So I would like to thank everyone for reading and review Chapter 2. It is a great pleasure to read your wonderful comments and I hope to continue receiving them. A few things to clear up, first off: Ana has postpartum depression. This is a serious disorder that affects one out of 10 women and just because Ana's actions may seem to be irrational and foolish it does not mean that that she is being ridiculous or stupid. Second: Several people commented on Kate's behavior…I have no excuses and I won't make any… I don't care for her. And third: This story will center on Amelia but I want to set the ground work for the events and relationships that will shape her life.

Chapter Three

"I'm not leaving without my child, Gail."

"Then I'm afraid you are not leaving Mrs. Grey. I asked you to wait until Mr. Grey arrived but you forced my hand. I have very specific instructions regarding the family's safety. Sawyer, please take Teddy upstairs to Taylor's office," Gail ordered as she forced herself to remain calm. Jason had sat her down last weekend after dinner and given her basic training on how to defuse a tense situation. Empathy, affliction and understanding, was her mantra. "Mrs. Grey, I understand that this is difficult but we will get through it together."

"Gail, I just want to go –"

"Ana! This woman is a part of your staff; she should know her place and not holding your son hostage. Now, bring Teddy back down here because we are leaving."

"I'm sorry, Miss Kavanagh, but that will not be happening." Gail shut the front door saying, "I'm not closing the door to keep you here, you may leave whenever you would like –"

"Just not with Teddy."

"That is correct Mrs. Grey. Mr. Grey will be home any moment and this will all be sorted." Gail stepped out from in front of the door and folded her arms in her lap.

"Enough of this, I'm calling the police. She has no right, this is your home, Ana, and she works –" Kate was pulling out her cell phone as she was interrupted by the front gate alarm going off in the kitchen. It lasted only thirty seconds but it was enough to effectively cut the young woman off.

"Mr. Grey has arrived. I believe the police will not be necessary, Miss Kavanagh." Gail took her place next for the staircase and waited for her employer to enter with the love of her life. She heard the car pull up and the slam of a door before the engine turned off. Gail mentally counted the seconds before Christian Grey blow through the door with Jason two steps behind him.

Christian opened the door to his home and saw three women and no baby. Mrs. Jones was standing by the stairs her hand followed in front of herself, "Where is Teddy, Mrs. Jones?"

"He is in Taylor's office with Sawyer," answered Gail, as she attempted to hide the fact that her hands were badly shaking.

"You are dismissed for the night, Mrs. Jones." And with that his attention shifted to Ana and Kate as she left the room through the kitchen. "Care to explain?"

"How about you go first, Christian?"

Christian sighed heavily and explained, "Mrs. Jones was following my instructions. I ordered that Teddy was not to leave the house without a bodyguard. When you attempted to leave without informing me, or taking Sawyer, I told her to remove Teddy from your car and stall you until I could get here." He made no mention that this was preplanned. "Your turn."

Ana glanced around the room nervously; Taylor was standing in his usual place behind Christian and he was reminded that only the staff and his parents knew about Ana's struggle. Gently he placed his arms around Ana and started to steer her toward the kitchen.

"Steele, I thought we were leaving?" Katie placed herself between the Greys and Taylor.

"It's Grey now and she can leave after we discuss what is causing her to run."

"I can think of about a million things that would cause her to run; do you want start alphbe–"

"Then it's a good thing that you are not included in this conversation. Taylor, entertain Miss Kavanagh, while Mrs. Grey and I are discussing her impromptu vacation."

Taylor slid into place between the couple and Kate as they pushed the kitchen door open. Christian set the bolt on the door and turned to look at his wife. Her eyes and expression were beautifully lost in thought and there was an overwhelming sadness on her shoulders. Christian silently prayed that she would open up before it was too late.

"Ana," her eyes focused in on him and it nearly broke his heart, "talk to me please."

"Christian, I –" She glanced away as tears began to cloud her vision again.

"I understand the shock that you're feeling. I really do. This morning I found out that I have a daughter, she's three years old and just lost her mother. I met her this afternoon and lost my breath the moment she opened her eyes. Ana, the only time in my life that I have felt like this was when you called me from the bar asking why I bought you those books."

"You don't even know she is your daughter yet–"

"Call it parental instinct, call it trust, call it whatever the hell you want but she is my daughter, Ana."

"What's her name, Christian?" He had come to stand in front of his wife but her questions sent him emotional staggering. "How about her birthday or favorite color?" It was a low blow but Christian remained strong.

"I don't know," he admitted. Christian took a shakily breath and, even though he was afraid of the answer, asked, "Are you coming back?"

"Oh Christian, you know that I would never leave you."

"Then why are you going?"

"I need – I need to know how to be a good mom, not only to Teddy but…her as well."

"Ana, you are an amazing mother and I'm sure she will love you."

"Christian, you don't understand the pressure. She already had a mom, a damn good one too." Ana bowed her head and said," Wilkins called your office phone. I wanted more information about – about Sara, I was looking for her file when he called.

"In the short amount of time you gave him, he didn't get too much; just that she was a model citizen, owned a house in upstate New York, she volunteered in local organizations and was a career mom. At the age of twenty-nine she was considered to be the foremost authority in her field and a full-time single mom. How do I compete with that?"

"Ana, you don't have to compete. Sara was always an overachiever, it came with the territory. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that she had her daughter in everything from dancing to basket weaving. She was a perfectionist that gave 200% to anything and everything she did. Personally, it was exhausting being around her for more than a few hours unless she was tied up and gagged." Christian pinched the bridge of his nose and asked, "How long are you going to be gone?"

"I don't know."

"Now is not a great time for this Ana. The DNA results should be back on Monday or Tuesday and Social Services wants to do a home evaluation sometime after that. I need you here."

"Christian, I can't– I need to be somewhere else."

Christian took a deep breath, "Fine but Teddy is staying here. I will be working from home most of next week and if I need to go to the office Gail can take care of him. I want you to take Sawyer with you. He will take a second car so that you can have the freedom you desire and I know you're safe."

"Teddy can come with me. I'm not a danger to my own child!"

"I know that Ana but I think you need time to yourself and having Teddy here will give you one more reason to hurry home."

"I don't need any more reasons. I have you and –"

"John said that you need to have time to yourself away from Teddy and me. Visiting Ray is a great way to do and gain the insight you think you need. Ana I'm trying to work with you here, please."

"Fine. Teddy will stay here and I will take Sawyer but I get to drive my R8."


Taylor watched as Sawyer packed Ana's bags into the back of the SUV. The R8 had been brought out of the garage and was now purring for the open road with it the hatch down. Christian was leaning over the edge of the door, giving Ana driving instructions.

"Be careful to stay in sight of the SUV and no showboating. When you get to Olympia, stop and get gas, wash your windows and send me a text message." He kissed her gentle before repeating, "Be careful, I love you."

"Take care of my baby, and I will call when I get to Ray's."

"We'll be here when you get back."

Christian straightened and backed away from the car, gave Ana a knee weakening smile and waved as she started down the drive way. Once the gate closed behind Sawyer in the SUV, he turned to Taylor and said, "Take the rest of the day off, Taylor. I'll see you in the morning." He then walked back into the house and closed the door.

Taylor made his way to his and Gail's quarters above the garage. He punched in the entry code and walked up the two flights of stairs. Taking a deep breath stuck his key into the door and opened it expecting Gail to pouch but there she was standing in the kitchenette stirring a pot of chili.

"My favorite," he whispered into her ear as he wrapped his arms around her hips. Gail gave a snort and pulled out of his hold. "What did I do?" he asked. Gail gave him a look that said if you don't know I'm sure as hell not going to tell you as she opened the fridge and took out some cheese. "This is about this afternoon, isn't it? Gail I didn't have time tell to tell you."

"No, Jason, this is about you running off with Christian and I was here listening to Ana sob through a locked door. It is about taking a child away from his mother –" she took a deep breath as tears began to gather in her eyes, "Tell me what is going on?"

Taylor pulled her tightly against his chest and asked, "Do you remember Sara Anderson? One of Grey's subs about 4 years ago."

"The name of familiar; was she the one that was going to be a teacher?"

"No, she was a doctor."

"Describe her."

"Twenty-six, 5-7, 135 pounds, violet eyes, she introduced Flynn and Grey, –"

"The bottle brunette!"

"That would be her."

"He called her Princess," Taylor nodded, "I thought she was the one for a long time," she said as she pulled out of his hold, wiped her eyes on her apron and began to dish the chili into cereal bowls. "What happen to her?

"She died last month."

Gail nearly dropped the bowl of chili in her hand. She quickly placed it on the table and said sadly, "Oh the poor dear. No wonder Christian was so upset. She was the only one that he kept in contact with after the contract ended, I mean besides the usual follow up. She was good for him."

Taylor dropped the spoon he had just picked up and placed his head in his hands. "I didn't follow up with her. I figured that if there was something wrong she would just call Grey. I didn't think that I needed to; I mean she moved to New York, took a job in the public eye. If there was something she needed she could have called."

"Jason, what is this about?" Gail asked as she set her own bowl of chili down.

"She left Grey something in her will."


"A grey eyed baby girl."

Christian sat in his office, Teddy in his bouncer on the floor next to him, and his laptop in front of him. After feeding, burping and rocking Teddy to sleep he had started to search the internet for information about Sara. Google Images showed her at children's hospitals across the country, there were a few articles about the sale of her family's company but nothing about a baby girl. It was frustrating for Christian because the little information that he was able to gain about the child was simply not enough.

Unable to focus on work or find anything new, Christian gave up and sat back in his chair. His mind ventured from one memory to the next of Sara; how they first meet, the contract negotiations, the emails, the texts and finally the end. Christian felt the ball being to form in his chest, shortening his breath. He reached for his cell phone and looked a message from Ana.

Ana: Full tank of gas and windows washed.

Christian didn't bother to reply knowing that she would call when she arrived at Rays. He shifted the phone's focus from messages to contact and pressed in the letter "J." John Flynn was the third contact down. Christian had never actually used the phone number because he had a set appointment date and time, and if he needed an emergency session he would just show up at the doctor's office. But it was Saturday and after eight PM, hardly the standard business hours.

He felt so powerless. The last time this happened he had ended up at the Salon, the time before that it was a BDMS club on the west side and the time for that he had a sub to take his frustrations out on but none of those were options today. Taking a deep breath in an attempt to loosen the knot he pushed the "send" button.

The phone ring once and then again and then again. After the sixth ring an answering service came onto the line and said, "Your call is being forwarded, please hold while your party is reached." Once again it started to ring. Once, twice –

"Hello," Dr. Flynn's voice came over the line. "Christian, are you there?"

"Yeah, I'm here. I'm calling because I need to see you sooner than Tuesday."

"I think that can be arranged, when were you thinking? I have a Monday morning appointment available."

"Now. I need to see you now."

"Okay," John's vocal pattern changed he slowed down, "Why don't you tell me what this is about?"

"Flynn, I – Ana… can we just meet at your office… in say thirty minutes?"

"Christian, I need you to tell me what this is about before I meet with you."

"Ana left."

"Okay, Christian, I will be at my office in thirty minutes."

"Thank you, Flynn."

Christian hung up the phone and picked up the intercom remote. He dialed Taylor's extension and waited. Taylor answered on the second ring. "Sir."

"Bring the Q7 around to the front, I will be driving myself and make sure that there is a baby seat in the back."

"Yes, sir."

Without a word of courtesy Christian ended the call and looked at his sleeping son. There was a ready-made diaper bag in the nursery and several bottles in the fridge not that he thought that they were going to be gone that long but being prepared for a possible overnight stay at Escala was better than buying formula at a Quick Mart after midnight.

Christian picked up the bouncer with relative ease and without waking Teddy moved from his office to the upstairs nursery. He picked up the diaper bag and packed in two bottles and a canister of formula before removing Teddy from the bouncer and wrapping him in a blue and brown baby blanket.

Taylor was leaning against the side of the car as Christian exited his home and walked down the steps. He handed Taylor the baby bag and strapped Teddy into his car seat. "We are going to meet with Flynn, if it gets to be too late, Teddy and I will stay at the penthouse. Have Ryan prepare it before we get there and come into town tomorrow afternoon. I'm taking the morning off."

The trip was made in complete silence; Teddy sleeping in the backseat and Christian lost in thought. It took the car phone ringing to pull both of them out of their dreaming state. On the second ring, "Grey, you are on speaker phone."

"Christian," Ana's voice came over the car speakers, "I made it to Ray's okay and Sawyer is sleeping on the couch because he refused to go to a hotel. So where are you off to?"

"Teddy and I just got into the city's lights; we are going to talk with Flynn."

"Christian, I'm sorry, I didn't –"

"Ana, this is not just about you leaving, okay? I have more on my plate then normal and I have meant to set some time aside for an extra appointment."

"If you are sure–"

"I'm sure, Ana. Teddy is awake in the back seat and why don't you say good night and head off you to bed. It has been a long day for all of us."

"Okay." Christian listened silently as Ana said goodnight to their son.

"Goodnight Christian I will call you tomorrow night."

"Goodnight Ana."

The rest of the drive, Christian listened to Teddy blow bubbles in the back seat. At long last they arrived at Dr. Flynn's office. Flynn was standing at the door waiting for him. Christian got out of the car and opened the back door. He realized that he had not thought this through. He should have brought the bouncer or something that Teddy could sit in. Christian gave a huff and removed the car seat and threw the diaper bag over his shoulder.

What was it going to be like with two children? The thought stopped Christian on the first step. He shook it from his mind as Flynn smiled down on him and Teddy.

"Let me take that," Flynn said as he reached for the bag. Christian held the bag out to him as he made it up the last step.