So here begins are mini!arc, the only one so far. This set of chapters all have a common theme that it is Harvey's oldest niece's wedding and all the shenanigans and conflicts that ensue. Like I said, this arc focuses on Harvey's emotional changes throughout the five years since he had custody of Aiden and how he deals with other members of his family. This chapter you're meeting Alexander, Harvey's younger brother.

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Part 1 of the Wedding Arc -Monday

Age: 5 years old

Aiden woke up that morning in his Iron Man covered bed feeling a little different. He couldn't tell when he stood up. His pajamas were the same length as they were the night before, so he hadn't grown; much to Aiden's displeasure. He and daddy hadn't suddenly moved overnight; he was still in his room, the Iron Man bed-sheets still on his bed. The closet still didn't have monsters but had plenty of suits. His hair was still on his head and every body part was accounted for. He touched the front of his pants; nope, he didn't have an accident. Aiden turned around in a quick circle then fell to the floor when he got dizzy. Nope nothing had changed. Aiden decided, after the room stopped spinning, that he should make an appearance outside to see if daddy was awake yet. Aiden stood up and opened the door to walk through the frosted glass hallway in the condo. It was then Aiden realized the something that was different. Instead of hearing the usual jazz music floating through the condo they called home, Aiden heard two voices, his father's and another man's. Aiden came to the open door that led into the living room, kitchen and dining room all in one. Harvey, still dressed in his sleeping attire; a pair of blue plaid pants and a black undershirt, was talking to an equally tall blonde man dressed in a beige suit.

"And if you so much as breathe on the other balls on that shelf, I will personally hang you outside on the balcony by your intestines." Harvey was saying to the other man. Usually normal people when faced with a threat like that would immediately start stuttering and freaking out, but the person talking to Harvey was anything but normal.

"Okay, ignoring the utter disgusting image that entails, can we focus on the part of the orientation that tells me what I'm allowed to do because all you've been telling me since I walked through the door two minutes ago is what I'm not allowed to do." The blonde asked mockingly, thoroughly amused by the conversation. Harvey fixed a glare onto the other man who gave a bright smile back. Aiden decided that now was the time to make an appearance, since he was hungry.

"Uncle Mike!" Aiden called running into the room, socks skidding across the hard wood floor. He slid into the blonde man who staggered from the weight of the five-year-old crashing into his legs. Mike laughed and he lifted the child with a grunt. Aiden's arms wrapped around Mike's neck as he hugged him tightly.

"Good morning Aiden, did daddy wake you up with his ordering? If so then I'm sorry." Mike said playfully. Harvey glare deepened and he pulled the child away from Mike, giving him a quick squeeze and then setting him on the floor.

"Aiden has an alarm clock that wakes him up." Harvey explained standing up. "Morning Aiden." Harvey said pulling a hand through his ungelled hair. Aiden smiled brightly at his father.

"Hi, daddy! What's Uncle Mike doing here?" Aiden asked. Harvey chuckled.

"I told you last night silly. Mike's staying here until next week because Uncle Alex and his family are staying in Mike's apartment for the wedding." Harvey reminded him. The look that crossed Aiden's face caused both men to burst into laughter. There was a ding from the kitchen. "Breakfast time." Harvey said gently tugging a lock of Aiden's blonde hair then crossing to the kitchen. Aiden yelped and winced at the pressure. He rubbed the roots of the spot that were tugged as he fixed a glare at his father's back. Aiden paddled behind him and pulled himself up onto one of the white chairs next to the island in the kitchen. Mike came beside him and sat down. Harvey quickly pulled out the two waffles for Aiden setting them off to the side to cool while he got out the orange juice for him and Aiden. Mike watched for a moment, seeing a pattern in the number of things Harvey was pulling out.

"Um, I know that you have a routine you've been doing for five years but, now there are three people here." Mike said circling his finger in the air as a gesture indicating the three of them around the island. Harvey gave him an inquisitive look for a moment.

"You didn't eat before coming here?" Harvey asked. Mike scoffed.

"It's 7 in the morning Harvey. I was here at 6:30, where could've I gotten breakfast?" Mike shot back. Harvey placed a plate in front of Aiden, then giving him a fork. The waffles were all cut up and dripping with syrup, just how Aiden liked it. Aiden began wolfing down the food before Harvey turned back to Mike.

"You live right by Starbucks." Harvey argued.

"I'm not paying an exuberate amount of money for a bowl of oatmeal this big." Mike retorted, holding his hands up in a small circle to prove his point. Harvey rolled his eyes before taking down a plate and putting a muffin on to it handing it to Mike.

"Thank you. Remind me to leave a book on Hospitality 101 on your desk." Mike joked taking a bite of the lemon poppy seed muffin. Harvey put a cup of coffee in front of Mike.

"Now that's funny because I don't have to remind you of anything. You know your eidetic memory and all." Harvey quipped taking a sip of his coffee. "Aiden, drink some juice." He prompted the child, who was still putting three or four pieces at a time in his mouth. Aiden looked up from his food at his father and upon seeing the serious look on his father's face, lifted the glass and put it to his mouth. Mike turned back to his muffin in silence taking a sip of his coffee which surprisingly is exactly how he likes it. He didn't say anything though because his memory told him that Harvey has stolen enough of Mike's coffee that the other man should know exactly how Mike likes his coffee; sugar-laden and lightly colored with milk.

The three sit in silence until Harvey put down his cup down and announced, "Okay it's time for all kindergarteners to go get dressed for school." He said to the now finished eating Aiden. Aiden hopped down from the chair and scampered into the hallway down to his room. Harvey smiled at Mike for a moment then silently made his way to the room. Aiden had already opened the closet and was looking at the suits neatly hung in their rows. Aiden stood at the door staring up at all the choices that were hanging there. Harvey came behind him and looked at the suits thoughtfully.

"What are you thinking?" He asked the five-year-old. Aiden put a finger to his lips, deep in thought. His head cocked to the side as he looked at the jackets and pants hung on the poles.

"I don't know. I don't want to be too flashy, since it's only the third week of school, you know?" Aiden directed this to his father who looked down at the boy in amusement.

"If that's what you think is best. So why don't you wear the beige one?" Harvey suggested.

"And what tie would you wear?" Aiden asked sharply, little chubby hands propped on his hips. Harvey tried really hard not to laugh.

"That blue one with the stripes. The white stripes." Harvey indicated to the tie hanging on the side wall. Aiden looked at it then back at his father scandalously. Harvey covered his mouth with his hand to hide the smile forming. Five years old and he was already so in tune with his appearance. Now if only Harvey could fix Mike's affinity for skinny ties.

"Why don't I just wear a bow tie and look forward to eating lunch in the bathroom all year?" Aiden remarked sarcastically.

"So what tie are you going to pick then smarty-pants?" Harvey asked. Aiden plucked a purple tie from the bunch and handed it to Harvey.

"This one." Aiden said confidently.

"This one? The one Louis bought you?" Harvey lifted the tie with a disgusted look on his face. Aiden nodded closing his eyes. Harvey rolled his own and then sighed.

"Fine, but don't blame me if the other kids won't talk to you because you smell like sausage." Harvey said. Aiden shot him a confused look and Harvey shook his head. "You don't smell like sausage." Harvey assured him and pulled down the suit that they agreed on. He took the clothes off the hanger and draped them on the bed. Aiden shimmied out of his pajamas and put on a pair of clean underwear that Harvey placed on the bed. Harvey unbuttoned the shirt while Aiden put on a white t-shirt before allowing his father to put the shirt on his shoulders. Aiden slid his arms in the sleeves and batted Harvey's hands away from the front of the shirt.

"I wanna do it!" Aiden insisted starting to fumble with the buttons. Harvey watched amused as the child's fingers slipped off the buttons as he tried to coax the round plastic pieces into the small eye-holes. When Aiden's eyes began to water in frustration Harvey slid to the ground and deftly buttoned the shirt.

"When you're older, you'll be able to do this quicker." Harvey promised him. Aiden pouted and said nothing. Harvey kissed the child's forehead before shuffling back on his knees to give Aiden space to put on his pants and waistcoat. Harvey helped him tuck the white shirt into the pants and Aiden buttoned the pants and waistcoat buttons because they were bigger buttons. Harvey put the jacket on Aiden and quickly finished tying the tie before Aiden buttoned the jacket. Harvey stood up slowly, inwardly groaning at the pain from his knees. Aiden giggled.

"You're getting old daddy, how old are you again, fifty?" Aiden asked mockingly. Harvey simply glared and tugged on the blonde strands in warning.

"Forty-four, you little brat. Go brush your hair and teeth and I'll be in to fix your hair after I get dressed." Harvey instructed. The child stuck his tongue out and went into the adjoining bathroom.

Harvey quickly got dressed and came into the bathroom just as Aiden was spitting out a mouthful of water and toothpaste. "Let me see." Harvey ordered. Aiden opened his mouth obediently. Harvey inspected his son's brushing job and nodded. He lifted the comb on the sink and pulled it through his son's hair to get any missed tangles before taking the gel already opened on the counter and put a little dollop in his palm. He ran his fingers through Aiden's blonde hair, darkening the strands before parting the hair slightly to the right of the scalp. He then flattened the small portion of hair flat against the skull while puffing up the larger portion of hair into a stylish coif. He then quickly repeated the process on his own head before washing his hands. He took out his own toothbrush and pointed out of the door.

"Go get your school bag and the folder off the table. I'll be out in a minute." He ordered turning to the mirror.

"But daddy, the dentist said a good tooth brushing takes two minutes." Aiden interjected cutely. Harvey looked at the child through the mirror and Aiden walked out. Aiden quickly stopped in his room and lifted his Iron Man action figure. He was almost out the door before he heard, "no Iron Man toys!" called out from behind him. Aiden grimaced and slammed the toy on the dresser before he stomped down the hall. He came back into the large room and saw Mike was still sitting at the island but was now perusing through some documents he must've brought with him. He looked up from the papers as the boy stomped into the room and crossed to the table lifting a blue folder from the surface.

"Hey there. Looking sharp!" Mike called comically from his chair. Aiden gave him a similar look that Harvey would've given him. Mike chuckled and resumed reading as Aiden placed the folder in a surprisingly simply dark blue denim knapsack hanging on the chair. Aiden pulled his arms through the handles when Harvey came in buttoning his jacket.

"Alright ready to go?" He questioned picking up a CD case from the island and crossing to grab his briefcase from the table. Aiden nodded morosely, still upset about the toy. Mike quickly gathered his files and put them in his trusty messenger bag that Harvey had attempted to burn once or twice but failed. Mike slung the bag over his shoulder and settled it under his arm. Harvey went into the front hall and opened the door letting Aiden and Mike out before closing it behind him.

They dropped Aiden off first at school, Harvey stepping out to see him to his classroom and, in his own words, "make the soccer moms jealous". Then he and Mike were driven to Pearson Law Firms to being a grueling day of meetings, client crap and co-worker crap. Mike was just glad that he had an office now and didn't have to deal with the nonsense in the bullpen anymore. The other associates still took his paperclips and intruded into his office as if he wasn't higher up then them but Mike paid only ninety-nine cents for the paperclips; it was no skin off his back.

Later that day Mike found himself sitting on Harvey's couch reading over something for the senior partner. Even though Mike was no longer Harvey's exclusive associate, Mike found himself doing work for Harvey more than the other partners. It was just ingrained in him, he figured. Harvey was at the glass table to the right of his desk, papers spread around him currently reading as well. The sounds of Sir Duke's piano trickled around the room; Harvey's thinking music. The strong work ethic was interrupted by a high-pitched noise of compressed air against a glass shooting across the room. Mike dropped his highlighter in his lap being snapped out of his focal point while Harvey's pen shot out of his hand and thankfully away from the window as he jerked his head around to find the source of the noise. His eyes settled on the glass wall and onto a pair of identical brown eyes on the other side. Harvey stood up quickly and crossed to the door. He flung it open and walked to the owner of the brown eyes and punched him in the arm. Mike watched as Harvey spoke to the other man for a moment before pulling him by his shirt sleeve into the office.

"Alex!" Mike crowed from the couch. He stood quickly being enveloped into a tight brotherly hug from the other man. Alex smiled brightly when he pulled away from Mike. Mike took a moment to let his eyes run over the other man, not having seen him for a while. He was built similarly to Harvey, broad shoulders, tapered waist and long legs. He was taller than Harvey, though only by two inches at most. His brown hair was cut short and thinned at the temples. He had a jovial pair of brown eyes that were a common factor in all the Specters that Mike encountered during his tenure with Harvey. The man however, had more features in common with Aiden than with Harvey himself. Donna chose this moment to walk into the room and Alex took in her entrance with glee.

"Donna!" He exclaimed as she crossed the threshold. "Are you a thief because…"

"You stole my heart away…" Donna finished teasing. "Yeah Alex, you already used that one. At your wedding no less." Donna reminded him gleefully. Alex blushed and turned his head away.

"What can I say Donna? You will always be the one that got away." Alex lamented dramatically. Donna laughed.

"That's what they all say." Donna said cockily. She then turned to the older Specter. "You have a conference call."

"Who?" Harvey asked. Donna frowned for a moment.


Harvey grunted disdainfully. "And Aiden didn't cause trouble in school for me to discreetly leave the building for?" He asked hopefully. Donna shook her head.


"Why do I have to have such a well behaved kid?" Harvey said tetchily before sitting at his desk and picking up the phone. He did a good job being polite Mike noticed. Henderson caused many problems for Harvey before, with his wild children and his own promiscuous ways. The man was unpredictable with his company and there have been many problems that Harvey fixed time and time again. It was wearing on Harvey, especially one night when Aiden was sick with a high fever and he had to deal with another Henderson scandal instead of being focused on his little boy. Harvey had almost, almost, told Henderson to shove it as Aiden was practically screaming in pain; instead Harvey "dropped" the phone and pulled the battery out. Aiden didn't understand the concept of blame so Harvey didn't feel that guilty when he told Henderson that his son knocked into the phone causing it to smash into the floor the next day.

Harvey pushed his fingers into the bridge of nose, clearly exasperated. Harvey had tried to interject a few times but was cut short by the other man. Harvey shook the phone in front of him angrily and then placed it against his ear to listen again. The call continued for a few more minutes until Harvey could stand no more of the nonsense and quickly hung up saying Jessica wanted him for something. Once the phone was back in its cradle Harvey covered his eyes with the palms of his hands groaning.

"Mike." He said wearily. Mike looked up from his staring contest with Alex to the senior partner.


"When you make partner, I'm foisting him off onto you," Harvey swore to him. Mike groaned, having recalled a time when he met Henderson personally.

"No…I was already promised Tom Keller and you know how much more of a hassle he is." Mike complained. Harvey shook his head.

"I'd rather deal with that hippie pot-head than Henderson."

"But, he's too…touchy with me. It's like he's undressing me with his eyes." Mike shuddered in remembrance.

"He does that with everyone, don't feel special." Harvey drawled. Mike glared at him.

"This is what you two do all day?" Alex interjected. The two lawyers looked over at him.

"No, sometimes we quote Top Gun." Mike said.

"Or any other movie really." Harvey added. Alex regarded them with a look of pure curiosity.

"You two are like…" Alex began passing a hand between them trying to find the words. "Really scary." Alex finally said.

"You should work on your descriptive terms Alex." Harvey said mockingly before turning to the paper on his desk. Alex scoffed and walked to the record collection behind the couch. Alex let his fingers run against the sleeves before picking one off the shelves. He glanced at the cover.

"The Spinners? Bro, you don't even have Queen but you have The Spinners?" Alex groaned turning the sleeve to face Harvey. Mike looked over at the younger brother.

"Be careful, the one time I insulted The Spinners I was sent to work with Louis as punishment." Mike warned him. Alex scoffed.

"Me and ol' Louie get along just fine." Alex boasted placing his hip onto the back of the sofa.

"Yeah, that's because the two of you like Queen." Harvey reminded him.

"Freddy Mercury made great music and you know it. You just don't like how they looked." Alex argued.

"Dad didn't like them either Allie." Harvey told him. Alex glared at his brother.

"Don't call me that Harv." Alex bit out. Harvey chuckled and picked up a pen.

"What are you going to do about it Allie?" Harvey repeated maliciously.

"I'll take a pen to your basketballs Harvey Reginald." Alex threatened. Mike stiffened. Once you used someone's middle name, it was on.

"You do that and I'll have to remind you of what happens when you touch my stuff, Alexander Ellington." Harvey stood up portentously, his tie falling onto the paper he was reading since his jacket was open. Mike snickered behind his hand but then realized he was in the line of fire and quickly moved away. Alex stood in manner behind the chair as if to say "bring it on."

"A la 1995, Reginald?" Alex asked. Harvey scoffed.

"More like 2002 Ellington." Harvey shot back. Alex cocked an eyebrow.

"Really? You're gonna bring that up now? That wasn't even yours, it was mine!" Alex exclaimed.

"Does it matter? I still beat your ass into the ground." Harvey's arms were spread out in his usual know-it-all pose. Alex spluttered for a moment in remembrance.

"Then we should go like its 1990. I won that one." Alex prompted him. Harvey rolled his eyes.

"That wasn't fair, you elbowed me in my bad shoulder, you cheated." Harvey accused him.

"I didn't cheat!" Alex defended himself. "You didn't tell me about your stupid shoulder! You were embarrassed!" Alex pointed a finger to his brother. Mike slipped out of the door and closed it, leaving the brothers in the room alone.

"This is getting good," Donna commented from her desk as Mike walked over. Mike shook his head.

"It always gets like this." Mike noted. Donna nodded.

"Yeah, but they never mean it. It just gives them something to do. They haven't gone to blows since 2004." Donna remarked off-handedly.

"What was that one about?"

"They were both drunk and Harvey said something about Helen and Alex didn't like it. Harvey never saw it coming." Donna punched a fist into the air. "One punch and out. Neither remembered it happened. But did me and Gordon had a great laugh about it." Donna remembered fondly. Mike rolled his eyes and turned to walk down the hall.

"I'll be in my office, call if it comes to blows." Mike said. Donna saluted him as he walked away. He made his way to his office when he saw a beige suited figure make his way down the hallway, a lanky brunette woman with him.

"And then…Uncle Mike!" Aiden called running up to him and grasping the blonde man around his waist. Mike grunted with the force of Aiden's arms.

"Hi." He said to the boy as the woman caught up to them. "Hi Christine." Mike said to the woman.

"Mike." Christine greeted coming up beside the two. "I'm just here to drop off Aiden's school bag."

"We're going to the MOMA!" Aiden exclaimed happily. Mike smiled.

"That's great. Alex is here." Mike told him. Aiden started bouncing on the balls of his feet joyfully.

"Uncle Alex!" Aiden exclaimed taking off down the hallway. Mike laughed as the child scampered toward Harvey's office.

"Aiden, slow down! Oh!" Christine shouted before quickly going after him. Mike shook his head and continued his walk into his office.

Aiden quickly passed Donna's desk, throwing a "Hi Aunite Donnie!" as he shoved the door open. Harvey and Alex were now standing side by side at the window, their previous argument dissipating a while ago. The two were amicably talking about Natalie, Alex's step-daughter, and her upcoming wedding. Aiden slammed into the back of Alex's legs causing the older man to stagger and catch himself on the table in front of him.

"Has he tried out for football yet?" Alex asked his brother good-naturedly. Harvey laughed and pulled Aiden off of Alex's back.

"No, he wants to play baseball." Harvey commented settling Aiden on the floor.

"Like his daddy." Alex remarked. Harvey smiled. Christine came into the room, panting slightly. She directed a stern look at Aiden before looking up at Harvey.

"Aiden wanted to drop off his bag before heading off to the MOMA." She explained. Harvey nodded allowing Christine to move to the glass table and settling the bag onto one of the leather seats around it. "I'll be talking to Donna when you're ready Aiden." She said leaving the room.

"You're going to the MOMA? Oh, Helen's been dying to go." Alex said wistfully.

"It's right on the way from Mike's apartment. It's on 53rd street between 5th and 6th avenue. Mike's on 53rd and Madison. You can have Gabrielle and Helen meet you there." Harvey suggested.

"Yeah, Helen's been restless lately, you know since she's almost full term and all." Alex reminded his brother.

"Don't worry. Mike's literally down two blocks from here. And he still manages to be late every morning." Harvey lamented. Alex cocked an eyebrow.

"Really? Every morning?" Alex asked disbelievingly.

"Yep, 15 minutes. And he still bikes to work too." Harvey added. Alex scoffed shaking his head. Alex dug a hand into his pocket to pull out a cell phone.

"Let me call over and see if she wants to go." Alex said flicking his finger on the glass screen and tapping a command into the phone. He put the phone up to his ear and quickly found out that Helen would love to go and she and Gabrielle would make their way over.

"Okay, love you sweetie." Alex said hanging up the phone. Harvey rolled his eyes.

"Sweetie." He said simply under his breath. He felt a ball of paper smack onto his finger and looked over to his brother who was putting on his jacket.

"It's a term of endearment, asshole. Married people use those."

"I use them." Harvey defended. Alex rolled his eyes this time.

"Calling Mike not-so-useless is not a term of endearment, Harvey." Alex challenged walking to the door.

"I call Louis your highness sometimes!" He called at his back. Donna chuckled at the desk but didn't say anything. Alex hesitated at the door for a moment. "What's the matter?" Harvey asked. Alex took a slow breath in and turned back slowly.

"I think I should tell you…but don't get mad." Alex began. Harvey placed his pen onto the desk and regarded his younger brother seriously.

"What's the matter?" Harvey repeated a questioning look crossing his face. Alex grimaced for a second and shuffled uncomfortably on the carpet. He sighed deeply before a pitiful look flashed through his eyes.

"Mom's here." He said simply.

"In Pearson Law Firm?" Harvey asked curiously. Alex shook his head.

"No, in the city." He said. Harvey was silent.

"I thought she wouldn't be here until Friday." Harvey finally said. Alex shrugged.

"She knew that I was coming early because the rehearsal dinner is tomorrow and she said she was coming in early for something with Roger." Alex explained. Harvey leaned back in his chair and sighed.

"So you're telling me as…what? A precaution to hide?" Harvey asked bitingly.

"Harvey. You two keep putting me in the middle of this crap. Whatever the matter is between you two, I'm a part of it and I'm sick of it. She would've told you if she knew she could get a hold of you." Alex spat angrily.

"She has my email." Harvey defended.

"Oh yeah, your work email. Like you really look at that." Alex drawled sarcastically. Harvey rolled his eyes.

"Fine, you told me, now go off and have a good time with your nephew." Harvey waved his brother away. Alex sighed and turned out of the room. Harvey pretended to look busy for a few minutes before tossing his pen onto the desk. He then rested his head against his sleeved arms and bit back a loud groan.

This was going to be a fun week, he thought bitterly.

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