"Cybertron, our home, for millions of years we fought over our home planet, a machine world full of machine life…our life. Locked in constant battle with the Decepticons, we lost our war. We were forced to flee our home, narrowly escaping on board The Ark, a lifeboat for us, the Autobots. For many stellar cycles, a number of which I cannot count…we traveled, looking for a place we may call home to rebuild our race. Lacking in energon and morale, the ship was on the brink of mutiny…until we came across a tiny blue marble floating through space…a planet called Earth.

Many Autobots regretted leaving Cybertron this day

Bittersweet Candy Bowl


Shattered expectations (And judgment).

The bell proceeded to ring; Paulo sorta looked up and dashed toward the door, but not before getting stopped by the teacher. "Nice try Mr. Paulo." The teacher said plainly. "Aw come on teach! I gotta get outa here, I've got-""You have fifteen minutes worth of detention first." He replied. "You knew full well the rules sir." "Aw come on! So I threw a Jell-O cup at that douche that was making fun of Jasmine." "Five Jell-O cups, Paulo. Sit. Down." Those last words seemed to come from the very depths of hell itself. Paulo mumbled and grumbled before sitting back down at his desk, the rest of the class finally out of the room…yup he was alone today. Not even David to keep him company.

The one day David was not in detention was the one day Paulo was…and it was also the one day he was supposed to go out car shopping. Yup, he got his license two days before, one of the two classes he got an A+ in. (Not surprisingly enough the second class was in sex Ed.) The young orange cat just sorta waited…and waited…sighing as the minutes seemed to go on forever.

"Bring us into orbit, Ironhide." The booming voice of the tall robot said, a very alien robot, as all the Autobots on this ship were. None had taken an alternate form yet, all in a sort of protoform, looking very similar except for certain details and bits in their stature. The Ark went into orbit around the dark side of the moon, as to hide the massive spacecraft. "Sir, there is plenty of machine life here." The Autobot named ironhide said. "We have also made a connection to a sort of worldwide web on this world." The tall imposing figure went to the window, they could see a bit of earth from behind the moon. "…It is a beautiful planet." He says. "If the locals accept us perhaps all these decades of searching will finally be over." "Optimus, we shouldn't have to be 'accepted' we have been travelling for so long that even your presence is making the crew mutinous." A slightly shorter bot said, coming up next to Optimus Prime. "That may be, Ultra Magnus. But the last thing we need is to bring another race into a war that would destroy their world as we destroyed ours." Optimus Prime says.

"However I do agree our energon reserves must be replenished, how many of our crew has gone into stasis due to lack of energon?" Optimus asks. "Almost three quarters sir. Many others have offlined permanently." A much shorter bot as compared to the others said. "…Very well…Cliffjumper, you, bumblebee and Jetfire will deploy to the surface…find suitable alternate modes for all crew who are still fully online." Optimus orders. "Sir?" Cliffjumper turns his head, confused as to why they would need alternate modes. "We will blend in with the inhabitants of this world. If only to recover the energy we need for continued survival." Optimus says, looking back out at what he could see of the blue marble before them.

Cliffjumper proceeded to head toward the deployment airlock; an even shorter bot proceeded to join him, Bumblebee. "You tapped in, 'Bee?" Cliffjumper asked. Bumblebee just gave a nod and thumbs up. "…Right, vocabulator. Sorry." They proceeded to head into the airlock…Cliffjumper proceeded to shut off his optics, seeming to fold into a sort of pod, bumblebee following this, also becoming an identical pod. The doors behind them closed, and shortly afterward the doors in front of them opened, both rocketed out and plummeted down to earth.

Paulo finally rocketed out of the school like a prisoner who was not only taken off death row but was freed from prison. He had his backpack on his back and a grin on his face, getting to the main schoolyard. As he was in detention everyone else had pretty much gone home…but home was the last place he wanted to go at the moment. He was headed straight to the used car dealer down the street.

It had taken him three years of the most menial and disgusting tasks to save for this, skipping out on movies, video games, luxury items. But this was it, all of his saving and scrounging was coming to an end. He had 2000 dollars all ready for his first car…and he had high hopes. He could just picture it now, driving into the school parking lot wearing a pair of sunglasses, all the pretty ladies(and some of the not so pretty ladies) fawning over him and his sweet ride, respect from every male in the school as well. He would be the king.

Reality however is not nearly as forgiving as fantasy. He came across the used car lot and…lo and behold it was a sanctuary, some of the most powerful machines a teenager could own, all lined up for him to choose from…cars of every make and model, size, shape, color and detail. He had it all figured out…though that was up until the point that he realized that every car he had any interest in seemed to be way out of his price range. One of the salesmen, a red dog, and some sorta terrier came up to him. "Ah- Y'must be Paulo, your dad told me you were comin'!" "Hey…yeah." Paulo blinks, sorta disappointed. "Uh, okay I have 2000 bucks, what can I get?" "Ahhh! C'mere I'll show you!"

It had been three hours since bumblebee landed, being in broad daylight it was difficult to move around, with all these beings driving around he had to be very careful not to spook them. He soon began to notice something; all of them seemed to be accompanied by weird creatures, all of them with fur and tails. He figured they were all pets or something. After a lot of very safe and cautious maneuvering (With many a small child seeing him and getting frightened or more of the weird animals panicking if they saw him) He seem to come upon a sort of nesting ground? All these guys lined up row by row by row, some sort of sleeping area? Well…if that was the case it was just his luck. He sorta beeped curiously as he moved closer, moving over some sort of flora barrier and into the yard, behind a sort of building. He looked between some of the mechanical creatures before him. He looked between the inactive automatons and found one to his liking, a nearly ancient yellow Camaro with black racing stripes. Kind of a long name for this guy, but he didn't really care. His optics shined bright blue as he proceeded to scan the vehicle before him, his armor plates and bits of him sort of morphing and molding in a flash of white light…he was now colored yellow, his armor plating having adapted itself to allow him to take on the appearance of this vehicle whenever he needed. He heard voices, proceeding to panic…he had nowhere to hide, if he transformed whoever was coming would probably be able to identify he was a clone. Out of desperation to keep his ruse, he proceeded to pick up yellow Camaro and put him on top of the nearby structure…creaking of metal and wood is heard. He proceeded to transform, taking on the form of the vehicle and backing into the space that Camaro once resided.

Paulo and the dealer proceeded to come around the corner…"And here it is! First cars for everyone!" …what pieces of junk, faded paint, rusted doors, broken headlights, one of them was missing a window- wait…what was that at the end of the aisle? Paulo blinked. "Hey, what about that one?" He asked, pointing to the Camaro. Paulo proceeded to move toward it. "Ah yes, a classic! That was actually my first car, been tryin' to sell it for years. Excellent vehicle though." The dealer said. "Why won't anyone buy it?" "More like why haven't I let anyone buy it…I dunno, I've been waitin' for the right kid to come along who'll take good care of it." Paulo opened a door, getting into the drivers' seat…leather seats, man that felt good. He had a big grin on his face, looking around the interior…on the wheel in front of him in the very center was a strange symbol, kind of like a red face thing. "Man…this feels nice." He says. "…Ahhh! Maybe I found that kid after all! You look like you'll care for it real nice!" Paulo blinks, looking around inside the vehicle some more…he had a good feeling about this. "How much?" He asked, turning to the seller.

Bumblebee had downloaded the language they were speaking into his databanks…this wasn't a sleeping ground, it was a slave trade! He needed to get out of there. The door proceeded to slam on Paulo, and he took off driving, maybe using this adolescent as a bartering chip would work later right? The owner was screaming behind them…and the orange furred creature inside also began screaming in sheer terror. "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON-"Bumblebee took off on the road…the wrong side of it. He began to maneuver through traffic with Paulo screaming all the way. "OHGOD I'M SORRY I WILL NEVER LOOKA T PORN AGAIN JESUS!" Paulo suddenly outburst, Bumblebee proceeded to get into the proper lane jut then. "…" Paulo looked upward, panting in panic still. "Thank you god…" He said, he'd probably be going to his local church later- wait no the Camaro still has him hostage.

Bumblebee proceeded to drive, and drive, Paulo tried to find a way to turn the car off or brake or anything…every time he tried he'd get a jolt of 1 million volts of electricity…not a pleasant experience…soon he just sorta slumped back in the drivers' seat, terrified. Bumblebee was actually running scans on every vehicle they passed, semi-trucks, jeeps, normal cars, minivans…"What're you doing, why're you doing that? What's going on?!" Paulo tried to ask…Bumblebee, due to the fact that he couldn't speak proceeded to turn on the inbuilt mass communication system, looking for a station or broadcast that had exactly what he needed from the various signals he was receiving…and he found one. "Keep calm [ffzzt] I will protect you [fzzzt]" "I don't want your protection I wanna know why you stole yourself…and me!" "All will [fzz] be revealed [grhhhzt] in time." Bumblebee responded.

Meanwhile the owner was calling the police…angrily in his office…when the normal Camaro proceeded to fall through the roof in front of his office, he just stared at the vehicle dumbfounded…how did that get on his roof- and where did that other car come from?

Meanwhile bumblebee arrived on a hill outside of town, Paulo had shut up a while back…he was hoping for the best…ooh! Maybe he was John Connor from Teminator! Soon Bee proceeded to open the door "Get out" the radio said, Paulo complied…nervously, looking around. "Uhh-" Suddenly 'bee proceeded to transform, right in front of Paulo's' eyes, turning to him. Needless to say the orange cat was standing there, stunned. "…ohgod I'm sorry I won't look at porn I REALLY MEAN IT THIS TIME!" Bumblebee cocked his head to the right, not understanding why the weird creature was panicking.

Soon a red minicooper proceeded to show up, cliffjumper transforming from it, also having taken on features from his vehicle form. "Hey bee, I've got about 64 more forms and…I think I just discovered- …" He looked down at Paulo, who looked back up at him, Paulo proceeded to fall backward, having fainted now that there were two giant robots before him. "…Bee what did you do." "I [brrtzzt] freed the [buzz] slaves from the [bzzzzt] oppressive cats!" "…Bee they're not slaves, they're not even alive, that's what I was going to tell you." Bumblebee sorta stepped back, his optics widening, looking down at Paulo and black at cliffjumper, who had servo-faced. "…We'd better get back to Prime…bring him, we're going to need to clear things up with him." Bee sorta beeped sadly having made a…admittedly very stupid mistake.