Rise of the Kitsune Shinigami

Chapter 4 - Ichigo vs Grimmjow round 1

Ichigo Kurosaki watches his friend and crush sacrifice her life to save his own when a Hollow went in for the kill and she dies in his arms. What will happen when he gains another Zanpaktou with Zangetsu and who is the crimson furred Kitsune who seems similar to a certain crimson head. Plus what powers will our favourite Berry gain when he learns the name of his new Zanpaktou and will he be able to keep this power hidden from Soul Society and the Arrancar leader, Sousuke Aizen or will he show them what happens when they push the wrong buttons and unleashed the power of the crimson furred Nine- Tailed Fox spirit itself. Rise the Kitsune Shinigami, Ichigo Kurosaki!

Authoress's Note

Okay, I finally decided to add Grimmjow in to the fic for some extra kicks but I have added a little twist in the ranks of Aizen's Espada. Nnoitra will be the Sexta, Ulquiorra will be Terceca and Grimm will be Cuatra while Luppi can, well f*** off as I am a BIG hater of that little s*** but I do have a role for him in the chapter *evil laugh*

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A garganta opened in the sky over Karakura Town, to reveal a man with a mask remant on the right side of his face and short blue hair, who had a shark-like grin plastered on his face, who wants to find an opponent worth fighting against.


Byakuya, Komanmura and Rukia watched on as Ichigo train with Zangetsu when they spot the other zanpakuto glowing dark red, where they soon witnessed the materialization of the kitsune with a poof of crimson flames right in front of them.

The fox turned her blue eyes to the side where she spotted the three Soul Reapers before she started to smirk at their expressions after she had just appeared. The orange head smiled when he saw the materialized form of his other sword and his smile soon turned into a massive grin when the vixen turned around to face him.

The vixen asked, "What would you like to learn today, Ichi?" Ichigo started to blush when the fox called him by his nickname. She started to nudge him playfully while the three Soul Reapers raised an eyebrow all at the same time.

Suddenly, Rukia squealed like a fangirl when she saw Ichigo rub the kitsune's stomach causing her back leg to start jerking. Rukia even started to scratch behind the ears making the demon fox very tempted to bite the stupid midget because the noise had caused her to hear ringing in her ears as she had very sensitive hearing.

Ichigo immediately dragged Rukia away from his furry zanpakuto as he did see the kitsune open her mouth to bite the annoying midget on the ass. Komanmura and Byakuya approached the aggravated vixen but were forced to stop when she growled warningly at them.

Suddenly, an intense pressure crashed down onto the four Soul Reapers, thus making them crash to the ground. The vixen spoke in a grave manner, "Ichigo, incoming enemy pressure heading this way." The three watched as the fox vanished into crimson flames, heading back into the Substitute's inner world, while Ichigo jumped out of the underground training ground of the Urahara Shoten.


The man with the shark-like grin felt an incoming pressure and this caused his grin to widen. He turned his head slightly to the side only to find an orange- haired teenager with an over-sized butcher's cleaver-like sword drawn, but what got his attention was the second sword that was strapped to the right side of his obi.

Ichigo kept his eyes on the man in front of him as he listened to the demonic fox's voice as she told him many tactics that he should try using instead of going in head-first like he usually does when an enemy pops up. The man looked at the teen with cold blue eyes before he spoke. "Well are you going to attack me or are you just going to stand there?"

"Ichigo, you have to fight him because if you don't there is a good chance you could die. He is powerful, I can sense as much just by looking at him," warned the demon fox from within Ichigo's inner world.

"Thanks Kitsune. I was thinking the exact same thing," the orange head spoke in his mind. Ichigo felt the fox grin in understanding and he shouted to the teal man, "You tell me your name and I'll tell you mine?"

The man grinned evilly and said "My name is Grimmjow Jaegerjaques and I am the Cuatra Espada, Soul Reaper."

The teen's eyes widened like golf balls "Kitsune, this guy is the Cuatra Espada in Aizen's army." The demonic animal opened her eyes and the carrot top allowed her to look through his eyes. Doing so made the orangette's pupils turn to slits and his canines grew into miniature fangs. These changes were immediately noticed by Grimmjow. As the teen's nails grew into small but sharp claws, Grimmjow placed his hand on his sword's hilt.

"My name is Ichigo Kurosaki and I am the Substitute Soul Reaper of Karakura Town, arrancar." Ichigo finally replied.

The Cuatra looked at the sheathed sword, which is still currently strapped to the orange head's waist, and he saw it begin to glow crimson before it vanished completely. The teal man growled, "What the hell was that just then?" Ichigo's features, all but his eyes, returned to normal.

"Enough talk Jaegerjaques. I am going to defeat you," the teen spoke defiantly. His eyes held strength which had started to anger the teal haired Cuatra.

Grimmjow began to draw his sword. "You know what kid; you really piss me off big style."

"Ichigo please be careful," the fox warned softly. She continued with a hint of sadness in her voice, "I do NOT want a repeat of what happened to me five weeks ago!"

"I promise I won't die, alright?" Ichigo assured the fox before she closed her eyes for a nap, causing the orange head's pupils to return to their original form.

This surprised Grimmjow greatly before he started to grin viciously at the teenager. "It looks like your hidden power has deserted you, kid."

The boy sighed. "No she didn't desert me at all, just waiting for the right time to be fully awakened."

Grimmjow spoke, with his zanpakuto drawn, "Well then are we going to kick this up a little, Kurosaki?"

The teen grinned. "I thought you would never say it. This small talk was starting to get a little too boring."

The two vanished in a flurry of sparks raining down from the strikes of their zanpakuto connecting against each other in a show of dominance in the dance of swords trying to hit the opponent. Ichigo immediately got into his Bankai stance. He held out the blade of Zangetsu while the cloth wrapped around his arm in preparation for use, his blue reiatsu began to flare in a wild manner and his body started to glow white. Ichigo shouted, "Cleave the moon, Zangetsu!"

A tornado of black and red outlined reiatsu swirled around the teenager. Within Ichigo's mind, the kitsune opened a blue eye with a slitted pupil. A tint of red crept into the iris before it faded when she heard a high pitched laugh. It instantly sent shivers up her spine and it caused the fur on her back to stand on end. She growled slightly as if warning the presence that it isn't welcome at all in her domain and she pulled her top lip up to reveal a jaw full of sharp fangs.

Dust acted as a thick cover which had forced the arrancar to shield his eyes. As it began to clear he squinted to see a figure in the center of the twister. The figure was soon revealed to be Ichigo in his bankai state. He spoke clearly, "Tensa Zangetsu."

Grimmjow laughed while pointing at the small blade. "That tiny thing is your Bankai? I gotta admit that it disappoints me."

The orange head narrowed his eyes, his pupils once again thinning into slits. He growled, "My bankai is always like this. Don't think that because my blade is small that there's no power behind it!"

When those words left Ichigo's mouth, he vanished with Shunpo before reappearing again behind the shocked espada. Grimmjow turned round only to see a blade full of back and red energy. His eyes widened considerably at the orange head's next attack. Ichigo shouted, "Getsuga tenshou!" and his gathered energy was released in a quarter moon shape.

The crescent struck the teal haired arrancar head on and the orange head sighed in satisfaction. Then, as is to mock his small victory, there was a brief sharp pain behind his left eye. Ichigo's hand took hold of his head and he watched black tendrils seep into his vision.

"Not you again," the teen growled when he heard that shrill laugh. There was only one creature it could belong to.

"Aw that's not nice King." The hollow laughed.

"Back off. I won't let you take over my body."

"No can do. Eventually I wi- Hey! Back off old man, this body is mine! What... is that behind you? You can't do this to me! Aaaaaarrrgghhhhh!"

Ichigo heard his inner hollow fighting against Zangetsu and the other presence must have been Kitsune as he could hear her growling. Then he heard a loud roar in his mind he knew that it must've been her.

"Are you okay now, Ichigo? Your inner hollow has been sealed... for now."

"Yeah," Ichigo replied, relieved that his hollow's influence was retreating from his eye. "I'm fine... but, how did you know about him?"

"Zangetsu told me that a part of your soul had hollowfied."

"Unfortunately, neither of us can fully suppress your hollowfied self. It must be you that defeats him."

Ichigo sighed. "Right. Thanks Zangetsu, Kitsune."

"No problem Ichigo."

Suddenly, the sound of a garganta forming caught Ichigo's attention. He looked up to the sky before a sharp pain in the stomach made him look back down. His blood rolled off a white sword and panic shot through Ichigo's body.

Grimmjow stood behind him, bloodied a little, but nevertheless smiling. "That wasn't a bad trick Kurosaki, but I can see that it takes a lot out of you. Judging by how you look I'd say that you can only use that attack five or six more times."

"This is where you have went, Grimmjow?" A new voice sounded from right behind the teal head, whose eyes widened slightly before he turned round to see the new arrival. The new Arrancar had short black hair which one half was covered by a broken helmet-like mask. He had poison green eyes with tear like markings running down his face. His skin was pale, his expression was cold and in the center of his chest was a hole.

"Ulquiorra, what are you doing here?"

The newly named Ulquiorra looked at the two with emotionless eyes. He noticed Ichigo's strength was fading, but his will to fight remained strong. Ulquiorra took his attention from Ichigo and gave it all to Grimmjow. "If I recall correctly, Lord Aizen gave us specific orders not to come to the world of the living on our own accord. So then, let me ask you Grimmjow, what are you doing here?"

Grimmjow huffed in defeat then pulled his zanpakuto out of the unconscious teen's body. He and Ulquiorra started walking away when a new presence caught their attention and they turned back around. Pure crimson flames formed over Ichigo's body and slowly transformed into the figure of a fox. The flames solidified into Ichigo's new zanpakuto spirit, an angry nine tailed fox. For a moment it looked as though she simply appeared to care for her master, but then she turned to face Grimmjow with teeth bared and eyes glowing red.

"You are an idiot," Ulquiorra stated.

The Cuatra glared at the other espada. "How come I'm an idiot, Mr. Smart-ass?"

Ulquiorra spoke, "That fox spirit came from within that boy's body, which means?"

"It's a zanpakuto spirit."

"Exactly. Now I suggest we leave before it attacks."

The Terceca flicked a finger against the air, causing the formation of a garganta while the Cuatra watched the furious zanpakuto spirit with wary eyes. The two arrancar managed to enter the garganta just as an attack was fired from the fox's mouth. The garganta closed but a small part of the attack got through and struck Grimmjow in the face, giving him a burn from where it impacted, while the rest blew up a small part of the forest surrounding Karakura. Kitsune turned around and shifted into her human form with all her vulpine features showing. She leaned down to pick up Ichigo when she felt the presence of the teen's friends and the Shinigami Task Force (led by Toshiro Hitsugaya) quickly approaching.

She saw one of her master's friends materialize a blue energy bow and he pointed it at her. "Give us Kurosaki now or I'll shot."

Kitsune growled, making the orange haired girl cringe, before she bore her sharp canines at the boy. "I'm taking him back to Urahara's place so I suggest you move out of the way or I'll have to use force."

The boy pulled his arm back and released a blue arrow at her, but before it could hit her, one of her nine tails caught the arrow and broke it in half. The vixen sighed in agitation. "Force it is then." She shifted Ichigo's form to her right shoulder before she held out her clawed left hand. The gathered people saw crimson fire go into her outstretched palm and form into a flame-covered sword.

Rukia's eyebrows narrowed in thought. She felt a sense of familiarity coming from the flames, and that's when it hit her.

She sent a level one bakudo at the boy with glasses. In return he glared at her, but she merely brushed it off. "Don't you remember those flames four weeks ago?"

The vixen sighed again. "He doesn't remember, midget. He's too preoccupied trying to shoot me." Then she raised her voice, "All of you listen to me. I have very limited time here and I need to get to Urahara's ASAP. When Ichigo is safe you will all get your answers." Then Kitsune vanished, leaving the shell-shocked Shinigamis and humans behind.

"Well, don't just stand there," Rukia shouted. "You heard her, get to Urahara's!" Immediately they headed to the former Captain of Squad 12's shop. Hopefully then they would receive the answers; the answer they felt they so rightly deserved.

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