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Morning hadn't arrived a minute to soon for Buns; she had another mediocre night's sleep and was up and about at the break of dawn. Already down on the first floor eagerly awaiting Doctor Kintobor; the lights were off but the dawns light made it possible to see. As usual she felt sickly. Inside her suit her face was blank; the humming of the refrigerated cabinets on this floor echoed through the quiet area. Her suit stood stationary near the computers, and she waited impatiently for the Doc to wake up.

She had over prepared. Getting out of her suit longer than she usually did this morning to clean herself thoroughly for the procedure that she was about to go through. Her stomach grumbled, and she shifted in the seat of her suit. Her morning hunger could not shift her focus. After all this time she never thought she would be cured; she thought there was no cure. She thought she would be living in this Omega Unit for the rest of her life. But since it was real now her sentiments were different. She'd waited for years. Years of her life…

Time that was gone forever. She was tired of feeling tired all the time; the sickness she experienced never let up. She had woke up with sniffles, and her body temperature out of whack this morning; she was burning up right now. Inside her suit she pressed a hand onto the bags under her eyes; she sighed. She was tired of repeating herself, sick of her own inner dialogue. She couldn't move though; she'd been stuck in this situation longer than she could remember. With this cure though she could move on to new things. Things could finally change in her life.

Though Dr. Kintobor didn't come down for quite some time, and she'd dozed off for a while before being startled awake by the sound of her name being called. Her eyes shot open, and she jolted up from her slumping position. Sunlight was gray and visible through the still messed up colors of her monitor, and she grabbed the levers of her suit turning in the direction of Kintobor.

Kintobor waved at her "Good morning Buns! I am ready to start the procedure, I know you are!"

Buns wiped her eyes to adjust to the new light from her monitor "Yiah set up pretty darn quick Doc."

Kintobor chuckled "Oh its quite the contrary Buns, you have been sleep for a few hours. I've had plenty of time."

She felt a bit silly knowing that she'd passed out again, and he'd been working around her. Inside her suit, after she cleared her eyes, she looked quizzically at his attire in her monitor. He wore medical scrubs; it was vaguely familiar to her. Then her memory snapped back to the last time he'd worn scrubs. He'd last worn them when he did a serious procedure on a patient that had come to the clinic. The visitor was in such bad shape that she had never seen him wear the scrubs since. He had operated on that visitor….

Buns felt a twinge of nervousness knowing what was about to happen, and spoke half-heartedly "Yeah Doc…let's get tha thang ovva with…"

"Excellent, before we begin I need you to put this on." he said with a big smile as he held up to her monitor a patient gown and pants; light turquoise in color like his clothing.

Buns sighed with an upset expression, and the Omega Unit snatched the gown out of his hand. Kintobor smiled as her suit stood before him for a moment before walking to one of the few changing rooms; not even fazing Kintobor. He figured she was pouting inside there.

He smiled brightly "Now when you are finished changing Buns, please have a seat at the medical table next to the computers. I need to check…" but there was a buzz at the entrance.

Kintobor smiled even more as he turned and walked to the entrance "That must be the package, let me take care of this Buns I will be back shortly."

Buns's Omega Unit turned and glanced back at him as he walked away. She frowned as she fiddled with the controls, moving the Omega Unit next to the changing room walls; making its back face the wall. Soon her suit lowered to the floor, and the patient gown and pants slipped out of its hand and onto the floor. She popped the head off; moving the lid fully upwards. Climbing out of the unit with a grumpy face and as she hit the floor she realized something. She grabbed the gown and pants off the floor and closed the lid of the unit.

This would be the first time since she was placed in it that she was getting out of it. She briefly stared at the inactive suit sitting on the floor. It would be the first time in a long time that she didn't need it. Despite the oncoming surgery this cheered her up. She smiled slightly but queasiness quickly came; it always did when she got out of it. She shook her head and nearly bolted into the changing room not letting another repetitive thought enter her mind. She changed in no time and left her clothes in the changing room. When she walked back out of the changing room she noticed all the unfamiliar equipment around her; she must have been out for a while.

She walked over near the computers and hopped up onto the medical table. Looking around herself at the various books, scalpels, and machines. She sneezed and as she wiped her nose she couldn't help but look at the scalpels again. She wondered what he was going to be cutting when he returned. He walked over to her side of the medical table and placed a small brown box on a table not far away.

"Excuse me, that package might be very important to your procedure. Now if you would, could you turn over and lay on your stomach so we can get started!" he said happily as he pulled a medical mask over his mouth.

Buns wanted to be cured more than anything but knowing she might be cut open made her nervous, no matter how tough she acted. She spoke as she turned over with her upset expression "…Could yiah give me a heads up Doc?"

Doctor Knitobor snapped on rubber gloves "It would be my pleasure."

"You see." he grabbed a marker off a nearby utility table. He used his hands and spread the fur apart as best he could on her exposed back "I must clean the area and shave it; I will be making a small incision around here." he pressed a finger to her back "I already knew you contracted NIDS near the base of your spine. With the new techniques I've learned from the treatment regimen I am going to trace were to make the incision." he said pushing the marker across her back tracing a circle.

Buns coughed and cleared her throat though tension filled her voice "An what exactly is yiah going to be doing after thet…"

Kintobor heard her tension; he chuckled "Do not fret Buns, I am qualified and experienced. You will be fine. As for the actual work…it is little more than an injection. I must bio scan you first and see if there is any nerve damage."

Buns turned her head to the side, her brows were narrowed still into a frown, and she spoke "Is thet it?"

Kintobor shook his head "No, in fact this part of the treatment is not as important as the others."

Buns continued frowned "What else is thare to it?"

"A diet, we must detoxify you with a special diet. It will help reduce the chances of autoimmunity reoccurring after this procedure. As your NIDS has afflicted your immune system with a constant flu and other problems." Doctor Kintobor said as he turned to his utility table.

"Well thet don't sound too bad." Buns said as she felt his hand touch her back again.

"This might pinch a bit." he said as he pressed a needle to her back.

"Alrigh…" Buns said with trepidation.

He penetrated her skin and she cried in a bit of pain but it was over before she knew it. Suddenly her back became numb. Buns remained quiet as the pain subsided and Kintobor spoke "Now…" he said rolling a nearby machine over to the table. It had a square shaped head, and it extended over the table. Kintobor fiddle with the controls and a red beam shot out over Buns.

"Please stay still Buns." Kintobor said aloud.

Buns did so and once it was done he retracted the square head of the machine. He moved over to it and pressed the touch screen on its side "….It seems as if there is some damage Buns."

Buns sighed, coughing a bit again "Jus do it Doc...auhum tired…"

Kintobor held a sympathetic smile "Very well Buns." he said walking away from the table for a moment to grab a long metal canister.

He pulled off a plastic mask and put it over her mouth "You cannot be awake for this procedure I'm sure you know."

His words began to fade, and her vision became blurry as she breathed in the anesthesia "Take a few deep breaths and relax…I promise you will be better soon…" Buns heard these last few words as she faded away...




Buns awareness flooded to her as she awoke with a singeing pain in her back. She gritted her teeth and groaned out loudly. She didn't even move before Kintobor was at her side "Buns! You're awake!"

Buns spoke through gritted teeth "Can yiah do somethang about this?"

"Yes, that is the very thing I was just about to speak of. You must take these." he handed her a few white pills, also grabbing her a cup of water. She noticed he was still wearing his scrubs.

Buns moved slowly because of the pain she was in but she quickly consumed the pills he'd given her "They're for inflammation; you will be taking them for the next few days."

Buns drank the full cup of water and handed him back the cup. It felt like her back was on fire and it hurt to even move; he really had cut her open. She spoke as she laid back down on her stomach "Thanks…"

"Well…" Kintobor looked anxiously at her.

Buns turned her head to look at him with an upset face "Well what?"

"How do you feel?" he asked anxiously.

Buns frowned up at him swallowing a lump in her throat; she felt just as sick as ever "I feel tha same…."

"That is to be expected; this is only part one of the procedure. Now you will be on a supplemental diet for a few weeks. In this time we will find out if the treatment regimen was successful." Kintobor said grabbing a nearby chair and pulling it next to her table.

Then there was a ring from his computer; Kintobor turned to the sound "Oh, I have a call, excuse me for a moment Buns." he said going over to his computers next to her medical table.

The first thing she noticed that was different was the noise of the heart monitor that had woke her up. She looked up in pain to see the newly placed monitor next to her table; the green light pulsed on its screen. It was still beeping and she saw two white cables extend from it. She moved herself so she could feel the cables; two circular electrodes. Attached to her chest; it made her feel a bit uneven knowing that was her heartbeat. There was also an IV in her arm; the plastic bag next to her table was filled with clear liquid. She also felt coolness on her back; the part were he cut her had been shaven leaving a bare spot of skin.

As Dr. Kintobor began talking she looked over to the computer screen to see it was one of his colleagues. She began tuning him out and looked around the room; there was a sleeping patient on one of the medical tables on the other side of the room. Out the windows she could see that some of the day had passed. She frowned; she felt no control when there were many lapse of time for her daily.

As the pain in her back and her continued sickness passed out of her mind a panicked thought came to her. She was out of her suit! She couldn't sleep in it with this pain in her back! She couldn't stay out of her suit all night! She had already been out of it for some time now, and she felt bad. She never stayed out of her suit long as she became sick to the point where it was life threatening. She had tried a few times when she first came to the Grand Forest. When she was more rebellious…

She tried to leave, but she didn't get far. Just after a few hours she was crawling on her knees again. She crawled back to the Omega Unit and never tried it again. The inflammation pills started to kick in as she was able to move in a little less pain. Her face was upset as she looked in the direction of the Doc. He just finished his phone call. Kintobor looked worried "Are you alright?"

Buns brows were knotted with a deepened frown on her face "How am I supposed to go to sleep like this? I feel horrible; I need to get back in tha Omega Unit…"

Kintobor sat down in his chair; taking off his rubber gloves which where stained with a little blood "I understand your concerns Buns, I have always cautioned you to never be out of the Omega Unit long. But I should explain what I did while you were under."

Buns didn't look convinced, but she figured he had some kind of explanation and Kintobor spoke with a frown "After I scanned you I did detect some nerve damage…"

Buns heart began to beat faster as he continued "After I got inside I did another scan on the exposed tissue, there was nerve damage, but it was only minor. Do you remember that package?"

"Yeah…" Buns said trying to relax.

"It was a vial of stem cells that I received from an esteemed colleague. Stem cells are essentially blank cells that have the ability to generate new cells. In your case they will be replacing the damaged nerves from your continued NIDS. I opted to operate because if left unchecked the damage could have grown. But this should also aid in the healing process." Kintobor said with an unsure look on his face.

Buns thought for a moment still looking upset "So yiah injected new cells into me…" Kintobor nodded "Have yiah sewn me back up good?"

"Yes, well enough. I would ask of you not to make too many sudden movements. We wouldn't want your wound to reopen." Kintobor said with a curious face.

"Well what about sleeping? How long have I been out for?" she asked in an upset tone.

Kintobor could sense her panicked tone; she couldn't stay out the Omega Unit long. If she did her sickness quickened "You cannot stay out long Buns, I know this very well. Your immune system starts to fail; it is the very reason it becomes life threatening. Autoimmunity; your body is attacking your cells. But that does not seem to be the case now." he gazed at her curiously.

Buns face became grumpy again "But how long was I out for?"

"All day." he stated simply; his face neutral.

Buns eyes opened in shock and Kintobor spoke calmly "Its evening now; it should be dark soon."

Buns face became panicked still wanting to get in the Omega Unit anyway, and she raised her voice "I can't stay like this!"

"But you have. As a precaution I had antidotes ready to administer after the operation. But I did not need them." Kintobor said observing her.

Buns calmed down when she realized what he was saying "The IV in your arm has already been supplementing you with some of the dietary parts of your regimen throughout the day." Kintobor said crossing his arms; his face remained blank.

Buns quickly realized that she had been out of the Omega Unit all day. Even if she still felt sick as a dog, she'd been away from it all day, and she was still functioning. She didn't feel like she was dying! Buns heartbeat increased again but this time in excitement. She looked speechless, and any anger on her face was washed away as she looked to Kintobor making him finally smile "We are not finished yet Buns, we still have to administer your diet."

Buns blinked her eyes "But…but is thet it? Is thet all thare is to it?"

Kintobor rubbed his chin "If you mean other than your diet, yes. I have already completed the first part which was your operation. Where you expecting more?"

Buns nodded "Yeah actually …"

"Well you should be pleased to know this is it. We just need to monitor a few things over the course of the next few weeks." Kintobor said as he noticed the patient opposite of them.

"It looks as if our guest is starting to stir. Let me tend to this. Please rest Buns, your body needs to heal." he said getting up from his seat with a big smile.

Buns sighed a wave of relief; she guessed she would be able to sleep down here tonight. She laid back down; her head laid to the side as her mind wandered. She really thought this process would have been well…more complicated. She thought all of it would have taken longer. That night Kintobor fed her, and she slept through the whole night without her Omega Unit. Though she was skeptical at first, over the course of the next few weeks her mind changed as everyday she felt progressively better. After the cut on her back healed enough, she was able to sleep on her side. The diet that she was put on, she admitted, she was not a fan of. The things he fed her tasted horrible, but she didn't complain much as she didn't feel as sick as she used to. And she knew because she had been sick every day for years. She was getting better, and she couldn't believe it. She would have preferred some meat; a burger or some other type of food though. As she got better it made Knitobor even happier; she had never seen the man so happy.

It wasn't long as in the span of the few weeks after extensive testing, Kintobor released her from the first floor. She'd changed back into her clothing; her purple sleeveless top and black leather boots. And for the first time in years she slept without her Omega Unit. And she slept on a bed. Cushions! She had forgotten how they felt. The first few days of sleeping in a bed again were magical to her. After her wound healed more she was back up on her feet for the first time in years. The first time in years where she didn't need the Omega Unit to get around. She loved it too; she hadn't been on her feet for a long time. She was still sick, but it did not hinder her; because of the treatment regimen her NIDS was not life threatening anymore. Even in her sickened state she was eager to move around on her own; helping the Doc out around the clinic. This went on for about four weeks. Until one day she woke up and it had happened. She woke up and she was not sick.

The sun was beaming into her windows and she shifted uncomfortably under her covers, just waking moments ago. She was burning up. Her eyes opened and with a scowl she removed her covers from herself. Her thoughts were drifting to when she would be better. But quickly she felt as the covers were removed, that she was hot no longer. Her eyes widened in shock ….her body temperature was normal….

She also didn't feel queasy…

She sat completely up and took in a deep breath through her nostrils. She exhaled and paused. Her nose wasn't runny. Her throat wasn't sore and to top it all off she felt refreshed. She felt under her eyes…no bags…

She was rested….

She felt good….

Buns didn't move as she took in the moment. When you're normal you don't notice it. She didn't as she woke up this morning either...

She wasn't sick anymore…

She was back to normal….

Momentarily Buns could not stop an uncontrollable smile. She didn't think a second longer about being sick. As far as she was concerned she was done with that. She didn't want to ever think about being sick again. She giggled to herself as she hopped out of bed and put on her leather boots that sat next to her bed. Uncharacteristically she held a huge grin as she bolted from her room, down the stairs, and onto the first floor. Looking eagerly around for Dr. Kintobor; there were no visitors yet today and it was still early. She spotted him to her right next to the computers. He was working on an Omega Unit, so absorbed into his work that he did not notice her.

Buns ran over to him out of breath. She bent over huffing, placing her hands on her knees as she spoke "….Doc?" she puffed.

Kintobor turned to the sound; he put his tools down and looked at Buns with concern "Is everything alright Buns?"

She stood up still breathing heavily "…I feel great!" she puffed and she spoke excitedly with a big grin on her face "Auhum cured doc!"

Kintobor was startled but a smile formed on his face"Are you certain?"

"Course I am! I can't believe it…" she said finally catching her breath.

"Your breathing is heavy?" Kintobor stated skeptically.

Buns grinned "Auhum outta shape."

"I must run a few test, it may take some time before I need your input." Kintobor said anxiously.

"Good, I gotta…I gotta go outside an do somthang…" she said turning away from him and heading to the front doors. There was a look of disbelief on her face; her eyes wide; yet she still held a big grin.

Kintobor watched her go in silence, but before she headed outside she caught notice of her old Omega Unit sitting near a wall not far away. He watched as she froze, staring it down for a second. Then she promptly broke her gaze and went out the front doors of the clinic. Kintobor stood quietly, feeling a sense of calm wash over him. It had been a long time coming. Her torment had finally come to an end…or so he thought…..

The next few days had brought new questions to Dr. Kintobor as he watched the new Buns move about. Kintobor went on as usual, helping guest in need that came to the Grand Forest and continuing own his on projects. She had been working out and getting back into shape these last few days. He had grown to like her company, but he knew she was getting ready to leave. As he had stated many times to himself, he was sure she had her own little life that she wanted to return to. Kintobor sat typing away at his computer on the first floor; the sun had went down, and it had been another peaceful day. He didn't know much about Buns. She wasn't very talkative, and she didn't talk about her past or even herself. All he knew was that she used to be a member of the Suppression Squad. He had seen her; he knew that she knew that. But she didn't speak of it so he let her be. He was distracted by his work when he heard her come down the stairs.

He turned to his left to look at her and he became slightly nervous; his face was neutral. Along with her usual attire of her dark purple leotard and black leather boots, she wore a black sleeveless leather jacket and black fingerless leather gloves. He hadn't seen this new clothing of hers before. She held a cocky grin as she cracked her knuckles. Kintobors hands fell away from his computer; now she reminded him of when he first found her.

Kintobor remained quiet…she was a nefarious person…he knew this when he took her in...

It made him nervous because deep down he knew that in a sense she was still just like them. Buns had a mischievous look on her face as she spoke tightening her gloves "Auhum going out tonight Doc."

"Will you be departing soon?" he asked carefully.

She didn't seem to notice the caution in his voice though "In tha next few days yeah…I'll let you know…"

She said distractedly; not even glancing his way as she made her way to the front doors and out of the clinic. Kintobor stayed silent as he turned back to his computer and began typing again. He did not let how unfriendly she become bother him. He knew years ago how she might be if she ever returned to normal, it was just who she was...

The newly energized Buns made her way through the nighttime in the Grand Forest with a pep in her step. Freed from her eternal sickness her life had come back to her. With a big grin she navigated through the forest knowing every single detail after have being trapped her for so long. Her mind wandered excitedly about restarting where she left off after her old team betrayed her. First she thought of her new additional clothing she now wore. She just adored the sleeveless look of this jacket those visitors had thrown into the trash; plus the gloves made her look cooler.

Before she had fallen sick she fussed over her appearance as every girl did. She had to give it up when she became sick; she hadn't worn any different clothing since then. This made her happy as she pushed through more brush heading north bound through the Grand forest. Before she knew it she was at the force field wall of the forest. One of the exits was just a ways down; she was anxious.

She was going into town tonight, to scope it out and see how Mobotropolis had fared while she was away and maybe to cause a little trouble...

She had spent the last few days retraining herself. She knew how to fight and of the disciplines she knew, she sharpened them again; she'd become rusty. She had gotten her stamina back by running laps around the Grand Forest. It wasn't until a few days ago when she was able to and not break a sweat. That's how she knew she was ready and back in shape. She was back!

As to her reason to venture to the city…it had a lot to do with her old team...

She'd hadn't seen the scum for years. She'd last seen them when they all banned together to stop Super Scourge. She caught sight of the exit and was about to walk out when something in a tree caught her eye.

She paused and squinted in the night darkness. She walked over to see a nice envelope firmly planted in the trees bark. Buns sneered as she snatched the letter from the tree...Miles….

She stuffed it into her pocket and marched to the exit and out of the Grand Forest. Once on the outside her smile had returned as she got a look at the outside. A strong gust of wind blew through the open landscapes. Rustling her clothing as she stood and admired seeing the outside. Just in the distance she could see the faint glow of lights from the city. She took in a deep breath of fresh air and grinned mischievously. She began walking and she finally thought of what she was going to do now that she was better. She didn't entertain the thought before now, and it made her come to a startling revelation. Her pace slowed, and her grin was wiped off her face. She slowed to a crawl then she stopped walking; staring blankly into the direction of the city. It had been years…things change…they had to have….

She felt fear in the pit of her stomach as it all came rushing into her mind. Things like just waltzing up into the city...she couldn't do that...

If her old team spotted her she didn't know what they would do to her. If Scourge found out she was better and turned down Miles offer to rejoin he would hurt her. Then other horrible thoughts crossed her mind. She didn't know anyone anymore, and going out into the world she was completely alone. She lost contact with her folks long ago and any friends she had were back stabbers. She couldn't trust anyone. Buns face turned blue…she couldn't go back there. She couldn't go anywhere….she didn't have anywhere to go…

She glanced back behind herself at the dome of the Grand Forest. Slowly she turned away from the city, and her face became determined. This couldn't be it…

Buns crossed her arms with a frown as she plopped her back against the outer dome of the Grand Forest. She instantly recalled the first thing she was doing before she came sick. She'd been rolling with the Suppression Squad…just…

"Dang…what was I doin?" she spoke aloud to herself.

Then she remembered…she wasn't doing anything. She was just with them, she didn't really have a reason. Around the time when they had kidnapped the prime Patch she was going steady with Scourge. But she knew he was a dog, he cheated her and even Alicia; probably many other girls too. At the time she was trying to get revenge on Scourge for cheating on her. Then Sonic threw Alicia and herself into that toxic lake…

Buns frown turned into sadness…she wondered…what had she been doing with her life. Not discounting her time and experience in the Grand Forest; she'd grown to dislike the things she used to do. She just wanted a little quiet life now…with a little trouble making on the side…

She felt a horrible feeling in the pit of her stomach when she realized that even she had changed. And she was planning to just walk up into Mobotropolis…she didn't even have a plan...she didn't in the past either...

Now that she thought of it she didn't know why she was going to the city. To cause some ruckus…that was about it…

One thing she had learned in the Grand Forest, that which she had gained most important to her, was humility….

She felt shameful of past actions and she didn't want to act out thoughtlessly anymore. Karma had caught up to her but she at least believed that she had changed in some way. Was it for the better? She was not sure but she had made an effort to be different from her past. Plus she had become really lonely over the years….

Without a plan of action Buns stood quietly and watched Mobotropolis from a distance. Her old pals would rough her up if she showed her face. So again she was stuck. If they even knew she was better they would look for her. She didn't have nothing. Her face filled with sadness and worry, thinking of just how alone she was when she thought of a person she willfully ignored other than the Doc.

Sonic the Hedgehog...

That hedgehog, intentionally or not had made the biggest changes in her life. Making her sick and curing her; she had changed for the better. She tried to fight it but with her previous depressing thoughts, her hate for him had taken a complete shift inside herself. She still denied that he helped her, but she could not deny that she…kind of…liked the hedgehog now…

Anger shown on her face as she tried to deny the feelings but alas with no one to turn to, Sonic was the only person who had ever helped her other than the Doc. And she stood silently in the night, observing Mobotropolis; her face became somber. She thought of the one who she tried to ignore for many years of her life. The one who had caused her much misfortune then saved her...

"Sonic…" she whispered to herself.

Thinking with new thoughts and a new perspective on the hedgehog she had proclaimed her hate for over the years.

We're finally starting to get into a little character development with Buns. I do have some ideas in store; it's gonna get interesting.