensive looking camera.

"Wha—GIVE ME THAT!" I yelled, I could see Maya just dying from laughter off to the side.

"Hold up, amigo," I stopped mid-chase and looked to where the voice came from. "You either get your armor or that camera, your choice." Salvador spoke with my armor in his hands.

Before I could even decide I realized that Axton had gotten away. I sighed and walked over to Salvador who, innocently, handed me my armor. I took it and grumbled away from them to put it on.

Sometime later…

I walked around Sanctuary, trying to see if anyone needs any help. As I walked around I could hear people whispering as I walked by, usually they say stuff like 'look a vault hunter' or 'that sure is some expensive looking armor' but this time it was more like 'wow, who would have thought that this is under that armor.'

I walked over to the two girls and snatched the paper they were looking at from them.

One look and I felt a blood vessel pop.

'Sanctuary's hottest guy, mysterious assassin vault hunter actually a smoking hot dude.'


'I need a beer after all that crap.' I dragged myself to Moxie's bar, as I walked in I got some unusual looks, I know that Vault Hunters aren't very common so I got used to the whole 'feared upon' looks I got, but I usually don't get these kinds of looks. I was used to the looks from many of the men; angry and hateful but the women, well… they are best described as flirty.

I tried my best to ignore them and walked over to a stool. "Well if it isn't, Mr. Popular." Moxie spoke, smirking at me.

"I don't have time for your games, woman, give a beer."

"Only if you let me see what's under that armor…" She said with a wink. Before I could rant, she placed a beer bottle on the counter. I have actually taken off my helmet to drink before but no one in this bar actually pays attention so I just do it like it's nothing.

But this time it was different, after the drink was placed I felt like everyone in the bar began to watch me.

I popped the cap off it and just sat there awkwardly, I watched the smoke emit from the bottle and fiddled around with the cap, hoping that people would stop staring.

"They aren't gonna stop, so you may as well…" Moxie spoke as she stares intensely at the glass she was cleaning. I looked at her for a second and then back at everyone else, who looked away like I hadn't noticed them already.

'Ah just do it already, what do you have to lose.'

I took in a deep breath and twisted the helmet; I felt a sudden rush of cool air from the sudden opening of enclosed space, my hair suddenly fell out from the helmet and I was free from the only thing protecting my identity.

'God, I wouldn't mind this if I didn't feel like I was being violated by everyone's eyes…'

I did my best to ignore them and placed my helmet on the counter, then drank as fast as I could.

"Well, honey, if you were just a bit older I would totally marry you…" Moxie said staring at me.

"Well that's nice to know." I spoke.

"You may wanna go before you start gathering a swarm around you; it's not often a guy with looks such as you comes to Sanctuary so you better get a move on…" She warned returning back to the same cup she had been cleaning before.

I got up, putting my helmet under my arm, and walked out.


There was an enormous crowd of teenaged girls standing outside the bar.

'How many people actually like in Sanctuary?!' I thought as I looked for an escape route. "GET HIM!" They all yelled in unison, I sprinted towards an opening in an alley I saw.

'God, I hope this isn't going to become a usual thing…' I thought as I sprinted for safety.

And there you go, after a… what has it been a year since the last chapter, I posted a new one. If someone gives me a new idea I will write a new chapter and I can make a bunch of shorts about Zer0's adventures