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Early the next morning Sonic was up and headed to meet Bunnie and Antoine at a coffee shop. The sun was already up, and it was humid out. Sonic had a frown on his face as he walked lost in thought. He wasn't sure if he regretted hanging out with Buns last night. Because of his mission, it didn't seem like a bad idea, but he knew he shouldn't be getting chummy with Buns. As far as everyone knew they considered she was lying and that's what confused him. The way she was acting last night didn't add up. She had gone out on her own last night and Sonic was sure she was not expecting to run into him. She hadn't contacted him, so he knew she had gone out on her own. If she was lying she was sure good at hiding it, because she and him got along really well last night. It almost scared him how she and him were getting along. Buns was evil…well he thought she was…

Sonic shook his head to clear his thoughts. He still wasn't sure, especially after she passed that lie detector test. Sonic's eyes trailed across the ground; everything was still uncertain for now anyway. Sonic looked up from the ground smelling the scent of brewing coffee in the air. He spotted Antoine and Bunnie sitting at the outside tables across the street. There were a decent amount of people seated outside and inside the shop; Bunnie and Antoine were sipping on drinks. He hastily made his way across the street pass the many citizens crossing the sidewalk and sat down at their table.

Bunnie and Antoine smiled as Sonic made his way around the small metal fence and made his way to their table. Antoine greeted him as he sat down "Good morning Sonic, did you sleep well?"

Sonic had a frown on his face "Not good enough…look…something happened last night..."

Bunnie and Antoine became more serious looking empathetic. Bunnie questioned him curiously "What happened?"

Sonic scooted his chair closer so their conversation would be heard less by all the people around them "…Last night I was out and ran into Buns…and we…kinda hung out…"

Bunnie and Antoine looked shocked. Bunnie spoke with slightly widened eyes "How in tha heck did thet happen?"

Sonic leaned his elbow onto the table and placed his head into his hand with a look of confusion on his face "You tell me, I don't know what to think anymore. She didn't seem…well…evil at all..."

At this both Bunnie and Antoine looked skeptical, and Antoine questioned Sonic as he sipped on his drink "Well how did you even run into her?"

"She was sitting alone just on the outskirts when I ran into her. I think she wasn't expecting to run into me either because she hadn't contacted me and she wasn't acting herself again." Sonic said removing his elbow from the table.

"What? Knaa's she's got a different persona again?" Bunnie asked looking confused.

Sonic nodded in confusion "I guess…" then he spoke with hesitation "…she was sad."

Antoine almost coughed on his drink, and Bunnie patted him on the back and looked at Sonic with the same look of confusion "Yeur kidding?"

"Nope, we talked a bit about her problems and we…" Sonic gulped frowning even more "…spent time together…"

Antoine looked at Sonic distastefully "How could you Sonic?"

"I know!" Sonic agreed with him "…Look guys. I know this might sound crazy but whatever happened last night…I think Buns wasn't lying…I think she was telling the truth…"

Antoine and Bunnie had looks of disbelief on their faces, thinking Sonic may have lost his mind. Antoine spoke in a skeptical tone "You think that woman is genuine?"

"Maybe when she was talking about her problems, nothing else. I still think she's lying about other stuff; mainly why she's here." Sonic said with a critical look.

Bunnie's lips pinched together looking unconvinced "Knaa jus how could yiah tell she wasn't lying?"

Sonic responded with a determined expression "It was written all over her face. Plus there was no hesitation, when she spoke or in her body language. Everything she did was natural…"

Bunnie considered what Sonic had to say for a moment before she spoke as she rubbed her chin "Alrigh, judgment call sugh. Maybe she might have opened up for yiah and you only. I can only think of one thang then…"

Antoine and Sonic looked curiously at her, and she gave them serious looks "She might only have plans thet directly involve yiah Sonic."

Sonic and Antoine tried to digest Bunnie's words. Sonic questioned her scratching his head "But why would she do that? What do I have?"

"Trust me on this one, I got a gut feeling this is somethang she…ah mean…I would do..." Bunnie said sipping on her drink again.

Antoine nodded questioning Sonic "I think you're on to something. I was originally thinking Buns had plans that involved zis larger scheme here in New Mobotropolis or here in Mobius. But because of her behavior…" he paused looking at Sonic seriously "...She has only been nice to you? Correct?"

Sonic blinked his eyes as he recalled Buns behavior. Bunnie also questioned Sonic "She came to yeur house first too righ?"

Sonic frowned thinking briefly for a moment "...You guys do have a point." Sonic crossed his arms "She's only acting a certain way towards me…I don't know if it only involves me, but now it seems her plans certainly have me involved with them. Maybe shes mad about me making her sick and trying to get revenge or something..."

Bunnie nodded "I thank thet's somthang we can all agree on."

"Now not only do we know she has plans, we also know she has plans involving Sonic." Antoine smiled looking at both of them "I think we're on to something."

"I guess we pieced together another piece of the puzzle." Sonic sighed and shrugged as Bunnie and Antoine smiled a bit. But then Sonic frowned speaking with a bit of embarrassment in his voice "But it's getting worse, especially after last night. Your advice kind of backfired Bunnie. Being nice to her made her too comfortable, and sometimes she's like all…flirty and stuff…"

Which made Bunnie and Antoine laugh out loud and Sonic spoke in a serious tone "Come on guys!"

"I think she might have always been thet way." Bunnie giggled.

Sonic nodded in defeat, they had just talked about that very thing last night. Buns sudden shift in behavior the other day was not actually a shift, but was how she always was. Being that she was Bunnie's Anti it was to be expected that she have some different eccentric behavior and…tendencies…

"Unfortunately yiah did kinda rustle her here, but look at the bright side Sonic." Bunnie smiled.

"Bright side?" Sonic asked her with a puzzled face.

"I think we jus got enough info to expose Buns." Bunnie said happily.

Sonic's face lit up with a smile "Hey! Your right!"

Antoine nodded with certainty "She has a plan involving you, all we have to do is get Buns under the lie detector again."

Sonic smiled rubbing his chin "We didn't ask her those types of questions when we interrogated her did we?"

"Exactly, when we get her back in thare we'll ask her about her plans about yiah. It's full proof." Bunnie said with a big smile.

Sonic grinned "Man that's great detective work Bunnie."

"Awww stop it yall." Bunnie giggled.

"Buns will be out of my hair by next week." Sonic grinned with a triumphant face as he readied himself to get up from his seat.

"Hold up Sonic, don't forget. The Consul of Acorn has called the Freedom Fighters for a meeting today at noon. Don't be late." Antoine said with a serious face.

Sonic sat back down "Oh yeah, did they say what it was about?"

"As far as I know we might have a mission involving Eggman." Antoine smirked at Sonic.

At this news Sonic smiled even brighter "Alright! Finally, some action!"

"I knew yiah might be happy to hear thet. But listen Sonic…be careful…" Bunnie said with a sudden air of seriousness.

Sonic stopped smiling and listened to her. Bunnie spoke with a frown "Even though we might be closer to finding out Buns plans and all, yiah still need to watch yeur back jus for a few more days. After we come back from our mission we'll get Buns behind bars."

"We don't know what she's got planned for yiah…" Bunnie said looking him in the eyes indicating without words that Buns might try and possibly hurt him, and Sonic nodded with a serious face.

"I got it guys." Sonic then smirked "Hey! You're talking to 'The Kid'." Sonic said with a smug face.

Antoine and Bunnie rolled their eyes at Sonic's overconfidence. Then Antoine smiled again "Don't be late for the Consul Sonic, Sally won't be happy."

Sonic stood from his seat again "Alright then, I'll catch you guys later."

But Bunnie stopped him "Hey wait a sec Sonic."

Sonic looked over at her "Hmm?"

Antoine and she both had mischievous looks on their faces "….Jus what did Buns say when she was flirting with yiah?"

Sonic on the other hand looked irritated. Sonic pushed his chair away and walked out of the coffee area and down the sidewalk "You know what, I'm outta here! I'll see you guys later."

"Aww come on sugh! I was jus kidding!" Bunnie and Antoine's hysterical laughter could be heard as Sonic walked away.

Sonic groaned as he suddenly began to run to get away from their playful mocking. He already felt silly enough with Buns showing up. The guys were going to hold this mess up over him for a long time. At least with the new information they had uncovered Buns might be exposed and more importantly he finally had something to do again. He hoped the mission he would learn of today would lead to more subsequent missions in the near future. Just so he wouldn't be bored anymore; boredom could almost be torture sometimes.

Sometime later Sonic had made his way over to Buns job at the Gym, while spending time with Buns the previous night Buns had gotten comfortable enough to ask him to hang out again. It was starting to become a regular occurrence and though Sonic didn't like it, even more so with what he'd just uncovered with Bunnie and Antoine, he accepted. One because of his mission and two because as much as he hated to admit it, he thought she was being genuine last night. He didn't know why she was trying to get so close to him, but it almost seemed like she was trying to get him to be her friend…

Which immediately led to thoughts of a sinister plan of hers to get him with his back turned for whatever unknown reason…

When the Gym came into sight, the green painted building, Sonic hastily made his way to the windows on the sidewalk of the building. The sun put a heavy glare on the window so Sonic used his hands to block the sun and peek inside. Buns wanted him to come and talk with her on her lunch break at noon, but he'd forgot about the meeting with the Consul so he had to cancel with her. As he scanned the inside for Buns, he could not spot her and guessed she was in some kind of backroom.

Sonic stepped away from the window and scratched his head when he was startled. Buns spoke in a somewhat loud tone from behind him "Hey hedgehog!"

"Oh geesh!" Sonic said with a surprised face jumping back in his spot.

Buns giggled while he recovered; she had a pleased face "I bet I know who yiah was looking for."

Sonic looked slightly annoyed; Buns didn't seem to care though with a mischievous look on her face. He noticed she was wearing her work attire; a white sweat shirt; still wearing her other usual clothing. Sonic spoke losing his look of annoyance "Hey, I came by to tell you I gotta cancel on meeting up at noon."

Buns looked a bit upset, but she smiled taking a step forward "Yiah aint got no time for me knaa huh?"

Sonic immediately tried stepping around her so he wouldn't get pinned, but he started to shrink under her roaming eyes "No no, it's nothing like that. The guys and I have an important meeting to go to. Eggman is at it again, and we have to stop him…stuff like that…"

Buns didn't let him walk around either, instead she backed him up against the windows of the Gym and placed a hand on the glass of the Gym window; they stood very near to one another. Their faces were near enough that Sonic began to sweat. Buns had a mischievous grin "So yeur jus gonna leave me hanging hedgehog?"

Sonic's face was embarrassed; she could be so brash. Sonic then slid sideways away from Buns entrapment and finally walked around her. Buns turned around still smiling as he spoke with a sheepish smile "Look I'll make up for it, later when you get off we'll chill alright?"

Buns grinned "Ok hedgehog, I'll see yiah later then. Don't be late."

Sonic smiled at her as he turned and ran away "Later."

Sonic watched Buns as she stood on the sidewalk of her job disappearing from his sight as he ran. Her flirtatious manner had not calmed down at all. In fact, he'd given her an inch, and now she'd taken a mile, especially after last night. However, again this might have always been the way she acted around or treated her prey, or just acted in general. Now he was on the menu, or she had something planned. Sonic was at least grateful that they might be able to expose her and get her out of his hair soon. The thought still remained in the back of his head after last night though…he still felt she was telling the truth last night…

Around noon, the Freedom Fighters hand made their way to Castle Acorn to convene with the Consul of Acorn. Inside a special courtroom inside the castle the Freedom Fighters all stood in front of them while they were gathering their papers. The Consul were seated in a slightly elevated desk designed to be above the people they were seeing. Elias Acorn; Sally's brother; heir to the throne; Sir Charles Hedgehog; Sonic's uncle, Dylan; porcupine and former member of the substitute Freedom Fighters. Hamlin Pig; another former member of the substitute Freedom Fighters. Penelope Platypus; another former member of the substitute Freedom Fighters and Rosemary Prower; Tails's mother.

Elias sat in the middle and after a minute or two they all focused on the Freedom Fighters. Elias smiled at them "How is everyone doing?"

Which begot a collective 'fine' or other general statement about their well-being "Good to hear because we have two pieces of business that we need to take care of today." Elias said as he pulled out some photos from a yellow folder.

He leaned forward in his seat as Sally walked forward and took them. The Freedom Fighters all gathered around to take a look at the photos. They were of Buns…photos taken from cameras around the city, and they were clear pictures of her face...

The Freedom Fighters looked up in surprise, and the Consul had serious looks on their faces. Rosemary picked out a few sheets of paper and placed the rest of her papers down. She then spoke with a neutral expression picking up a piece of paper and reading while she spoke "It seems we have an Anti roaming around the city; Bunnie's Anti no less."

She leaned forward, and Sally took the papers from her; the Freedom Fighters gathered around her again. It was a criminal profile of Buns with a black-and-white picture of her face on the front; it looked like an older picture of her. It held all the compiled data for her, of all the bad things she did, and the other papers had the compiled data of other Anti's.

"We haven't really had any Anti's since the Knothole really, other than the times you've stopped Scourge there hasn't been an Anti walking among us in a long time." Penelope said with a frown.

Hamlin looked angry "We have a prep walking around the city. A criminal walks free!"

Sir Charles adjusted his glasses "By our records we consider Bunnie's Anti a criminal. This is dangerous having an Anti walking around. And since this is the second occurrence of an Anti infiltrating our mists we are considering finally warning and educating the citizens about the existence of the Anti world and Anti's in general."

"How did you let this get pass you?" Dylan asked in a timid manner.

The Freedom Fighters all held frowns, and Sally spoke up "We didn't."

Elias looked confused "You know of this?"

"We're taking care of it." Sally briefly glanced at Sonic, and he smiled as he knew she was covering for him.

Hamlin looked a little less upset and he trailed off writing on a piece of paper "Well… if you are taking care of the matter…"

"We're very close to finding out why she's here and how she got here. We got some new information today that we are about to use." Rotor spoke up.

"So you don't have to inform the citizens about Bunnie's Anti or any Anti stuff. She'll be gone before anybody notices." Sally said still frowning.

The Consul of Acorn all looked skeptical, and they all frowned aswell "Very well…for now…" Elias spoke, and then he looked down at the papers in front of him and shifted through them speaking aloud "On to our next piece of business."

Everyone waited a few moments before Elias spoke again "We currently have a bit of an environmental situation going on. I'm sure you all know Eggman won't listen to reason."

Amy frowned crossing her arms "He wouldn't listen to his own crazy."

"Exactly our points, we have just received intel that something big is going down in the Great Desert." Hamlin said with a frown.

Instantly, everyone looked at Bunnie, and she already looked worried. Sir Charles flipped through some papers "As you are well aware Eggman is still operating oil refineries in the Great Desert, but one particular refinery we have found out about is about to go through some transitions…"

Sir Charles frowned and he made eye contact with Bunnie who was frozen in her spot. Penelope spoke next "Eggman is attempting to move his oil refinery to an undisclosed location, and it's causing tension between the Sandblasters and Beauregard Rabbot and his people."

Bunnie stepped forward pass everyone with worry on her face "Is he still a Grandmaster?"

Penelope nodded "He is still the Grandmaster of the Great Desert Chapter of the Dark Egg Legion."

Bunnie frowned deeply and spoke slowly "…Is he alrigh?"

Elias held a serious face "As far as we know he is still breathing. But the oil is such a valuable resource to the Sandblasters and Eggman obviously. It is of even more value to the Sandblasters because they are out in the middle of nowhere."

Excluding Bunnie, who was looking at the Consul of Acorn, the Freedom Fighters all looked worriedly at each other. This was escalating pretty fast; Elias continued "We received an SOS from Beauregard last night; he and his people are being moved to work at an undisclosed location. The location Eggman is moving them to will be putting his people in harsh working conditions and Beauregard is worried because it will be harmful to their health. It is needless to say that if he doesn't comply with Eggman, then he will…" Elias trailed off but continued as he placed his papers down and looked at Bunnie "Along with that, if they move the oil already there he is afraid the Sandblasters will attack."

Bunnie looked upset already knowing the answer "What does thet mean?"

Elias looked for support from the other Consul members, but they looked away from him, and he sighed looking back at Bunnie. Elias frowned as he spoke simply "It means Beauregard has no way to escape."

Bunnie looked distressed, and the Freedom Fighters came to fully understand the situation. He was legionized so Eggman had control over his life already; their were bombs planted inside anyone legionized by Eggman. If Beauregard didn't go with Eggman because of the horrible work conditions, Eggman would probably do away with him, and if he did comply, he still would likely parish because of the harsh work conditions. Along with the Sandblasters attacking him for moving the oil, there attack could possibly mean death. There was literally no way out.

And although Bunnie and her uncle didn't completely get along this was still a personal matter for her. And Bunnie spoke in an almost pleading manner "Are we going to do somethang about this?"

Dylan spoke with a frown "Normally we wouldn't interfere with Legion matters, but this one affects all of us."

"We're afraid and we are sure Beauregard is too, that there's going to be a massacre at the refinery. That and it will cause massive ecological damage. We are intervening in this matter." Rosemary smiled and briefly waved at Tails.

Tails waved back at his mom, and Elias looked at all the Freedom Fighters "We would be ready to deploy you all early next morning, are you all willing and ready to go?"

"Is everyone ready?" Sally asked the rest of the team.

"I speak for everyone when I say we are more ready than ever." Sonic said with a grin.

Everyone rolled their eyes at Sonic's remark and Tails spoke with a serious face "We're all ready."

Elias sat straight up in his seat rearranging the folders in front of him "Very well then, you will all leave at the break of dawn tomorrow morning. If you can, find some other recruits to help you out, we need as many people as we can to help extract Beauregard and prevent massive ecological damage from oil in the Great Desert."

Elias gave them all one final serious look "Our business is concluded."

The Freedom Fighters nodded as they left the court room conversing with one another as the Consul stayed in their seats. There was an air of seriousness as the Freedom Fighters left the court room. This was their first big mission in a long while and to top it off Sonic, Bunnie, and Antoine had begun to reveal the new information they had learned about Buns. They had begun making plans for their mission tomorrow and to finally deal with Buns. As soon as their mission was over, they were gonna get her under the polygraph with Nicole again. And this time the first question they were going to ask was about Sonic.

Though the Freedom Fighters were unaware as the Consul of Acorn watched them leave, they already had other plans on how to go about dealing with Buns...

Meanwhile in Moebius it was getting around evening, and it seemed that the Suppression Squad were ready to make Buns life a little harder. In their business room, Alicia, Boomer, and Patch stood behind Miles knelled over on the floor attaching electrical wires. He was making his final adjustment for the first startup of the Star Post. The two Star Post were still bare, its wires and metal insides still exposed. But now the hollowness of the metal poles were filled with circuit boards, different colored wires, capacitors, and many other electronic parts.

Miles carefully wrapped two copper wires together with black electrical tape. He had a frown on his face because he was tired. Boomer and he stayed up and worked all night and most of the day to build the Star Post into a semi functional state. They began working on it immediately after Scourge left and hadn't really stopped since. Miles stood from his spot as a bead of sweat rolled down his forehead. The cables he just attached were protruding from the posts onto the floor.

Miles glanced back at Alicia holding his hand out with a frown "The Power Ring."

Alicia smirked as she handed him one of the Power Rings from Jeffrey's supplies "Are you two grease monkeys sure this will work?"

Miles took the Power Ring from her looking un-amused turning his back to them "Boomer? How long have you been a grease monkey?"

Boomer chuckled lightly elbowing Alicia who looked irritated and frowned at him. Boomer smirked "Long time far as I know."

"You two should hope so, Buns could be getting farther away every day." Alicia said in a stern tone.

Miles ignored her though as he pressed a few buttons on the left lower side of the right post. A small flap opened revealing a small round shaped container. Miles placed the Power Ring inside and closed the flap. He pressed the buttons on the side again and suddenly power came to life on each Star Post. Miles stood and stepped back as a slow steady whirring noise was heard. Miles began to grin as the whirring noise leveled out and electricity sparked between both post. And soon a swirling mass of dark purple energy erupted between the posts. Miles turned around to his colleagues and began laughing.

Alicia, Boomer, and Patch began laughing as well; there was no need to question Miles any longer. Because of this success, it opened the door to many other criminal related opportunities. Now they could travel anywhere they wanted and any Zone they wanted without the need of a Warp Ring. Not to mention they could probably out maneuver Scourge now too. But one thing was for certain, they had one piece of business they wanted to take care of before anything. That being there loose end...Buns...

Unfortunately, they had found that Jeffrey was telling the truth regarding Buns whereabouts. He didn't know where she went, where she was planning to go, and he couldn't know where she went because she had stolen the Warp Ring. Buns could have traveled to any Zone, but that didn't really matter anymore. Now that Miles Star Post could be proven to function all they had to do was make the final touches, and they would be one step closer to retrieving their old friend and teammate Buns. Whether she wanted to or not. Since they didn't know where she was at, they would have to jump a few places and search for her, though they did know a few places that they were going to check first…

Miles stopped laughing and held his malevolent grin "And you doubted me?"

Patch smiled "…I admit; I was wrong. But it just seemed with all the building complications, and how long it was taking you to make them…" he trailed off.

"My dear friend Patch, this type of machine takes delicate time. Yes, Boomer and I have been working on these for almost a week. And yes I know there were many complications just to get it powered and running. But look…" Miles stepped aside so everyone could see the dark purple energy mass swirling between the post. Miles spoke with a dastardly smile and a sinister tone "It does work."

Boomer, Patch, and Alicia gave him the same sinister smiles "So we are leaving tomorrow morning. Boomer and I will make the final touches tonight, and we will be on our way." Miles turned back around to see his work "On our way to any place we please…" he paused placing his hands behind his back "…Oh…but we do have to make a stop and pick up Buns."

"Should I call Jeffrey?" Alicia asked him.

Miles grinned even more "Yes, excellent idea. Get him over here right now, we have work to do."

Alicia smiled as she turned and walked over to Miles desk to call Jeffrey. All the while, Patch and Boomer talked liked children who were going on a trip, a trip to cause chaos and destruction. Miles stared into the dark swirling mass of purple energy. They had been in this horrible city for a long time and the only reason he hadn't built the Star Post in the past was because they…well…sort of got comfortable. They were and still are the crime lords of the city, and their business was good. Buns seemed to be a thing of the past until a few days ago.

But now that Buns had made them heed chase he had a reason to build the Star Post. And now it seemed that with these post, the tedium of being in one place was finally about to be broken. With them having to go get Buns they also now had the opportunity to travel to many places that they might not have. Plus they would also acquire a Warp Ring, one that Jeffrey and Buns had hid from them. Oh they were about to go to many, many places all thanks to Buns…

Back in New Mobotropolis it was getting around evening and after their meeting with the Consul of Acorn, the Freedom Fighters had two lengthy discussions amongst themselves. First, they had to prepare for their mission tomorrow morning; they would be gone all day. Sally did not have to look hard for some extra help on the mission because Monkey Khan was quick to accept the offer. They also discussed some strategies to get Beauregard and his people extracted, and stop the Sandblasters from attacking the oil and preventing massive ecological damage. Which unfortunately involved protecting Eggman's oil temporarily.

The next subject of discussion was obviously of Buns for two reasons no less. With the Consul of Acorn being aware of her presence, Sally pressured Sonic to hurry and get more information from Buns before the Consul took unwarranted action, because they might. But that was stopped as Sonic, Bunnie, and Antoine recalled their conversation this morning, and they told the team of the information they had unearthed. They talked about Sonic's interactions with her, to Bunnie's interactions with her, to Buns behavior around the two. With a little brainstorming from them all they quickly concluded and agreed about Buns's supposed plans. They all couldn't believe they hadn't seen it sooner; Buns clearly had plans that involved Sonic directly. And they hadn't asked her those questions when they interrogated her. That might have been why she was able to pass the polygraph. So without any disagreement they all concluded the obvious, they needed to get Buns under the polygraph again and ask her questions about her plans for Sonic. It was sure to expose her since they were not able to get any other information out of her. However, they couldn't do it today or tomorrow.

So as soon as their mission was finished tomorrow, Sonic, since this was his mission and because Buns was his problem, was handed the duty to deliver the news to Buns that she needed to go under the polygraph again. And though everyone was happy about figuring Buns out Sonic felt a bit perturbed that he had to deliver such news. It wasn't good news and he hated hurting people, even if they had done questionable things. He had to meet up with Buns this evening too. However, for now, all those thoughts were pushed to the back of his mind as they were getting ready to expose Tails and the mystery woman once and for all.

Once again, they had all gathered at Amy's house, though their operation had grown bigger today. Sonic, Amy, and Rotor were joined by Bunnie and Antoine. Sally and Monkey Kahn were still on their way. Sonic and Amy called it their operation as it started off with only the two of them. Now they were getting the whole gang involved to interfere with Tails's privacy. After their meeting with the Consul Sonic, Amy, and Rotor had explained to them what they were up to, and everyone wanted to get involved. Once they told them they had been outsmarted by Tails everyone's curiosity had been peeked, and they wanted to know who the woman was now too since they had come up empty handed twice.

Rotor, wearing a new pair of black sunglasses, was busy waving a metal stick at a large sheet of paper on a drawing board detailing Tails's movement. Sonic and Amy sat on the floor near him wearing new pairs of black sunglasses; they smiled and ate out of a bowl full of popcorn while they listened.

Bunnie and Antoine sat on Amy's couch with smiles wearing a new pair of black sunglasses; they ate caramel apples while they listened. Everyone was wearing black sunglasses. Sonic, Amy, and Rotor stopped by the same sunglasses vendor from the previous day/

It wasn't long before Sally and Kahn showed up, and they knocked on the door and Amy responded in a happy voice "Come in!"

Sally and Khan stepped into Amy's house with smiles, but confusion filled their faces as everyone turned to look at them with their black sunglasses. Sally looked confusedly at them all "What is going on here?"

Sonic grinned "Don't worry about it, here." Sonic said grabbing up two pairs of black sunglasses sitting next to him and tossed them at Sally and Khan. They caught the glasses but still looked bewildered. Sonic punched a fist into his hand "Now close the door, Tails is going down today."

"This is so invigorating!" Antoine spoke happily.

Bunnie giggled and sent Rotor, Amy, and Sonic into a fit of laughter as Sally and Kahn placed their black sun glasses on and closed the door behind themselves. It didn't take long for Rotor to get Sally and Kahn up to speed before they got giddy about the idea of the mystery woman who Tails was hiding. By the time they had gone completely over the plan Sally and Khan were sucked into the mystery. They had been trailing Tails the last few days and his movement from his workshop to his parents' house didn't match up. Every day, he would go on a detour from whatever he was doing, and he'd disappear and turn back up with the woman. They could never get a good glimpse of her though; they were never out in the open long. And though any other time they would have detested the idea of invading someone's privacy, they could not escape Amy's and Sonic's twisted world. Sally, Antoine, Khan and Bunnie wanted to know who the mystery woman was too now. And with all the manpower they had right now Tails wouldn't be able to stop them all.

So about twenty minutes later the group had their orders, and they split up into teams with Rotor keeping everything organized from a distance. They were all equipped with walkie-talkies and spread out in certain areas that Rotor guessed he'd be heading around this time. Sonic and Amy were stationed near Tails's workshop, keeping a distance so Tails would not notice them. Sonic and Amy blended in with the crowd in the street's pacing back and forth down the sidewalks.

Sonic passed by Amy for the fourth time and then spoke into his walkie talkie "Hey Rotor? Come in."

Moments later he responded "Did he come out yet?" it clicked off.

Sonic frowned adjusting his glasses "No, not yet, which street did you say he would go down?"

Rotor responded immediately "South street; Tails usually goes home around this time." it clicked off.

Sonic turned back around to pace back again as he'd walked to far away from Tail's workshop "Roger that, we'll tell you when he moves."

"Alright Sonic, over and out." Rotor spoke as the walkie talkie clicked off again.

Sonic returned his attention to looking for Tails and Amy, and they kept their eyes on Tails workshop as they paced back and forth between the crowds. It took a little while longer as Sonic and Amy became bored when Tails finally came out of his workshop and headed down the air strip.

Amy and Sonic immediately made eye contact and began walking in his general direction through the crowds of people. Sonic grinned as he lifted up his walkie talkie "Rotor, the package is on the move."

There was a little delay before Rotor responded "Great! Is he headed down South street?"

Amy had caught up with Sonic as they walked pass a few buildings and kept pace with Tails as he walked off the air strip and onto the sidewalk. Sonic and Amy looked up at the street signs; he was indeed heading down South street. Sonic lifted the walkie-talkie to respond to Rotor when Amy snatched it out of his hand "He's headed down South street Rotor."

Sonic looked annoyed at Amy, and she stuck out her tongue at him as they stopped walking at the corner of a street. Tails was still heading down South street "Good, now just tail him and make sure he goes down the street and makes a right onto Encore street, then we can get Sally and Kahn on him. He'll be walking right towards them." the walkie talkie clicked off.

"Roger that." Amy said as they watched Tails from the corner they were standing at.

Sonic and Amy smiled at each other as it seemed Tails was doing just what Rotor had said but suddenly, instead of making a right onto Encore he kept walking then made a left onto a side street.

Sonic and Amy looked panicked as they ran after Tails; Amy held up the walkie talkie "Rotor. We got a problem. Tails went pass Encore street. He went down a side street."

Rotor was sitting at the outside tables at a restaurant looking over the maps he'd drawn up. When he heard the news that Tails deviated from his regular route, Rotor quickly scanned his claw over the map and picked up his walkie talkie "Okay guys, don't take chase. He went completely pass Sally and Khan, but he is a little closer to Bunnie and Antoine. You two head towards Town Square and I'll get back with you."

"Were on it." Amy spoke as the walkie talkie clicked off.

Rotor grabbed his pencil off the table and began redrawing were Tails might go next based off what they learned the last few days. He had a sinking suspicion that Tails might have already been on to them though.

Bunnie and Antoine were near a hotel when they got the walkie talkie call from Rotor "Guys?" it clicked off.

Antoine responded sounding worried "Is there a problem?"

Rotor spoke with a serious expression "Actually yes, the plan has changed. Tails is starting to move erratically and completely bypassed Sally and Khan. He's in your general area so you have to find him quick." it clicked off.

Bunnie and Antoine immediately began looking around and walking down the street they were on. Antoine spoke in a serious tone "We'll find him."

This whole block was busy with people, visitors coming from out of town or from all over Mobius. As Bunnie and Antoine walked down the crowded sidewalk, Bunnie felt a nagging feeling and instinctively looked across the street by the hotel and spotted Tails. He hadn't noticed them with all the people around. Antoine and Bunnie immediately tried to cross the street but it was so busy they couldn't get across.

So they began tailing him down the sidewalk they were on. Antoine spoke as they struggled to keep pace with Tails "We've got him Rotor, he's walking pass the hotel."

"Great, now just keep an eye on him. I need to coordinate Sonic and Amy into their next position." the walkie talkie clicked off.

But before Antoine could respond Bunnie and Antoine watched as Tails walked into the alleyway of the hotel. Antoine held up the walkie talkie as Bunnie, and he attempted to cross the street "Rotor! He's went into an alley!"

Antoine and Bunnie were swamped by the crowded area and could not track Tails any further. By the time they did cross the street Tails was not in the alley way.

Back at the restaurant Rotor had just had his food served as he waited impatiently for his walkie talkie to go off. He was chewing on his salad when Bunnie responded "We lost him, yiah don't think he's on to us do yiah?" it clicked off.

Rotor frowned as he responded "I'm sure he has been for a while now…hold on a sec…" Rotor paused looking over his map and redrawing it again "Ok…you guys head over here near me. I'm going to get Sally and Kahn on him."

"We'll be right thare." Bunnie responded and it clicked off.

Sally and Khan were in the park, a much more open area and a place where they could easily get spotted by Tails. So to blend in they jogged a long distance away from the sidewalk. There weren't that many people in the park so it only made it harder for them to blend in. They'd been running in circles until their walkie talkie went off. Sally and Khan stopped jogging so they could hear Rotor "Hey guys! Tails is headed your way. I need you to keep an eye on him so I can move Sonic and Amy." it clicked off.

Sally held the walkie talkie up "We've got it."

Sally looked at Khan, and he nodded as they began jogging again looking out for Tails. They'd made their way back and forth down the long winding paths of the park trails when they spotted Tails hopping the fence of a residential home.

Khan spoke to Sally with a frown "He's trying real hard to hide this."

Sally nodded as they watched him walk down the sidewalk by the park "No kidding, I've never seen him this way."

Soon they were keeping a safe distance from Tails as they trailed him. Tails seemed none the wiser for a little while too because he was walking at a fast pace; he seemed to be in a hurry. As Tails neared the end of the sidewalk that was by the park he stopped. Sally and Khan froze as they stopped jogging just pass a park bench and some bushes. Tails suddenly turned around feeling as if someone was watching him. But he saw nothing, just a family sitting in the grass having a picnic. Tails slowly turned around, and Sally and Khan peaked their heads out of the bush they hid in.

Sally held up her walkie talkie "Rotor? Tails is going out of our reach…I think he's going in the direction of the Town Square."

Sally and Khan looked at one another as they waited for Rotors response "….Town Square…that's where I am!"

Sally and Khan looked worried as Sally responded "Course of action Rotor?"

There was a small delay "…You two get over here…we might be able to converge on him…" it clicked off.

Sally and Khan immediately jumped out of the bush they were hiding in and ran off in Tails's direction. If they were all in one place, at least one of them would get a glimpse of the mystery lady.

Meanwhile back at the restaurant in the Towns Square Rotor had called Bunnie and Antoine to get over here while Sonic and Amy were sticking to the northern outer area of the Town Square. Rotor had his seat moved inside the busy restaurant so Tails wouldn't spot him, and he was quickly eating his salad. He wasn't able to move Sonic and Amy to another position because every time he tried Tails was moving in another direction. The problem now was the Town Square itself. It was big, and today like most days it was crowded and packed to the brim with people. Rotor could see just by looking out the window that they could easily lose Tails in the crowd.

Then his walkie talkie went off "We're here Rotor, what next?" Sally spoke as it clicked off.

Rotor swallowed his food "You two stick to that outer area you're in. Tails is already here, look for him."

"Roger." Sally said as it clicked off.

Rotor nervously finished the rest of his food when his walkie talkie went off again "We're adjacent to you Rotor, where is everybody else?" Antoine responded as it clicked off.

Rotor picked up his walkie talkie "Good. Stay were you are. Sally and Khan are just across the way from you, and Sonic and Amy are to your left. Look for Tails, he's already here."

"Alright." Antoine stated as it clicked off.

Rotor sighed as he scanned the outside from the restaurant's window, hoping that at least one of them would catch Tails with the mystery woman. Rotor figured if he knew Tails, he knew that Tails knew they were following him.

So for the next few minutes or so Sonic, Amy, Antoine, Bunnie, Khan, and Sally, in their black sun glasses did their best to blend in while they observed people leaving the Town Square. There were only three ways in and out of the Town Square, and they had them covered. But as it seemed to be getting bleak as they had no visual on Tails, Sonic caught sight of him. Sonic quickly followed him while trying to keep a distance and spoke into his walkie talkie "Rotor! I see him! But Amy's not with me, shes checking the other northern part. I'm near a hair salon on the north corner."

Rotor responded immediately "Great Sonic! But be careful, with such a high volume of people here this could be the place where we lose him. I'll get the guys to converge on your position." it clicked off.

Sonic pushed his black sunglasses up on his face; he got serious and followed Tails at a safe distance. Sonic was a few people's distance behind Tails as the group of people around him, including Tails were getting ready to cross a street. When the light turned green, everybody scurried across the street. But as Sonic tailed Tails across the street two male dogs carrying a large wooden plank obscured Sonic's view.

Sonic panicked as he quickly moved around the two males but when Sonic got across the street Tails was gone. Sonic stood on the corner of the street by the hair salon looking in every direction but Tails was nowhere in sight. Sonic moved pass the hair salon hoping to see Tails; he was walking in this direction. But alas he was gone. Sonic sighed as he lifted up his walkie-talkie to tell Rotor he had lost him when a lady bumped into him.

"Oi, I'm sorry, excuse me." the woman said.

But as Sonic turned around the woman spoke his name "Sonic? Is that you?"

Sonic turned fully around and lifted his black sunglasses and blinked his eyes in surprise. He was speechless "Barby?"

Barby placed her hands on her hips; she held a pleased face "How are you? Tails said you wouldn't be back from your mission for a few days."

Sonic looked confusedly at her "I went somewhere?"

Now Barby looked confused "You weren't on a mission?"

Before they could continue talking, Tails walked out of the hair salon and when he saw Barby and Sonic talking his face sunk. Tails jaw dropped, and he was speechless. Sonic donned a mischievous grin "Hold that thought Barby." Sonic held up his walkie talkie with a silly grin "Rotor? The package is secure, I repeat the package is secure."

Barby looked confused and Tails slapped his hand onto his face. But it didn't stop there as Amy, Khan, Sally, Bunnie, and Antoine came through the crowd and were all shocked when they saw Barby. They all lifted their black sun glasses, and Barby smiled again "Princess Sally? What are you all doing here?"

The whole group looked at Tails with big grins, and Tails looked grumpy now. He knew he had a lot of explaining to do, but more so now he knew that he was about to have to endure the guys teasing…

The whole group had stepped off to the side of the hair salon on the corner of the street, mostly away from the crowd so they could talk. They had talked for a while, and the sun was beginning to set, but their conversation was still going strong. With the main question being why was Tails hiding Barby?

"I had some vacation time, and I couldn't decide where to go. Tails was helping us over the video phone with some tech-related stuff, and he offered to show me around Northhammer." Barby explained to everyone with a smile.

Tails was fuming by this point though, everyone was giggling and teasing, but it seemed Amy and Sonic had his attention the most by this point "I bet he did." Sonic said in a suave tone, chuckling and sending everyone into another fit of laughter.

Barby was aware of what they were laughing about, but she knew they meant no harm. Tails was grinding his teeth now. Sally questioned Barby curiously "What have you two been up to?"

Barby smiled as she recounted what they'd been up to the last few days. She counted on her fingers "Oi let me remember…dinner, restaurants, and movies." she glanced at Tails with a smile. Everyone laughed again but Tails instantly looked embarrassed and darted his eyes in another direction.

Barby turned back to the group "On the real, Tails and I have also gone out on the Tornado a lot. We've visited the Great Canyon and some really nice beaches." Barby said happily with a pleased face "But I really just like being in the skies, flying is more fun than I thought."

Barby then softly patted her hair "I just got my hair done too, Tails has been treating me my whole vacation."

Amy snickered "Tails neglected to mention any of that."

The whole group began snickering again, and Tails looked upset again. Sally then looked at Tails who hadn't spoken one word yet "Why have you been hiding that Barby was here?"

Everyone looked at him, and Barby asked him "Why'd you tell me they were on a mission Tails?"

Tails frowned and though everyone was looking at him, he couldn't tear his attention away from the two people in the back of the group who were still snickering. With an upset face Tails pointed at the back of the group "Because of that!" Tails pointed accusingly at Amy and Sonic who were still laughing.

The whole group looked at them, but they kept giggling and everyone sighed; together those two could be really immature sometimes. Sonic snickered while he spoke "Sorry Tails…"

Tails couldn't take it anymore, and he suddenly lunged at Sonic. Everyone got out of Sonic and his way as Tails chased him around the group in an upset tone "Stop laughing!"

But Sonic couldn't stop, he laughed while Tails chased him in a circle around the group "I'm sorry tails…" his tone amused "This was Amy's idea! Knock it off!"

Then everyone began to laugh and totally dismissed why Tails had hid Barby from everyone. As they could see it was clear as day why he did and everyone was to blame. They couldn't blame Tails for wanting to hide it either for the way they were acting right now and teasing him. They totally forgave him because he knew, and they knew they were going to be teasing him about this for a long time to come.

While Tails chased Sonic around Sally smiled and spoke to Barby "Since you're here Barby would you mind if we could talk a bit, we actually have a problem, and we could use any help we can get."

Barby nodded and she giggled as Tails angrily chased Sonic around "Of course, I don't mind one bit. You might need some help for Sonic though."

Sally looked at Khan "Would you mind?"

Khan shook his head with a smile "Are you kidding? No way I'm getting involved in that."

And as everything resolved the group joked and laughed with each other on the corner of the Town Square. Other than Tails and Sonic of course. As the setting sun made red hues across the sky, making a beautiful setting to the ending of the evening, one individual watching the group not far away felt powerless.

Just halfway down the street from the Town Square Buns watched on in silence across the street. Wearing her usual attire again, she'd gotten off work not long ago and was carrying a small four pack of sweet-tasting non-alcoholic beverages. She wanted to surprise Sonic. She was really looking forward to talking with him since he accepted to hang with her again. She was looking forward to just talking…she never had many to do it with…

She didn't so much in the past cause she was kind of a creep...but on rare occasions she did...and as she grew older and...lonelier...she wished she had did it more...Sonic was the first in a long-time…

She was actually a bit giddy about just talking with him because she and her thoughts had changed over the years, and she enjoyed these new experiences of having company again. She never knew how good it felt to just get thangs off your mind until everyone in her life was gone...

She hoped it would lead to more of the same, for her sakes and her plans, but she stood still, frozen in time as people walked pass her...

Her face was blank as she watched Sonic and his friends across the street on the corner. They didn't see her, and Buns was glad they didn't. After she got off work and bought their drinks, she got impulsive and decided to go find him first. She thought she had been lucky when she saw him and the pink hedgehog running through the city. She'd followed them and was waiting for the other hedgehog to split before she approached him. Well, she thought that's what might have happened. But now he was with his whole group of friends.

Buns held her blank expression feeling trepidation…she was afraid to approach him with one of his friends around...she wasn't going to do it with all of them…

She couldn't do it…

She didn't want to bother him while he was with his friends, she could imagine that nightmare in her head. How horribly that encounter would go if she were to try to insert herself with his friends. It more so cemented the fact that she didn't know Sonic that well yet, and he had people he'd known a lot longer than her. People that were closer to him, and she wasn't even an acquaintance yet. She was out of place…she didn't belong here…

She couldn't fit in with them and as much as Buns hated to admit it, in some ways it hurt that she was left out of something yet again. Though being left out had been something that always happened throughout her life. She never got used to the feeling though…

Buns's face then became saddened, and all her facial features downturned as she looked down at the four pack of beverages she was carrying, and back at Sonic and his friends. Buns then frowned as she slowly turned and walked in the opposite direction with a heavy footed walk. She felt chills of embarrassment wash over her, and an overwhelming sense of rejection welled up inside as she walked away. She felt downtrodden seeing Sonic with his friends because she was left out in her life yet again, and just left out…

Well it looks as if one mystery was solved but I wonder did you guys reading catch whats about to happen next? The three things that are about escalate for Buns in all the wrong ways :)

Things are heating up again, hope you guys enjoyed. On a side note, this story is about to be ending. I'll say maybe 2-3 chapters. But that's whats interesting about it; I've never had a story structure like this. It should prove to be interesting these last few chapters. P.S. Sonic and Amy should have had troll faces in that one scene lol.