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Princess Bubblegum was humming happily. Today had been a good day. There was no trouble, the Ice King hadn't kidnapped anyone, and she was about to go visit Marceline. Yes, Bonnibel thought to herself, today is a great day.

She happily left the castle and journeyed to Marcie's house, thinking about her the whole way. She happily walked up to the door and knocked a few times. She waited patiently, humming happily, wondering what she and Marcie would do with their time. Sometimes they just hung out like, albeit very affectionate, friends, sometimes they cuddled and enjoyed each other's presence, and sometimes things got more…intimate.

Either way, the pink princess loved to spend time with Marceline.

She realized she had been standing at the door for some time, and timidly knocked again, while calling out, "Marceline?"

It was silent for a moment, and then she heard a voice that was heartbroken and raspy respond, "Bonni?"

The princess immediately flung the door open and saw her Marcie sitting curled up in the corner, looking very much defeated with tear tracks down her face.

"Marcie!" Bonni ran to the vampire's side, "Are you okay?"

Marceline took a deep breath and mumbled, "No," before throwing herself into PB's arms, sobbing harder than she ever had.

The princess was stunned. She had never been the one to comfort; usually it was Marcie comforting her when her duties stressed her to the point of tears. But she cradled the gray-skinned girl in her arms. She was "Shh," –ing her gently, rocking slightly, and she noticed she could hear Marceline murmuring through her sobs, things like, "He forgot, he said he wouldn't," "He can't remember," "Not his fault," "Don't forget me."

Eventually her sobs subsided and the Vampire Queen just lay in the arms of the Princess of the Candy Kingdom.

"Marceline?" the princess timidly asked. Marceline gave a hum in return.

"What's wrong?"

Marceline gave a very tired sigh. "I don't want to worry you Bonnibel. It's just something from long ago. Before you were even born."

"But," Bonni hesitated for a second, "Why are you still so upset?"

"He came to visit. Even after he heard all of what he had written down…he still didn't remember. Because of that goddamn crown." The princess jumped at the sudden snarl.

"He's forgotten who I am, but I know he still cares. He finds me and visits me for various idiotic reasons, and he doesn't know that he promised me he'd stay with me. I'm so stupid, I made him promise me when I was young, I was alone, my father had left, and I made him promise. But now I wish I hadn't, because he's left, and he can't come back, but he's still always around me. It would be so much easier if he hadn't promised."

Bonnibel had no idea who Marceline was talking about, but whoever he was, he meant a great deal to her. It tore Marceline apart that whoever he was, he couldn't remember her.

"I'll stay with you, Marcie. I'll always be here for you."

"I know. I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry. I love you."

"I love you, too, Bonnibel."

That was the shittiest shit I've ever shitted in my shit.

I just got a lot of feels from the episode and i wrote them down. And they suck. But, I figured, why not share? So yes! Here they are, my precious Bubbline, Sugarless Gum, my obviously canon couple. Feel free to review and stuff.