Chapter Three: Glimmer and Marvel

"What do you mean, "We're going to war"?" he asked her, his hands digging into the soft skin covering his knees.

"We found the plans, it explains why we can't get any signal for the projectors and why the trainings increased and why no one knows what happened in the Quarter Quell. Marvel it's only a matter of time before the rebels get into the Capitol or we're sent to stop them," Glimmer sighed, for once saddened by the knowledge she had learned. Usually she liked knowing what was going on, liked being able to prepare for whatever was coming, but now, she just felt like all she could do was prepare for a war that she hoped she'd never see.

"So what does that mean for us?" he questioned, bringing his green eyes up to meet her blue ones for the first time since she'd told him the news.

"We're the Shadows, the one real weapon the Capitol has against the rebels that they'd never see coming. We'll be sent to target the victors mostly, to lower moral amongst the rebels and then be expected to deal with the rest of them," she explained casually, like she wasn't talking about killing more potentially innocent people.

"If we survive past killing the victors," Marvel sighed and looked at her beautiful face as the full force of everything that was going on sunk in. They were together, and he couldn't be happier, but they could be ripped apart any day now for a war they should have escaped when they died the first time.

"Marvel we can do it. We've been training since-"

"Since we were born Glimmer! We trained for the Games our whole freaking lives and look how well that one worked out? We still died! Training does nothing except make you think you have a chance in a situation that is so far out of our control it's not even a situation we should be part of!" Marvel protested and Glimmer wished she had the words to make him think differently, wished she could say something to make him think differently, to make him believe that they were going to get out of this but how could she lie to the only person who made her a better person.

"Marvel we're going to get through this," she promised, she just didn't mention that she had no idea how.

"Glimmer what if we don't, then what?" he asked, the desperation clear on his face.

"Alright so we might not live. So we might not get to deal with the aftermath of a war that involves counting bodies and trying to scrape together what little remains of our lives before the Games. But what does that matter, no matter what we'll be together. Because if we live then I know I can deal with anything with you here but if we die then I know we'll still be together. I know that our souls are twined so much that they can never be separated. No matter where we end up we'll be there together and I don't care where that is, so long as you're with me," she stated determinedly and he remembered in that moment why falling in love with her was the single greatest thing that could have happened to him.

"I love you," was all he said in reply and then leant forwards to kiss her.

"I love you to, no matter where we end up," she answered and returned his kiss.

Author's Note: Ok so I know this is kinda short but I was really in the mood to write some Glarvel, so this is going to be continued in Dancing With Danger because God I love them! Sorry again about the ridiculous amount of time that it takes me to update but if you guys are still here that really means the world to me! Like I cannot explain. Also feedback would be greatly appreciated! :)