Entering the hotel room, Bonnie shuts the door behind her loudly, in order to make the room notice her presence.

"You look tired" Katherine said after turning down the volume of the radio system. Rebekah and her where busting some dance moves for tonight's concert.

"And I am" Bonnie answered falling on the black leather sofa "But extremely excited, I wouldn't lose this concert for anything"

"Especially after getting the tickets for free, courtesy of my compelling skills" Rebekah flashed the three tickets and fanned herself with them.

For some unknown and incomprehensible reason, lately, they were very close.

For the last month Bonnie Bennett, Katherine Pierce and Rebekah Mikaelson where 'hanging out together'.

It is hard to explain from any point of view.

Maybe it was the loneliness. Maybe it was the feeling of being left behind. Hard to decide which common feeling tied them together.

For example, who, truly who would try to bond with such enigmatic character as Katherine Pierce? She lows her walls for no one, she cares for no one. And Rebekah, a frantic attention seeker with a very whinnying personality and very low social skills and deep daddy issues...who would consider her a good person to be friends with?

This two girls in front of Bonnie were nobody's friends, actually. And truth be told, right now, so was Bonnie.

Bonnie's heart was an impenetrable labyrinth of grieve and resentment at this point. Her good and caring feelings turned their backs on her. She was convinced that her good deeds were almost the same as her bad ones: both led her to nothing.

Why be a good girl if she has to keep helping the ones that are doing the bad things?

Why would she sacrifice so much in order to get nothing in return?

Being selfless is definitely a good characteristic, but Bonnie was done with the Messiah complex. No more saving those ones who would not recognized they were being saved and that they needed her for more than miraculous magic tricks.

She could not tell exactly when this 'friendship' started, and why the hell she called it friendship. They spent lot of time together, it was true, but where this was going nobody knew.

Bonnie was afraid of herself. Her magic was growing and apparently everybody else but her was taking advantage of it. She was afraid of herself. People around her seemed to know more than she did about her magical conditions and still, they are preferred to keep her in the dark.

Almost like having a lion for a house pet. Do never let the feel of hunting and ravishing meat cross the lion's mind and everything will be alright.

But no. Something happened. Actually lots of things happened. She wasn't sure if it was their fault, or her own for letting it happen to her, for allowing herself to be kicked and screamed around as if everything she was doing was still not enough.

Oh well, now the lion was starving for some juicy meat.

Rebekah started it all, Bonnie would say. The thousand year old plastic doll decided to tell Bonnie a thing or two about Bonnie's ancestors, and why not, share a little bit about her troubled mind and life just to see how much Bonnie would care.

Bonnie was bitter inside and Rebekah kind of knew and felt it. Takes one to know one. How would she know that Elena's best friend would be so ready to welcome her and even better, pay attention and give credit to what she said?

Rebekah came in with a broken and fragile heart, unstable mind and nobody by her side. Bonnie couldn't give much because, there were not much left to give.

What a way to live your eternal life, huh, Rebekah?

And without really noticing -really?- they had some type of bonding. Maybe destiny have put them together.

Who fucking knows?

To complete the circle of strangeness in Bonnie's life, who would have thought, Katherine would join them for the ride? 'Why?' is a better question.

Both girls decided to not look for answers and just stab the crazy bitch if it was ever needed.

For real, what other bad thing could happen for Bonnie or Rebekah? And if it did, who but them would be better to finish Katherine's life?

It is not like they cannot protect themselves from each other.


That's what it was: their trust was generated by the fact that they can easily take each others life or protect their own with the same strength.

They never needed anyone else. No shinning Armour knight to come and save them if they where captured by the bad witch. No mother or father to tell about all the evil out there.

In fact, right now, they were all the evil out there.

That's Bonnie's poison. She came to find out, like the other two, that she was her worst enemy.

She have put herself on that life she used to have. She made herself available to whoever asked.

Even fucking Klaus Mikaelson.

Now there they were, giving a break from over thinking their lives, and being excited like regular humans to go to Madonna's concert.

Rebekah was talking about how she was going to compel some people to get to Madonna, and then compel her to say at the stage "This next song is to my girl, Rebekah" before 'Girl Gone Wild's act.

"And then later we can go to a club or something" Katherine was drinking pure vodka. And the idea wasn't so bad.

"You look so tired and moody" Rebekah said to Bonnie, grabbing the bottle from Katherine's hand.

"I am tired, but not in a bad mood, not at all"

"Hmm...did you eat the Gilbert boy alive?" Katherine smirked."Should have brought the leftovers home".

Bonnie looked to her amused "And she was there too, the ghost"

"Ugh, she is so annoying" Katherine wasn't really a fan of Anna. "I don't like her"

"As if you liked someone" Rebekah gave her the bottle back.

Katherine gulped at least five times "I like you guys" Her smile was so fake Rebekah chocked on a laugh.

"You are such a lying bitch, Katherine" Bonnie was laughing too.

"Hey, I trying to bond here" Even Katherine was laughing "OK, whatever. Oh, oh I like someone, I like Madonna"

Rebekah was feeling extra comfortable between these girls. Very relaxed and enjoying their time together. Maybe in her head, they were the sisters she never had, or the best non-friends she always wanted.

It wasn't that hard for her to deal with them two. Ever since Bonnie hooked up with Kol, which by the way it turned into a tornado that almost destroyed Mystic Falls, she found Bonnie ready to hear her, although, this new Bonnie that she was getting to know was dark and cold, so she was probably hearing her, but not listening.

She bought Bonnie's attention with magic secrets and tricks she knew from Ayanna. That was the best buy ever, and the 'friendship' bonus that came with it was amazing. She had always secretly wanted someone with the power to understand her, which was so hard to find.

Katherine was a whore in every way, that tried to lure her brother Elijah and manage to run from Klaus. Smart ass bitch, how to not have her around? Besides she was fun. And someone as wit as her should be considered an acquaintance not an enemy.

For Bonnie it was different. Katherine saved her from Klaus once. Bonnie told Katherine that she was not going to pay her with magic, like her cousin did before. Katherine was okay with it, really trying to stay out of trouble.

Klaus, Klaus... How hard it was for her to accept that he cut her from his life. After a long time of loyalty? What is going on with this new world she was in? He left her, she had nowhere to go. Elijah was probably in Europe and Finn was dead and gone. Kol was her last resort. And ever since he met Bonnie, they couldn't keep their genitals apart from each other. Not that it bothered her, but damn, why their brothers can't leave the girls around her alone?

At least Bonnie was better to him then all the other bitches that have approached her siblings.

"Are you guys ready?" Katherine finished the bottle without even breathing.

"Katherine, a whore and an alcoholic, what a marvel" Apparently the truth didn't hurt none of the girls, and they had this unsaid pact of always speaking the truth.

Who knows until when this partnership would last, but until then...

"Rebekah, my favorite whinny plastic doll with daddy issues"

"Am I your favorite?" Rebekah blank her eyes several times holding her hands together.

"All time, one and only"

Both vampires were strike by a sudden strong migraine. They both kept her hands on her heads.

"What the hell Bonnie?" Katherine said when it was over.

"I got jealous." Bonnie had a smile dancing on the side of her lips.

"Bitch" Rebekah said between a small laugh.

"Besides it was a very weak one. Now let's go. I don't want to lose her intro" Bonnie goes towards he door mumbling into the groove.

Katherine and Rebekah followed her, with Katherine talking about the first time she went to Madonna's concert in the 80's.

The night was going to be awesome.

Who else to put these three bitches together than the biggest bitch of them all?

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