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Morning had arrived for another day in the Grand Forest, and Buns sat quietly alone in her room on the edge of her bed with the morning sun bearing down on her. Her sleeveless leather jacket lay next to her on the bed. It was another humid day, but she hadn't bothered to open her windows or move out of the burning sun. Her face was grumpy, and she was upset and disappointed by her failed venture out of the Grand Forest last night. She had to have to Doc come and unlock the doors for her because she had come back in the middle of the night. That was probably the first time that had happened, and she felt embarrassed because she was not as much as a rebel as she used to be. She had lied to the Doc and gave an excuse as to why she was back so early, and it took a hit to her pride. Because she had thought herself to be cool in the past, now she felt she was lame for coping out on what she had set out to do. In the past she might have recklessly went to the city anyway.

Although now she felt her behavior, and the slang of being cool was outdated for herself because she had changed as a person. The labels were something she didn't care much about anymore as she was older now. That and she was a degenerate, any of those bad words. She was bad for a lack of a better word, but though she never changed, carrying her wicked behavior through her mind and her actions. Something about last night made her feel off, as if something wasn't right. Buns sighed in the emptiness of her room; she wasn't leaving just yet. She hadn't told the Doc yet, but she was going to spend the rest of the day here to figure some things out. He had been running test on her the last few days after she felt better, to see if there was any regression in her condition. Fortunately, he found no traces of her NIDS reforming on the base of her spine. Whatever that was still there would clear up in time now that her immune system had been cleared up. She gagged at the horrible food she had to eat while recovering.

"Never again..."' she mumbled out sarcastically in her quiet room.

Her core issue was actually herself. She wasn't sure about herself anymore or what was even going on in her life. She leaned her arms back on her bed and thought seriously about her current situation. Where would she go? The only three options she could come up with were leaving the Grand Forest and going somewhere out into Moebious, staying here, or rejoining her former team…

Just as she thought of last night, she could try and go out there but who could she trust? It wasn't possible to start over if you knew every person would try and get you with your back turned. It might have been an option in Prime Mobius, but here in Moebious things were down and dirty, and everyone was. As far as she knew the Primes were nice, a whole world full of mostly nice people. It was easy to draw the parallel to her own world where people were vicious. Buns grumbled as she stood from her bed, grabbing her jacket and placing it under her arm and making her way out of her room.

She trotted down to the first floor to head outside, seeing that the Doc was not present. He was likely working on something on another floor of the clinic. She made her way out the front doors and outside to the few picnic tables that sat out in the front of the building. A gust of air hit her and cooled her down as she tossed her jacket onto the nearest table and sat down. She leaned back into the table and reached into the pocket of her jacket; removing the latest letter she had received from Miles. Her brows knotted together in anger as she removed the letter from its envelope and began reading it; it was always prompt:

Dear Buns,

Greetings from us all, I'm sure you haven't forgotten about us. On behalf of The Suppression Squad, we invite you to rejoin us. We'd be delighted to work with you again, and hope you also agree to answer a few questions once we are re-introduced.

Please respond as soon as you are able, so that we are to begin were we left off.

With regards,

Miles Prower

Buns stared at the letter with a scowl; it wasn't much different from the other ones she received other than slight difference in the wording.

"He's still a lil creep isn't he…" she mumbled to herself.

The last contact she'd had with any of them was when her old team had plotted against Scourge at Rosy's Castle. He went super and they, including herself, helped Sonic and the other Primes take him down. Though she was not in the fight long, Scourge had broken her Omega Unit pretty bad, and she had to leave as soon as the battle started. As expected Sonic was able to defeat him. And she'd comeback to Rosy's Castle after the battle was over completely repaired by the Doc. Scourge, and the Primes were gone but her backstabbing teammates had hung around while she collected the Star Post they had stolen from the Doc. Miles was quick to approach her and offer her to rejoin them, saying that it was Scourge that wanted her out. Miles claimed that she would be a great asset to the team with her Omega Care Unit.

Buns stuffed the letter back into its envelope and carelessly tossed it into the air. She would not lie, her response to him at the time, which was in the same light as calling him a creep was borderline yes or no. It made her feel shameful when she thought about it, that she would even consider rejoining them. Of course she had made her mind up by now that she would never. Even feeling like slapping herself for considering such a ridiculous offer, but at the time….she was really alone and vulnerable…

She didn't have anyone now or then and it was sad to say, but they were the only thing she knew. Nobody had ever helped her thanklessly, other than the Doc, like Sonic had recently. There was no one in her past like that and for a time dark thoughts of rejoining them had entered her mind. Buns leaned forward and crossed her hands; feeling uncomfortable with her previous position.

She didn't know what had become of her former team. She only guessed they might be the same bunch that she knew years ago and after hearing about Scourge in passing from the visitors a few weeks ago, she guessed he and the gang were still rolling together. Scourge must have come back and put his foot back down on them. She was not looking forward to running into him again…

Then depression washed over her again as a vacant stare came across her face. Her delusions became clear to her. She thought if she ever got better that she would just walk out of here. To a new place, a better place, far far away from here…

But it was the complete opposite in fact, because as she got better everything else got worse. The call of her team whispered dark thoughts into her mind and with no place to go, no home, no friends, and no family. No one was close and no one was kind…

She even surprised herself when last night she realized from her time in the Grand forest she had changed. She was older and a little bit wiser and lonely to boot. She was really lonely…

The first day she was cured she thought she was high! She thought she was free! She thought she had made it! That it was destiny! But Buns looked nowhere in particular with a depressed face as she came to realize. From her current options things could only get worse for her. She was wrong…and it changed everything…

She felt so lost at the moment that she groaned in frustration. She just realized even after she got better, her old life was just as bad or even worse than when she was sick. She just traded one hell for another...

And she could not come up with a plan of action; come to think of it she had just floated through life. She hadn't had any ambition...like she was semi conscious..she had been foolish for a large part of her life...

And for a second time in her life she was lost. There was nothing for her…

For a moment her mind became silent and the wind blew in the trees around her. Complete silence in nature as her mind went blank. There was no one to turn to and as much as she hated to admit it, she needed some help. Her brow furrowed together in frustration, she was at a complete loss of what she was going to do when Sonic popped into her head.


That hedgehog she had reviled had saved what was left of her life. Her face became thoughtful as she wondered if she'd still be stuck inside that Omega Unit if she hadn't crossed his mind. Her face became blank as gears started clicking in her head, wondering if it would be possible… if… he could help her…

She didn't pretend she knew him but the more she thought about it, the more she realized she had nothing to lose. He was Sonic the Hedgehog; he helped everyone as far as she knew. A smile began to form on her face as an idea popped into her head; an escape! Maybe she could go live there…

She slowly nodded her head as the idea got more juice. She definitely was not going back to her team if she had anything to say about it. She also did not trust anyone enough to try and establish a new life without the constant threat of backstabbers; or worse her old team looking for her. It was a crazy plan she knew, but the latter options were even crazier. She had nothing anyway so she could at least try, and if she was turned down then…well it still was better than sitting still.

Now all of a sudden she didn't feel lost anymore, and a grin formed on her face. Quickly all the rambling discourse of her life problems were silenced as she finally had a real course of action. A goal to work towards, and it made her feel a sense of purpose again. It was something that had been lost in the chaos of her thoughts all day. Buns stood from her seat and grabbed her jacket off of the picnic table. She pulled it back on herself and with a mischievous smile she marched back into the clinic with a new simple plan that gave her direction. She was going to New Mobotropolis…

Later on that night after a visit from a few visitors Buns flicked off the light switch to her room for the last time and closed the door behind herself. She wouldn't lie; she would miss this place a bit. The only belongings she had she wore as she trotted down the stairs to the first floor. An injured visitor laid quietly on a table on the other side of the room, and Buns was caught off guard as a shadow loomed over her. Buns flinched as she turned to the shadow but calmed down when she saw it was just an Omega Unit. It stared at her as Dr. Kintobor moved from behind it.

"Good evening Buns! I'd like you to meet E-223 Gamma; he is one of the many units I have prepared for once you left. He will be my protection now that you are leaving." Kintobor said with big smile.

The Omega unit knelt down, and its eyes glowed a dark green and stood back up. Buns was quiet to the robots behavior then it turned away from her "Friendly." it said as it walked away.

"Was thet thang looken at me?" Buns asked him curiously.

"I have programmed it to recognize you, yes." Kintobor's smile disappeared "Are you ready to depart?"

Buns nodded with a somber face "Yeah…I'm heading out Doc."

Kintobor looked saddened "….I'm glad you were so patient with me. I wished this could have come sooner."

"Yiah did enough, I'm better anit I?" Buns said with a smirk.

Kintobor mustered a smile and held his hand out for her to shake, but Buns did something that shocked Kintobor. She looked hesitant, but she held her arms out. Kintobor was slow to react, and this caused Buns to glare at him "Come on, before I'm not in tha mood anymore."

Kintobor chuckled and knelled down and gave Buns a quick hug, ignoring her harsh remark because he knew she didn't mean it. He patted her on the back, and she spoke "Thank yiah Doc."

"You are most welcome Buns." Kintobor responded.

And in those tiny moments the hug lasted Buns felt like the man was her father or someone close to her; something which she had never had. Because she had never opened up to the Doc her entire time here, yet there was still trust. But she could not stay here; she wanted to go back out into the world. Because she had learned so much here and now it was time for her to move on for better or worse.

A little while later Buns had left the Clinic in the middle of the Grand Forest, a place where she had lived for so many years. It saddened her to see Dr. Kintobor watch her as she left, but it was time for some change in her life. So again she gracefully moved through the foliage in the Grand Forest in the night, heading to the exit so she could head to Mobotropolis. Her face was determined because she had a plan that she devised after her brainstorm earlier. Now she couldn't ask the Doc to use the Star Post because they were specifically designed to enter some kind of Special Zone as the Doc had described. They could also communicate with other post; in the Prime world they were called Globe Post.

The Primes would be suspicious if she asked them to open up their post to go there. That was just out of the question, and she knew they would say no. So she had to get there another way, and she had a favor waiting for her in the city. A shady character named Jeffrey owed her a favor and that favor was a Warp Ring. She helped him and his buddies steal it back in the day, and he kept it hidden, charging customers who were willing to pay enough to use it. She only hoped he still had it because it was the only other way to move between other zones.

It was that or the Star Post. Soon Buns found she was at the force field wall of the forest and made her way down to the exit. Once she was outside she began jogging in the direction of the bright lights of the city in the distance. It would have been crazy to try and go to the city in the daytime. Nighttime was the obvious choice and with more going on at night people were more distracted. She might even be harder to spot because she only had one shot at this. There weren't going to be any take twos if she messed up and got spotted by her team. She felt nervousness in her stomach as the city got closer. Right now she was on her own…

So twenty minutes later she reached the threshold of the city, from dirt to concrete ground, slowly catching her breath. There were a few people hanging around the corner of a building, and some bums strewn out on the ground. Buns looked up at all the decrepit and degraded buildings.

The city was still the dump she remembered, Buns grinned as she began her trek to her first destination "Hpmh, home sweet home."

The concrete streets and sidewalks were cracked and broken and the white colored street lights that weren't broken or on the ground flickered. Buns hopped up onto the sidewalk passing a group of drunk males and felt relieved that no one had noticed her yet. She walked only a little distance before she saw her first destination, a local bar down the end of the street. She grinned as she kept her pace trying to fit in, but as she crossed the street and began moving pass more boarded up buildings she noticed flyers on a building to her right. She stopped and looked closely at the flyers on the wood. Her eyes widened in surprise, and she quickly snatched one of them off of the boarded up door. It had a big fat black and white picture with her face on it. Under her sneering face it read: Wanted alive. Big Reward. A phone number was posted underneath it all.

Buns quickly looked around herself paranoid, looking to see if anyone had saw her looking at the flyers. Luckily no one was and she let it fall to the round and kept walking towards the bar. She had been trying to be inconspicuous, but that went out the window as everyone had probably seen the flyers already. In no time she had reached the bar down the street and she hoped she'd guessed right coming here this time of night because it was crowded. A few patrons standing outside glanced her way but went back to whatever they were doing as she entered the bar.

There was a lot of chatter so it was to her fortune as no one looked at her; a lady and a man passed by her out the doors as she moved to the bar. The smell of smoke and alcoholic beverages stung her nostrils as she hadn't smelled them in such a long time. The bar was illuminated by dark orange lights and was furnished completely with wood.

All the seats were taken at the bar so she made her way to the end were a sly looking red male fox caught sight of a new customer. He spoke as he cleaned a shot glass with a rag "What'll ya have?" .

"Is Jeffrey still around?" she raised her voice over all the chatter with a frown on her face.

"Yeah yeah, he still lives a few buildings down." the fox said with a sly grin.

Buns noticed his sly look and quickly excused herself "Aight, thanks."

She said as she swiftly made her way out of the bar. The fox grinned as he put his shot glass down and spun around and picked up his phone. He pulled Buns reward flyer from a drawer beside him and dialed the number. He chuckled lightly to himself hoping he would get paid tonight.

Uninterrupted Buns made her way out of the bar and down the block from the bar to a few abandoned apartment buildings. She stopped at the entry way of an alley and made sure no one was looking. Only seeing a few bums huddled around a fire in a trash can, she walked down the dark smelly alleyway. Gunshots went off and screaming was heard not far away, but that was a usual occurrence in Mobotropolis. She walked pass the first building and just ahead at the second building was a stairway that led downwards to a door. There were a few block glass windows around the bottom of the building and there were lights on inside. She suspiciously looked around as she walked around and down the small set of stairs. Buns knocked on the door and waited impatiently. A small slit on the doors frame was opened, and a pair of eyes glared at her.

"Who are you? What do you want?" the eyeballs said.

Buns glared right back "Tell Jeffrey I'm due for thet favor."

The pair of eyes looked suspiciously at her and the slit on the door shut. There were a few moments of silence and voices could be vaguely heard through the door. Then the sudden clicks of locks were heard as the door shot open "Heh heh, well long time no see Buns." said the grinning face of Jeffrey St. Croix.

His white hair was slicked into a sauvé design, wearing a blue ascot, brown boots, blue jeans and a blue jean jacket. Buns couldn't help but comment "You jus get out of tha joint?"

Jeffrey laughed as he stepped aside so she could come in, he spoke pulling out a cigarette out and lighting it "A sense of humor as always."

The room she stepped into was nothing but bare concrete walls, a few stacked boxes, and a few chairs. There were two other males in the room not paying attention to her entrance, two big brown dogs; his goons most likely.

He continued speaking as he closed the door "You'd be right by the way, I'm sure the Zone Cops are still looking for me."

Buns leaned her shoulder on a nearby wall with an upset expression, remembering Jeffrey used to be in rival gangs "Scourge still hassling yiah?"

Jeffrey's face became serious "Not in that gang anymore; I don't work for King Maxx anymore either. I ran with the Suppression Squad until I got in trouble with the Zone Cops. Now I'm just a businessman here in this great city we call Mobotropolis."

Buns kept her frown and her eyes narrowed but she looked curious "You were with tha Suppression Squad?"

"I was the leader in fact, for a short time anyways." he boasted proudly "I split after they had a problem with my amazing leadership." he said sarcastically.

Buns brows wrinkled together in confusion "But I heard he and tha Suppression Squad were here in tha city a few weeks ago. Isn't he back with em?"

Jeffrey looked at her skeptically "Scourge isn't with the Suppression Squad anymore."

This made Buns frown deepen as her lips pinched together, and it quickly donned on her, she had been gone a lot longer than she thought or remembered.

"Scourge was here, but he's running with the Destructix now." Jeffrey said blowing a puff of smoke out of his mouth.

"Tha Destructix? Thet's his new friends huh?" Buns said curiously and keeping a hard face.

"What you heard was the Destructix and the Suppression Squad clashing again. I haven't seen Scourge lately, but they've been butting heads." Jeffrey said seriously.

Then a phone rang in another room, and Jeffrey turned to look at the goon who stood closest to the only other door in the room. Jeffrey motioned with a cock of his head for the goon to go into the backroom and answer the phone. But as he turned his head, he turned so Buns could not see his face and the wink he gave his goon. The goon grinned sinisterly back at him as he got up from his chair and entered the back room closing the door behind himself.

Buns looked confused yet again as a piece of information was missing, and Buns asked him with a raised eyebrow "What? Wait, who's running tha Suppression Squad then?"

Meanwhile in an undisclosed location, a dingy decrepit building a phone call was just finishing in a dimly lit hallway "You better be sure about that…we'll let you know after its over….are you certain it's her?" Boomer Walrus said listening with an arrogant face "Well then we are on are way, make sure she's alive or no reward. Got it?" there was a pause as he listened to the person on the line "Good, keep her there!" he said in a threatening tone as he hung up the phone.

Boomer grinned as he hung his phone back onto the wall and walked from the area he was in "Miles! You won't believe what I got off the phone with." he said aloud as he walked into a well lit room with a door hanging from its hinges.

Miles Prower, the current leader of the Suppression Squad looked up annoyingly from the desk he sat at with papers strewn all over it and placed the papers he was reading down "Not now I'm very busy. We've got a whole lot of people who haven't been paying, and we have to pay them a visit." he said looking back at his papers.

The two other people in the room did not seem to care about Boomers news either as they carried on with what they were doing. Alicia Acorn was looking through the many dark green file cabinets in the room. While Patch D' Coolette sat in a dark red leather chair with a small wooden table and light by his side as he read through a newspaper.

They remained silent and Boomer was not deterred by the look of annoyance on Miles face as he knew the news would get their attention. Boomer spoke with a big grin "Guess who decided to drop by town?"

This made Miles look away from the papers he was reading again as he donned a curious face, and he didn't even have to ask when he looked at Boomers grin. Miles smirked as he placed his papers down "You're kidding?"

Alicia and Patch glanced over to Miles now interested in what Boomer was going to say "Buns is back." he stated simply, and this caused Alicia and Patch to stop what they were doing and join their comrades at Miles desk.

"With all the flyers put up, there's no way she could be mistaken." Alicia said looking haughty as usual.

"Details." Patch said looking at Boomer with a dry look.

"What he said." Miles said crossing his hands in front of his face.

"The idiots on the phone said they were certain it was her, but she's not in that Omega Care Unit like she is in the picture." Boomer said with a grin.

"She is better? How did that happen?" Patch said questioningly.

"The better question is why hasn't she contacted me? I know she received my letters of invitation." Miles said with a devilish grin.

"I figured she would hide, typical we would have to go and get her." Alicia said in an annoyed tone.

"That is quite a surprise to hear she's better; I must find out how. For now anyways, even though her Omega Unit would have made her more capable she is still of value. We will deal with our other clients later, let us go retrieve the latest addition to the team." Miles said with a wicked grin as he stood from his seat.

Patch bowed to Alicia chuckling "After you."

Making Alicia, Boomer, and Miles cackle when the phone on Miles desk began ringing. They all looked as not one but many phone calls started coming in. Pretty soon all their lines were full, and they all cackled in the small room were they did most of their dirty business. Those weren't regular phone calls and it assured them that Buns was indeed back in town and ready for the taking.

Back at Jeffrey's hideout Buns was surprised by the information she had just learned about her former team and she spoke with anger "Miles…thet lil cuss is still at it…"

"Yep, he's been running things now. He would have a complete stranglehold over the city if it wasn't for The Destructix popping by every now and then." Jeffrey said crossing his arms "I heard about what happened when I was hanging with them, you're looking all better now."

"I get around." Buns said still narrowing her eyes at him and trying to hide everything she could. She spoke finally getting to her point "You still running thet business?"

Jeffrey looked suspicious but kept his smile "Yeah that's right; I do all kinds of business around Mobotropolis. I'm guessing that's why you're here for that favor?"

Buns kept her tough face on "I need transportation."

"Ah I see…where you headed?" he asked with a grin.

"Someplace thet's not here." Buns kept it simple.

"Fair enough, I keep my word. You can use the Warp Ring we stole but there's a catch." Jeffrey said slightly raising an eyebrow.

"An thet is?" Buns said annoyingly.

"One way trip, Power Rings aren't cheap you know." Jeffrey said puffing on his cigarette again.

If she remembered correctly the Warp Rings needed to be super charged to work, and she wasn't looking to stay around and try to find more Power Rings to power it. She was glad he had one on him so she could get out of the city right away. There were flyers of her all over the city as far as she knew and her plan to sneak in had already failed. She just needed to get out of Mobotropolis and she hated the greasy look on Jeffrey's face.

Slowly she glared at him with narrowed eyes…she didn't trust him "Fine, jus hurry up an get it."

Jeffrey grinned as he snapped his finger and one of his goons went into the back room a retrieved the stolen Warp Ring. They resembled the size of a normal sized ring but when super charged they became big. Jeffrey spoke as he held it up in the air "Here it is. You remember what you have to do to use it right…"

Buns took a few steps closer to pretend to look at it when just behind Jeffrey, out of the brick glass windows, moving shadows moved pass the window, and they cascaded onto the floor of the dim lit room. Jeffrey and his goons silently grinned, and Buns without hesitation felt there was something wrong.

Without much chance of a distraction Buns lunged at Jeffrey and tried to take the Warp Ring out his hand. But Jeffrey held on tight, and his Goons jumped up from their seats to stop her. Buns angrily pulled Jeffrey's arms down and twisted them making Jeffrey yelp as he lost grip of the ring. She then kicked at his ankle and pushed him into one of his goons and knocked them onto the floor before he had a chance to react. She made quick work of the other goon, effortlessly blocking his punches and landing well placed blows into his abdomen. The goon keeled over as Jeffrey, and the other goon tried to get up, and she spun the one she hurt around in a circle and tossed him into Jeffrey again. Buns quickly ran into the back room, shut the door, and turned on the lights. She panicked as she spotted a metal pole on the floor and grabbed it. Sticking it into the round metal door handles and wedging the door shut.

"Get off me you idiots! Get her before they get here!" Jeffrey yelled to his goons.

Buns heard them shuffling off the ground as her adrenaline pumped. She held the Warp Ring firmly in her hand as she searched the back room. Scouring through the drawers, cabinets, and boxes scattered all across the room. Then there was banging on the door as Jeffrey and his goons attempted to break through. Buns worriedly looked through the illegal items but was having trouble finding what she was looking for. Jeffrey and his goons began ramming the door, and the metal wedge started to bend. Buns panicked as she had looked through most of the room already when she pulled a wooden crate from under a table and opened it; her eyes were filled with the sight of gold. She calmed down and grinned as she snatched one the many power rings out of the crate she had been looking for.

She knew he had been lying about that and she mumbled to herself "One power ring my butt..."

She looked back at the quickly loosening door and back to the rings in her hand. She then touched the rings together and suddenly the power ring disappeared, absorbed by the Warp Ring. Then the Warp Ring in an instant became huge.

Buns stepped back in surprise because it was even bigger than her. It shimmered golden hues and the middle of the whole had become filled with bright golden colored energy waves. Buns did not look back to give Jeffrey and his goons anymore time as she thought of her destination and grabbed a hold of the Warp Ring. With a determined face she stepped into the portal of the ring, and in a flash she was gone.

The door that she had wedged with the metal pole final gave weight and snapped off as Jeffrey and his goons rammed the door a few more times. Jeffrey was first into the room, and his eyes were wide in shock and fear as he found Buns was gone and so was his Warp Ring.

Jeffrey's face contorted into anger as he glared at his goons, slapping the closest ones one the side of his head "You idiots! You let her get away and she got the Warp Ring!" he yelled at the top of his lungs "That was my most profitable business!"

"Sorry boss." the goons said quivering under Jeffrey's threatening glare.

"Grab some stuff, we have to get out of here before…" but Jeffrey was cut off as there was knock on their door in the front room.

Jeffrey re-entered the front room with his goons right behind him with worried faces. Jeffrey tried to come up with a quick plan of escape but their guest at the door were impatient as the door was kicked in by Boomer with a grin "Knock knock."

The Suppression Squad walked into the room and scanning the area for their target, but she was nowhere to be found. Then their eyes landed on Jeffrey. Patch spoke with his hand on the hilt of his sword looking around the room "Where is she?"

Miles stood in front of them all with his hands behind his back and a frown on his face, waiting for Jeffrey's response. But they could all see him and his goons sweating as he remained silent and Miles looked more upset speaking in an irritating tone "Well?"

Jeffrey smiled sheepishly "Well…you see…"

Alicia looked behind Jeffrey speaking in a threatening tone "She better be in that room."

Jeffrey threw his hands up in defense "It's not that…"

But Miles walked up to him and grabbed his blue ascot and pulled him down to his face "You know what Croix?"

Miles said pushing him out of his way and walking towards the back room. Jeffrey remained silent as he watched his goons move out of Miles way. Miles stepped into the back room and sighed when he saw nothing "You are even more incompetent than I remembered." he turned on his hills back into the front room with a glare "Where did she go?"

Jeffrey was at a loss for words "I…I don't know! I swear!"

"Well how did she get out of the building?" Alicia said in a angry tone.

Jeffrey blinked his eyes "Oh you mean…" he stopped short getting more upset faces from the Suppression Squad so he sighed in defeat "…she took my Warp Ring?"

This new information got them interested again. Boomer questioned them looking angry now "A Warp Ring, where'd you get that?"

Then Patch walked back over to the front door and slammed it shut, and Miles questioned him with a face full of arrogance "Indeed, pray tell how did you acquire a Warp Ring St. Croix? And where did our old teammate Buns go?"

"I don't know where she went! I told you that already!" Jeffrey raised his voice.

This wiped the smile off of all of the Suppression Squads faces, and they began to circle Jeffrey and his goons. They looked upon them with sneering faces. Alicia spoke with anger "You need to watch your tone because we're not leaving here until we find out what we want to know. Where did Buns go and how did you get that Warp Ring?"

Jeffrey and his goons were pinned up against a wall, and Miles spoke one last time in an icy cold tone "Our business dealings will stop, and we will be seizing all your assets until further notice. A good plan Mr. Croix, but bad execution…"

Those were Miles last words as the Suppression Squad beat what they wanted to know out of their victims. And no one could hear the screams of Jeffrey St. Croix and his goons as the Suppression Squad wailed on them into the night. In the corrupted city of Mobotroplis a scream was a normal type of noise that was ignored and went unheard by the general populous.

What a twist! This chapter had some interesting moments for me personally because it had developed into many different things than what I had originally. I also thought it was funny that it had unintentional but very similar moments from the original story I had written. On a side note I thought Miles and the gang were pretty fumy to write only I don't really have them to be a big part of the story. I'm following a similar plot outline from the original story I had wrote and I only have them to be in the background right now. I think they were funny though so I might look for way to have a little bit more of them.