Hello all. So this is the sequel to Little Harvey Specter. I recommend reading LHS first for slight background but it is not toally necessary. This story is going to deal with Aiden and Harvey at different points during Aiden's life. Aiden's age bounces around like Mike's does in Lessons In Parenting by Phoenix on cloud nine. Aiden's age will be posted at the beginning of each chapter. Hope you enjoy.

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Age: 13 months

It was a rare event for Harvey Specter to work at home. He preferred to keep his home life and work life separate, as it always had been. Unfortunately, this division of assets case was causing him much grief and thus causing him to break his number one rule. For the past two days Harvey had dragged case files, confidential documents, summons, and subpoenas back and forth from the Pearson Law Firm to his condo on 86th street. He worked from the minute he got home and passed out for a couple of hours to rest, getting up at 6:30 in the morning to do it all again at work.

It wouldn't be much of a problem, if this were five months ago. Five months ago, Harvey could stay up all night if he wanted to; with work or a female companion. He could drink enough coffee in the morning to make himself halfway useful and still win without a problem. However, this is not five months ago, when he was single and unattached. No, now Harvey was the father of an adorable thirteen month old boy, Aiden. The baby, currently sitting in his walker, was watching his father from across the room. Harvey was sitting in front of his laptop, trying to find something tonight that would make him feel like he accomplished something, anything. Harvey placed a cupped hand under his chin, pressing the fingers to his lips as he read. His mind, however, was not focused on his work, as much as he wanted it to be.

His thoughts were currently with his son. Harvey was…concerned. That was the best term for his feelings. He was not worried; concern and worry were not the same emotion, he argued. He was concerned that Aiden wasn't walking around the condo, preferring to be carried or crawl on the floor. Harvey was told by the pediatrician that Aiden could start walking at any time and not to worry. Harvey said he wasn't worried and left it at that. The problem was that Aiden didn't even like to stand, he wouldn't pull himself up to get anything. Donna told Harvey that was because Harvey gave Aiden anything he wanted when the boy so much as breathed differently. Harvey rolled his eyes and told Donna in so many words to stop listening to his phone conversations. It was true though, he supposed, Aiden didn't really work to get anything that was on a table or out of his reach; Aiden simply pointed or made a noise to alert his father of his needs and they would be met. Harvey knew it was a bad thing sometimes, it made Aiden complacent and Harvey spoiled him like crazy, but he couldn't help it. The house was baby-proofed; Donna had made sure of that when Aiden almost played drums with Harvey's crystal glasses. Aiden was simply stubborn in his adamant refusal to quell his father's concerns and start walking.

Harvey was brought out of his thoughts by his son babbling nonsensical noises from his spot. Harvey looked at him quizzically, silently asking what the matter was. Aiden shuffled forward, his walker gliding sluggishly across the floor, Aiden's little feet slapping against the hardwood surface. Harvey stood to stop him, because, as experience would have it, Aiden was unpredictable in controlling the walker, causing many broken items to have been thrown out. Harvey squatted in front of his son, not kneeling because of his expensive suit pants.

"Hey there." Harvey greeted his son happily. Aiden bounced in the chair causing the metal and plastic seat to jump with him. Harvey smiled and pulled Aiden out of the chair and set him on the floor. Harvey bent at the waist and grabbed at the baby's wrists, firm but not gripping. He pulled his son up on his unsteady legs.

"Let's try walking again okay?" Harvey asked. Aiden blew air through his lips and the sound emitted was akin to a raspberry. Harvey chuckled and began to move forward slowly allowing Aiden to move at his own pace. Aiden lifted a leg and moved it forward alongside his father. They moved together for a few paces, Harvey started to let his hands slip out from their position to allow Aiden to try moving on his own. The second Aiden felt his father's hands move away, however, the baby dropped to the floor. Harvey sighed irritated. He lifted Aiden again and repeated steps 1-4, with the same results. Aiden sat on the floor and looked up at Harvey who was trying not to let his frustration show. Suddenly the phone rang from its cradle. Harvey quickly strode over to it and lifted the phone to his ear.

"Harvey Specter." He greeted.

"Harvey." It was Jessica. "I just wanted to see how the case was coming." She said.

"It's coming along." Harvey acknowledged. Jessica sighed on the other side.

"Don't lie." She warned. Harvey raked a hand through his hair.

"I didn't lie. It's coming along, not as well as I want it though." Harvey admitted.

"I expect nothing but your best Harvey." Jessica said seriously. Harvey sighed.

"I got it Jessica. I've got Mike working on it too." Harvey responded pinching the bridge of his nose. He felt a tug on the bottom of his pants and saw Aiden sitting right next to his foot, wanting to be picked up. Harvey, completely irritated, waved his son away and walked across the room away from him. "I assure you we'll find something." He promised her.

"You better." Jessica said, "I don't need to remind you of the importance this client is to the firm." Jessica indicated slowly, using the speed as emphasis of the words. Harvey nodded even though he knew she couldn't see it.

"I understand Jessica." Harvey promised. He felt another tug at his pants and saw Aiden had crawled across the floor to him again, this time with watery eyes complete with a pitiful whine. Harvey ran his hand through his hair again and moved, walking to the other side of the room away from the child. He was aggravated enough with the conversation that he didn't need Aiden to jostle him for attention.

"What do you have so far?" Jessica asked. Harvey proceeded to tell her of some of the inner workings of the case. He told her of the things both he and Mike found, which, when spoken aloud, wasn't a lot. Jessica listened with a silent ear, as she always had. Harvey wasn't complaining; he was merely expressing his dislikes with an annoyed tone that could be interpreted as a whine. He felt another tug at his pants and looked down at Aiden.

"Jessica, hold on for a moment." He said into the phone. He then settled the mouthpiece on his shoulder and bent down to get eye level with the child. "Aiden, daddy's working, stop pulling on my pants." He said in a stern voice. He then stood straight and walked toward the window continuing the conversation with Jessica.

Harvey chatted in the phone facing the window and looking out at the night sky. Jessica had turned Harvey's attention off of the case and onto other things, like sports and Aiden. Harvey was currently telling Jessica of his concern with Aiden's walking when he turned around away from the window toward the couch. He stopped talking and almost dropped the phone.

"Oh my God." Harvey said simply, his eyes taking in the sight in front of him. There was Aiden standing straight up on his own and away from the table he probably had boosted himself up with. He was swaying back and forth unsteadily, determination lining his entire face. Harvey felt his heart stop slightly. The two were silent; Harvey could hear Jessica trying to get his attention on the other side of the line. "Jessica let me call you back." He said placing the phone on the table, the cradle on the other side of the room. He then walked slowly towards Aiden, not wanting to scare him and break his concentration. Harvey then knelt on the floor three feet away from the baby, not caring a bit about his pants this time. He pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and turned the video camera on, silently thanking Donna for helping him figure out that particular feature. He smiled at Aiden and began to speak softly.

"Aiden." He called. Aiden's eyes darted to his father's and a smile appeared. Aiden wobbled on his feet a little but didn't fall. Harvey was looking at his son, alternating his view through the phone and his own eyes. He didn't want to miss this, and he wanted to capture it forever. "Are you standing up on your own?" He asked his voice unchanged despite talking to a baby. Aiden's smile widened. Harvey grinned, the lines on his face becoming prominent with the motion of his muscles. "Are you going to come to me Aiden? Come on, come to daddy." He coaxed. Aiden looked puzzled for a moment, as if he was trying to discern how exactly he was going to go to his father who was so far away from him. Harvey, holding the phone steady in one hand, reached out the other pulling his gaze from the phone to lock his eyes with Aiden's. "Come on big boy, come to daddy. It's just like walking with me, one foot over the other. Come on baby." He encouraged. Aiden blinked a few times and slowly, oh so slowly began to step forward. Harvey leaned forward in apprehension, successfully keeping the phone steady despite the fact that he was shaking. Aiden was determined, the furrowed brow evidence of that. The little baby stepped forward, each step painstakingly slow until he finally crossed the small gap to his father. Harvey had stopped recording about two steps before Aiden reached him. Harvey held both hands out and caught Aiden before he fell down. He wrapped his long arms around his son tightly, embracing him and laughing.

"You did it!" He congratulated. Aiden giggled along with his father, not really understanding but happy to finally have gotten his attention. "You walked to daddy on your own." Harvey explained but the manner in which it was said made it seem like Harvey was trying to convince himself what happened rather than tell Aiden what he had done. Harvey blinked a few times, trying to contain his tears. "I am so, so proud of you, Aiden." Harvey whispered in his son's ear. Aiden's quiet breathing was the response Harvey had gotten. Harvey looked and saw Aiden simply lying on his father's shoulder, eyes open and content. Harvey glanced at the clock. 8:15. "It's past your bedtime little one." Harvey commented and stood, groaning at the pain in his knees. He laid Aiden in his crib and left the room, seeing the phone he hadn't placed back on the cradle. He lifted it and saw that Jessica's name was still on the caller id screen. He placed the phone back against his ear curiously.

"Jessica?" He called.

"Yes, Harvey?" She said amused.

"I thought you had hung up." Harvey commented. He heard Jessica laugh on the other line.

"I was about to but then I heard you and Aiden. I expect to see a video tomorrow." She said. Harvey felt his cheeks heat up. "Good night Harvey." She bid her farewell and Harvey heard the phone click. He placed the phone on its cradle and went back to the laptop, gaining the second burst of energy he needed to continue working.

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