Rise of the Kitsune Shinigami

Chapter 1 - Taken by Death


Ichigo Kurosaki watches his friend and crush sacrifice her life to save his own when a Hollow went in for the kill and she dies in his arms. What will happen when he gains another Zanpaktou with Zangetsu and who is the crimson furred Kitsune who seems similar to a certain crimson head. Plus what powers will our favourite Berry gain when he learns the name of his new Zanpaktou and will he be able to keep this power hidden from Soul Society and the Arrancar leader, Sousuke Aizen or will he show them what happens when they push the wrong buttons and unleashed the power of the crimson furred Nine- Tailed Fox spirit itself. Rise the Kitsune Shinigami, Ichigo Kurosaki!

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Ok, this is a new story I thought of, while in one of my College classes (I was a one naughty girl ;D) and thought "How to start this baby off". I also drew a drawing of Kitsune! Ichigo. Plus, I have a very special guest, please welcome Briar black death rose.

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Suburbs of downtown, Karakura.

Dust flew everywhere, blocking everyone's eyesight as a battle rages on in downtown Karakura between two Substitute Shinigamis and a group of your everyday Hollow.

Uryuu Ishida felt a powerful burst of reiatsu from the area where the fight is and he recognized that it was Akira Namikaze's reiatsu they have felt, which indicates that she has released the second release of her zanpaktou, Kurama.

Downtown Karakura

A swirling tornado of dust slowly died down to reveal a hunched over form of one Akira Namikaze in the Resurrección form, Shōnetsu no kitsune, (Japanese for Fiery Fox) as the Hollows eyed her appearance with surprise and shock. The fox-like substitute released a powerful shockwave of red/crimson energy by roaring which sent the baffled Hollows flying.

But she can sense her partner's spiritual powers failing him and he releases a very strong Getsuga tenshou which caused his Shihakushō to turn white which horrified the crimson haired teen, she screamed out "Ichigo, watch out!" as she saw a Hollow going in for the kill and she flung herself between the charging Hollow and the eldest Kurosaki.

Her Resurrección form vanished into it's unsealed state as the Hollow flung it's claws into the soft flesh of her stomach and blood began to pour from her mouth in a thick river as her orange haired friend watch in horror as she released a low powered Getsuga tenshou on the Hollow which vanished when the attack struck it's mask head-on.

Ichigo Kurosaki watches as Akira fall onto the ground on her side and he ran to her before placing her head onto his lap. He saw that she was dying from severe blood loss and the life-threatening wound she had sustained while protecting him from the Hollow. The orangette asked "Why did you protect me, Akira."

Ichigo watched as dull blue eyes look at him before he saw tears brim to the edges of her eyes, "Because I know that deep down, I will do anything for you." The orange haired Kurosaki put his hand on his partner's chest as he went "I know, you would do anything for me and it wouldn't be the same without you if you did die."

Akira lifted a shaky yet cold hand and placed it onto the orangette's tear stained face here he placed a hand over the cold one, she gasped out " I know it won't be the same but I sacrificed myself so that you could live to continue protecting people from danger."

Tears pricked at chocolate brown eyes as the eldest Kurosaki sibling watched as the light continued to fade from the crimson head's eyes as her hand began to slacken but he managed to hear her last words to him " I...love... you.. Ichi..go." Her head fell to her side with her eyes closed forever and her hand fell from his face to her side as Ichigo's tears began to drop onto her deathly pale face. Ichigo confessed, " I love you, too Akira."

He then buried his face into the crimson head's hair as he cried over the loss of his friend and crush as the sky began to darken before it began to rain heavily.

Suburbs of downtown, Karakura

All of Ichigo and Akira's friends and allies felt a heavy spike of reiatsu before vanishing completely and they all instantly paled before rushing off to see whose reiatsu they had just felt.

Downtown, Karakura

By the time they arrived, the rain was chucking it down and the sight shocked them as they saw their orange haired friend clutching the body of their other friend close to his chest and this caused Orihime Inoue to start crying at the sight of the wound on the crimson head and the sight of Ichigo shaking the prone form of Akira.

Then, her body began to fade into spirit particles before being absorbed by Ichigo's soul, which went unnoticed by his human friends but it was noticed by his Shinigami friends, Rukia and Renji.

I hope you enjoy this as it had popped into my head earlier this week while I was in College as I did draw the image of Ichigo having a Kitsune like appearance. Ok Akira will appear in Ichigo's inner world as a nine- tailed fox as his new Zanpaktou like Zangetsu is and Ichigo will get a surprise when he see a crimson haired vixen with nine crimson tails, fox ears, claws, fangs, slitted pupils, whiskers, a feminine form and long crimson hair.

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