How Stupid Does That Sound?

By: Beefiedog2

(A/N: Hey guys. My boyfriend broke up with me, soooooo I wrote a story based on what happened. My boyfriend believes what everyone BUT me says. UGH, TO HELL WITH HIM!... Enjoy my story. :D)

How Stupid Does That Sound?

Showcase yawned. "Finally, I can go to school! My first day back to school after the teacher thought I vandalized someone's property!" Showcase said. (A/N: My teacher thought I wrote the words: Sexy BITCH on the board. Why would I do that?! My teacher is such a racist whore!)

Jumping out of bed, she pulled her clothes on, yanked on her new black and purple converses on. She threw her bag over her shoulder. She exited her house and started down the sidewalk.

Her boyfriend, Snips, was coming out of his house. "SHOWCASE!" he yelled. Showcase turned around quickly, smiled, then waved. What's wrong with HIM? What did I do that he's shouting across the place and looking mad at me? Showcase thought. Snips stomped up to Showcase. "Why would you cheat on me?" he yelled. Showcase was surprised. WHAT?! She thought. "Wait, what?! I'd never cheat on you!" she yelled back. "Well, you did! Everyone's talking about it," Snips hollered. "Well, sometimes, people say stupid rumors because every girl wants to be your girlfriend!" Showcase said. "What do rumors have to do with me being really attractive to girls?" Snips said, smiling to the air. It's a good thing he's cute. Showcase thought. "Ugh. Open your eyes, Snips! Girls are hitting on you everywhere you go! They start rumors to trick you into breaking up with me, so that they can have you all to themselves! Don't you get it?" Showcase shouted. Snips thought for a moment. "No. You were secretly dating Schmidt, weren't you?!" Snips hollered. Showcase looked surprised. "NO! He's WAY out of my league! He's not my type!" Showcase said. "Then why were you dating him?" Snips asked. "I never was! What do you think we could've done anyway?!" Showcase yelled. "You kissed him!" Snips yelled. "Where are you getting all of this shit! I'd never kiss Schmidt!" Showcase yelled. "Well, he seems to like you a lot!" Snips said. Showcase shrugged. "I don't really know. He doesn't like playing with me anymore," Showcase said. "Because he has a girlfriend," Snips said. "Really? Who?" Showcase asked. "You," Snips said. "NO!...I'm done. Believe what you want. Until you stop, talk to me again," Showcase said. "You know what? No. Savannah WAS telling the truth, and I know it!" Snips said. "Savannah? Of course! She started these rumors! Everyone believes Savannah!" Showcase said. "Why? Maybe because SHE doesn't cheat on her boyfriends?" Snips said. "Look, Snips. Schmidt and I were JUST FRIENDS. We never got serious and hold hands and kiss. He never did any of that. We just walked together and talked, what friends are SUPPOSED to do. I don't know why you ALWAYS believe Savannah!" Showcase said. "Because she doesn't cheat on people. And Savannah REALLY likes me, and respects me better than YOU respect ME. So I'll go to her instead. WE'RE DONE!" Snips said. He turned around and stormed off. "But, Snips…," Showcase said. "You don't wanna be JUST FRIENDS? Like how me and Schmidt were?" Showcase asked. "NO!" Snips yelled. Showcase frowned.

(A/N: Are you guys thinking about me now? "Aww you poor baby! He's such a jerk!" Is that what you guys are thinking? Well, if not, you should be. My boyfriend was an attractive person. Now he's with some girl named Tabitha just because he trusts her better. He was such a waste of my time! I should have dumped his sorry ass a long time ago! Thnx for reading my story!)