Danny and Tucker went out in search of finding Sam and Carrie, when out of no where, Ember tells Danny that Sam and Carrie have turned evil, but he doesn'b believe her until other ghost come to him and tell him. And so they head to the Ghost Zone and Danny was shocked to see Sam and Carrie turning the Gjost Zone upside down But Danny mus put a stop to it , but he can't. So he gets help from other ghosts, but Sam and Carrie are too strong. Danny, " How did they turn eveil?" Ember, " We think Vlad Plasmious had something to do with it." But we aren't sure just yet." Danny, " We have to find a way to stop them before it's too late." Skulker, " Listen Ghost Child,
we need your help, because we know you can stop them. You love one and the other one is your best friend." Danny, " Carrie i love and Sam is my best friend." Tucker,
" Um Guys, I think we don't have to help them because look!" * They look where Tucker is pointing* *GASP* Danny, " We have to help them." The Box Ghost, " Are you serious?" Danny, " Yes, I'm serious." Ember, " well until we can stop them, we have to hide before it...! HELPPPPP! LET ME GO! *Sam has a hold on Ember* and *Carrie has a hold on Skulker* LET ME GOOO! GHOST CHILD, DO SOMETHING! NOW!* Tucker, " Danny, do something! " Danny, " * does his ghostly wail * and Sam and Carrie go back to their regular selves but end up falling and Danny goes and saves them. Tucker takes them back to the human world while Danny stays behind to clean up what Sam and Carrie destroyed. Back at home, Sam and Carrie, " What happened?" Danny, " You two were evil and trying to destroy the Ghost Zone. Tucker,
" Who turned you guys evil? Sam, " I think it was some unknow ghost" I'm not sure." Carrie, " It was Vlad Plasmious." Because Sam was already turned evil and then it was me that was last to be turned evil." Danny, " I'm glad you guys are okay." Sam and Carrie, " Thanks Danny and Tucker."