A Saga of the Shadow

Chapter Three

When Ayaera had disappeared to where ever she was going, I decided to practice my new found skills; especially the cross bow I was still rather weak in that area. After my mid day meal, I had taken a nap and was now getting kind of bored. Since Ayaera wasn't back yet, I decided to grab my regular bow and a quiver of arrows and set out to see what I could get a good sized deer for supper. If was careful and quiet enough, I could possibly get one from the field near the family's castle. My so called father wouldn't even miss one; not that he even cared anyways. From where I was in the forest, I could just make out the screaming and yelling. They were still at it after all these years.

I walked quietly to the edge of the meadow and hid myself in a shaded area, near a clump of trees. As I waited, my mind drifted off to that day when that mysterious woman appeared before me, about nine years ago. I still don't know who she is or why she wanted me to train. Then again, if whatever she had planned, would get me off the kami forsaken planet, I would willing do as she asked of me. I had no love for this small kingdom or planet.


"Anci, I think you will like Morgan. I must warn you 'though, she may seem a bit cold at first. That'a because of the life she had in her family's palace. Also, her parents are not to be talked about." Hisoka advised as she and little Anci appeared the near the stone hut.

"I understand Hisoka-san. Her majesty told me about what happened to Morgan-san. I will not discuss that topic. Is she not here at the moment?" Anci replied as she looked around. Hisoka quickly stepped in to the hut to see if her charge was inside.

"Morgan's not in here, so she must be hunting something for dinner. Let's get you settled in the hut and start the rest of the meal, while we wait." Hisoka suggested.

It wasn't long after Hisoka had Anci settled in to the hut and was giving her a tour of the general area; when they met Morgan staggering a little as she carried a rather large deer on her shoulders. She stopped for a moment to re-adjust the animal and looked up. She smiled for a moment when she saw that her sensei Ayaera was back, but tensed a little when she saw the young girl standing beside her.

"I see that you've brought somebody back with you Ayaera. A new recruit?" Morgan inquired.

"In a way. If you could drop the deer for a moment, I'd like to introduce our guest to you." Hisoka requested. Morgan did so and took a step forward, making sure she had a polite smile on her face.

"Morgan, I would like you to meet Anci. She is here for some training and to get away from a certain senshi who has been bullying her." Hisoka replied.

"Nice to meet you Anci. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's bullies." Morgan replied with a gentle smile.

"And Anci, this is Morgan. She is the girl that Queen Serenity has had me train over the last couple of years. She is nearly finished.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Morgan. I hope we can become good friends, if you will allow me to be." Anci replied, a little shyly.

"I would like that Anci." Morgan replied, already starting to like the girl. She would help Ayaera help train the girl.

"If you don't mind me asking, why did you call Hisoka-san, Ayaera?" Anci asked quietly.

"Isn't that her name?" Morgan asked, raising an eyebrow at her trainer.

"No it isn't Morgan. I didn't tell you for my own reasons. Now let's get this taken care of and cooked before the evening progresses any further." Hisoka replied, taking one end of the deer.

I quickly came to like Anci and showed her that she need not be so shy and quiet around people. Perhaps that's why the senshi of Mars, as I came to know her to be, picked on Anci so much. I'm sure Mars would be shocked to see how Anci had changed already. I silently promised to deal swiftly with this Mars girl, if the need arose. I was pleased when Hisoka, as I now knew her, showed me how to shut off my aura so the enemy...or Mars could not detect me. I worked hard at this, and it wasn't long before I was able to sneak up and "capture" my trainer. Needless to say, this pleased her greatly. It was a week later that Hisoka pronounced me ready to be of service to Queen Serenity.

Little did I know, my services as a warrior for the moon kingdom. Albeit, a minor roll for the time being. Little did any of us realize that this small skirmish lead up to an all out war that would mean the end of the moon kingdom. It was the following week that a tall, green haired senshi suddenly showed up near the hut. She stated that myself and Hisoka's services were needed for a battle that was brewing on the north side of the moon kingdom. I didn't really trust her at first but my sensei did; so I went along with them willing. I was later glad that Anci had stayed behind. It had been a rather fierce fight and she would have been harmed or killed.


"Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus. If you will, I would like to have a word with you before you head towards the battle." Queen Serenity requested as she stepped out in to the hallway from a small meeting room.

"Yes your majesty, what is that you would like us to do for you?" Sailor Neptune asked.

"I have sent Sailor Pluto to fetch a young girl I have had my friend Hisoka sensei train to be a new warrior for this kingdom. I would like you to observe and see how she does. Only intercede with the battle if necessary. "Do not speak with her and report back to me when the battle is over." Queen Serenity asked.

"Hai your majesty. If we may know her name?" Sailor Uranus.

"She is called Morgan. You may sense that she is rather cold and distant. That is for a very good reason. She should be on the battlefield by now." Queen Serenity replied.

"As you wish your majesty." The two senshi bowed and took off running out of the palace and to the battle.

When they arrived at the battle's edge, the two outers quickly found Hisoka sensei and the young girl fighting the evading army. They watched as the young girl fought off two soldiers and quickly disappeared in to the shadows. She reappeared just as quickly, a little closer to them.

"That girl Morgan seems to be a great fighter. Hisoka sensei did an excellent job of training her." Sailor Neptune commented. Just then the forementioned woman appered at their side, startling them.

"I see you are admiring my charge. You can tell her majesty that Morgan is ready to formally become a memeber of the guard. Come out and meet two of the outer senshi Morgan." Hisoka called out. A moment later the girl stepped out from behind a tree near the three women panting a little and took a slightly ridged stance.

"Morgan, these ladies are Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. They do much of the same duties as you will be doing once you are a member of the queen's court." Hisoka intoduced.

"It's nice to meet you Morgan." Sailor Neptune replied.

"Pleasure to meet you." Morgan answered a bit coldly.

"Morgan, that was not necessary." Hisoka scolded.

"It's alright Hisoka sensei. Her majesty warned us that she may be a little cold towards strangers." Sailor Uranus replied patiently.