Hi, guys! Since I went back and redid the text for the Rising Dragon Champions, I decided to come back and do the same for the Lost Dragon Slayer while my writers block starts to wear off. I'll probably add in some stuff I forgot to put in before, but they will be very minor changes. This was probably a pain to read before with that messy text, so I hope this makes it a better read!


Chapter 1: The Twin Brothers

Makarov sighed as he walked through the morning bustle of Magnolia. The town had a lively and welcoming atmosphere to it. Around the city, people went about their daily lives as they always did.

Meanwhile at the town's Wizarding Guild Fairy Tail, of which he was the Master, things were…hectic. A group of new youngsters were making their presence known a little too well. The short man rubbed his aching forehead in exasperation. When Erza had arrived a few months earlier and shown her power, he admitted that he was impressed. The girl had a good nature, and despite the terrible start she had in her life, Makarov knew she was destined for great things. She showed great promise for someone so young. She had easily managed to put Gray in his place more than once.

Then a few weeks ago, three new children had arrived in his guild looking for a place to stay. They used Take Over magic, and Makarov had warmly welcomed them all. The younger two siblings, Elfman and Lisanna, were both kind, gentle children. Their older sister, Mirajane, however, was another matter entirely. And there lay the focus of the raging migraine he felt now.

Mira was the strongest of the three siblings as well as the most aggressive, and the only person in the guild who battled Erza on a now daily basis. It was absurd. The two of them fought just at the sight of one another, and would destroy a good amount of furniture in the process. He let them fight, he knew they would get stronger by doing so, but it was really starting to get expensive. Makarov shuddered at the idea of them fighting when they were older and much stronger. His guild would probably be decimated regularly if that kept up. The old man groaned at the idea as he walked down the cobblestone path to the market.

He could hear a commotion ahead, so he quickened his pace slightly to see what was happening. But what he found perplexed him.

There was a man dressed in all black that looked quite suspicious. There was a woman on the ground behind him, who Makarov assumed had just been mugged by the man. But that wasn't what caught his attention.

What was most definitely odd, was the fact that the shady man himself was being attacked by two boys that looked no older than maybe eleven. The old man raised an eyebrow and blinked a few times to ensure he wasn't just seeing things in his old age. Nope. The boys were kicking and punching and yelling at the man to return the purse he had stolen. What was more surprising was that they were doing a damn good job of it. Makarov had never seen these boys before in town.

He winced slightly as he saw one of the boys kick the thief in the nose and heard an audible cracking sound as the man's nose broke. Ouch. The poor man was stumbling around and to add insult to injury a crowd had gathered to cheer on the boys and make fun of their unfortunate victim.

The thief shook the boys off for a second, tossed the purse to the ground and ran for it. The boys, despite their young age, seemed to realize that their opponent was beaten and let him go. One of them picked up the purse and returned it to the ecstatic women behind them.

Makarov was curious about the two. He hadn't seen them use magic, but they were both decent fighters for their age. As the crowd split up, he approached the two to get a better look at them.

The first boy was slightly taller than him. He was wearing a dark red shirt with black shorts and sneakers. A white scarf with a scale pattern was wrapped around his neck. He had coal black irises in slanted eyes that seemed lively and alert. The most curious thing about him was his spiky hair. Strangely enough, it was salmon pink. That wasn't the first time the old man had seen it, but it was definitely an oddity.

He turned his attention to the other child before him. This one was about the same height as the first, with a dark t-shirt with light gray shorts and sneakers like his friends. His left ear had a platinum earring hanging from it and a scar was visible on his right eyebrow. He had dark eyes like his friend that seemed slightly more focused. His hair, again like his companion's, was spiky, but blond rather than salmon. He reminded Makarov of his grandson, Laxus.

He coughed slightly as he approached, to get their attention. The two boys turned to the old man as he walked towards them.

Makarov smiled and nodded his head. "That was a rather impressive show, you two."

The blond one shrugged a little as he replied. "It wasn't much. We didn't even use magic to beat him."

Makarov raised an eyebrow at this. So they CAN use magic after all…

He spoke again to them, "Holding back eh? Well that's good since that fool didn't seem like he could fight much. You two have piqued my curiosity somewhat. May I know your names?"

The blond exchanged a quick glance with his partner, who nodded in return. He turned back to Makarov with a small smile. "I'm Sting Eucliffe. This is my twin brother, Natsu Dragneel."

Makarov frowned slightly. "If the two of you are related, why are your last names different?" He was honestly interested in the answer to the question.

The one called Natsu took over the conversation with a scratch of his head. "Um, well…we're related, but we got separated when we were little, so two different people ended up taking care of us. They're both gone now, but we kept the names they gave us."

The old man nodded at him, understanding now. He spoke once more. "So do the two of you live here in Magnolia? I have not seen you before today."

Sting shook his head before he replied. "No, we don't live here. We've been traveling to find Natsu's dad and just stopped by to get something to eat." Makarov noticed Natsu tense slightly at this and decided to not pursue the subject of his father.

"I see…well perhaps I can help you. I don't believe I have introduced myself yet. My name is Makarov Dreyar. I am the Guild Master to the guild in this town, Fairy Tail."

Natsu frowned a little. "A guild? What's that?"

Makarov laughed a little. "A guild is a place where wizards gather to do jobs and earn money from quests. In Fairy Tail, we are more of a family to each other than just business partners. We are brothers and sisters, even if we do not share blood. And I am the father to our family. We have a few strong youngsters in the guild now about your age actually. If you would like you can join our guild. You both seem like good young men."

Sting eyes glowed a little at this. "Hey, these wizards you mentioned…are..are they strong?"

The old man nodded at him. "Yes. Many of our members are powerful mages."

Sting looked excitedly at Natsu. "Hey this guild might be worth checking out. Whaddya say?"

Natsu looked between Sting and the Guild Master. "But we should really go…I want to go see if anyone has seen Igneel."

Makarov interjected at this. "This may or may not matter to you, Natsu, but if you are seeking someone out than the guild is really the best place to do so. We share information with each other. If you want to meet someone who knows where this 'Igneel' fellow is, than the guild is your best bet. I'm not forcing you to join, it is your decision to do so or not. But I am offering you my help."

Natsu eyed him thoughtfully for a moment. Then he gave Makarov one of the biggest grins he had ever seen. He noticed the boy had rather long canine teeth. "Alright then, I guess we could give it a shot."

Makarov smiled again. "Well then, allow me to show you both to Fairy Tail." The guild master turned and walked back to his guild with the two boys in tow. Things were looking up for the first time today.