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The next day in Moebious Buns Rabbot, in her Omega Unit, stood at the big glass windows of her bedroom watching the sunrise in nervous anticipation of the coming days. Inside her suit she had a curious face, not angry this morning. For the first time since she could remember, she woke up this morning…dare she think it…happy…

Though she was still sick and felt sick as usual; she felt a little woozy right now. But that was normal to her to wake up that way sometimes. She hadn't slept well last night due to a combination of her sickness and un-comfortableness in her suit since she couldn't sleep outside of it. That and her hatred for Sonic was a bit mixed up at the moment; she still rejected the fact that Sonic was responsible for helping her. She rejected the very idea. She hadn't thought too much about the subject yet, but for the most part she was choosing to ignore what he had done. By denying that he helped her, she took what she needed without thanks; hoping that in a way she stabbed him in the back.

She had already got out of her suit to do what she needed to in the morning. Minutes ago she reentered her tomb. She was getting ready to go downstairs and see what the Doc had in store for her. Though her reason for staring out the window this morning which was something she never did, was to admire the scenery; now that she might not be stuck in this suit anymore. Now that finally a real change had occurred in her life. It was more of a commemoration of the moment, since her life had abruptly come to a stop years ago…

She remembered the day she climbed out of the lake of sludge and how quickly she fell ill. When Scourge and the others found Alicia and her. It became increasingly apparent how sick she was…when she could barely walk after a few days…

She remembered how they laughed as she crawled on the ground as they left. Her mind was a daze when her sickness had taken over her. She didn't remember exactly how she got to the Grand Forest, but she did know she crawled. She figured the Grand Forest would be safe enough for someone not to pillage her body after she died. She was so sure she was going to but Kintobor saved her. Buns sighed inside her suit…life was long…

She hadn't come up with any exact plans yet for when she was able to get out of this Omega Unit. She was too excited to make any specific plans yet. She decided that she would once she was sure she was cured. Until then she was daydreaming. Buns took in a deep breath thinking of the long road still in front of her. But this time she didn't feel a sense of dread. She felt change and change was scary but at the same time it was better than her current circumstances, and she'd rather move forward. She tore her eyes away from the rising sun, controlling her suit to do so, and left her room; descending downstairs to the first floor. She could smell the scent of food; breakfast food. Coming off the stairs and stepping onto the first floor, she saw Kintobor at the other end of the room.

As she approached he spoke with his back turned "Good morning Buns! Did you get a good night's sleep?"

"Not really." which was her usual response.

"Your food is ready." he pointed to his left on the counter next to him; a plate of steaming food and a cup full of juice "That is alright Buns for soon you will rest easy." he said as he prepared his own food.

Buns grabbed the food and the drink "How long is it gonna take?" excitement slipped through her voice; she hadn't meant for it to, but it did; even she admitted it was uncharacteristic of her.

Kintobor chuckled glancing behind himself to give her a big smile "I am still reading through the documents our Prime counterparts have given us. Once I have finished I will fill you in on the details. I will begin after I've finished my breakfast, if you don't see me you know where I'm at!"

Buns remained neutral to his enthusiasm, she'd believe there was a cure once she saw it "Alrigh…thanks for tha food…" she thanked him for every meal since shed been here.

He turned back around "No need for thanks Buns, enjoy your breakfast with thoughts that you will be better soon."

Buns then turned around and made her way out the front door of the first floor. She ate her breakfast outside so she could be alone. There were a few picnic benches just out front of Dr. Kintobors Clinic. She moved the Omega Unit and made it sit on the outside of the bench. She lifted her suits arms up to the head of her suit and locked its limbs. She popped the head open, feeling sick to her stomach. Queasiness as if she wanted to throw up, but she was to hungry to care.

Mumbling in displeasure, she stood on the seat inside her suit and ate standing. She looked around outside her suit and the sun briefly hurt her eyes as she adjusted to the natural light. She wondered how she was going to fight all this new excitement every day when she was so bored. There was nothing for her to do other than occasional repairs around the Grand Forest. Or helping stragglers who entered the forest. It was quiet today like it was every day and she hated the boredom more than anything. Life inside this suit was slow. Her frown returned to her face while she chewed on her food...life was long sometimes…

Sometime later Buns finished her food and re-entered the clinic to put her dishes up. Only to find Kintobor gone, excitement built up as she thought of what he was doing. A cure, finally! Her thoughts made a smirk curve onto her face, and after she washed her dishes she went right back outside. Unable to think of anything else to do, especially because she felt horrible as usual, she resigned to going for a walk. It seemed to be the only pass time she had. So she meandered back into the forest going nowhere in particular for some time, alone with thoughts of displeasure of Sonic helping her. She had thoughts of restarting her life. Almost over an hour when she decided to head back to the clinic; mostly to see how far the Doc had progressed.

She walked at a normal pace, getting ready to try and slip pass a few trees that were close together. But she didn't attempt when she saw she would not fit. She groaned inside her suit and walked around the large lump of big trees, passing a small pond as she walked around. Quickly she noticed something moving on the other side of the pond. She lost sight of the object as her suit fully turned in the direction of what she had saw. There were a few bushes that blocked her view.

She stayed still to listen, typing into her keyboard to turn up the volume of the Omega Unit. With the volume blaring at its loudest she could hear everything in her suit in a fifty meter radius. She heard the gush of air, the swash of the water in the pond, and the wind blowing in the trees. She continued staring at the spot she heard the sound from in her screen in front of her. It was quiet but the sound of the leafs crinkling was heard loud and clear by Buns; she also saw some movement now. She growled, turning down the volume, and ran from her spot. The loud clunking of her suit made whoever was hiding panic as they got up and ran revealing themselves. A male raccoon, wearing tattered clothing didn't get far as Buns made her way around the pond.

The raccoon limped as he tried to escape but Buns quickly grabbed him by one of his arms. Yanking him back and holding him up in the air growling at him "Who are yiah?"

The raccoon quivered in her grip "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I...was just looking for the clinic…I need help!"

Buns glared inside her suit and dangled him around in front of her monitor. He had cuts and bruises, but he sounded like he was exaggerating and she lowered him again.

"You anit looken thet bad to me." Buns said in a threatening tone.

Buns lowered him to the ground, and he still quivered in her presence. Buns then realized that if the Doc had patients it would slow him down for her treatment regimen. It was inevitable that more would come looking for the Doc's help, and that would only make it take longer. Longer that she would still be trapped in this suit; she wanted out. Buns frowned deeply at the raccoon inside her suit suddenly speaking angrily again "Why'd yiah have tah come today!"

The raccoon was afraid, but he still blurted out "There are others!"

Buns then donned a curious face as the raccoon had explained what happened. First the raccoon led her to a large tree not far from the pond where there were two more injured people. Two females, a monkey and a bat both wearing blue jeans and other leather accessories including bandannas and fingerless leather gloves. Buns figured they were part of some kind of gang and one of the girls sleeveless leather jacket caught her eye. The jackets arms looked as if they had been ripped off, leaving the stitching's poking out from the sides; she liked that jacket.

They were passed out and were even more battered up than the raccoon. Buns picked both of the females up and they made their way to the clinic in the middle of the Grand Forest. With it being quiet the whole way; it intimidated the raccoon the whole way. The Doc knew this one thing well about her; she wasn't very talkative when she didn't want to be.

When they reached the clinic Buns had the raccoon open the door for her, and she walked through. Placing the two unconscious girls on two separate medical tables on the other half of the area.

"Sit down." Buns ordered the male raccoon.

He nodded quietly and hobbled to an empty medical table as she walked to the opposite side of the room. She groaned; she hated to do this but she was going to have to interrupt the Doc. She balled the metal fist of the Omega Unit and lightly slammed it against a button on the wall. It made a loud buzzing noise that echoed through the first floor. She sighed when in moments he came down the stairs and observed his newest patients.

"New visitors I see, welcome!" he smiled brightly walking over to the raccoon and heartily shaking his hand.

The raccoon brightened at his enthusiasm and smiled as well "Thanks doctor; I heard that in the Grand Forest you help those in need. So I came here looking for you and…"

Buns frowned inside her suit as she began tuning out the oncoming conversation. The Doc always talked to his patients before he began working with them. Buns moved the Omega Unit to an empty chair and sat down. She was feeling bad, no fever today but that cure couldn't come sooner. She couldn't explain in words what it felt to feel sick all the time. It was a living nightmare was the best way to explain it and with a cure being so close things like this were going to be sure to irritate her. But she resigned to waiting and watching as the Doc began to fix up the new patients.

He hooked the females up to an IV and while he was treating the raccoons leg they woke up. He engaged them in a conversation as he helped them. Buns didn't pay much attention but could tell by the gruffness in their voice that they weren't normal. As in, they hung out with a tough crowd. As if the black clothing didn't give it away. As they explained their situation to the Doc; which mostly was about how they got caught in a brawl. She recalled the raccoon's story; apparently the raccoon did not know the girls. He had run into them on his way here; they were in pretty bad shape, and he helped them into the forest early this morning.

He had got into some trouble with some local gangsters, and you know the rest of the story. Inside her suit Buns placed her head on her hand in boredom; she hoped that no one else came in today. So after about an hour of work Kintobor left the stabilized patients with Buns. Telling them all that he had some very important work to do. Buns smiled inside her suit knowing that he was getting back to work on you know what. She was to escort them out of the forest now that they were doing better. They could stay as long as they like but most left when they were better; as this trio was. The raccoon was already up and walking; the female monkey sat on the edge of her table, but the female bat laid back in hers. She wanted to rest a bit more before they left.

The monkey pulled off her sleeveless leather jacket and held it under her arm "We're going back to finish some unfinished business."

"You mean you're actually going back to Mobotropolis." the raccoon said stunned.

"Of course, I'm not letting a little scuffle scare me." the monkey said.

"Were done with our little group." she said taking off her fingerless leather gloves "The Mist won't catch us off guard like that again; they just got lucky." the bat said looking to the raccoon "Were you headed?" she asked.

"I'm heading east, after the trouble I got in I'm going anywhere were Scourge isn't." the raccoon responded.

Buns perked her ears up inside her suit; she finally stood and listened to their conversation "Scourge is back in town?" the monkey asked.

The raccoon nodded and Buns cut in "The Suppression Squad?"

The raccoon nodded again "Yep all of them; as a matter of fact, I saw them when I got in trouble yesterday. You know about them?" he asked Buns.

"I've heard a few thangs about em." Buns lied.

The bat and the monkey further questioned the raccoon about her former team while inside her suit she had formed a sneer on her face. This was a personal matter that even the Doc didn't know about. Ever since she fell ill she received letters from Miles about rejoining them. All throughout the years she would find conveniently placed letters around the Grand Forest. She guessed they got the message that she wasn't going to join them again when she didn't reply; also by ripping the letters she received to shreds.

Though she still found letters every now and then it worried her a bit, knowing that someone came to the Grand Forest to place them. Knowing that after all these years they were still watching her. As far as she was concerned she was still forgotten by them; the only reason they still watched her is because they wanted something from her. She took in a deep breath to forget the bad past and refocus to hear the patients conversation end.

The bat hopped off the medical table "I'm ready." she said walking towards the main entrance.

Buns, the monkey, and the raccoon followed. Before heading back outside the bat and monkey discarded some of their clothing into a trashcan by the doors. Inside her suit Buns interest was sparked again by the sleeveless jacket. Her eyes focused on their clothing as it was tossed into a small trash can.

"Just a sec guys, I'm gonna let tha Doc know where I'm going." Buns spoke to the trio.

"Alright." the bat girl said as the three went outside.

Buns looked around to make sure no one was looking and she quickly snatched up the small trash can. She walked over to a nearby door and opened it placing the trash can in the dark room and quickly shutting the door. She had a look of suspicion inside her suit as she looked around the empty first floor. And then she quietly made her way outside and escorted the three patients out of the Grand Forest.

Buns returned to the clinic sometime later after escorting the three guests out of the Grand Forest. The trio needed to go in opposite directions so it took a little longer than expected. They thanked her and the Doctor for their help and went on their ways. It was getting dark by the time she returned; the lights inside were on. To her dismay she found that Kintobor had still not finished reading the treatment regimen. She let it pass that night because he had only just received it. She didn't let her impatience get to her the first few days. However, as the days went by, one week went by, then two weeks. By the fourth week she was starting to get pessimistic again. The Doc had moved from reading and actually working on it. But he still read from time to time. Along with getting a steady stream of visitors Buns optimism was completely gone until one night...

On the first floor Kintobor sat at a computer console, the lights above him were on and the lights on the other half of the room were off. He had spent most of the day working on it. They had got one visitor this day, and Buns came down from the stairs. She didn't pester him too much, not wanting to actually get on his bad side; she didn't think he had one because he never got angry.

Also she had been having another internal battle today about Sonic again. She tried to avoid thinking about it and hoped to completely once she was cured, though in her denial she still thought of him. As of right now she was so focused on getting better no other subject really mattered to her. She was tired today and was ready to go to sleep. But before she could have a little peace she had to know the progress of the cure; even if it wasn't going like she wanted.

"How's it goin?" she asked the Doc as she approached him from behind.

He yawned as he spoke "It is ok for now…Buns?" he paused keeping his back turned "Could I have a word with you?"

Inside her suit she raised an eyebrow in confusion "What is it?"

Kintobor sighed "I must talk with you about this treatment."

Buns felt fear in the way he spoke and she had a bit of disappointment in her tone "Somthang went wrong…"

"What? Oh no, I am ready to administer the treatment. Please forgive me but my sigh was a sigh of exhaustion. I'm sorry for giving you the wrong impression." Kintobor chuckled.

Buns felt a wave of relief wash over her; also slight annoyance. She hadn't meant to again, but the excitement was clear in her voice when she spoke "It's ready!" she coughed "…I mean when are yiah gonna get this don?"

"We can start tomorrow." he paused and inside her suit Buns had donned a smile.

Kintobor yawned again "Hmmm hmm…excuse me. Yes, tomorrow. I am having something delivered that will help in the process of healing. You see out of the patients our prime counterparts have successfully treated. There were still a few cases were there were complications." Kintobor said typing into his computer.

"It's not full proof?" Buns asked him with a frown now.

"Not exactly." Kintobor said glancing back at her then back at the computer screen."I downloaded a log report from your suit today. As you know the environment inside your suit is whats keeping you alive. Neuro Immune Dysfunction Syndrome is an illness but I still must classify it as a disease."

"It is not one but a group of diseases and with this treatment regimen I am finally able to diagnose which one you specifically have. From the log of the environment in your suit I can start working on this immediately. One complication I fear has not happened to you." Kintobor spoke in a neutral tone.

Buns was riding a roller coaster "An thet would be?"

"Their might be damage to your nervous system." Kintobor said with a neutral face.

"…." Buns was quiet and Kintobor continued "It could cause other debilitating issues. Hopefully my procedure will stop any of that if it is going on." Kintobor said in a neutral tone.

Buns had a mix of hope and dread in her voice and a frown on her face inside her suit "Well at least I won't be stuck no more..."

"You see, that's the right attitude! I will only be up for a little while longer analyzing this data. Please go rest because tomorrow we will be busy!" Kintobor said yawning again.

She was tired too "Aight…night Doc…"

"Goodnight Buns." Kintobor said engrossed in his work.

Buns grabbed the levers of her suit and moved it back towards the stairs. Nervous anticipation filled her mind, and she had forgotten how good it felt to wait for something good. The last time she remembered feeling like this was when…

Buns went through the past in her mind as she ascended the stairs. When she reached her bedroom and closed the door behind herself. She couldn't remember any time in her past, with her team or anything else, that she felt excitement in anticipation of something good coming; until she thought of Sonic...

She ground her teeth and marched her way over to her bed. She moved the Omega Unit and placed its back against the wall. The suit sloped vertically; it made it more comfortable to sleep inside.

She then popped the head off and reached over the side of the suit. Grabbing a pillow off of her bed and getting back inside; closing the lid of the head. She typed a few commands into her keyboard, and it contracted and the monitor shut off. It was now in sleep mode; her suit used less power, enough power to keep the special environment running. She aggressively fluffed her pillow and placed her head onto it shutting her eyes. As she drifted off to sleep she tried to hate Sonic. But the more she tried to the less she did; it was actually having the opposite effect with her cure nearing. She mumbled in frustration…she hated that hedgehog…

Looks like Buns is going through the same grind of boredom like Sonic while she waits for her cure. I'm sure it doesn't help that because of her boredom she has nothing to but sit around and think of the person she hated helping her.