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It was another idealistic day in New Mobotroplis…for some anyway…

Sonic awoke to the smell of breakfast being cooked but there was a frown on his face as he lay in his bed. He sat up and yawned; Buns had slept on their couch last night after she admitted not having a place to stay. Sonic hopped out of bed and left his room, walking into the hallway pass his parent's room and taking a peek into the living room. Buns was no longer on the couch.

"Come and eat Sonic!" Bernadette called him from the kitchen which was opposite of the living room.

Sonic turned around to see his mother place plates on their kitchen table. Buns sat next to his father eating her breakfast; Sonic sighed. His mother wouldn't let her leave until after she ate so he bit his tongue. He sat down next to his mother and father opposite the table sat quietly as he read the paper. Sonic kept his eyes on Buns, his face neutral, and she glanced at him occasionally.

"So Buns dear, do you plan on staying in New Mobotroplis for a while?" Bernadette asked sipping on her coffee.

Buns made sure to speak as proper as she could, she was aware that she was sitting next to the hedgehogs kin, and he might be a bit volatile right now. She held a stoic expression "Auhum not to sure. I was planning on staying as long as I could."

"Are you in trouble dear?" Bernadette asked her looking worrisome.

Buns ate the last piece of fruit on her plate, chewing with a smirk as she spoke "Nah" she lied "I kinda came from a bad place an I was looken to start ovva…if thet's believable to yall…"

"Nothing unbelievable about that, everyone deserves a second chance." Julies said as he turned his paper.

Sonic looked unconvinced though as he only finished a small portion of his food, his mother was quick to notice "Sonic, you haven't eaten your food." Bernadette said placing her cup down.

Sonic's face remained blank keeping his eyes on Buns "I'm not really hungry…"

Buns stoical expression returned, as she needed to keep things going smoothly before she could approach him in a different manner. Sonic then spoke while still looking at her "We gotta take care of something this morning."

Buns nodded with a stoic face, and she stood up from her seat "Auhum gonna wait outside then..." she paused and thanked Sonic's parents "Thanks for tha hospitality."

"I have no problem extended a helping hand; you take care Buns." Bernadette said in a happier tone.

"Don't be a stranger." Julies said placing his paper down.

Buns nodded quietly as she walked out into the hallway and out the front door, away from Sonic's accusing eyes. Sonic finally stood from his seat ignoring his half eaten breakfast and grabbed a phone hanging off the kitchen's wall.

Sonic dialed Sally's direct phone number and not soon after Sally answered "Hello?"

"It's Sonic." he responded.

"You're calling early, what's the occasion?" Sally asked.

"We need to talk right now, get the..." but Sally cut him off and he blinked his eyes.

Sonic parents chuckled as Sonic cuffed his hand over the phones receiver, and he whispered sounding embarrassed "Not about that!" he cleared his throat "Get everyone together right now in the control room, we have a problem."

Sally's voice then became serious after a short pause "You're serious? ...Alright Sonic, you're never this serious in the morning."

"I know." Sonic responded with a frown.

"See you there." Sally said in a stern tone.

"Yea ok…" Sonic cuffed the phone gain, and Sonic's parents laughed at how secretive he was being. Sonic whispered into the phone "No I'm sure it's not about that!"

After Sonic got off the phone and away from Sally's teasing he and Buns made their way from his house to the castle. It was a quiet walk and Sonic knew the others would be upset at this strange happening. Indirectly or not it was his fault that Bunnie's Anti was here, for whatever reasons there was for her to make such a long trek.

Sometime later Sonic and Buns had made their way to control room a few floors up in Castle Acorn. Sally and Tails were the only ones in the control room; they were discussing the pressing news that Sonic had called about. They stood near the entrance of the room, just out of direct sight of down the hall. Not for one second did they guess what it could be about when Tails caught sight of Sonic walking down the hall.

Tails looked at the corner of the door; he didn't see Buns behind him yet "Speaking of Sonic, here he comes now."

Sally turned around as Sonic walked through the door, his face held a frown but Sally smiled anyway. Sally's smile was wiped off her face as Buns walked into the room behind him though "Sonic, now what was so important…"

Tails face contorted in confusion, and his mind tried to process what was happening. Buns face turned into a frown at their looks of disbelief "Bunnie's Anti? What is she doing here?" Sally exclaimed with wide eyes looking to Sonic for an answer.

"This is what I came to talk about." Sonic said with a frown.

"Bunnie is not going to like this." Tails said shaking his head with his brow furrowed in worry.

Buns remained quiet, looking quite frustrated as they went back and forth about her sudden appearance when Antoine and Bunnie entered the room.

"I heard my name, I'm not gonna like what…" Bunnie said as they walked into the control room.

Everyone turned to look at them. Buns glanced behind herself and Bunnie and she locked eyes. Antoine was surprised, but Bunnie's face was full of shock when she saw…herself standing just a few feet away from her. The water bottle in Bunnie's hand fell to the floor, and Buns stayed neutral; she didn't show it, but she felt weirded out by her prime self the same. She had never met any of the Primes other than Amy and Sonic, and her Prime self spoke just like she did. It gave her goose bumps.

Bunnie on the other hand knew she felt something weird yesterday. Her face became full of anger, and she tore her eyes away from…herself and shot daggers at Sonic speaking angrily "Sonic! What is she…ah mean…what am I doing here…yiah know what I mean!"

Antoine looked upset as well "I told you! You shouldn't have helped her Sonic!"

Buns kept her mouth shut; she had to tough it out and make it to the point she planned. This was just her past coming back to bite her, karma for what she'd done to…herself. It was ironic in more ways than one.

Sonic was already annoyed as everyone gave him accusing stares. He knew he was getting the blame for this so he sighed as he tried to diffuse the situation with a frown "Bunnie I brought her here so we could talk ok? Let's talk this out."

Antoine and Bunnie looked at one another and Bunnie could see the frustration written on his face. So Bunnie calmed down and frowned. She huffed but spoke in calm tone looking over at Buns "…Fine…but I wanna know why yeur here?"

All eyes fell on her and tension had been high ever since she stepped foot into Prime Mobius. Buns felt a lump in her throat but she spoke clearly so she didn't look suspicious. There was a bit of a pause "…I came to live here..."

Everyone remained skeptical but Bunnie didn't buy her story one bit as her frown deepened. Strangely, Buns couldn't tear her eyes away from her Prime self as she stared into her eyes and vice versa, Buns face stayed neutral but Bunnie felt she was lying "Thet aint it, what else is thare?"

Buns then frowned as she saw her Prime self could see straight through her lie, who would know her better than herself. Tails then spoke up "We don't need to guess Bunnie, Nicole can help."

Antoine placed a reassuring hand on Bunnie's shoulder speaking in a serious tone "Nicole can confirm it."

Bunnie's face was upset despite a sure fire way of exposing her Anti self. Antoine had a look of scrutiny on his face and Sally, Tails, and Sonic were neutral. Buns frowned at their stares; she could feel their doubtfulness. Granted it was warranted but for the first time in a long while she felt genuinely uncomfortable. The feeling was new to her because in her past she was cold and indifferent to others. She still was but she had changed; she had changed as a person. For her plan to come here she had opened herself up for help for the first time. She had come here because of Sonic, seeking to escape a worst fate and it left her feeling vulnerable.

They didn't waste any time preparing Buns for interrogation, after Bunnie's reluctant acceptance they all moved one floor up. They placed Buns in one of the many interrogation rooms. It was a white sterile room with white walls, floors, ceiling, and bright lights. At the moment Buns was in the room alone, sitting in a wooden chair staring at the two way glass in front of her with a frown, knowing they were just on the other side. There was a speaker under the glass, but they hadn't spoke to her yet the few minutes she'd been in here.

She couldn't see through the glass obviously, but she wished she could see their faces. The only other objects in the room were a metal stand and on it sat sensor devices, and few electrodes attached to a little black box with blinking lights. It was obvious what they were about to put her under a polygraph, she figured that Nicole was some kind of software that was going to help them interrogate her. Although for the most part, Buns was confident she could answer their questions truthfully. Even though she was hiding something else…she hoped….

Meanwhile on the other side of the glass the all of the Freedom Fighters were finally gathered together, Nicole had materialized her holographic form into the room too. The room was equally as empty, and they were all gathered around the two way glass. Amy and Rotor were equally shocked as the rest when Sonic brought Buns with him this morning. They were all a chatter seeing Bunnie's anti sitting in front of them. One scenario thy all quickly jumped to was The Suppression Squad. Thinking that if she was cured that she had got back involved with them, and they sent her here for something they were planning. Other questions would be asked, but they had an interrogation technique was nearly flawless. If Buns was lying they would know.

"That's how we prosecuted Mcbigsby; he thought he could outsmart a polygraph, and we didn't even use our strongest method." Rotor said with a compteplative face.

"And what's that?" Sonic asked him curiously.

"Nicole." Tails stated simply with a smirk "It is hard to trick a polygraph; it measures physiological changes in the body. Stuff like blood pressure, skin conductivity, pulse, stuff like that so if you lie your body will react a certain way and vice versa. It's not full proof but is very effective."

"So you're going to use the strong method, correct?" Antoine asked him curiously.

"I think we can all agree that this is the time for it." Sally said and everyone nodded "How exactly is this different Nicole?" Sally turned to her, and everyone listened.

"My method is different from regular techniques where receiving results from the machine are attached to pulse and other sensor devices are concerned. With the electrodes I have added she will be directly attached to me." Nicole said in a neutral tone as usual.

"She can't lie." Amy said happily.

"With her being directly attached to me I can detect any and all imbalances to her physical reactions to your questions. With us being so close she would not be able to move a muscle without me knowing." Nicole said with a smile.

Sonic smiled elbowing Antoine who looked hopeful "See guys, we got this under control."

Bunnie looked somewhat relived as she smirked "Shut it Sonic."

There was a general consensus that whatever they wanted to get out of Bunnie's anti was now full proof. With all the things Nicole could do, which a lot of was still unknown about her, the power she could put behind her polygraph test was undeniable. With all the power of the city behind her it became a super test. They did find it a bit suspicious that Buns voluntarily agreed to come to Mobius or even come here at all. They weren't sure if she had something to do with the Suppression Squad or not since she came here by herself. Which could still been part of some plan, but right now it could go either way. Despite that they figured they would know regardless now.

"Alright let's get this started Nicole." Sally said with a determined face.

Nicole quietly nodded as she dematerialized out of the room and suddenly appeared in the interrogation room with Buns. Buns was alarmed by Nicole's sudden appearance and almost fell out of her seat. The FF's quickly realized she had never met anything like Nicole.

Inside the interrogation room Buns heart beat fast "What in tha heck…"

The speaker in front of her went off. It was Sally's voice "Don't worry that's just Nicole." the speaker clicked off.

Buns sat fully back in her seat and Nicole spoke with a smile. "Greetings."

Buns looked irritated "Hello to yiahself…" her sarcasm was lost on Nicole.

Nicole began taking the devices off the metal stand and attaching the sensor devices to her, placing a black strap around her arm and a few straps on her fingers. She then placed a rubber tube around her chest. Nicole then grabbed the electrodes off the metal stand.

"Please remain still." Nicole said as she began attaching the gel tipped electrodes to various parts of Buns body.

They stuck to her, and they felt sticky on her fur and Buns kept her frown "Will this stuff com out?"

The speaker went off and Sally's voice came through before the speaker clicked off "Yes, no worries."

The wires attached to the machine dangled all over Buns, and she frowned; she looked so silly in her reflection. Nicole made sure the electrodes were attached well enough then she stepped away from her "Please keep your motion to a minimum; disruptions may cause inaccurate measurements, and we may have to start over." Nicole said in her usual monotone voice, but her face was neutral now.

Buns caught the subtext and she didn't want to be there all day either so she silently nodded. Nicole then dematerialized from the room, leaving Buns with a confused face wondering what in the world that Lynx was.

Nicole reappeared back on the other side of the glass; Buns looked bewildered by the disappearance of Nicole. The FF's waited a moment while Nicole configured herself to detect Buns's physical movement; she stood still with a blank expression on her face. When she finished she blinked her holographic eyes and nodded "Configuration complete, you may now ask her your intended questions."

"Good." Sally said, and the FF's waited and listened as Sally pressed the speaker button.

Buns sat impatiently when the speaker clicked on her side of the glass "Alright Buns, were going to ask you a few questions. Answer them to the best of your ability." Sally's voice said as the speaker clicked off.

"Shoot." Buns responded with a frown still on her face wishing she could see through the tint of the two way mirror.

There was a short pause and then the speaker clicked back on "Are you working with the Suppression Squad? Yes or No." Sally's voice asked as the speaker clicked off.

Buns felt a pang of anger at the mention of her team but answered accordingly "No."

On the other side of the mirror everyone looked to Nicole, and she shook her head "She is telling the truth."

Everyone was surprised obviously because they were sure that she would have incriminated herself on that question alone. Plus right now she was hooked up directly to Nicole; there was no way she was lying.

"What else do we have?" Sonic said aloud looking around for an answer and Bunnie had just the question.

Buns waited trying to remain calm; she had to relax to have the best chance of passing which were already slimmer than she knew because of Nicole.

The speaker clicked on with Sally's voice "Why did you come here?" it clicked off.

Buns hoped she hid herself well enough on this one "I cam to live here."

With the FF's on the other side of the mirror, they anxiously awaited Nicole as she analyzed Buns, Nicole blinked her eyes "There is movement."

The guys looked hopeful "So is she lying?" Rotor asked Nicole looking hopeful.

"It is uncertain; I detected a sharp spike in her skin response, but it is not was constitutes a lie. A lie creates a much larger spike." Nicole said; her face determined.

Everyone brainstormed at the results. Tails spoke with a frown "So she might be fibbing about why she's here; we should stay on that line of questioning."

"Hold up Nicole, what about that spike in the reading?" Sonic asked her with a puzzled face.

"It could be a margin of error." Nicole said with a serious face.

Now there doubts were washed away since Nicole detected something, as they were sure she would have with their first question but got nothing. They figured they were at least making some progress, and Amy had the next question in mind.

The speaker clicked on Buns side of the mirror and with a frown still upon her face she waited for the next question; Sally's voice spoke "Is living the only reason you came here? Yes or No?" the speaker clicked off.

Buns did her best to hide it again staring into the tinted mirror "Yeah."

Back with the FF's they glanced at Nicole as she momentarily analyzed the results of Buns's physical movement. Nicole's face was curious "I have detected a slight change in her breathing; the spike is similar to the previous question." Nicole said with a serious face.

Bunnie looked hopeful "Where on to somthang, if somthang is moven she has to be hiding something."

"Bunnie's right, there wasn't even a response out of the first question. She's lying about what's she doing here." Amy said looking serious.

"I've got a question." Antoine said with a smile, they felt they were getting warmer.

In the interrogation room Buns listened for her next question as the speaker clicked on "Did you come here to hurt, harm, or damage anything or anyone? yes or No?" Sally's voice clicked off on the speaker.

Buns almost smirked, and she answered with a smug face "Nah..."

With the FF's they were hit was disappointment as Nicole analyzed Buns's movement and shook her head "No change in physical movement, she is telling the truth." Nicole stated.

The FF's were floored as they were hit in the face by being flat out wrong again; they thought they had a lead. They all glanced at Buns through the window with her smug face and were puzzled. Their questions were starting wear thin after that whopper, they could not think of any other reason why should would be here. And if they were wrong about her wanting to cause damage to someone or something what was there? They were sure that question was the one; because of who she was they thought she would be here to do something bad.

Bunnie looked the most puzzled; she tried to think what she would do if she was her Anti but she was drawing a blank The questions already asked were straight to the point, and because of Nicole's input unfortunately she was not lying.

"Dang…I was sho nuff about thet one." Bunnie said with disappointment.

"I can't believe she's telling the truth, Nicole can you recheck the questions? Sally said with a confused face.

"Re-coding Sally." Nicole said as her face went blank again.

"When did you run into her Sonic?" Antoine asked him.

"She showed up at my house yesterday evening; I'm not sure how long she's been here." Sonic said crossing his arms.

"If she had been here for a while she could have done something." Rotor said thoughtfully.

"True but Nicole said she wasn't lying." Amy said with a frown.

Just then Nicole finished rechecking the questions and her face became neutral "I have rechecked my measurements and have found that she is telling the truth. Of the questions were she did have a reaction the spike's weren't big enough to be a lie; they were most likely a stress reaction."

They were quiet for moment trying to figure out what they would do next when Sally got an idea for another question.

Back in the interrogation room Buns was getting tiresome when the speaker clicked on again "Do you have any others plans than living here? Yes or No?" Sally's voice said as the speaker clicked off.

Buns looked into the mirror "No."

There was a bit of pause, and the speaker clicked again with Sally's voice "Do you have any plans that involve the Suppression Squad? Yes or No?" the speaker clicked off.

"Nah." Buns responded again.

Another brief pause then the speaker clicked on again with Sally's voice "Just a moment…" the speaker clicked off.

Back with the FF's on the other side of the glass Nicole shook her head; the first question got another small reaction but the second had flatted out. By this point they were stumped and the few remaining questions left them even more confused.

Questions like: Do you have anything dishonest planned? Or similar questions about her plans left them with mixed results every time; some of them barely even registered with Nicole despite getting a reaction out of her. Their questions became less and less effective and the only thing they could figure was that they reactions they did get weren't lies. But a margin of error where it could be she had personal things she did not want to share. Polygraphs were different for everyone and they were not full proof like Tails had said. After a while it they all agreed on the conclusion since any question asking about wrong doing left a flat no. She was telling the truth about that.

They were exhausted after twenty minutes of questioning and by Nicole's results she was telling the truth as far she could tell. She was not here to cause wrong doing.

Sally sighed as she closed her eyes "Go un-hook her Nicole…"

"Yes Sally." Nicole said disappearing from the room and reappearing on the other side with Buns again.

They all watched briefly as Nicole began unhooking Buns and telling her, her test results when Sally reopened her eyes and looked at Sonic with an annoyed face. She spoke in a stern tone "Sonic…"

Sonic shrunk under her glare and the others chuckled "Yeah Sally?"

"We officially have a problem; I don't know why she's here, but I have other things to do. This one is on you." Sally said crossing her arms.

"Uhhmm..but…uhhh.." Sonic held a finger up to protest but Sally cut him off.

"I don't mean to say it this way but this is your fault; you're the reasons she's here so you need to figure out why and get her out of here. Understand?" Sally said with a frown.

Sonic sighed with defeat "Yea I know." he agreed the he turned to look to the guy grinning "Anybody want to help out?"

To which everyone looked away, looking at the floor, at the ceiling and one way or another they mumbled that they were busy. Sonic's face became grumpy but spoke in a comical tone "You're all busy? Come on!"

He got a chuckle from everyone, even Sally, but they stood by their statements "I really can't Sonic; I'm working on a big project and…"

"Tails is working on something big alright." Amy grinned.

The others looked curious and Tails looked surprised "I saw you the other day; Tails has a girl…" Tails slapped a hand over Amy's mouth, and she looked irritated as she tried to speak.

"I don't know what she's talking about." Tails smiled as he removed his hand from her mouth.

Amy placed her hands on her hips "Then who was that woman?" she asked forcefully.

Tails looked shocked moving pass Amy and out the door "I gotta go guys! I'll see you later!"

Amy blinked in surprise "We'll catch up later Sonic since you'll be busy." Amy giggled and Sonic looked grumpy "I'm gonna find out who that woman was. Later guys!" Amy said rushing out the door "Get back here Tails! I want to know who that woman was!"

"Don be to rough sugah!" Bunnie called after Amy.

Rotor who had been mostly quiet spoke up "Hey Sally, do you think Bunnie and Antoine could help Sonic?"

Sally looked confused "What do you mean Rotor?"

"Well you think like her, and you know her likes and dislikes" Bunnie nodded "So you could help Sonic figure out what's she up to through her behavior. You know if she does something Sonic could relay to you…" Rotor finished nodding his head with a thoughtful face.

"That zis a great idea, you would know what she's going to do…you know because…you are her.." Antoine finished looking bewildered "Boy that sounds strange when said aloud."

"No kidding." Bunnie said with a light frown.

Sally smiled "That is a good idea." she pointed at the pair "You two are with Sonic, situationally. If Sonic gets any info meet him right away." Sally looked at him with a wise look "This is still Sonic's mess and I want you to clean it up."

Sonic shot a glare right back at her "Do you like messing with me?" Nicole reappeared back in the room with them leaving Buns alone in the other room with a frown on her face.

"It's my favorite pass time." Sally's wise look was washed away into giggling at the look on Sonic's face. Sally began walking out the room "At least you won't be bored anymore; I'll see you all later."

Sonic mumbled while the others greeted her a proper goodbye. Nicole smiled as she left the room "Goodbye Sally."

Sonic sighed then he looked to Nicole, and her face became remained neutral and she blinked at him "Yes Sonic?"

"Hey…do you want to help me?" Sonic suddenly grinned.

Nicole then smiled again "Your protocols were given to you by Sally, you must adhere to them. I have other work to attend to." Nicole responded as her holographic form disappeared.

Sonic frowned speaking aloud so Nicole could hear him "Yea like what?"

Nicole responded through the nearest speakers which were in the hallway "Making sure the city runs properly."

Sonic began to open his mouth to protest then Rotor patted him on the back "Welp, I got some…computer related stuff to take care of…I'll see you later Sonic." Rotor grinned walking out of the room along with Bunnie and Antoine.

"Computer games!" Sonic exclaimed annoyingly.

"Hey now, those are important." he burst into laughter along with Bunnie and Antione. Sonic crossed his arms with a grumpy face as Rotor walked into the hallway "It's just like Sally said, at least you won't be bored now."

Sonic looked distressed as he followed them into the hallway "Yeah but…not like this!"

This only got more laughter from them, and before he knew it they were gone, and he was left alone with Buns. He walked back over to the two way mirror with a frown on his face; Buns was impatiently looking around the room. Admittedly he was bored but he'd rather be bored than do something he didn't want to do. It's not that he inherently disliked Buns for no reason as she had helped them in the past, but he was vigilant of strangers; especially a stranger like her, with a past like hers.

Sonic groaned again as he knew he might be dealing with her for the rest of the day. He walked out of the room, shut off the lights and closed the door. The interrogation rooms were right next to each other so he didn't have to move an inch in the hallway as he opened her door.

Buns turned to the sound, and she stood from her seat with a curious face "…Am I done?"

Sonic nodded and his face was blank "Let's go…we gotta take care of some things before the day is over.."

Buns smirked as she walked pass Sonic out of the room, and he shut off the lights "What's going on? I passed righ?"

Sonic was not enthusiastic at all, he waved with the motion of his hand to follow him as he headed down the opposite direction down the hall "Yeah, we gotta do some paper work before we get you a place."

Buns did her best to control her smirk. She felt excited, but she did not show it. She was jumping on the inside and she inched out "Thank yiah hedgehog…"

Sonic didn't turn around but he responded to her gratitude "You're welcome..."

Buns was feeling high at the moment, not believing her plan had progressed so far already. She honestly did not know if she was gonna make it this far and now that she was in the moment she had no words to express how she felt. She just felt good…a feeling that had so easily escaped back home. Though her plan was still not ready to go into action, she needed to wait a little longer before she approached him in a different manner. She mischievously smiled thinking about how she'd went undetected on the test; she always got a rush doing unruly things.

Things are getting interesting again! What is Buns lying about? Bet you can't guess. What's going on with Tails? What is the Suppression Squad up to? We'll see what comes out of my head next time.