New Holland. It seemed like a nice town. Normal. Perfectly Normal. However, its residents were far from that. Take Victor Frankenstein for example:

While he might seem like your average, run-of-the-mill 13-year-old, he's actually quite the genius. Three years prior, he found a way to bring his dog Sparky back to life after an untimely passing.

Unfortunately, word got out of his "creation" and soon enough the townspeople were in a state of panic as monsters overran the Dutch Day festivities.

Eventually, with the help of a few classmates, Victor was able to stop the rampage entirely. Well, almost entirely.. It took the help of his dog to finish off the last creature, a Vampire Cat that had formerly been the pet of his classmate, Weird Girl.

After the "Incident", as it was later referred to, Victor made amends with Nassor, Toshiaki, and Bob, the students who used his blueprints to create their own monsters, eventually befriending the three of them.

That fall came and went, and gradually, the town returned to normal. As normal as it could anyways. _

"So what was up with Edgar the other day?" Said Victor, munching on a cookie from his lunchbox. "I mean, I know he's not the brightest guy, but even he wouldn't run into a wall twice on the same day."

"I say that our strange companion has an admirer." Suggested Nassor.

"He has a what?" Questioned Bob.

"He likes a girl." Barked Toshiaki, stabbing a carrot on his lunchtray.

"But the question is-" Nassor was cut off by a door opening.

"Hello everyone!" Edgar strode out onto the patio area towards the table his friends were at.

"Oh hey E! We were just talking about your-" Toshiaki slapped a hand over Bob's face.

"We were discussing class." Toshiaki covered for their actual conversation.

"So Edgar, how come you came late to lunch?" Asked Victor.

"Oh...that. Well I…I uh..was talking.." E began. "..With a…a girl.."

"I knew it!" WHACK! "Ow.."

"And who, pray tell, was this girl?" From the way he spoke, Nassor sounded like he was running an interrogation.

"It was..I-it was…Marie…"

"WEIRD GIRL!?" Nassor, Toshiaki and Victor were all in complete shock. To think that Edgar would be interested in a girl was one thing, but the fact that the girl in question was Weird Girl was on an entirely different level.


Victor dropped his spoon on the ground, Toshiaki bit his tongue, and Nassor was unable to say anything since he was choking on a pea.

"I didn't even know that she went to this school!" Exclaimed Victor, brushing a bit of loose hair from his eyes.

"Weird Girl from 4th grade had a name!?"

"Yes, and please stop calling her that." Edgar was not very amused with everyone calling Marie by her nickname.

"Bob, it's a wonder you even passed 4th grade." Muttered Toshiaki.

"Hey guys, lunch is almost over. We'd better pack up." Thanks to Victor, a fight was very nearly avoided between Toshiaki and Bob. Once everyone got up to throw away their trash, Victor and Edgar were alone at the table. Edgar because he didn't have any food, and Victor because he was finishing his milk.

"Oh, by the way, Victor," Victor took a long sip from his carton as Edgar spoke.

"Elsa told me to say 'Hi' for her."

Victor choked and spit what milk he hadn't gotten down all over the table.

"E-..Elsa? As in Elsa V-van Helsing!?" Victor saw the others walking back to the table and hurriedly tried to regain his composure, but failed.

"Elsa goes here too?" Asked Bob, who was more curious about another old classmate being at their junior high school than why Victor sounded like he was coughing up a hairball.

This is just great. Thought Victor. Now all I need is for my old science teacher to show up and I'll have my entire 4th grade class here…

"So Victor, why so concerned about Elsa?" Asked Edgar, a buck-toothed grin plastered on his face.

"You didn't like her, did you?"

Victor's cheeks were red with embarrassment. He wanted to just disappear. Just disappear and go home to Sparky. He did like Elsa. He'd thought about her a lot in the last three years. But he couldn't tell them that! Edgar, even if he was Victor's friend, would blab it to the whole school!

"N-none of your business Edgar.." He thumped his head down on the lunch table in shame.

Suddenly the bell rang, and Victor felt a wave of relief wash over him. Phew..Saved by the bell…. _