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The sound of footsteps could be heard as they stepped up the stairs of a small two floor apartment building. The green bricked building held only four apartments and one of them housed the landlord on the first floor. Sonic and Buns were headed to the second floor's empty apartment, and the day was gone. After filing new residence paperwork and scouring the city for a place for her to stay for…whatever reason she was really here. They'd found this apartment building was the best fit. They had both been mostly silent, cautious of one another for different reasons. Sonic because he was trying to find out what she was doing and Buns because she had her own agenda that involved him.

As they reached the door for the apartment Sonic put the key in and opened the door, the evening sun shined through the windows and onto the wooden floors of the apartment, and they both walked inside. After a quick inspection they booth deemed it was better the last few places they had been. This place came with a little furniture already so she would not be sleeping on the floor tonight. Her small bed room had a medium sized bed and her small living room had a couch and a small table and a lamp. Her kitchen had a refrigerator too.

Buns walked into her small kitchen while Sonic stood by the door still not sure what to think of the whole situation. He just didn't get what she was going to be doing here. Was she just going to work a job? Find some occupation around the city and live the rest of her life here? Considering her past he couldn't fit into his mind the type of lifestyle she claimed she was here for because of the person she was.

When Buns walked out of the kitchen Sonic spoke; his face was neutral, but he looked a little bored "Well what do you think?" he asked glancing around the apartment.

Buns smiled "All ah need is a bed, its jus fine and thanks for tretin me out hedgehog. I hate goin to bed hungry." Buns said as she moved over to her green colored couch and sat down.

Sonic yawned "Don't worry about it…" he said, and it became silent again…and awkward…

There were a few moments of silence when Sonic spoke up again "So…what are you going to do now?" he asked with a curious face.

Buns smile turned into a blank face as she spoke; turning around to look at him from the couch "I suppose I'll be finding somthang tah do with maself tomorrow…I'll stay put if I don't hav tah leave…"

"You mean stay and live in New Mobotroplis? You're going to be off doing your own thing right?" Sonic asked her curiously; trying his first attempt to figure out what she was up to.

"Yah to both…" she said looking away from him briefly.

Sonic nodded and he looked nowhere in particular as he pieced together what that meant if she was off living her life in the city. Would she become a normal citizen and pose no threat? Would he even have to watch her anymore? Then Sonic was jolted from his thoughts by Buns speaking to him; she looked directly at him from her couch "But I was wondaering…" she paused; her face still blank.

Sonic raised an eyebrow in curiosity as she continued; Buns suddenly didn't sound too sure of herself "…if ya wouldn't mind hedgehog…if…" and as Buns stared at Sonic she saw flashbacks from her past.

Of all those who lied to her from Moebious and all the bad happenings in her life. All the bad things she had done…

The rejection from her past stung in her present, and she just hoped he wouldn't be like that. She could see Scourge as she looked at Sonic...

Sonic was a good guy though…he was good individual…he would help her….

She hoped that there was a chance…

"….." Buns briefly darted her eyes away from him with a slight frown and Sonic scratched his head as she looked back at him "…if…you might show me aroun town…" her voice almost cracked at the end, and there was a bit of nervousness along with the frown now on her face.

Sonic didn't know what to think of her request as she looked away from him again when he got an idea. This could be a way to find out why she was here; they still did not fully believe her. So showing her around would give him a chance to clue together some stuff.

Sonic then smirked "Sure, we can do that tomorrow sometime."

Buns ears perked up a bit, and she looked back him from her couch. She got up and stood on her knees on the couch cushions with a look of surprise on her face "Really?" she said with a skeptical face raising an eyebrow in suspicion.

"Yep." Sonic stated simply with a smirk on his face.

"...Alright then hedgehog…I appreciate it…" Buns said looking mischievous and sounding much more confident.

"I'll see you later then." Sonic said tossing her they key to her apartment, she caught it as Sonic grabbed the door knob "There's plenty of work around the city so you'll have a fridge full of food and money for your place in no time." Sonic said as he stepped out the door.

"Later hedgehog." she said as she watched him close her door.

"I'll see you around tomorrow." he said as she closed the door.

And as the door separated them, they both breathed a sigh of relief but for different reasons. Sonic's face became thoughtful as he walked back down the stairs to return home and give Bunnie and Antoine a call. He had a lead finally; just telling Bunnie what Buns had said could prepare him for his next encounter with her.

Meanwhile Buns smiled even more as she turned back around and sunk into the cushions of her couch. After she started hearing the questions in that interrogation she was confident she could answers them with a straight face; she wasn't sure she would pass like she did but none the less knew they were expecting something other than what she answered. And because if it she slipped right past them; they were very off about her real plans.

She was expecting a lot worse; she figured after that interrogation they would be watching her too. She wasn't sure how'd they'd do it and even if Sonic was part of it she didn't care. He was her target anyway, and because he accepted her offer she'd finally got to the point where she was able to approach him not as an enemy but as a person. She just started the first part of her plan.

Buns pulled the Warp Ring out of the right pocket of her jacket and fiddled with it in her fingers. It was still cool and smooth without the Chaos Energy from a Power Ring or whatever source of Chaos Energy. Her face then turned to neutral as she began thinking; she couldn't believe that he was helping her….

No one had ever…helped her…

It was getting late, and she knew she needed to retire soon so she wouldn't wake up hungry in the night, but she stayed up for a few more hours. Thinking of her past and how she knew Sonic was looking at her, interpreting what he knew of her from her actions in the past. His only memories of her were probably of her being in the Suppression Squad and kidnapping Antoine. Also tossing her and Alicia into that toxic lake, the only real interaction she had with him. Thinking of how it was literal when she thought of how he was the first person other than Dr. Kintobor to ever give her a thought…

Unintentional as it was….

Meanwhile back in in Moebious the Suppression Squad were having a good night out on the town searching for the parts needed for Miles's Star Post. So far in the last two days they had collected a few parts but Miles was insistent on getting crucial materials that were not taken easily. Jeffery had pointed them in the direction of Penelope's Chop Shop. She had kept it well hidden but Jeffery was clever, and he had contacts all around the city. Especially with the Suppression Squads influence backing him they were easily able to buy off everyone to get dirt.

It was getting late in the night, and parties were going on all through the city as usual. The Suppression Squad though, they were dancing to the tune of laser fire. Currently the four were huddled up behind a group of metal barrels. They had being alley searching for most of the evening when they found the underground garage where Penelope was hiding her chop shop. The glows of orange factory lights illuminated this underground area they were in and they figured they weren't just going to walk in. Penelope and her goons were firing upon them right now and they were pinned down.

Another laser fired past Miles face as he peaked out from behind cover then he turned to his lackeys "Boomer give us some cover while I plant my power converter." He said in a deadpan tone; pulling out the device from a pouch around his neck.

"Patch and I will take out her meatheads, just be ready this time. I don't want a repeat of Fourth Street." Alicia said with a glare.

Miles smirked "You're lucky I can plant this and give you all cover at all."

Patch shook his head with a frown "Whatever…" he said as they all got into crouching position.

Miles held his hand up and gripped the device in his other hand and silently counted down with his fingers…three…two…one…

Then they all pushed the barrels they'd been hiding behind to the ground and Boomer leapt in front of them all. He grinned as he held up his arms and produced a force field with his cybernetic arms. They deflected the laser fire, and they all moved behind him as he guided them safely to the entrance of the parking garage. Penelope and her goons backed up to keep their distance but kept firing at them.

"Don't let up you idiots! Don't let them through!" Penelope yelled as they entered the parking garage and moved to a broken door on the other side of the garage.

Patch kicked the door down, and Miles and Alicia moved inside while Boomer stood at the doors entrance keeping his force field up "Hurry up Miles! I'm not made of energy!" Boomer grunted as the artillery got heavier.

Patch and Alice watched as Miles looked around the area, crumbled stairs and no way out "This is a dead end." Patch said with confusion.

"It doesn't matter." Miles said as his eyes lit up with delight as he found what he was looking for "I only need this power strip." He said as he pulled a tool out of his pouch and ripped the cover off the power strip "Give me one second…" he said as he began attaching his device to the power strip.

Then Boomer noticed that Penelope was getting her big guns "They've got a grenade launcher!" he yelled at them all.

"What!" Alicia said with an angry face.

Miles stood with a determined face and he placed his tools back into his pouch and pulled out a device that looked like some sort of remote control, with only a single knob now that his power converter was in place "Everything is under control." Miles said with a smirk as he turned the knob of the device.

But as he turned it nothing happened and Patch and Alicia looked more upset "Was something supposed to happen?" Alicia screamed.

Miles growled as he bent back down to the floor and re-inspected his power converter. But as soon as he did Boomer growled "Here it comes!" he yelled and not seconds later the cock of a gun was heard and the sound of something firing out of a long barrel. Shoop!

Patch and Alicia braced themselves as the explosion connected with Boomer knocking him off his feet and breaking his force felid "Ahhhhh!" he yelled as he fell onto his back, one his cybernetic arms were damaged as well.

The shock and force of the grenade also knocked Patch and Alicia off their feet. They didn't get a chance to get back onto their feet as Miles stood and turned the knob of his device again. This time the power went down, shutting down all the lights and electric equipment in the area. Penelope's goons were just about to fire another grenade as the power went off but it startled them. They misfired into the ceiling, and it exploded. Causing debris to fall and making it even harder to see and breathe in the pitch black.

"You dumb meat head! You knocked out the power! I'm gonna go fix it, now fire another grenade and finish them!" Penelope said as she coughed trying to move away from the falling debris and find her way to the fuse box.

"Were on it….ahhhh!" one of her goons said as he was knocked out and hit the ground.

Penelope stopped in her tracks "Rocky?" she called.

Soon the sound of feet moving all around her were heard as her goons were getting beat up "What's going on boss!" one of her cowardly goons said as he was knocked out "Ouff!" he said as he hit the ground.

Penelope growled in the pitch black and pulled out her laser gun and fired into the pitch black. Firing anywhere as it became silent "Come out and get me!" she yelled into the suddenly quiet garage.

Her laser shot ricocheted off metal piles and stripped down cars. When her gun was out of juice she threw it to the ground, and momentarily the power came on with Miles standing right next to her. Penelope was startled as she jumped back and bumped into someone else. She turned around to see the twisted smile of Alicia. Patch and Boomer stood not too far away near her fallen goons with crooked smiles as well. Miles placed his device back in his pouch and placed his hands behind his back "Crude but effective wouldn't you say?" Miles said grinning.

"You did that with the power…" Penelope said with a look of fear on her face.

Alicia then grabbed her and kneed her in the stomach, Penelope groaned as she feel to the floor "Is it policy to fire on customers?" she said with anger.

Penelope coughed as she spoke "…You're not customers…you're here to take my merchandise…."

"Regardless, it looks like you might have everything I need here." Miles looked around the parking garage at the large piles of scrap metals, piles of electronic parts, stripped cars, and if he wasn't mistaken a few steel melting pots in the back area of the garage.

"…Like I care what you need….just take what you want and get out!" Penelope said sitting up on her knees; she growled at them.

Patch looked irritated "After what've you have just done?"

"Slow down Patch, she's going to help us. You surely don't think I'm going to waste my time looking through all this junk. She knows where everything is at isn't that right?" Miles said looking to her.

Penelope remained quiet as she sneered at them and Boomer look over his damaged arm "Look at what they did to my tech, this will take all day to fix!" he said angrily.

"Calm down Boomer, I'll help you fix it. After all we've got a lot of new materials to work with." Miles began to cackle.

Boomer then smiled "I guess you're right." he began to cackle along with Patch and Alicia.

Penelope lowered her head in defeat as they all laughed, knowing that they were about to force her into giving up a large amount of what she owned. That and Miles could tell just by looking around at all the amassed materials in Penelope's Chop Shop that it was everything they needed to build his design of the Star Post. Jeffery St. Croix was on his way to getting business back because this victory. The Suppression Squad though, they were getting even closer to getting their hands on their old, but newest teammate Buns. It was sure to be by force too as they knew Buns was not going to come quietly.

Back in New Mobotroplis morning had arrived, and for Sonic things had gone back to a semblance of what he thought was normal. With Buns being in the city being the exception, he had awoke to eat a quiet breakfast with parents. Talked on the phone with some friends and now currently walking to Amy's to try and find out what Tails was up to. His boredom unfortunately had not been quelled. He yawned as he walked down the sidewalk wondering out of all people what was Eggman up to? Sonic shook his head, he was really bored. If anything that was keeping him busy it was Buns. He'd talked on the phone with Bunnie and Antoine this morning and last night, and he recalled to them every word that had come out of Buns mouth.

Sonic crossed a sidewalk as he neared closer to Amy's house; he began to run to help his wandering mind. Bunnie had told him that asking to be shown around sounded like something she would do. Her reason for doing so would be because she felt a bit vulnerable or lost if she was in the type of situation Buns claimed to be in. So if Bunnie was right, and it was true Buns might have revealed something personal to him. Bunnie suggested that he do that 'hedgehog cham' on her and get her open up a bit. Antoine also said that his charm worked on Bunnie, but she denied it in a playful manner. So what they were all able to draw from it was Bunnie and Buns had very similar mannerisms. So they still needed more info, Buns still had clear differences from Bunnie.

So Sonic reached Amy's house in no time and after avoiding her daily but friendly advances they made their way over to Tail's workshop. They hid behind some bushes and a few trees. This early in the morning they caught him on his way out but the woman Amy said he was with was not with him. So Amy and Sonic tailed him around the city until past noon, only losing track of him briefly a few times but no woman showed up.

Sonic and Amy we're sure he was starting to get suspicious too so they had grabbed a pair of sunglasses from a vendor on their way around the city. By one P.M. Sonic and Amy had trailed him back to his workshop with no sign of this lady. Amy and Sonic had returned to the same spot behind the trees and bushes where they had started this morning. Amy and Sonic stayed crouched behind the bushes as Tails walked back into his workshop. They peeked from behind the bushes and the windows to the front and side of the house side of his workshop opened, and they ducked their heads.

Luckily for them Tails did not see them as he poked his head out the window, he had a suspicious look on his face and an eyebrow raised as he causally looked around before pulling away from the window.

Sonic looked curiously at Amy "Are you sure you saw a woman?" he whispered.

Amy gave him a wise looked "I'm not crazy; I didn't get a good glimpse of her when I first saw her, and Tails has been good at hiding her since." she whispered back.

Sonic shrugged but grinned; still whispering "This is still a good use of time…"

But suddenly the sound of a woman's voice could be heard from inside the house. Sonic and Amy looked shocked and surprised. They excitedly looked at one another "Shhh! Listen!" Amy whispered as the both slowly peeked their heads barely over the threshold of the bushes.

"Did you sleep well?" Tails voice was heard.

"It was a beauty, you ready to shoot through?" a woman's voice said.

Tails spoke in a happy tone "Sure, let me just lock everything up."

Amy and Sonic both held confused faces as they looked around but still could not get a glimpse of the woman. Then they ducked their heads again; they both wondered when did that woman get here "She sounds familiar." Amy whispered.

Sonic nodded "I know…its right on the tip of my tongue." he whispered back.

Sonic then donned a big grin and his enthusiasm spurred Amy to do the same; this was getting good he was not bored at the moment. Tails shut his windows peeking out again while Sonic and Amy had their heads ducked. When he closed then they both peeked their heads again, and the hangar door for the Tornado began to open. Sonic and Amy looked at one another in excitement as they waited for Tails to reveal himself and this mystery woman. But as they heard the Tornado startup they heard rustle above themselves. They both looked up in confusion as they spotted a camera strapped to a tree branch. Amy and Sonic paused wondering what was going as the camera began flashing rapidly. It startled them both and they knocked each other's sun glasses off.

"Hey I can't see!" Sonic said trying to shield his eyes.

"Look Sonic!" Amy pointed to the Tornado pulling out of the hangar and moving down the runway.

But they could not see a thing with the camera above them flashing in an abnormal manner. They couldn't expose their cover either so they missed the woman in the backseat of the Tornado with Tails. As the Tornado flew into the air Sonic and Amy ran from their hiding spot to get away from the flashing camera. As their eyes cleared up they caught a glimpse of Tornado flying away.

Amy stamped her foot "He set up a trap."

Sonic rubbed his chin "We'll get him next time. Hey?" Sonic smirked at Amy.

"Huh?" Amy looked curious.

"Let's go make up a plan." he grinned.

"Let's go back to my place; I'll make some snacks." Amy said happily as she grabbed a hold of Sonic's hand and dragged him back to her home. Though Amy played up her flirtations Sonic didn't mind as much as he'd at least found something fun to do. Tails wasn't gonna outsmart them next time.

A few hours later around four P.M. Sonic and Amy had come up with a half-baked plan to track Tails now that they were sure he was aware they were following him. But they felt they needed to get a second opinion about the plan. Amy also teased him about having to deal with Anti-Bunnie before he left, they both knew it might go on for a while. So Sonic made his way over to her apartment building back on the side of town where he lived to find that she was not home. He'd buzzed for her a few times, and normally he would have tried to catch someone he was looking for another time but he wanted to get the whole Anti-business out of the way. So he placed his back on the wall outside the doors in front of the green bricked building. After few minutes of waiting though Buns showed up to Sonic's relief.

She was carrying a few grocery bags, and she had a look of confusion on her face as she approached "Hedgehog?" she asked and Sonic removed himself from the wall.

"What's up? Ready to go?" he asked with a grin.

"Were you waitin on me?" Buns asked him curiously.

"Just few a few minutes, why?" Sonic shrugged.

Buns then smiled at him "Ah no reason…jus…its nothin…" she shook her head "Let me jus put mah stuff up and I'll be righ down." she said in a happier tone.

Sonic was curios about her food but he let her go "Alright; I'm not going anywhere."

Sonic waited less than a minute when Buns returned and she closed the door behind herself as she walked back outside "Where are we goin hedgehog?" she asked with a grin.

"I was going take you to the west side first, but if you don't mind me asking, where did you get that food?" he asked curiously removing himself from the wall of the building again.

"I got a job." Buns said with a smile.

Sonic blinked in surprise "That's why you're so happy, that was quick."

"I got monah too, so whereva you're taking me hedgehog I'm buying." Buns said pulling a wallet out of jacket.

Sonic suddenly felt a shift of some sort but he couldn't put his finger on it. He ignored it for the moment and since he wasn't getting any answers out of her yet he heeded Bunnie's advice and tried to be nice to her so she might open up "Where'd you find work?" Sonic asked curiously as they began walking.

Buns followed and pointed behind herself at a building sitting on the corner of the block just across the street "That gym hired me pretta quick afta I showed em mah moves."

Sonic then tried pouring on his charm "What moves do you know?" he said poking at her.

Buns liked that, she enjoyed playful insults "I know martial arts, don't mak me use it on ya hedgehog."

Sonic raised an eyebrow in confusion, feeling as if he met a new person all of a sudden. The thing Bunnie, Antoine, and Sonic had tried to learn about Buns, Sonic had learned just by spending time with her. As Sonic took her around town to show her around he quickly saw a side of her he hadn't seen before. Buns was the very definition of the opposite of Bunnie, the definition of an Anti. Buns was very forward, very brash, tough, and….very flirtatious…

Sonic had only spent two hours with her and he already didn't like how things had shifted. The friendlier he was with her the more bold she got. Granted this was just a side that was probably already there, and he just hadn't seen it yet but none the less it had blindsided him. He threw Bunnie's advice out of the window, but it was too late; Buns had took a liking to him.

By six P.M. Sonic had gave her a full tour of the town, and they both ended up at a bar. They both sat at the bar; the place was pretty busy already with a lot of talking going on around them. Buns and he had ordered two non-alcoholic beverages, and Buns still had her mischievous look on her face, but she looked happy; sitting straight up in her chair patiently waiting for their drinks. Sonic on the other hand tried his best not to look miserable as he slumped over onto the bar counter, if there was one thing she and Bunnie shared it was their ability to talk your ears off. She hadn't stopped talking since he joked about her job.

He wanted to get away from her fearing spending more time with her, but he couldn't leave either way. His mission was to find out why she was here…which required spending time with her.

Buns looked over at Sonic "You sho kno how to treat a lady hedgehog." she playfully slapped him on his shoulder.

Sonic sat up and chuckled "Hehe…" his tone held a hint of sarcasm.

"I appreciate ya taking tim out to do this for me; I should be able to scoot an boot around tha city nah." Buns said as the bartender handed them their drinks which were just two cokes; she paid for them both.

Buns began sipping on her drink and looking straight ahead while Sonic spoke "So did you spend any time at bars at home?" Sonic said trying to sound interested.

Buns didn't seem to notice though, all the time spent with her, her mind seemed to be somewhere else; she suddenly looked more somber too "It's mah second home, I don't drink any more, had tah stop afta I got sick." Buns said laying down a tip for the bartender; her eyes focused on the bar counter and her head dipped a bit.

Sonic looked interested again giving her his full attention "So what made you want to come here after you got better?"

Buns paused for a moment still not looking at him; her face neutral "…I wanted tah try somthan different…"

Sonic prodded more "Different? Different how?" Sonic looked curious glancing over at her.

Buns thought for a moment lifting her head, glancing at him, and darting her eyes then she smiled at him "I thought I'd try som hedgehog." she inched close to his face.

Sonic looked shocked and she held a big grin on her face; the bartender picked up Buns's tip and chuckled at Sonic. Sonic glared at the male dog as he walked away "I'm jus kiddin hedgehog." she said moving away from him "Somtams ya gotta start a new; I felt it was time." she said looking somber again and looking down at the bar counter once more.

Sonic sighed in relief and did the same "Well then that means you're pretty much set up after today."

Buns nodded as she finished her drink "Thanks to you hedgehog."

Sonic then caught Buns looking at him from the corner of his eyes "So…" Buns mischievous smile returned as he glanced over at her with embarrassment written all over his face "What ya doin tonight hedgehog?"

The bartender cackled down the way and Sonic looked embarrassed trying to scoot his chair away from her. His wooden chair scrubbed across the floor making a scrubbing noise and so did Buns as she scooted right along with him. A loud "Whoo!" could be heard from the down the bar and Sonic figured that might be directed at him. He could see now he wasn't gonna get any more questions out of her today. Now that he'd gotten to know her better it wasn't straight business between them anymore, his questions would only be more serious unless he asked her directly. Their conversation was now friendly…of course more friendly than he would like. Bunnie's advice had backfired, and he was expecting her to get him out of this mess.

He was just on a mission to find out she was up to and but instead he was introduced to a part of Buns true self. He was seeing Buns being more relaxed, just being who she was and Sonic felt a little naive for not seeing it sooner; she was an anti after all.

Buns on the other hand just thought he was being friendly to her. She knew he might be secretly trying to find out something about her, whatever his friends had planned for her, but she didn't care. She hadn't talked to anyone like this years and she was enjoying every second of it.

Have you figured it out yet? Heh you probably won't know what Buns is up to until the end of the story. Welp this was the chapter I was waiting for, I finally got Buns back to where I had originally wrote her. She acts opposite of Bunnie for sure lol. Things can only get funnier from here on out.