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A bright flash brightened a darkened forest area as the Warp ring that Buns had stolen apparated into the thin air, and Buns stepped through it. She looked around with a scowl and confusion as she had seemed to appear in the middle of nowhere. Her feet crunched against the forest floor with brightly colored orange and red leaves, sticks, and dirt as she turned and stared at the Warp Ring. In a few moments it retracted back to the size of a small ring, and she caught it. She wasn't an expert on the Warp Rings but she could tell it didn't have any charge left; it felt cool and smooth in her hand. When they were charged they felt warm. Buns shrugged as she stuffed it into the pocket of her sleeveless leather jacket. She didn't care as long as she was out of Mobotropolis and away from those fools, the ring could be useful later too if things didn't work out here…

Buns looked around herself and all she could see was darkness through the trees in this forest she was in as far as she could see. She frowned as she spotted a stream and a less dense area of trees and walked towards it. Being out in the middle of a dark forest was creeping her out and when she reached the stream she looked for anything that resembled open land. She thought her destination would be where Sonic was. She then hopped over the small stream and pondered which direction she should go when suddenly in the sky above her a dim light began draining the darkness of the forest she was in. She looked to her right in the direction of the light and smirked; it was morning here.

In no time with the morning sun continually rising she found the open grasslands and just a distance from where she came out of the forest there was a giant dome encased by a force field. She found it interesting that the Prime's home was very similar to the Grand Forest as she had never been to Prime Mobious as her old team had. She stood in her spot momentarily staring at the domed city, feeling horribly nervous with a frown forming on her face again. She didn't know anybody here either, and because she was who she was, if she overstepped any bounds they would reject her. In fact she knew other than Sonic she had no chance of anybody even listening to her…

So she took a deep breath, hating the anxiety she felt, she was ready to get it over with it see what would happen. She then began advancing towards the domed city that looked so strangely similar to her old home with her heart beating every step. In a few minutes time she found an entrance were many people were entering and exiting. She took the opportunity to blend into the crowd and no one seemed to notice her, even the guards who let her pass through the scanners and into the threshold of the city. The area she had walked into was very busy, with a large clump of people right as she walked in.

A little farther down it was spread out, the sun had begun to rise and illuminate over the city too. She felt a load off her mind knowing that the people here didn't know her. Miles had made sure all of Mobotropolis knew her face; her shoulders slumped and she closed her eyes as she sighed. She reopened her eyes with a frown on her face and stood still in the bustle of the crowd with chatter filling her ears. The people here were different and as her eyes darted around she felt safe for once in her life…

Being in Mobotropolis most of her life with someone always ready to get you with your back turned had left her on edge, and she knew if she was able to stay it would take some adjusting living around…somewhat trustworthy folks…

She then became aware of how tense her shoulders were, and she relaxed them again. She breathed in as to loosen her nervousness again as she began her trek to find Sonic. As she walked pass the happy smiling people and their families she noticed there were a lot of street vendors up and down the way. She guessed there was a lot of high traffic due to new arrivals, and the vendors were making a buck because they all sold souvenirs or snacks. But one vendor in particular caught her eye, and a mischievous grin crossed her face as she got an idea. She walked near the sunglasses vendor and waited as a couple bought sunglasses from the vendor. There were sunglasses hanging from the sides of the vendors stand, and as he handed the couple their purchases he bent down to grab something.

Buns casually walked right behind the couple, and as she walked pass she smoothly took a pair of glasses off the stand. The area was so busy no one noticed her, not even the vendor as he stood back up, and she threw the black colored sunglasses on her face. She ripped off the tag and walked in another direction away from the couple. She stuffed her hands in her pockets of her jacket and briefly looked back at the vendor who was none the wiser. These sunglasses would make sure none of the Primes recognized her if she should bump into any of them, they knew her face and would be suspicious since she had showed up out of the blue.

She smirked as she turned back around and walked further into the city, to what seemed to be the City's Square in the middle of this city. After a minute or two of walking she reached the city's square, an area with shops and a huge fountain in the middle of it; benches surrounded the fountain. Buns nodded impressed by the primes little home so far as she scanned around the area. She spotted an empty bench nearby and went over and sat on it as she wondered how long it would take to find him. As far as right now she did not have a place to stay…

She was getting hungry too…

Just then Sonic sped right pass her and Buns blinked in surprise as she was disturbed from her thoughts. There he was! Buns shot up from her seat alert, and she ran to her left in the direction he had run. She desperately looked around the street with houses lined next to each other but he was gone.

"Dang it..." she mumbled to herself as she continued walking down the street with a frown forming on her face yet again today.

She walked a few blocks when she came across a park area with many residents starting to fill it. A little further down she could see a group planting new trees and Buns had to stop for a moment. She tilted her black sun glasses to see it with her own eyes...there she was…

Her prime self…with the prime Patch planting new trees in a park...

She wondered what had happened to herself seeing she had robotic parts. At the same time Buns felt very uncomfortable…this was surreal what was happening right now, that she was looking at herself….

It was all so weird and it crept her out as she decided to continue looking for Sonic. Pulling her glasses back on she walked away chuckling at the idea of her and Patch. Her romantic choices had never been good and she guessed her Prime self was terrible at choosing em as well. All the while Bunnie felt a strange sense of familiarity this morning as she planted trees with Antoine and a group of citizens. They had just filled the area of a hole for the tree with new soil and everyone around her happily chatted away. They were ready to plant the next tree and Bunnie had a look of worry suddenly come over her face. Bunnie felt as if an invisible hand was tapping her shoulder, and she turned to look to the sidewalk of the street at the edge of the park.

Antoine quickly noticed as he turned away from the group, and he stopped smiling looking at Bunnie sympathetically "Bunnie? Wat zis it?"

Bunnie observed a few people walking pass the park and someone who had just turned a corner out of her sight. A light frown formed on her face looking in the direction of the person who just escaped her sights "I…don't know…I jus thought I might have saw someone I might've knew…"

"Were they recognizable?" Antoine asked her with a curious face.

Bunnie did not get a good glimpse of the person so she decided to dismiss it "I guess I'm jus seeing thangs." Bunnie's smile returned "Knaa let's get those redwoods in tha ground."

Antoine returned a gentle smile "After you my dear."

Bunnie and Antoine's group went back to planting new foliage in this, one of New Mobotropolis's many parks uninterrupted this morning. Only Bunnie kept quiet about the strange feeling she had felt this morning. If it was like any other time that she felt a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach it usually didn't amount to anything good.

Around noon Buns had caught another glimpse of Sonic and followed him in another direction around town. This part of town was heavily populated with homes and she had become lost trying to find her way back to the town square because she had lost track of Sonic again.

"Does thet hedgehog evva walk…" she mumbled to herself in annoyance.

She was getting hungrier by the minute, and soon she felt she would have to stop and find some food. She placed a hand on her growling stomach as she walked along; walking across a street and pass a few brick buildings which were businesses. Walking pass glass windows, one a flower shop, next to a hardware store, and finally a restaurant full of patrons but she took a double take looking inside. It was Alicia's prime and she was having a meal with a monkey like fellow. Buns made sure not to stare at them long so she didn't draw attention to herself as she briefly glanced at the two and walked off. Her face was confused behind her stolen sunglasses; the prime world was really strange.

She walked around for a few more hours, and evening had arrived with the sun starting to set, only having caught a few more glimpses of Sonic speeding away. By this time she was frustrated, tired, and hungry so she just decided to ask someone to point her in the right direction. The people surprisingly were very nice and with some help from the residents she was directed to a home on the east side of town.

She stood across the street from his home as a citizen who pointed out his house walked away. She stood still building up her resolve when her stomach growled again, and she frowned. She needed to get some food in her belly…

With her nervousness offset by hunger, she walked across the street to a beige colored home and walked down the path into the yard and rang the doorbell. While she waited she couldn't believe that people here just gave away the directions to Sonic's house. Back in Mobotropolis that was considered dangerous unless you had proof indicating you knew the person. Otherwise someone was looking for you…

Her face was blank as she smelled the delicious smell of food being cooked when a blue hedgehog opened the door but it wasn't Sonic. She was a female, and Buns raised an eyebrow in confusion "Cuse me ma'am, does Sonic the Hedgehog live here?"

Sonic's mother kept the door slightly cracked as she stood in the doorway, and she looked skeptically at Buns getup "…Yes he does, may I ask who you are miss?"

Buns removed her glasses with a frown "I'ma old associate of his…" Buns said looking for the right words and knowing she was lying "…and I need his help. Is he home?"

Bernadette hearing the word 'help' usually indicated the person might be legitimate for her son. It made her a bit less distrustful, but her clothing was throwing her off. Bernadette paused for a moment before she called Sonic; she turned away from the door and yelled "Sonic! You have a visitor!"

In his room Sonic was sitting on his bed fiddling with his guitar and heard his mother's call "Coming!" he yelled back as he placed his guitar down leaning it on the side of his bed.

Sonic thought it might be Amy or Tails coming with news of something to do but as he stepped out into the hallway, he caught sight of Buns standing just at the door with his mother and his heartbeat slowed. His eyes went wide in shock and Sonic dashed to his mother as a serious expression came over his face "Stay back mom!"

The ruckus caused Sonic's father Jules to run out of another room into the hallway "What's going on Sonic?"

Buns remained unmoving with a frown on her face as Sonic defensively stepped in front of his mother. Bernadette looked confused and worried as Jules came up behind her and held her. Sonic glared at Buns asking her the obvious question "What are you doing here?"

Buns eyes narrowed looking more upset as she figured this might happen. But she did her best to continue and look non hostile hoping he would remember that she was on his side last time he saw her "Could I have a word with yiah …"

And he did, Sonic remembered that because of her condition she had sided with Doctor Kintobor. Though that did not convince him, he still didn't know her. But Sonic let his face soften as he gave her the benefit of the doubt as he at least knew she was not with the Suppression Squad anymore. Though her showing up out of her Omega Care Unit made him really doubtful of her intentions.

Sonic responded with a distrustful face "About what?"

Buns really didn't want his parents to hear what she had to say "…In private ple…" but as she spoke her stomach grumbled loudly, and she looked shocked as her eyes widened in embarrassment.

Sonic blinked in confusion and Bernadette and Jules were less concerned by Buns despite their sons defensiveness. Bernadette stepped besides Sonic smiling "Come in dear, you can't discuss what you have to say on an empty stomach."

Buns thought about it for a moment, the Primes would find out about her anyway. Plus she was getting a free meal; back on Moebious that kind of thing was to good to be true; instead you might get a knife in the back. Buns nodded but was hesitant to step into their house with the look of distrust on Sonic's face.

When she finally did Bernadette led her pass Sonic and into their living room, then she walked into their kitchen "Have a seat and we'll get out of your hair."

"Dinner will be ready soon." Jules said as he walked into the kitchen as well.

The sound of the front door being shut directed Buns attention to the wall near the hallway as Sonic stepped into sight. His face was blank as he walked into the living room and sat opposite of her in a chair. They both stared at one another, and it was silent for a moment before Buns could muster speech as now she felt weird and awkward in the mist of her plan.

Even she felt strange about what she was doing right now but when she thought of going back to her old life it spurred her forward to continue on. She spoke with a serious face "…I need a place to stay."

Sonic looked puzzled not believing what he was hearing, there was a long pause before he responded in a worrisome tone "…You want to live here?"

"Yeah..." Buns stated simply, knowing that no one knew the relief she was feeling right now. Relief that she had actually said what she wanted to say and someone had listened; she almost didn't believe it.

Then it fell silent again as Sonic's mind ran wild wondering how Anti-Bunnie just popped up out of the clear blue and ended up in his house. Out of all the things going on in his life right now he didn't need this, especially since he knew when he told the others about her being here she was going to be his responsibility. To find out why she was here and what she was doing here since he was partially responsible for it in ways he didn't fully understand now. Bunnie and Antoine's skepticism about her would be ramped up too now. Sonic didn't know what to do, he had a lot of drama going on in his own life right now, and he didn't want to be bothered with anymore. With Anti-Bunnie sitting on his parents couch across from him and her frown upon her face, he knew whatever was going on was bigger than just what he was seeing right now…

In Moebious, The Suppression Squad were just getting started ramping up their campaign to reclaim their asset, their old teammate Buns and maybe even the precious Warp Ring she had took with her. It was morning time in Mobotropolis as well and at The Suppression Squad's decrepit building, their HQ, they were discussing that with their best informant. Jeffrey St. Croix.

He sat opposite of Miles at his desk looking irritated. He knew they had the nerve to beat him and then ask for help, but it still annoyed him. He was covered in bandages and bruises on his face, sitting face to face with a grinning Miles. They were discussing ways to travel to Prime Mobious since his Warp Ring had been stolen. Traveling through zones was very difficult and for obvious reasons, being such far distances, obtaining a travel method was far and few. The other members stood around him with mischievous smiles on their faces too. Jeffery could not deny them because they provided protection for him often, and they traded services and goods as well. They had roughed him up because he'd been lying about his Warp Ring and not cutting them a slice of the business. They also owned a lot of what he sold…

The thing was…together they did good business, but now they had taken his merchandise, and Miles claimed they would give it back if he helped them. Jeffrey frowned a deep frown as he stared at Miles, he made it his business to know everything there was to know around Mobotropolis. And he just hoped he could get them what they needed so he could get out of their grasp again. Plus if they were successful they might get his Warp Ring back, even though they might force some of its profit out of him. There were still ways to skim money off to the side so they would not know

"So Croix how did you come across that Warp Ring?" Miles said in a curious tone.

Jeffrey sighed "We got it off a Zone Cop, don't know why he was in Moebious but we got him while he was distracted."

"How long ago was that?" Alicia asked with an annoyed face.

"Decades ago." Jeffrey exaggerated "My gang and I had stopped to get a drink at a bar before we headed off to the abandoned steel factory when we ran into Buns."

Miles chuckled "Buns was also involved, how delightful."

Jeffrey nodded rubbing his sore arm "She said Scourge was getting on her nerves so she had split from you guys that day."

"I remember that…Scourge did that everyday though…" Boomer said with disdain.

"Every second." Patch added calmly.

"So she decided to roll with us because she was bored and when we got to the factory we caught sight of a Zone Cop arresting some big purple looking fella. We had only gone there to steal anything valuable but we couldn't let the opportunity pass. We snuck up on him and snatched his Warp Ring; he was able to knock out my three other guys but with Buns help we were able to escape." Jeffrey then smirked "We kept it a secret for obvious reasons."

Patch scoffed "With a rival gang, does she not have any morals?"

"Apparently not." Miles frowned too "What happened next?"

"Nothing, things went back to normal. Us fighting you and you know the usual. On that day though I promised her use of it if she ever needed it. We shook and I keep my word…unfortunately…" Jeffrey said still frowning.

Miles now looked upset "Well what do you propose? Are there any other ways for transportation?"

Jeffrey thought for a moment "Well…we can't get another Warp Ring. I don't know why Zone Cops have them but word is there's a Prime named Dr. Finitevus. He creates the rings but I doubt if we could get one from him, I hear he only loans them out for favors in return."

The Suppression Squad let out a collective groan knowing exactly what a favor meant, and they were not looking to do any favors for anyone. Miles in a upset tone "That would mean it would be very hard to obtain one; I suppose that's out of the question. There probably aren't a lot of those rings either."

"That and the guy is completely bonkers." Jeffrey said shrugging.

"Anything else?" Miles asked him.

"I've heard the Overseers of Demon Island are handed down a Guiding Star Gem; they can teleport." Jeffery said frowning as he shifted in his chair.

Miles raised an eyebrow "O'Nux?"

"Never heard of that, do you know how to get it?" Boomer asked him.

"I wouldn't suggest it, the Orderix keep its secrets locked up tight, and I'm sure they would not tell us." Jeffrey said seeing they were getting annoyed again except for Miles who still looked somewhat calm.

"Well it would look as if we are out of options Mr. Croix." Miles said with a grin on his face again.

Jeffrey was starting to sweat by the annoyed looks of Patch and Alicia but Miles spoke again "I guess it is time to build my Star Post then."

Jeffrey looked confused "You have Star Post?"

Even his teammates looked impressed "You've been holding out on us." Patch smirked.

"When we stole the Star Post from Julian Kintobor they were damaged in the process. Boomer and I repaired them, and after we were forced to give them back I got it's schematics before returning them." Miles grinned deviously.

"You wrote them down?" Jeffrey asked him curiously.

Miles tapped on his head with a finger "I wrote them down afterwards, I just have not had a use for them…until now that is..."

Jeffrey was catching on and he smirked "I know the people who got the parts you need."

"Good, the faster we get Buns the faster you get back to your business. I do not want the hassle of stealing from the old man again so you rather be quick Croix." Miles said reaching into a drawer on his desk and pulling out blueprints and schematics and laying them across his desk "First I will need base materials, metal, wielding tools, etc." Miles said looking to Jeffery for a response.

Jeffrey grinned "I got a contact on the west side who runs a chop shop. Do you guys remember Penelope?"

"I wouldn't like to." Alicia said with a frown and ridicule in her tone"At least she's doing something productive now other than running around and being a hussy."

Boomer and Patch chuckled while Jeffrey looked relived but sounded exhausted "Alright you got your first step, now can I go? I need to lay down."

Miles smirked with a wave of his hand "Fine, go rest up. We'll be calling you soon anyway."

Jeffrey remained quiet as he walked out of the room still quite upset at their actions, but he just wanted to try and get some rest. His bruises made it uncomfortable to sleep. And as Jeffrey had left the Suppression Squad got more serious with a new plan of action. They began immediately discussing their plans for building new Star Post to travel between Zones and to Prime Mobious. As if they were built the way Miles wanted them they would not only be useful for their trip to retrieve Buns, but to also use in the future. To travel far distances and anywhere they wanted...

Well that was awkward, wonder how Buns will get Sonic to warm up to her. Oh and for those you who don't know Miles does remember the schematics for the Star Post in the comic, it's not a weak plot point I made up. This chapter was a bit slow; it always feels that way when introducing a new setting anyway. Things are about to get funnier with Sonic and Buns.