"You are sure about this?" Thor was looking dubiously at the broom.

"Sure I'm sure." He let go of the broom, watched it hover for a few moments before he gripped it again. "It'll be fun and it's one of the reasons why I bought land so far away from everyone else."

"This is something that you love as well," Thor said perceptively, gaze boring into Harry's. He smiled a bit when Harry nodded. "Then I would be honored to share it with you."

"Okay then." Harry tried not to blush. The way Thor had said that could have been stupid but the way he was looking at Harry combined with the words had Harry squirming a bit instead. He mounted the broom and waited for the big man to get on behind him.

He could not fight off a blush when Thor wrapped one arm around his waist and moved in close. "Are you certain this was not a ploy for this?"

"I'm certain," Harry got out before pushing off. He couldn't go higher than the trees that surrounded his property but that was fine. Even with two people, the firebolt was still incredibly fast.

Harry grinned widely as they picked up speed and Thor's other arm went around him. His love for flying hadn't abated in the least as he'd gotten older. Still, the guy behind him was proving to be quite a distraction.

Thor's body was pressed close to him; his hands were low on Harry's abdomen. The combination of flying and the incredibly good looking man pressed so close was what did it. His pants were getting a little bit uncomfortable.

When he finally stopped the broom in the air, Thor had pressed even closer and his lips were at Harry's ear. "When I regain my power, I will take you flying," he promised in a low voice. Harry was convinced the man knew what it was doing to him.

Harry scrambled off the broom, glad his pants were the baggy ones. "I should probably start dinner…"

"Yes, alright."

"I'm just going to…take a shower first." He practically sprinted away from the big man, fleeing to the relative safety of the bathroom where he could take care of his little problem.


Thor was waiting for him when he came back downstairs and he immediately started closer. "You fled from me. Why?"

"Uh…Oh, well I…"

Thor stepped into his personal space. "You are attracted to me," he stated, no question in his tone.

"Uh…" Harry blinked and wondered when he'd lost the ability to speak. It certainly wasn't coming back when Thor put a hand to his face and tilted his head up.

"There is no need to hide." He bent until they were almost the same height.

"Are you…" Harry trailed off when Thor leaned closer, holding his breath and waiting.

Thor's lips had barely brushed his before he pulled back. Harry stared up at him for several seconds, still unable to speak before he reached up, wrapped an arm around Thor's neck and brought him back down for a deeper kiss.

"Okay, that was…pretty awesome," he said when he finally pulled away, a little breathless.

"I will agree with that."

Harry laughed and then grabbed Thor's hand. "Come on. Food."


There was a girl screaming somewhere. Just screaming, no words but Harry still recognized who it was. He'd always be able to. He searched the mansion, opening each door he came across but still couldn't find her. Why couldn't he find her?

The hall seemed to long but he finally reached the last door. The light was too bright on the other side and he stepped out into a yard. The crumbling castle that was Hogwarts stood looming in the distance and he started closer. Bodies littered the ground. All people he recognized.

"Harry Potter."

He spun at the voice, that familiar voice. And there he was, exactly as Harry remembered. Voldemort was holding someone up and he let the person drop, Harry got a glimpse of blood matted bushy brown hair before someone grabbed his shoulder, shaking him-

Harry jerked awake, eyes snapping open and, for several seconds, he remained still, staring up into Thor's concerned blue eyes.

"Are you alright, Harry Potter?"

"Please, just call me Harry," he said, his tone pained. He sat up when Thor leaned back and remembered that he'd fallen asleep during a movie they'd been watching.

"You seemed very distressed," Thor commented.

"Yeah, nightmares. Sorry." He stood, stretching a bit.

"There is no need to apologize. Do you have these nightmares often?" Thor seemed genuinely concerned and Harry smiled a bit.

"Sometimes, yeah. They're mostly about the war." He sighed and sat down again, this time so he was facing Thor, who was staring at him intensely. "Sometimes, they're about the last battle. They invaded my old school. A lot of people died." He paused a moment.

"Sometimes they're about the Malfoy manor. Bet Ron and Hermione have lots of nightmares about that. We got…captured. They took Hermione away and me and Ron…just locked up and waiting to die, listening to Hermione scream…" He'd looked away as he said it.

"Yet you did survive."

Harry smiled a little sadly. "Had a lot of luck, and a lot of help." He studied Thor a moment. "You ever been afraid to die?"

"No, I cannot say I have."

Harry nodded. "It was there, you know? That whole year after we decided to go out and really fight. Not just fear of dying. But fear that we'd come out on the other side and everyone else would be gone. After it was over, I didn't really know what to do with myself."

"You survived and you are exceptional."

Harry blushed again and grinned. "Thanks."

"I have always known. Since I was a child, I have known what I was supposed to do. Yet now…"

Harry nodded and tilted his head. "You'll survive," he stated. "And," he scooted closer, draped his arms around Thor's neck, "you'll come out the other side exceptional."

"You know this, do you?" Thor asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Sure. I can see it." He leaned forward and pressed his lips against Thor's.


They were in the kitchen, talking and eating when the two wizards apparated directly into Harry's living room. Harry had a moment of surprise before he tackled Thor off his chair to avoid the curse that was immediately thrown in their direction.

He dragged Thor down behind the kitchen island, pulling his wand in the process. The first thing he tried was apparation but found he couldn't. The two wizards weren't making any noise at all but they were throwing curses and Harry only dove around long enough to throw his own, backing the two of them away just a bit.


"Stay here," Harry cut Thor off before he could finish the question. He edged towards the end of the island but had to scramble back more when a particularly strong curse blasted its way through, destroying part of it.

Harry gritted his teeth and glared back at Thor. "Stay here," he repeated. He took a deep breath before rolling out from behind the island and ran to the side, throwing stunners. He had to bite back a cry when a cutting curse grazed his side but managed to dive for cover behind his couch again.

Two pops sounded a second later and, suddenly, he found himself surrounded. He stood slowly as the two wizards, both of whom he recognized, raised their wands. Harry swallowed and gripped his own but before he could even think to try anything, the one on his left was tackled from behind.

Harry didn't wait for the other's surprise to pass. He sent a stunner and watched as the man fell. He turned back to the left in time to see Thor stand over the unconscious form of the other man, who looked as if he at least had a broken nose. Feeling a little bit detached now, Harry mumbled the appropriate spell to tie up both men.

"How did this happen?" He asked out loud finally, pressing a hand against his side where he was bleeding. "How did they apparate and prevent me from doing it? And why would they do it? This doesn't…" Harry stared down at Draco Malfoy, completely bewildered.

"You are injured," Thor said, stepping closer to him.

"How did this happen?" Harry repeated, leaning back against the couch and staring up at Thor.

"I do not know but you are-"

"It's Malfoy!" Harry interrupted. "He hates me, always has but he's not stupid enough to do this. It's been years since the war and he's even been civil with me since then. Why would he…?"

"Harry." Thor tilted his chin up. "You must attend to your injury."

Harry grimaced and looked down. Huh. He was bleeding pretty badly. Tiredly, he sent out a patronus with a message for Ron and then started to slide down to the floor. Thor caught him and lowered him down slowly.

"Doesn't make any sense," he mumbled even as he let Thor pull him closer. "You'll stay, right?"

"I will not leave," he heard Thor say just before he sagged against the bigger man.