"Sherlock Holmes, put on some bloody pants!" John ordered, giving the finishing touch to his tie. He looked up the stairs as well. "Hamish, come down here. Let me fix your tie!"

"Why do we have to be early again?" Sherlock grumbled, pulling the trousers of his well-cut suit, John taking a moment to admire his husband's form in those tailored clothes. John gave a huff of frustration, pulling on Sherlock's clothes to make him go faster as ten year old Hamish was coming down the stairs, his suit a copy of his father's but his bow tie just hanging there. John gasped, rushing to Hamish, his mop of curls as unruly as his father's.

"Hamish, you said you were ready sweetheart." He said, tying his son's bow tie, Hamish blowing a curl out of his face. He looked over his shoulder. "Sherlock, it is your sister's wedding. My god!" He said, raising his voice slightly. Sherlock grinned slightly, pulling his shoes on.

"Dad, do we have to be on time for Aunt Vi's wedding?" Hamish groaned, John brushing Hamish's curls gently out of his face.

"Of course we do. You're the ring bearer, darling." John said, kissing his son's forehead.

"I didn't ask to be the ring bearer." Hamish grumbled, pulling on his shoes.

"Oh come on. Aunt Vi needs us for once." John noted, looking into the mirror, making sure he shaved properly, Sherlock coming to wrap his arms around his waist, kissing his neck.

"John, we're fine. Let's go." He said, nuzzling John's neck.

"Typical, waiting for Sherlock again." Mycroft huffed in the foyer of the church, pacing back and forth. All the guests were milling in the church pews, whispering about when the ceremony was going to begin.

"You're frustrated? I'm the one who's makeup is going to melt off" Vivienne Holmes noted, waving a program at her face to make sure her makeup was going to stay on, lifting her veil to do it.

"Ms. Holmes, is me hair okay?" Heidi asked her, one of her top students in her school and one of her bridesmaids.

"Yes, darling, you took lovely." Vivienne said, not even looking at her for a moment.

Mycroft stopped to look at his younger sister, marveling at his sister. At twenty-nine years old, Vivienne looked beautiful, her long lanky form mirroring her brother's; auburn hair taking after Mycroft's, her pale blue eyes like Sherlock's. Her wedding dress was a lacy clingy dress, ending in a classic train and lacy sleeves down her arms, Sherlock calling her Kate Middleton when he saw her, Vivienne hitting him for the comment. Mycroft smiled a little, a surge of pride seeing his sister about to be married.

"Is Greg checking his watch already?" Vivienne asked, Mycroft looking out the doors.

"Vi, just start the ceremony. Will looks like he's going to run over here and go get you." Mycroft looked over at his sister, who was checking her watch again. "I'd like to point out that WE weren't late for Sherlock's wedding." Mycroft pointed out. Vi said nothing, just looking over the program. She looked up.

"You put Dad's name on the program?" She said, holding it up. "Oh, and allow me to add that you felt the need to get a helicopter phoned in to get to the reception? Because the traffic was terrible? John was red for hours."

"It's customary to do that." Mycroft said, seeing his Benedict Holmes' name there.

"But he's been dead for fifteen years." Vivienne noted. "You're fired as my wedding planner." She huffed, handing the program back to him. Mycroft chuckled, reaching over flick his sister's ear. Vivienne slapping his hand away.

"Too late. And I doubt you'll be getting married again." Vivienne smiled at him, looking out the door, seeing her fiancé shifting in his best tux. Her darling fiancé Gregory Lestrade, who was trying to peer around the huge wooden door to see her. Vivienne grinned, suddenly giddy. After seven years of dating Greg, they were finally getting married, having lived with Greg for three years. Vivienne just couldn't stop grinning, looking at her fiancé, who was about to be her husband if her brothers could just get here on time.

"Sorry we're late." Vivienne looked over her shoulder, seeing Sherlock, John, and Hamish come in. Sherlock walked over to his sister to give her a hug, Vivienne responding by hitting his arm.

"I'm going to beat you to a bloody pulp." She hissed, giving her brother a huge hug all the same. Mycroft rolled his eyes, seeing John walking in with Hamish.

"Mycroft, I'm sorry. But I think you can guess who we were waiting for." John said, Mycroft having handed Hamish the ring box. Mycroft exchanged a look with John, Vivienne reaching over to give her brother in law a hug, quickly kissing Hamish's forehead.

"Hal, sweetheart, you look so handsome." Vivienne cooed to her nephew, Hamish blushing at seeing his favorite aunt dressed up like this.

"You look really pretty Aunt Vi." Hamish said, his pale blue eyes matching Vi's. Vivienne giggled, tousling his curls. Hamish grinned, his grin matching his 'Aunt', Mycroft signaling to start the ceremony. John gave Sherlock a quick kiss, going to sit with Victoria Holmes in the front, the three Holmes siblings getting into position as the procession began.

"This might not be a good time to say this, but if Lestrade does anything to hurt you, we'll kill him." Sherlock deadpanned. Vivienne burst out laughing, biting her lip as soon as the bridal match began. The Holmes siblings exchanged a look, all of them walking down the aisle, Vivienne biting her lip, Greg looking up to see her for the first time in three days. Both of them grinned at each other, Greg looking her up and down, his eyebrows raised. Vivienne looked him up and down as well, flashing him a quick wink. She glanced at the front row, where her mother and John were sitting, her mother wiping her eyes with a handkerchief, Vivienne grinning at her. They made it to the alter, Hamish standing next to Greg with pride at being a part of the ceremony.

"Who gives this woman away?" The pastor asked.

"We do" Mycroft answered, letting his sister go to Greg, Sherlock letting go of her hand reluctantly. Vivienne grinned at them, standing next to Greg, turning to him with a look of someone who was in the throes of love.

Two hours later found the wedding party at the Holmes family mansion, the sun setting as the dance floor was set up in the family ballroom, a room that hadn't been used since Sherlock and John's wedding. The tables were laid out in a formal dinner, the Holmes and Lestrade family in the front of the ballroom at the family table, Hamish running around the table to get to his aunt and new uncle.

"Aunt Vi" Vivienne tore herself from her new mother in law, looking at Hamish, looking at his tousled curls. Hamish held up a package wrapped up in newspaper. "Father told me I didn't need to give you and Greg a gift but here." He said, Vivienne giving her 'nephew' a big hug, showing the package to Greg, both of them trying to be polite and ignore the rotting smell in the package. Hamish looked like he was bursting with excitement. "It's a rabbit's foot Father got. Dad said it brings good luck."

Greg was the first to move, gently taking it out of his wife's hand.

"You're so sweet. Come 'ere" he said, pulling Hamish on his lap.

"Sweetheart, will you be calling Greg Uncle Greg do you think?" Vivienne asked, trying to straighten Hamish's curls. Hamish looked up at Greg, who was trying not to laugh at this exact copy of Sherlock.

"I'll think about it." Hamish noted, typical Hamish thing to say, slipping off Greg's lap to run to his father a few chairs over. Vivienne exchanged a look with Greg, going back to the conversation with Greg's mother Mary.

"As I was saying my dear, your dress is wonderfully tasteful." Mary said in his Scottish brogue, Vivienne getting closer to hear the older woman, practically in her new husband's lap. Greg laughed at his wife, pulling her over to sit on his lap, Vivienne giggling at her husband. Greg wrapped his arms around his wife's waist, Vivienne now sitting on him. She giggled, trying to get up.

"Greg darling, half the Bristish Government is here." Vivienne teased, adjusting her husband's tie.

"The entire London police force is here too. They'll arrest me if I get too forward." He teased, Vivienne leaning over to kiss her husband sweetly, Mary hitting her son.

"You two, please. Make room for Jesus." She said, her brogue getting thicker as she was getting flustered, Vivienne breaking away from Greg for the sake of this sweet woman.

"'Sorry Mary." She mumbled, taking a sip from a water glass, catching Sherlock and Hamish staring at her.

"Why isn't Aunt Vi drinking?" Hamish blurted out, Greg's face getting red.

"Aunt Vi doesn't feel like drinking Hamish." Greg tried to patiently answer. Sherlock glared at Greg.

"You just couldn't wait could you?" Sherlock hissed, Mycroft and Violet now looking over with interest.

"Sherlock, please." Vivienne warned, Sherlock putting down his fork.

"How long have you known?" Mycroft noted with interest, catching on to the conversation quickly.

"Oh sweetheart, couldn't you wait until the honeymoon?" Violet said, trying to keep her voice neutral. Vivienne tried to shush them, noticing the room was going silent.

"Sweetheart, what are you talking about?" Mary asked, slapping her husband's leg, who was sleeping in his chair. Greg and Vivienne exchanged a look.

"I'd say you're about six weeks along." Sherlock noted, John spitting out his wine at hearing it, Sherlock's words ringing in the room. "Well, John, why else did they cancel going to Tuscany for the wine tour?" Sherlock looked up, seeing that everyone was now listening, the sound of Molly's plate dropping to the ground the only sound. Greg and Vivienne looked to the other wedding guests, both of them getting up, Greg finally deciding to say something.

"Ummm, we wanted to wait to say this but yes in fact, we are expecting a child. We learned this about a week ago and we're both very happy to be beginning a new life together. Thanks." Greg said.

"So can I take back the wine of the month club subscription?" Anderson called out.

"Nope, pregnancy is temporary state and only affects one person." Vivienne chimed in.

An hour later found the tables cleared and the party was in full swing, everyone dancing to a jazz band that was playing in the corner. And Sherlock was outside on the balcony, enjoying a cigarette next to Mycroft.

"You could have put more tactfully Sherlock." Mycroft noted, taking the cigarette from his brother to take a puff himself.

"Why couldn't she have told us? Was it really so hard to tell us 'Oh hello everyone, I'm about to have another baby'?" Sherlock asked, blowing smoke in the air.

"It's her choice Sherlock. You aren't the only one who was a little surprised. Mummy is fuming in the ladies room you know. Really Sherlock, out of all the tactless things you've done before-" Mycroft looked over his shoulder, seeing Vivienne and a group of wedding guests in the middle of the dance floor, Hamish telling his aunt a joke as they danced, Vivienne's laugh loud enough for Mycroft and Sherlock to hear it, a smile coming to Mycroft's face. "It's good to see her happy. After everything that happened before" He noted. Sherlock simply nodded, watching the stars as he smoked. Mycroft turned to him. "Well Sherlock, what did you think of my attempts at helping plan the wedding?" He asked.

"The fish was dry, the decorations look dated, and you invited too many people." Sherlock snapped, throwing the cigarette butt on the ground.

"I hope you're going to pick that up" Both men looked over, seeing Vivienne leaning against of the French door, her veil in her hand, looking tired but glowing with happiness. Sherlock shrugged his shoulders as he watched his younger sister.

"What for? You know Mummy's servants will just pick it up anyway. Also, shouldn't you be inside? I'm sure Greg is looking for you." Sherlock noted, sitting down on one of the benches. Vivienne grinned at him, advancing on her brother.

"No, Greg knows exactly where I am. In fact, what do you think we were discussing during our first dance? " She asked, reaching over to playfully slap her brother, hitting him with her veil while Mycroft looked on, laughing at them both. Sherlock raised his hands to protect himself, ending up with the three of them both hysterically laughing, Vivienne now next to Sherlock on the bench.

"And now we're even. But really Sherlock, you could have put it more tactfully." Vivienne said, straightening her dress and hair. Sherlock's face fell, glaring at his sister.

"Well you could have told me though." He snapped, Mycroft getting on the bench as well, the three of them now crammed in together.

"I was planning on telling everyone later. Did you see Greg's mum's reaction? She's appalled at the mere suggestion that we had sex." Mycroft visibly stiffened at the word "sex" related to his younger sister but did nothing about it. "The plan was to tell you all privately and then tell Mary that we conceived during the honeymoon."

"And how were you going to explain the fact you switched the honeymoon from a wine tour to Norway?" Sherlock asked, struggling not to laugh.

"We-The wine prices got too high?" She said, the three of them sharing a laugh, Vivienne leaning her head on Mycroft's shoulder. She smiled, reveling in the fact her and her brothers were at peace. "This pregnancy will be so much better than the last one." She pointed out.

"It was worth it though." Sherlock said, glancing sideways to see Hamish on the edge of the dance floor with John. Vivienne nodded, Sherlock leaning his head against his sister's shoulder, the three of them saying nothing for a moment, considering how Hamish came to be, the day that the three of them were finally reunited, giving Hamish's birthday double meaning for all of them.

"Jesus, the three of you actually quiet together? My god, is hell freezing over?" Vivienne looked up, seeing Greg on the balcony with the three of them. She grinned at him, getting up to embrace her husband, gently kissing her husband, Greg cutting a wonderful figure in his tuxedo. Greg's arms wrapped around his wife's waist as well, kissing her.

"Could you not do that in front of us? That's disgusting." Sherlock shouted. Greg smiled at his favorite consultant.

"Oh, come off it! We're brothers now!" Greg said in his thick accent, Vivienne leaning her head against his chest as he talked her arms around his waist.

"Well, doesn't mean I want to see it. Go to Norway and do that."

"We will. Tomorrow." Greg pointed out, Vivienne's face turning red at the idea.

"We couldn't find a flight until tomorrow. So Mummy told us we could stay here tonight." Vivienne added. Sherlock made a face of disgust, Mycroft looking away.

"Oh course Mummy would want to keep you around a little longer." Mycroft noted.

"Just don't….well-" Sherlock said, suddenly awkward.

"Oh god no. We're so tired we're not going to do much more than sleeping." Greg said, Vivienne nodding along with him. Sherlock shuddered at even being intimate in the same house as his mother, Vivienne and Mycroft shuddering as well at the idea, Greg and Vivienne deciding to go back into the ballroom, where people were wondering where they were.

"Did you see Anderson's reaction when Hamish threw that cake on him?" Greg asked, carrying a laughing Vivienne into the guest room her mother set aside for them, the best guest room in the house actually, with a four poster bed covered in a red silk duvet. The separate sitting area's fireplace was already roaring with a nice fire. Greg put Vivienne down, both of them looking around with awe. Even Vivienne rarely stayed at her mother's mansion, both of them grinning stupidly at each other. Vivienne winked at her husband.

"Well, could you help me out of this?" She asked, turning her back to him, Greg more than happy to help her unbutton the line of buttons down her back, grinning as more of his wife was exposed to him. With the buttons undone, his finger drew a line from the nape of her neck down her spine, leaving the woman under him shuddering in pleasure. She shucked off the dress, leaving her in her silk slip, blue Greg noting with appreciation. She turned to him, giggling at him as she unbuttoned his jacket.

"I would swear darling, every time I see you, you're more handsome than before." Vivienne said, laying small kisses on his jaw, rubbing her hand on his five o'clock shadow, finally getting his shirt unbuttoned, Greg's hands running up her sides.

"And I get to call all of you my wife now." Greg said, grabbing her arse playfully, his wife giggling in his ear.

"Sweetheart, if you get any cheekier, I'll have to call the police." She teased, Greg picking her up and carrying her to the bed.

"Vi, I am the police. And if you keep resisting I'm trained to restrain you." He teased, throwing her on the bed, pulling himself on top of her. For a moment both of them stared each other down, looking at each other tenderly, Vivienne hand reaching up to caress her husband's cheek. Greg and her finally broke into giggles, their forehead's touching as they laughed.

"So, how did we go from just signing papers at city hall to a large ceremony?" Greg asked, moving to lie on his side, kicking off his trousers, Vivienne sitting up to help him.

"Well, you know how Mycroft works" Vivienne trailed off, throwing Greg's trousers to the other side of the room, laying back down with Greg's arm wrapping around her waist. A year ago, they had attempted to elope without the Holmes-Lestrade family getting into the specifics. But of course Mycroft had a tracking on all of his siblings. On that day, Greg and Vivienne had gone to city hall with Sally as their witness, intercepted by Mycroft's team, leading them into Mycroft's office.

Mycroft had at the time been very firm that he would not allow his sister to just marry with some common city hall paperwork and nothing else, having called up his mother to ask when the mansion would be ready. And then the wedding preparations blew up. Greg's mother was contacted and she demanded a catholic ceremony, dress designers were hired by Violet Holmes, the font of the invitations was mulled over. But now it was over. Now it was just the two of them, laying side by side, just watching each other.

"Are you still not going to take my name?" Greg asked, brushing a stray curl out of her face. Vivienne gave him a small smile.

"Vivienne Lestrade. Could we get anymore stuffier?" She teased, close to falling asleep. Greg gently moved the sheets out from under his wife, covering both of them with the sheets. He pulled her even closer, His hand running up and down her side.

"Love you." She said, reaching up to kiss him, Greg's soft lips against her own comfortably.

"Love you too Vi." Greg said, putting his hand over her stomach, thinking of their child coming soon.

"What if it's too cold in Norway?" Vivienne whispered half asleep as her fingers played with his hair.

"I'll warm you up. If we have to, we'll just spend all day in bed and order room service." Greg reassured her, moving his leg to rest over hers. Vivienne's face fell into contentment, Greg smiling at his wife as he kissed her forehead, falling asleep himself.