Good Day Everyone - This is my first Fifty Shades of Grey Fanfiction. You all know that deal - I do not own any of the character that are described in the real books.

Chapter One:

Carrick Grey gently laid his cell phone down on the arm of the sofa not wanting to disturb his sleeping wife. Had she not been using his leg as an ottoman and she sprawled across the cushions, he would have thrown it against the wall and taken the frustration he felt out on the coffee table in front of him. Instead he simply replayed the events of the night and silently asking himself, how can I destroy the peace they just found? How could he be so stupid? What am I going to do?

Carrick knew that that he had a legal responsible to inform his client of the newest development in what was turning out to be the longest week of his and his son's lives. At first they had thought it was an extortion attempt but nothing was as simple as plain, old American greed anymore. A muffled buzz rung out into the silent office, Carrick grabbed the device quickly, wanting to shut the ringer off before it woke his wife. With a glance toward the still sleeping woman and several failed attempts to unlock it using the touch screen, he was able to view the message that held what Carrick believed was the only hope for a happy ending.

There was no text include in the message just the picture of a three years old child with mahogany curls and the biggest grey eyes he had ever seen. He took that comment back almost as soon as he thought of it, he had seen those eyes before – 26 years ago when Grace had introduced him to his youngest son, Christian Grey.


Grace looked at her husband of over thirty years and she could not remember a time when he looked worse.

She had woke-up in his office on the couch at nearly seven PM to his cell phone ringing nonstop. The number had been out from out-of-state and knowing the he would be upset if she answered it, she had let it go to voicemail. But that was fifteen minutes and six missed calls ago.

Who was so desperate to speak with her husband? Grace continued to think about it as she moved about the kitchen, preparing breakfast for herself and Carrick. She glanced at the device as it started to ring again and then at her husband, who looked as if he was 300 light years outside the solar system.

"Are you going to take that?" she asked as she set a stack of chocolate chip pancakes down on the kitchen island. "Carrick?"

"Huh? What?"

"Are you going to get that?" she repeated as the cell's screen lite up once more.

"Uh, no …it can wait until after breakfast."

Grace didn't understand why he insisted on waiting until after breakfast, he didn't touch a single thing she set on his plate. At five minutes to eight PM, she picked the cold of pancakes and syrup out from in front of him and cleared the table without so much as a sound out of her husband.

"Carrick, what is it?" Grace asked as she placed two fresh cups of coffee on table top and climbed back onto the bar stool. "Carrick! Tell me what this is about!"

Sighing, he picked up the coffee mug and took a long drink, "I'm at a crossroads, Gracie. And I don't know what to do." He set the mug down and continued, "For the first time in my career, I … I don't know if I can do this."

"Cary, what is this all about?" Grace reached across the table and took her husband's hands into her own.

"Oh Gracie, if only I could tell you."

"Carrick Grey! We have never kept secrets from each other!" Wide-eyed and now very much afraid for the situation, she pushed again. "Tell me!"

"I can't and I really need to take this now." He picked up the offensive device and answered it on the second to last ring, "Grey, here…I was just enjoying breakfast with my wife" Grace gave a very unladylike snort as she sipped her coffee.

"Yes, I understand…I will meet with him this morning and we will discuss it…Yes, I understand that…I will have someone there at three to pick you up…Good-bye."

"You have a meeting with a client?" Saturday was reversed as family day since before Elliot had come along.

"Yes, in fact I should be going. I will call you this afternoon."

"It will take that long?"

"I'm sorry, Gracie-love but I'm afraid it is going to take a lot longer than this morning to sort out."

"I understand Carrick but I wish you would tell me what is going on."

"I must be going, a kiss?"

Grace smiled at her husband and gentle kissed him on the cheek before he took his coat off the rack and headed out the back door toward the garage.

Carrick really loved his Mercedes Benz F-600. He knew that he should pay more attention as he drove the forty-five minute drive to his son's home but as his thoughts wandered to the coming storm the car made it so much easier for auto-pilot to take over. By some grace of God, he made it to the front gate without incident.

Carrick punch in his code, knowing that Christian would greet him at the door and they would immediately retire to his upstairs study. That was the dilemma, did he tell Christian and let him tell Ana or tell them together? Carrick knew that Christian had not told Ana of the extortion or what they thought had been an extortion attempt. He did not think she could take the stress especially with the new baby, Teddy, at home and the development of Baby Blues.

One more blow to the glass tower that was their marriage, Carrick thought as he took a deep breath and steps out from his car. Christian is standing on the front steps dressed in a three-piece Italian made suit, Teddy in his arms and a burping cloth over his shoulder.

They did not say a word as they entered the house. Teddy's tiny fist waved out of his baby blanket and it amazed Carrick that with all the gentleness of a butterfly landing, Christian kissed it before tucking it back into the blanket as he handed his son over to Gail. He took the burping cloth and threw it into the hamper and motioned for his father to follow him.

Once in his office, Christian locked the door and took a moment to sort his desk, "So how much is this going to cost to go away?"

Carrick sighed, "It's not going to be that simple and I need you to be completely honest with me." Christian took notice of his father's tone and sat up a bit straighter before fixing him with his worse CEO glare, "Christian, did you have a sexual relationship with Sara Anderson?"


"I need dates and infor –"

"I don't see what this has to do with anything. It was three years ago and last about as long as a minute."

"It lasted long enough."

"What does that mean?"

"The man who contacted your offices Monday was Miss Anderson's boyfriend – "


This was going to be the hard part, hell this whole conversation was the hard part. "Miss Anderson died four weeks ago from cancer."

Carrick watched his son in the span of twenty-second go from an upset complexion to a very sickly one. He then watched speechlessly as Christian grabbed the trash can from behind the writing desk behind him and threw up his breakfast. Christian stripped the tie out from around his neck and reached for his phone. He contemplating something before set the phone down. "Please continue."

"Christian, ar-are you okay?"

"Please just continue," Christian's stone wall was up and there was no going back now.

"I was able to discover the identity of the individual that contacted you on Monday. His name is Bryan Westley and he has been in a relationship with Miss Anderson for the past six months. It seems that you were mentioned in Miss Anderson's Will and he thought to blackmail you."

"Why haven't I heard about this Will?"

"The Will was only produced a week ago. It seemed that Miss Anderson's sister was the executor of the Will and she was killed over-seas last year in Iraq –"

"That family can't catch a break."

You have no idea, son¸ Carrick thought as he continued, and "A lawyer from Hatfield Brentlen and Glenn contacted me yesterday wishing to meet with you in person about the contents of the Will–"

"In person, why?"

"Christian, I need you to stop interrupting me." Carrick looked at his youngest son and his heart broke. A tear slowly began to make its path down his face, "Son, I – I need to be your legal counsel at the moment more than your father because otherwise we will never get through this." Christian nodded and so the lawyer in Carrick took over. "Christian, as you have admitted to having a sexual relationship with one, Sara Anderson, I need to inform you that with almost certainty a child was conceived."


Carrick continued ignoring his son's outburst, "At the time of her death, Miss Anderson was the mother of a young child. While the name, birth date and other information has been kept from me, I am positive that the child is yours."

"How? How can you be so sure?"

Carrick reached in his pocket and produced his phone. Without saying a word, he pulled up the photo message he had received and handed it to his son. "I'm so sorry, son."

Christian stood up, ran a shaky hand through his hair, and asked "Are you my dad now?" And with that Carrick saw the broken little boy his wife fell in love with.

"I will always be your dad, Christian." With that invitation Carrick rounded the desk and wrapped his arms around his son. "We will get to get through this, I promise."

"How am I going to tell Ana?"

"Ana loved you and she will understand."

Christian didn't look too sure about that but firmly stated "I will find a way."

"Do you want me to stay?"


Christian walked his father out and walked back in knowing that the longer he held off telling her the worse it would be. Thus he went in search of his wife of little over a year. He found her on the back patio of their home with Gail watching Teddy nap in his Moses Basket. She was so beautiful and at peace and he was about to ruin it.

"Ana," she stood up surprised and gasping for air, "I'm sorry I didn't mean to surprise you like that."

"Jesus Christian!"

"Ana, I need to talk to you." Christian said suddenly unsure how to continue. He reached out for her hand, "I think it would be better if we discussed this somewhere else. Gail, could you watch Teddy?"

"Of course, Mr. Grey."

Christian walked Ana into the house and tried to decide where it would be best to tell her, he finally decided on his office. It was a place that she could associate with horrible things without it affecting her on a daily basis.

"Have a seat Ana." He pointed to the chair his father had sat in.

"Christian you are frightening me."

"Please Ana, trust me." Ana sat down and stare at her husband. "Ana, I have always attempted to be honest with you. You know that right," she nodded her head, "I know that we have issues with me hiding things from you. This is not one of those things, understand?"

"Christian, what is this about?"

"I need to know that you understand, Ana."

"I understand Christian."

Christian nodded and continued, "Monday morning I got call from a man demanding money from me. He said that he knew about my past life style and that if I didn't want the world to find out about it I would pay him twenty million dollars." Ana gasped but he continued, "I told him that it would take time to get the money and he gave me until yesterday to pay–"

"Is that why you were so upset Monday night?" Christian nodded, "did you pay the money?"

"No, he gave me his bank account number, thinking that the bank would keep his information private but with the recent heightened security and illegal activities costing banks billions in fees it was as easy as turning his account number over the F.B.I and they handled the rest. The F.B.I arrested him Wednesday morning and charged with extortion."

"Will that keep him quiet?"

"Probably not, he can still tell people, so I could not take the chance so we worked out a deal."

"A deal, Christian? He threatened our –"

"I know, love, but to keep our family safe, I had to work something out."

"So what is going to happen?"

"I don't know yet, Carrick is still working on that. He was side tracked by a more important issue."

"What could be more important than protecting our family, Christian?" Ana demanded.

"Please don't hate me."

"Christian, I could never hate you. Please just tell me."

"Three years ago I had a sub." Christian stopped and waited for some sign that Ana didn't want him to continue, after a full minute, he started again, "Her name was Sara Anderson. We met at a club and I knew the minute I meet her that she was different."

"Different, how? Oh God, did you love her?"

"No, Ana. No, you are the only woman who I have loved! Please let me finish," Ana nodded and Christian continued, "she was a doctor and a part-time sub to help cope with the stress of the job. But I respected her too much to beat her properly, it seems. We ended the contract after only two weekends but we stayed in contact up until about a year ago. Hell she call me on our wedding day – Ana it was not like that. She just wanted to wish us all the happiness that she could. She was someone I considered a friend. She did not want more from me than that."

"Why are you telling me this Christian?"

"Because she died last month and you need to understand what she was to me to comprehend why I must do what I need to do next. Ana, she was the person introduced me to Flynn and then she moved to New York and I thought that was it but randomly she would send me email, text, something to pull me out of myself and remind me I'm human. It is because of her that I considered more with you. I mean I wanted to be with you but I was so scared that I would hurt you and you would leave but she reminded me that there were risks that everyone takes when a relationship involves the heart.

"She knew I loved you before I did and without ever meeting you. I never mentioned her because I know that my past upsets you."

"What does this have to do with the extortion?"

"Sara was in a relationship with the man who contacted my office. I don't know if it was a Dom/Sub relationship but that is not why I told you about Sara."

"Then why, Christian?"

Here it was the moment that he had been building toward, "I never saw Sara after she moved back to her home town in New York, and we communicated through email and text. I always felt like she was holding something back or that she was not being totally honest but I never thought that she was hiding – Ana please don't hate me." Christian took a deep breath and thought this is it, "She was hiding a child and there is little doubt that it is mine."

Carrick watched his son paced the floor of the penthouse apartment at Escala. Ana had declined to come with Christian still too upset by the news to face the proof. Christian had attempted to show her the photo but she refused and ran out of the office. "Son, you should sit down."

"Where is Taylor, I told him to call me as soon as they were on their way?" Christian reached into his pocket and mumbled something about the devil, "Grey…I understand...see to it that they come straight back to here."

"See nothing to worry about, Christian have a sit, it will be twenty minutes before they are here." Christian resumed his paced and sensing defeat Carrick walked into the kitchen and pulled down a water-glass and filled it straight from the tap.

"The doctor will be here at any moment." Carrick nodded, "I mean how long will it take for a paternity test?" Carrick shrugged and Christian thoughts were interrupted by the elevator opening.

"Mr. Grey, this is getting ridiculous."

"As always it is wonderful to see you too, Dr. Greene. Dr. Greene, this is my father Carrick Grey."

"Thank you for coming on such short notice. Dr. Greene," said Carrick as he reached out to shake the good doctor's hand.

"You're welcome. I understand that the matter of paternity is a sensitive one. May I ask where the child is?" Dr. Greene set her kit on the coffee table and glanced around the room for the child.

"She will be here soon; she just arrived at Sea-Tac."

Christian returned to his pacing, ignoring the silent communication that was taking place between Dr. Greene and his father. Finally Carrick just shrugged and asked, "Why don't we get the preliminary information out of the way," Dr. Greene took a clip board out of her bag and sat down with a pen. "The child is female, what is her name?"

"I don't know." Dr. Greene seemed taken aback by Christian's answer.

"Perhaps I can clear up some confusion. New York State has very strict laws about the privacy of minor in the court system. We have not been able to gain any information concerning the child, not even her name."

"I see. Well, paperwork can wait," she said as she set the clip board down.

"How long will it take?" Christian stopped pacing and fixed the doctor with an intense stare.

"The paternity test? Being that today is Saturday; we can have the results Monday at the earliest and Tuesday by at the latest." He seemed satisfied with the answer because he resumed pacing.

"Christian ple–" Carrick was cut off by the elevator door opening and Taylor ushering a small group of people into the foyer. Carrick stood up and took his place next to his son, almost defensively.

"Mr. Grey, I'm pleased to meet you." A tall man in his middle thirties with shaggy blonde hair stepped out of the group with his hand extended toward Christian. "My name is David Cooper; I'm a junior associate at Hatfield Brentlen and Glenn." Christian shook the man's hand and instantly wished he could wash his own.

"Mr. Cooper, this is my father and lawyer, Carrick Grey ("Call me Carrick."). And Dr. Greene, she will be conducting the paternity test."

"Thank you for arranging all this, Mr. Grey, and allow me to introduce to people with me." He gestured to a woman in her mid-twenties with black hair and brown eyes, "This is Angela Fields, New York State Social Services, Carrie Wright, Washington State Family Services, and Darcy McGregor, the child's care giver." The group seemed to part as Mr. Cooper introduced Mrs. McGregor, she was at the back of the group with a large tote slung over one shoulder and a toddler over the other.

The only think that Christian could see of the little girl was her pink hoody, dark blue jeans, and pink/white runners. He took a step toward her but was instantly blocked by Mr. Cooper.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Grey but until we discuss the terms and conditions of the Will and the paternity test is concluded I cannot allow you to have physical contact with the child."

Christian took a step back and looked at Carrick; this was his area of expertise. "Well, than let us get stated then." Carrick took command of the room. "Taylor, would you please help Mrs. McGregor with her bag, if memory serves me right, that bag probably weighs more than the kiddo." Taylor steps forward and took the bag, careful not to touch the sleeping child.