Ch. 11: Edward- She Did What Now?!

(FYI picture Edward in a men's black-grey pea coat, dark low rise jeans, and a pair of black converse)

After enraging and disturbing a date of a werewolf, sorry Remus, and being kicked out in the wrong direction, I wandered Diagon Alley in search for some answers.

Good thing it was cloudy.

I walked the alley walking past each shop. I even stopped by the Apothecary for some dragon blood for home. I lost Alice somewhere near the robe shop. I think. I really don't care anymore.

At the end of the alley was a very extravagant store. Weasley's Wizard Wheezes. I walked into an empty store and was greeted by two people. Both were dressed in magenta suits and were almost hard to tell apart. One had a freckle on his ear and the other not.

"Hello kind sir!" The one with the freckle said.

"How are you today?" The other one asked.

"I'm fine. How are you?" I asked coldly. They were going to try and sell me something. Their minds had a whole plan. But first they were going try things on me to make me laugh. This will be fun... Not.

"We are perfectly fine... Uh what's your name?" The one with the freckle asked.

"Edward," I said.

"Alright Eddie!" The other said.

"No, only Edward."

"Well, Mr. Edward," freckle answered, "I am George Weasley. This handsome chap right here is my brother Fred."

"Okay... Show me something to buy for my girlfriend, Izzy."

"Tell us about her."

"Brunette, sixth year or so, and completely brilliant."

That reminds me of Bella, but she's in America... thought George.

Did you seriously not notice this guy's American accent, Georgie? thought Fred.

"We might have something over there, Edward," George said as he led me to some weird furry creatures.

This was strange. These two were communicating telepathically. It was either their magic at work or their minds were connected since they were twins. I continued to look at the strange creatures while the twins "talked".

In my defense Fred, Georgethought, he's barely spoken a word.

Let's try something, Georgie. Grab the instant sunshine, Fred thought.

Why Fred? George asked.

Eddie-boy over there is super pale and in case you didn't notice, his eyes are yellow, Fred thought.

You don't think...

Yes I do.

Does he think I'm a vampire? These wizards are smarter than they seem... I need to ask Bella when she suspected me or did she really ask Jacob? Hmmm...

"You said your girlfriends was pale right chap?" Fred asked.

"Eh, no."

"Is she?" George asked.

"Yes, except when she blushes. Why?"

"Well we have the perfect thing for her. Ladies buy is all the time to tan. The little ones buy it to blind their siblings," Fred said.

"She doesn't tan. She usually gets sunburns. And she doesn't have any siblings that I know of."

"Don't worry about it. It is guaranteed burn free." George said, "Would you go get it Fred?"

"Most certainly, George. Be right back," Fred said as he walked off.

"What color are your eyes Edward?" George asked.

"A topaz honey. I wear contacts."

"Why?" George asked.

"To cover my Heterochromia*."

"Interesting, but why topaz?"

"Why not? It was that or emerald green. And my family copied me."

"Because it doesn't make sense, and while I am not a huge fan of green, it would have gone nice with your hair.'"

"My sister dragged me into it. One of my eyes is green, anyway."

"So you should have made the other green."

"Parents said no. Shame."

"Here you go George," Fred said as he entered with a velvet red bag.

"Thank you Fred," George said as he took the bag, "This is what we call Instant Sun. Light as powerful as the sun is stored in the bag. It's very useful if you want to explore dark caves or get a tan. Do you want to see how it works?"

"I'll go close the blinds, it's pretty bright!" Fred said dismissing the missing answer.

"Um," I murmured, "I'm sure it is, but..."

"Don't you want to see the product you're buying in action?" George asked.

"I never said anything about-" I started.

"Of course he does George why would you ask something so obvious?" Fred stated.

They are really pushy. Geez.

"Ready?" George asked.

Yes, I'm ready to use my vampire speed and rip your throats out! All I have to do is run. It's that simple. No, they might be her friends... Dammit.

"Go!" Fred said enthusiastically.

He, George, opened the bag and the room, which was very dim by the way, became very bright. Every nook and cranny was filled with light and they were wearing sunglasses. I, on the other hand, felt like a disco ball. Guess the secret is out.

I was right, thought Fred

"Bloody hell!" George yelled, "I was not expecting that! I thought he would burn. Are you sure you're a vampire? You look like a fairy!"

"George!" Fred groaned, "Don't you remember that one year Lupin taught our year about vampires and how some sparkle?"

"What! It's true?! All this time I thought Lupin was pulling our wands! I have to put him back on the Christmas list..."

"You took him off?"

"Yeah we got in a fight about it at Mum's anniversary party two years ago. I got mad and took him off the list."

"I can't believe you did that! He was the best DADA teacher ever!"

"Yeah, well I was bloody mad! Do you want a blood pop?" George said, "Aisle twelve."

"Um, sure?" I said with some uncertainty.

"What blood type, O, A, B, AB?" George asked.

"None of the above, I'm a vegetarian vampire. I only drink animals. My favorite is Mountain lion."

"Sorry, don't have any 'animal' ones." George said.

"I've never heard of a vegetarian vampire..." Fred pondered.

"I'm sure you haven't," I said, "I need to ask you fine gentlemen a couple questions."

"Only if we can ask you the same amount back," the twins said in unision.

"Deal. Do you know Bella Swan?"

"Yeah. Why?" Fred asked.

"She's missing. I believe that she's been kidnapped. Do you know who might have taken her?"

"The Trixter might have. Why do you care?" George asked.

"Like I said before, she's my girlfriend. Who's the Trixter?"

"Bellatrix LeStrange. She is crazy, loony, off the rocker, and psychotic. Why do you sparkle?" Fred asked.

"I don't know. I prefer sparkling over burning in the sun. Why would Bellatrix kidnap my girlfriend?"

"Probably something to do with the Dark Lord. Who else is a vampire?" George asked.

"Um.. my adopted family, a coven in Alaska, and numerous nomads. There are covens in the Amazon, Egypt, Ireland, Mexico, Romania, and Italy. Only other vegetarian vampires out there, that I know of, are in Alaska. Why do you have blood pops?" I shot back.

"Some people have odd tastes... Do you know why Bella moved to America?" Fred asked.

"I thought her dad had something to with it, but now I'm not sure. Why did she move?" I imputed.

"Thought it was because of something that happened with Harry and the others." George said

"Others? What others?"

"No, we have to ask you a question. Are you going to buy anything?"

"No! What others?"

"Oh, you know, Hermione and our brother, Won Won. Do you turn into a bat?"

"Why would you think that? That isn't the question I want to ask. Who is Won Won?"

"Ron. Have you ever mauled a squirrel?"

"No. They are way too small. I have eaten a gopher though. Has Bella done anything stupid and life threatening while at Hogwarts?"

The twins looked at each other and starting laughing, "The Yule Ball, Cedric Diggory, a spiked punch bowl, and very crass language that includes a lot of tripping and face-planting... You don't wanna know the rest. How long have you and Bella been together?"

"Um... I think a year. Now where can I find the three you mentioned earlier?"


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