I'm in such a drably mood, I'm in a mood for writing truthfully. I even wrote a huge piece on what it's like to survive being bullied relentlessly to the torture growing up. I think bullying is vile and disgusting, there is no place in this world for it. I wrote this little dribble in ode to bullying. If you'd like to check my blog you can. It also has tips on how to combat bullying in a positive manner. Here is the link.


CBS owns the show and the characters. I just tinker with them for your pleasure.

Normally Danny and Steve are the primary focus of my H50 works, as well as Grace. I thought I'd change my usual routine in favour of Chin but Grace will be involved.

One day Grace was sitting in her Daddy's office, the courts had judged in favour of granting Danny every other week with his daughter. So on those weeks Catherine would pick her up from school and bring her to HQ. She thought it was funny how everyone thought Stevie and her had a thing. Even Gracie could see McGarrett had googley eyes for her Dad. She also decided boys were all dumb because Stevie and her Dad couldn't see that. She'd finished her homework, made a hula dancer out of her cheese string snack and left it for Danno and now she was looking at her Uncle Chin doing whatever he did with the team's funky computer table. Finally bored the little girl leapt out of her father's chair and headed for her Uncle Chin.

" Uncle Chin" the little girl asked as she sidled up beside the other man to peer at the smart table.

" Yes Keiki"

" How'd you get to be so good with computers?" She asked innocently and if that wasn't a loaded question, Chin didn't know what was.

Chin thought about his answer, he could just as easily tell her he learned at school. It wouldn't of been a lie but it certainly would not of been the truth. Chin had known more about computers than any teacher he ever had right through college. He settled on the truth.

" Well Grace, I started learning about computers because I had nobody to play with." Grace looked at her Uncle funny because him and Kono were together like peanut butter and Nutella all the time.

" But you have Auntie Kono, She's you cousin"

" I'm going to tell her you called her old, Kono is a lot younger than me. She wasn't born yet."

" Maybe I called you young Uncle Chin" Grace retorted

" Touche"

" Continue" Grace said sounding every bit like her father which brought a smile to the man's face.

" Well, I was picked on a lot by other kids. Because I had a big eye brow ridge, I didn't talk much and I was smaller than everyone else. Since nobody ever wanted to play with me, I had a lot of time to figure out computers. Things started changing in high school. I grew and started playing football and Kono followed me around like a little labradoodle."

" UNCLE CHIN, I'm telling Auntie Kono you called her Labradoodle."

" Remember who has all the pudding in their office fridge Child" Chin said back

" Touche, Bullies aren't nice Uncle Chin. I would of wanted to play with you. I could talk enough for the two of us"

Chin loved this kid, Danny had done right by her.

" I know you would Keiki" Chin said as he gave the girl a hug and they photoshopped Danny's head onto a sumo wrestler and Steve's on to a baby using the smart table.

I hope you guys enjoyed this wee bit of drabble. The moral is, bullying is never cool. Even though the bullying stops, it's something people remember for years.