DP-Carrie Angel Description

Danny's eleven-year-old cousin, Dani Fansom, is visiting the Fenton family. She helps Danny fight the ghosts coming out of the ghost portal freely now that her ghost side is stable-but a fight with a strange new ghost named Cause causes Paulina, prettiest girl in the school and Danny's girlfriend, to move and have to break up with him. Danny is in the depths of deepest despair until Carrie Angelo moves to town-and begins going to Danny's school. Danny meets Carrie by chance when Danny accidentally ticks off, who signs him up to kitchen duty, along with Carrie, who signed up for it herself. Danny finds that she is a great girl and they become friends-but Sam is both suspicious and jealous of Carrie, who starts spending a lot of time with Danny. Sam and Dani figure out a plan to make Carrie reveal just who she really is-because they accidentally find out that Cause, new evil ghost in town, is Carrie's brother. When Sam and Dani's plans work out way too well, Carrie reveals that she is also a half-ghost. Everything works out OK as Sam and Carrie become really good friends, Carrie and Dani share girl ghost-fighting tips, and Danny asks Carrie out. Oh, yeah. Also, Tucker eats. No surprise there, but then (SPOILER ALERT! DO NOT READ ON BECAUSE THE FOLLOWING IS A SPOILER!) he gets a girlfriend named Lily, who matches his own personality exactly.

Note: wiki/Caroline_%22Carrie%22_Francess/Carrie_Angel

This website has all the info about Carrie exactly as the fan who made her made her as. I tweaked a lot of things, for example, making Carrie's last name Angelo, and having her arch-enemy her brother, Jax, instead of her half-sister, Amy, who is supposed to be Carrie's arch-enemy. Again, if you want to know everything about Carrie exactly as she was meant to be, check out the website. BTW, just know that some of the facts are the same as the Wikia, for example, both I and the Wikia says that Carrie's mother's first name is Lauren.

Also, I don't know for sure if Dani's human last name is actually Fansom. I just made it up on the spot.