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Chapter 10.


Elena walked into the kitchen, where Sam was and when she sat down he looked at her, seeing her staring at were the only two in the house because Bobby and Dean had gone out

"Ugh...hi" He said.

"You're good with advice right?" She asked.


"Boys" She said "You are a boy...right?"

Sam made a face at her and then shook his head. "What's up?"

"Damon" She said.

Sam shut the laptop over and stared over at his sister. "What about him?"

"I like him" She said.

"I think we gathered that" He said.

She frowned "I can't help it"

"I know"

"Well...I'm not sure if he likes me for me or if it's because I look like Katherine"

Sam scowled "I'm sure that's not it" He said.

"But see you don't know...I think it's because I look like Katherine" She said.

"Ask him"

"That's your advice? Gee Sammy thanks"

Sam rolled his eyes and shook his head at her "I don't know what to say Ellie, he's a vampire. Why don't you go to Dean for adivce?"

"Uh because...this is Dean we're talking about. He's shoot first. He's too...protective, you on the other hand, you respect my choices...most of the time"

"Right. Well seriously...I don't know...I mean for all we know he could want to eat you"

"Ouch" A voice said. "I didn't realize I was that I give off the vibe that I would eat Elena?"

They both turned seeing Damon "You need to stop just entering the house" Sam said "I will shoot you"

"Sam" Elena said staring at him.

"I'm serious...there is a door"

Damon smirked and sat down "Anything on this other vampire?"

"Nope" Elena said "Not so far"

"How do we draw him out? You should know"

"Well he's tried going for Elena...we should use her as bait"

"No chance" Dean's voice said as he entered the kitchen with Bobby. "We're not using her"

"I could do it..then you guy's stake him" Elena said with a grin.

"No" Dean and Sam said at the same time. She stared between the two of them and rolled her eyes. "Besides...we might have another way to get him out in the open" Dean said.

"How?" Sam asked.

Damon watched as he pulled out a bloodbag and he scoffed "Really?"

"Really. besides I have a friend coming" Dean said.

"You don't have any friends" Elena snorted.

"Shup it" Dean said slapping her head.

"Who?" Sam asked.

"Never you mind. I'll introduce him when he get's here. He's a vampire hunter"

"let's hope he's not like Gordon walker" Elena said "We all know how that ended"

"I don't" Damon said.

"Well-" Elena began but Sam cut her off.

"We don't need to get into that" he said giving her a glare.

She rolled her eyes again "So...vampire hunter huh?" Elena asked Dean.

"Yeah. Vampire killed his wife a few years ago...he's been looking for her ever since" Dean said.

"Wow...that's a long time"

"Not really" Damon said with a shrug.

"Oh right cause you've been around how long grandpa?" Dean smirked.

Damon scoffed "You know by right's you're actually older than me, and you look older"

Dean gawked at him and then narrowed his eyes, Elena ushered Damon out of the room, her behind him.

"Can't we stake him?"

"No" Damon called.

Dean shook his head and sat down "Who's this hunter then Dean?" Sam asked.

"His name's Alaric Saltzman" He said "Met him in the bar one night in Durham in North Carolina"

"And you found out how he was a hunter...because?" Sam asked.

"We got drunk" Dean said shrugging "It was just after I saved your ass"

"You ean sold your soul for that ass" Bobby said "idgit"

Dean smirked "Yeah...we've kept in contact ever since" he said.

"Well who would've thought" Sam smirked.

"Shut up" Dean said shaking his head at his brother.

Elena and Damon were sitting on the porch.
"So I gotta ask, is it because I look like Katherine?" Elena asked looking round at him.

He looked at her and then looked away "No. You're not Katherine" he said.
"So if I'm not like Katherine...then what was she like?"

Damon coughed "I've told you"

"No...what was she like? With you?"

Damon hesitated "Let's not get into it"

"She wasn't nice then huh?"

"Not really" Damon said shrugging "She's gone. Locked in a tomb"

" a tomb?" Elena asked.

"Yeah" He said "Has been for 145 years"

"So she's not dead?"

"No" Damon said shaking his head.

"Right" Elena nodded.

She got up, as did Damon and the two bid farewell and she went into the house going into the kitchen. She sat across from Bobby and next to Sam.

"What's for lunch?" She asked with a grin.


"Fifties DANCE!" Elena said going into the house.


"Carolione. Fifties Dance. I'm going"

"Vampire. No. hell." Dean said "Put that into a sentence"

She folded her arms "We can use me as bait...I'll be careful Bean I promise" She said pouting and making her eyes go into a puppy like way. Dean stared at her with wide eyes and then looked back at Sam in disbelief. Bobby shook his head.

" can't...Elena" Dean groaned. She grinned, knowing her plan would would work.

"Oh come on Bean, It's not like I'm not protected, there's you..Sam..that guy Alaric...who just happens to be my history teacher by the way"

"Oh good he can keep an eye on you" Dean grinned.

She rolled her eyes "Stefan and Damon"

"Stefan and Damon?" Sam asked.

" know Stefan...he's in my classes at school, he's Damon's brother"

"We know this Elena" Dean said.

"I'll be there too...chaperone" Bobby said giving a kind of salute with his fingers.

"Great...see told ya" Elena said "Besides...Jenna should be there...but wait.."

"What?" Dean asked.

"She's going to be spending her time with Alaric, I met her at the grill and she told me all about how hot he was" She smirked teasing Dean.

"Seriously?" Dean asked.

"Mhm" Elena nodded "I have to say..he is Hot" She said and went up the stairs.

"How did we get landed with her Sam?" Dean asked.

"I heard that!"

Elena was ready to go, Sam and Dean weren't so sure about letting their sister do this but at least they would be there with her. They went to the school and Elena ran into Stefan and Damon, while Dean stood with Alaric. She noticed the looks the two of them were giving Jenna and she rolled her eyes.

"Elena would you like to dance?" Damon offered.

She smirked "I would love to" She looked at Stefan "May I have this dance Stefan?"

Stefan laughed and lent her his arm and thentwo walked off together. Both Dean and Sam noticed the two of them and watched closely.

"Should you be able to sense each other or something?" Elena asked.

"No" He laughed "It doesn't work that way...see him anywhere?"

"Not unless he has a pompador" She said.

"Heh. Wow. Not one of the better fashion trends" Stefan smiled.

"Come on. I'm sure you and Damon looked great back then. Are there pictures?" She grinned.

"Not of me. Burned. Buried. Im sure there are some of Damon though" He said.

"Seriously what was it like in the fifties? Cause In my mind between "American Bandstand", "Grease" It's all arsity sweaters and milshakes"

"Well, that and you know McCarthysim and segregation arms race" Stefan said.

"Ok, but there were poodle skirts?" She asked.

"There were poodle skirts" he laughed.

"Oh..since you're my friend. Teach me how to do the hand give"

"No. That's not gonna happen"

"ooh!" She said pouting.


Stefan and Elena were still dancing, three sets of eyes on them.

"Maybe he's not gonna show" She said to Stefan.

"You mean we did all this dancing for nothing?"

"Ahhh! The horror!" She said laughing.

"I'm really sorry for all this" he said.

"It was my choice...maybe it would draw him out...besides it's my fault you guy's are here" The music began to pick up "Show me how it was done in the fifties Stefan!"

"Uh, no" he said.

"Come on? One move?!"

Stefan shook his head and Elena groaned and went to pull away, but he twirled her around and picked her up and dipped her from side to side and then put her back on her feet as she laughed.

"Now you remember that. Because it's never gonna happen again" He said.

"Duly noted" She laughed.

The two moved from the dance floor and over to Sam and Dean, Bobby and Alaric.

"Heard you were doing well in history" Sam said.

She looked at him and then at Alaric "You can thank him for that" She said pointing at Stefan "He tutors me"

"Is that the sexy kind of tutoring?" Dean grinned making Elena gasp, she punched his arm.

"You're disgusting!" She snapped and rolled her eyes and she looked around to see Damon dancing with some blonde. "You can't take him anywhere..can you?"

"Uh, no" Stefan said shaking his head.

Elena looked around more and spotted the man in the hood "Uh guy's" She said and she pointed to the bac corner of the gym.

"Stay here" Sam said as the five of them moved out.

"Okay then" She said and her phone rang.

"Hello Elena. So here's what you're going to do. There's an exit door behind you, you have five seconds"

"No" Elena said.

"Or I'll snap stoner boy's neck so fast I bet there is't even a witness. Now start walking"

"Don't you dare touch him, he has nothing to do with this" Elena said.

"Keep walking. Through the door"

Elena moved out the door and began running through the hallway, she tried pushing a door open but it was locked. He came closer to her so she ran into the cafeteria. She tried the doors in there but they were locked too. The vampire appeared by her and she ran for it but grabbed her long brown hair and threw her against a wall.

Elena managed to grab the pencils and she stabbed them into him and threw him down onto the ground, a smirk on her face as she began rinning again. She found a mop and looked back seeing him pull out the pencil's. She snapped it in half and and he ran at her but she plunged the stake into his stomach and he let out a scream of pain, she pulled it back out again and she went to do it a second time but he ripped it from her grip and launched it.

She sighed agrivatedly and moved back and he ran at her, his fangs out and his eyes veiny. She fell back and let out a scream but he was flung away from her and Sam helped her to her feet.

"Hey dickhead" Dean said "Nobody wants to kill you"

"We just wanna talk" Damon said.

The vampire tried to run but Stefan grabbed him and staked him through the stomach.

"Now you feel like talkin?" he asked.

"Screw you" Vampire spat.

Stefan drove the stake deeper and Elena flinched when he let out a cry in pain.

"Wrong answer. Why are you doing this?"

"Cause it's fun" He said.

"What do you want with Elena?" Sam asked, moving his sister behind him slightly.

"She looks like Katherine" He said looking at her, eyeing her hungrily.

"You knew Katherine?" Damon asked.

"Oh. You thought you were the only ones? You don't even remember me!"

"Tell me who's trying to get into the tomb"


Stefan drove the stake in deeper again.

"Anna..." He cried "Anna"

"Who's Anna?"

"No" the vampire said.

"Who is she?" Stefan demanded.

"No. You're gonna have to kill me!" He said.

Damon and Stefan exchanged glances and Stefan shrugged and ripped the stake out and drove it through his heart.

"No way that idiot was working alone" Dean said.

"Well he did say Anna" Damon scoffed.

"Do you know Anna?" Elena asked.

"No" Damon shrugged "Not that I remember"

"Nope" Stefan said when they looked at him. "You guy's better go...we got this"

"Yeah..come on Elena" Sam said.

"You doing alright?" Sam asked going into his sister's room.

"Is it weird if I say yes?" She asked.

"Not really" He said with a laugh. "We're sorry y'know"
"For what?" She asked.

"For...not telling you sooner"

"Oh..that it's cool. I'm over that"

"Really? You're just...over it?" Sam asked.

"Yeah" She nodded. "It would be nice to know my birth mother but as for my biological father? Uh...well? Honestly? I don't need to know if I had to meet her I'd ask"

"We undertsand that" Sam said.

"I'm gonna go to bed...thanks Sam" She said and kissed his cheek.

"Night Ellie"

"Night" She said and he switched the light off and left the room, wondering about her birth mother and other things himself.