Elena Winchester

Summary: What if Isobel hadn't gave birth with the help of Greyson and Miranda Gilbert? What if she was Alone? What if John Winchester found her, and decided to help? This is a Delena FIC set in season 4 of Supernatural and season 1 of the Vampire Diaries.


The young girl in the abandoned house was alone, cold and in labour, she now wished she'd gone to John Gilbert like she'd planned on doing, and realised that not going to him was a complete mistake. His older brother was a doctor and would've helped her through this, but here she was in some disgusting old abandoned house and all because she was too stubborn to do the right thing.

She let out a few screams, not being able to contain them, not that anyone would hear her, there wasn't any other houses around for miles, but all she wanted to do right now was have someone help her.

She cried out again and breathed heavily, and the floorboards behind her creaked, her eyes widened and she turned her head, not seeing anybody, maybe it was just her imagination, she let the tears stream down her face and tired pushing again.

"Oh my god" A voice said.

She gasped and looked up, seeing a man with a gun "Please don't kill me"

"I'm not gonna kill you sweetheart" He said "Are you-"

"About to give birth" She said and shut her eyes.

"What's your name?" He asked leaning in front of her.

"Isobel" She said and then cried out "Please don't tell anybody, I'll get in trouble"

"I won't, but why are you here?" He asked almost demandingly.

"I had nowhere to go" She cried out.

He sighed and stared at the pale faced young girl, if he didn't know any better he'd say she looked familiar but he shook the thought away and began to help her, his instincts were telling him not to because something was going to go wrong, but he fought against them and helped her anyway.

When Isobel finally gave birth to a little girl, she held her for a few moments, close to her chest.

"Elena" She whispered.

"Here" John said "I'll clean her up"

Isobel nodded, and handed the baby girl to him, he cleaned her up but when he turned back to the young girl, she was gone.

"Isobel?" He asked, there was nothing but silence.

He called out her name again but there was no reply, she really had left, left him alone with the baby girl she'd named Elena. John looked down at the baby in his arms and her big brown eyes looked back up at him, she wasn't crying and she hadn't cried so far, which confused him, when both his boys were born they cried.

She looked up at him and then closed her eyes, what was he supposed to do? What would he do with her? He couldn't just abandon her and leave her with nobody...

Sam and Dean were sitting on the beds, watching the crap TV, when their father entered the room, a bundle in his arms.

"Dad what's that?" Thirteen year old Dean asked.

John sighed "It's a baby" He said simply.

"A...a baby?" Sam asked.

"Yes, Sammy a baby" John answered.

Both boy's jamp up and ran over to him and the baby, they stared at her in fascination for a few seconds before Dean looked up, confused.

"Where did you get a baby?" He asked.

John smiled to himself "She's ours Dean" He said.

"Oh" He replied looking back down at the sleeping baby.

"What's her name?" Sam asked.

John sighed "Elena"

"Elena" They both copied at the same time.

"Yep" John said.

"She looks like an Elena" Sam said, to which Dean rolled his eyes at his nine year old little brother.

John looked over at him, he was wearing a huge grin on his face, John realised that Sam was just glad he had somebody to look after now, he'd always felt like the baby and now he didn't have to...now he had little Elena to look after.

But poor little Elena, her mother had abandoned her with someone she didn't know, for all that girl Isobel knew was that he'd helped her, she didn't know the life he'd lead, but now that Elena was with him and his boys, she would...