When I listen to this song, I always think of Xandra, so I finally wrote it to fit her story! :D Hope you enjoy!

I used to rule the world
Wraiths would rise when I gave the word.
Now in my cage I am alone
Watching the land through eyes of stone

My cards were all right
No more worlds of black and white
Watching my magic's glowing flash
And then watching Faerieland's crash

One minute I held the key
Then Hanso betrayed me
Now alone for days on end
I watch and I plan revenge

I can hear the faeries cries
Over my darkened purple skies
Hanso and Brynn are made of granite
And I am the one to rule the planet

As for the reason I can share
The faeries never really cared
And they'll be made of stone
Neopets will rule alone

The faeries controlled sky and sea
But they never heard my pleas
The artefact would end them all
They would end at the festival

Then Hanso broke in
And forced me to plan again
A transformation spell away
Oh this would be the day

I had to kill Nox, but that's okay
He wasn't useful to the world anyway
With my magic and my plans
I had it all in within my hands

Although to you I must confess
The wraiths were just a side-effect
But we can use them too!
What the faeries never dared to do!

I hear all your joyous cries
Over my darkened purple skies
Don't you worry, it won't be long
But please just remain strong

As for the reason I can explain
The fairies control sun and rain
But we can do the same!
When I am free again.