Trip to Egypt (Capital Holiday Sequel)

Chapter 8

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Kai wiped down his brightly coloured shirt and trousers, while trying his hardest to hide the violent cough that the sand had caused him. Amy noticed this, however, and leaned over, rubbing his back comfortingly. He flashed her goofy, but thankful smile and then turned to the rest of the gang, who had almost recovered from their laughing fits.

"Right... food anyone?" Amy announced, placing her hands together in a prayer position.

Natara nodded in response and took hold of Mal's hand in hers, squeezing it gently. Mal flashed her a smile and they began to make their way forward, leading the group. Kai limped behind all of them, with Amy by his side, continuously checking to see whether or not he was okay whenever he winced or coughed. Blaise and Jeremy were in the middle of the group and Blaise rubbed her aching sides that were now hurting from laughing too hard. Jeremy could only roll his eyes playfully in response to her gesture.

It was beginning to get late by the time the crew had gone around the pyramids – scaring Kai half to death – and riding the camels... also almost killing Kai in the process. Naturally, everyone was starting to get peckish, even hearing their stomach's rumble from time-to-time, causing good-humoured laughs amongst everyone.

After what felt like hours of searching up and down the sandy streets, layered with shops entitled in Arabic lettering, which even stumped Natara at times, they came across what appeared to be a beautiful looking restaurant and didn't hesitate to make their way inside. Sure enough, the inside of the building was almost as stunning as the outside, if not better. It had: dim, romantic lighting across the ceiling and along the walls; aromatic red candles scattered neatly about the place; and booths arranged in neat little rows against the wall. The oak tables were laced with white sheets, with elegant patterns entwined within the fabric. Atop the tables was silver cutlery, each with a similar design on the handle, and wine glasses placed in an orderly manner by the cutlery.

"This place is beautiful..." Natara commented, looking around as her mouth dropped slightly agape.

Everyone else mumbled a reply, too shocked by the grand design of the place to even form a proper sentence. As they were admiring the area, a waiter approached them and bowed slightly. He was quite young, with short, spiky black hair and in his hand he held some menus.

"Welcome, table for six?" he inquired.

"Please," Natara replied sweetly "If you have one available."

"Of course ma'am, this way please!"

He gestured for them to follow him as he made his way farther into the restaurant, weaving in and out of tables and dodging fellow waiters until he came to a booth located in the far corner and halted. Jeremy thanked him as they filed in. Natara and Mal were sat opposite one another at the end, and beside them were Blaise and Jeremy, then Amy and Kai. The waiter handed them the menus he had been holding and, after taking their drink order, left.

"Hmm... everything looks so nice," Natara said softly "hey Mal, what do you think?"

Mal smirked "Why is it that I always pick your food for you?"

"You... have good taste... you know, in food."

Mal laughed and pointed out a particular dish that Natara herself had actually been looking at.

"Ooh, that does sound amazing. Okay, I'm done."

"Same," Mal said, turning to the others "everyone else sorted?"

"Yeah, I am." Blaise smiled and the other's replied in suit. There was light conversation until the waiter returned with their drinks on a tray, handing each of them to the desired owner. With a round of 'thank you's they placed their order, proceeding to wait for a while until their food was due to come. There was a short silence before Blaise broke it, standing up.

"I'm gonna nip to the bathroom, anyone else?"

"Yeah I will" Natara said while standing up and shuffling out alongside Blaise and Amy.

"Won't be long guys"

The women all trekked off through the busy restaurant, searching for the bathroom, leaving the guys alone. There was a silence that lasted for a couple minutes, growing more and more uncomfortable with every passing second. Jeremy nervously began drumming a beat on his lap with his fingers, while Kai took to staring at Amy's camera. It wasn't even on though. He just stared at the black screen, pretending to be interested in cleaning it, despite the fact that there was nothing wrong in the first place. Mal eventually got fed up of twiddling his thumbs and looked to Jeremy.

"Hey Redbird," he whispered, unaware the Kai was listening too. He gained his attention almost immediately. "How's things going with-"

"Fine!" Jeremy answered perhaps too quickly, not even allowing Mal to finish his sentence "Um... they're fine thanks. How are things with Natara?"

"They're good;" he shrugged "nothing new really, every day is as amazing as the last."

Jeremy patted Mal on the shoulder to signal the end of the conversation and smiled, which Mal returned warmly, before standing up and stretching slightly.

"I'm gonna go see where the gals have ran off to, be back in a few."

Kai nodded and waited until Mal was out of earshot before grinning wildly up at Jeremy, who shifted uncomfortably under his gaze.

"So..." Kai said "you and Blaise got it going on?"

Jeremy groaned, sliding down in his seat like a turtle trying to retreat back into it's shell.

Sauntering down the hall to where the bathrooms were located, Mal looked around for any familiar face. When he didn't spot one he simply reclined against the wall, tapping his foot impatiently on the linoleum floor. He let his head fall back onto it.

'Seriously what is taking them so long?'

Just as he thought this, the door to the women's bathroom flung open and Natara came strolling out, as Blaise and Amy trailed behind them. When her eyes fell on Mal she simply shot him a quizzical glance, which he returned with a shrug. Blaise smirked and patted him on the cheek as she walked by, leaving Amy giggling as she followed in suit. Natara waited for them to be out of view before stepping closer to Mal.

"What're you doing here?" she smirked "Miss me already huh."

"Heh... maybe, maybe not. Thing is, never leave guys alone together... it can get awkward. Especially when Kalaba is sat there too."

Natara laughed and stroked his cheek, wrapping her other arm around his waist as he pulled her closer, kissing her lightly on the lips.

"So, what took you all so long?" Mal smirked

"Lose the smirk," Natara laughed "there was a queue is all."

"A queue?"


"Women." Mal sighed

"Men." Natara retorted, before allowing a huge grin to spread across her pink lips "Anyway, come one, our food should be ready soon!"

She went to pull away but Mal's strong arms held her in place. Natara glanced back up at Mal who wore a playful grin on his face. He quickly scanned the area, and his eyes fell on an empty room, or rather... closet. His grin widened and he gently pulled Natara towards it, leaning down to whisper in her ear, causing an involuntary shiver.

"I have a better idea... if you're up for it."

Natara bit her lower lip, looking around quickly before spinning around in his arms and pressing her lips against his tenderly. He led her inside the room and pulled the door shut, locking it. Pressing her against the wall, he kissed her passionately, holding her in place by her slender waist. Mal felt her smile slightly against his lips as they moved in sync. She draped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer, deepening the kiss, enjoying the sensation. No matter how much she was enjoying this, Natara pulled away and rested their foreheads together, panting slightly as she regained her breath back.

"We don't really have time..." she mumbled "they'll know."

"So? Let them." Mal replied, capturing her lips again for just a moment.

Biting her lower lip, Natara broke eye contact with him for a brief moment, having a war in her mind. On the one hand she really wanted to, her hormones were screaming at her to go for it... but on the other, her friends would know. And after she scolded Blaise for her activities on the airplane, feared she would comment.

But to hell with her.

Natara didn't even have much time to debate with herself anyway before Mal began placing a train of kisses down the side of her neck, to her collarbone and back up. She allowed a soft moan to escape her lips as she entangled her fingers in his hair in an attempt to pull him closer, if that was even possible. Mal ran his tongue across her lips, asking silent permission, which Natara happily granted to him. He slid his tongue in and slithered against hers, exploring every inch of her mouth that he could. Their battle for dominance didn't last long, Mal was clearly winning. He smirked against her and ran his hands down her body, noting every gentle curve, every muscle that tensed ever-so-slightly at his touch, everything about her that he possible could. The tiniest of moans would be produced from her every so often, effectively encouraging Mal further. Natara pulled back from the kiss to catch her breath, while Mal continued his ambush, lifting her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist and rested her head against the wall, letting her eyes drift shut as she took in the pleasure. Mal began running his hand up the inside of her thigh when...

"Mal? Natara?"

They both froze in place. Mal cursed under his breath, and let his head drop onto Natara's shoulder. She'd gone stiff, not even daring to breathe, as her eyes widened. They shared a look, before Mal placed a finger to his lips, signalling for them both to be absolutely silent. Outside the room, in the hallway, were Blaise and Jeremy. Unbeknown to them, their food had arrived quicker than expected, so Jeremy and Blaise went to look for them.

"Where are they?"

"Hm... let's see, if I knew that don't you think I would tell you?!" Blaise scolded

"Jeez Blaise, chill... they've gotta be around somewhere." Jeremy replied. Mal and Natara could sense the eye-roll he would be giving her

"Heh... they're cute." Mal whispered, smiling.

"Yeah... what are we gonna do? I told you this was a bad idea!"

"Shhh! I'll... think of something."

After what felt like an eternity of 'thinking' Natara grew impatient and unwrapped her legs from around Mal's waist, sliding back down onto the floor.

"Think faster!" she whispered harshly, but then kissed his cheek to make up for it.

She pressed her ear against the wood and listened in silence, trying to make out even the faintest of movements. Despite having not heard neither Jeremy nor Blaise speak or move for a couple minutes, Natara was still unsure whether or not to go back outside.

"Well, this is romantic." Mal said sarcastically

"Really?" Natara sighed "Mal, we were going to have sex in a closet. If you class that as romantic anyway, there is something wrong with you."

Mal stuck his tongue out at her before gripping the door handle.

"Whatever, come on they're not out there so-"

"You don't know that!"

"Yes, I do..."

Before Natara could even open her mouth to reply, Mal pushed open the door and walked out, not even bothering to look around to make sure it was clear.

"I hate guys." She grumbled

Nevertheless, Natara slunk out of the closet while running fingers through her hair and straightening her clothes out, watching as Mal didn't even bother to. She sighed again and rushed over to him, sorting his tousled hair out and shirt.

"Natara..." he laughed "stop it..."

Natara just smiled and took his hand, walking back to the dinner table, to see the others sat talking amongst themselves. Their food was in front of them, and the others had already started eating. As Mal and Natara approached and sat back down, they looked up and smiled.

"What took you guys so long?" Blaise questioned, wearing the biggest smirk on her face, not even bothering to hide it.

"We went exploring." Mal said bluntly, breaking eye contact and staring down at his food.

The food did smell delicious... and it tasted even better. Thankfully nothing more was said about the subject, but Natara could tell that Blaise knew, and could feel her gaze every so often. But with Mal opposite her, making her more comfortable, the subject was soon forgotten and the gang just took to enjoying their dinner in peace.

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