'Another day, another felony,' Black thought merrily as he approached the unsuspecting house. It was a sunny day in Undella Town. Various bird Pokémon flew overhead and squawked as they would usually do. And Black did what he did best, aside from Pokémon battling and the like.

Breaking into peoples houses.

Now, It wasn't like people complained about it, though. He could just waltz into pretty much every house in Unova, (Except for the ones with out doors. Seriously, what's up with that?) and people wouldn't care. Sometimes, they would even give him stuff!

That was why he was going to break in. Just in case whoever lives there gives him free junk.

He walked to the front door, gripping the gold plated doorknob with his hand. Black quickly opened the door and entered the house. What greeted him was a blast of air so cold it would make even Kyurem blush. Black shivered as he entered the building, but as soon as he shut the door, he realized that the entire building was filled with a darkness that was , well, dark.

It was so dark, in fact, that Black couldn't even see anything in front of him. "Um, hello?" Black called out, hoping for a reply. This place was a tiny bit creepy. "Is anyone here?"

Suddenly, Black heard the sound of a piano play. But this wasn't the typical easy listening people always associate with pianos. No, this was a furious pounding of the keys in rapid succession. As if the player was enraged by something. The piano solo seemed to somehow fortell Black's doom, calling him to oblivion. It had a rather catchy tune, though.

A spotlight then turned on, piercing the darkness. It illuminated a young woman. She had at least fives years on Black and was about a head taller, to boot. She had long blond hair that reached her butt and covered one eye. (Both were gray) There were these thingamajigs in her hair that kinda looked like Umbreon ears. She wore a long black coat with fuzzy stuff around each opening, with matching pants and high heeled boots.

Black recognized her... "C-Cynthia?!"

Cynthia wore a large grin on her pallid face. "Hello, Black!" She giggled.

"How did you know my name?!" Black shrieked. He had heard tales of Cynthia's evil. How she would endlessly stalk and troll trainers all across the world... Sweet Arceus! Why did he have such bad luck? At least when N stalked him he was nice about it!

Somehow, the Sinnoh champion closed the distance between them within the span of a second. Another spotlight turned on, this time over Black. She leaned slightly, getting in blacks face. "I know everything, Black," She hissed while still using that horrific grin. "Hold on a second. Hey, Garrison!" She turned, her face in a serious expression, looking into the darkness. Yet another spotlight turned on, this time revealing a Garchomp, playing the piano and wearing shades like a boss. "Could you cut that out? I'm trying to talk here!" Her Garchomp complied, stopping the leitmotif and watching Cynthia earnestly.

Cynthia regained her smile and looked to Black again. "Now Black, didn't your mother teach you not to break into peoples houses?"

"No," The young trainer whispered in fear.

Cynthia pouted. "Well, that's too bad. I suppose I will have to teach you... THROUGH TROLLING!" Cynthia laughed madly as she pulled a bottle of Herbal Essence shampoo and a Greatball out of nowhere.

And nobody heard Black's screams that day.

The next day, Cheren found Black in his closet, in the fetal position. No one ever figured out what had happened to him, and whenever he was asked, Black would break down muttering madly. But if anyone bothered to listen, they would know he was saying one word... "Cynthia".

The End... ?

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