Ch.12: -Harry Freakin' Potter (if you know the reference, review)

Trying to find a missing person that once was a really good friend, but now hates me with a burning passion- what else is new in my world- is hard. I wish I could say the hatred is mutual, because it would make our lives so much easier, but it is not. After thinking to myself, I came to a realization that I love her...

Great... Just great... Now I need to get my thoughts straight and focus at the problem at hand, finding Bella. And a way for her to stop hating me. I regret what caused us to be so up in arms. It was before Christmas Break and it all started with my stupid Christmas present.

~Flash of thy mistake backth~

I walked towards the Gryffindor common room. I peered back and forth down the corridor. During potions, I caused Malfoy's to explode and he had sworn revenge. Since then, I've been looking over my shoulder. I had taken the long way around, going past the Room of Requirement. I was turning the corner when I heard the door open. Out came Bella, and I was about to chase after her, but she looked around as if she was hiding something. I decided to wait and go in after she left. I waited for about five minutes to make sure she was gone but the door opened again and Malfoy creped out. My senses spiked.

What were they doing together? I raced back to the common room, mind ablaze.

By the time I got back, she was sitting by herself reading a book.

She looked up, "Hey."


"What's up?"

I didn't know what to say. I tried to remain calm, but my thoughts came out before I could stop them. "What were you doing in the Room of Requirement?"

Bella's eyes flickered, "Nothing you need to know about."

"Tell me." I said almost angrily.

She smiled, "It's a secret Harry."

"Please tell me."

"You don't need to worry about it. Use your head. Why would I be in there?"

The only thought in my mind was that they were there. Together. "Why were you there with Malfoy?" I asked coldly, "Did you think I wouldn't find out?"

"What?" Bella asked confused, "Malfoy wasn't there. It was just me. Why would you think that? I was there because-"

I grabbed her, "Don't lie to me! You two were in there together. I saw you!"

Bella broke my grip and walked away from me, "I'm not lying to you Harry. Calm down. I've never seen you like this. You're scaring me. I'm going to my dorm. You need to think some stuff over."

I didn't know what to think. I was full of rage and I had to let it out. "Don't walk away from me! I NEED TO KNOW!"


"You're lying!" I said. I didn't know what to do, but I had to get inside of her head.


"Harry, NO-" Bella yelled, but it was too late.


A young Bella was on a playground with another child. The boy had dark colored hair, cool gray eyes with little green flecks. They were on the swings. I watched from a distance as they laughed and argued about who could go higher. As I walked closer, I could hear their American accents. Everyone knew that Bella was American, but she always told us that she had moved to England when she was little. Here she was at least nine. Why would she lie to us?

But thinking again, nine was still considered little to some people. Their argument was over by the time I started to pay attention again. They started argument, but this time over who could run to the slide fastest. Bella, being the clumsy girl she was, tripped and hit the other kid. A green light flashed in the small space between them.

I knew the glow. I knew exactly what just happened.

The boy fell face down into the wood chips. Not breathing, blinking, or scream came from the child. Bella stood in horror and ran all the way home, without a glance behind her.

The scene changed. A little Bella was running to a small house. A man had just pulled up to the driveway in a police car. Bella ran straight past him to the back of the house. Bella's mom was gardening and turned to face a crying Bella. They embraced as Bella attempted to explain what happened through blubbers. The policeman came to the back and knelt down and embraced them both. It then occurred to me that the man was Bella's father, who Bella said had abandoned her and her mother when she was a baby.

The scene changed again as Bella's mom and dad were shouting at each other as Bella watched from the closet.

"What do mean she just killed a little boy without touching him?" Her father yelled.

"It wasn't her fault. She has all of this magic inside of her. It just hasn't come out until now."

"Magic? Are you insane? There's no such thing as magic. It's just a bedtime story to tell to little kids."

"You know how I've been wanting to move to England?"

"What about England?"

"In England, there's a school that helps kids like Bella."

Her father looked astonished, "What do you mean?"

"Charlie," Bella's mother said slowly, "I'm a witch and Bella is a witch, too."

Charlie started blankly at his wife, "You're insane Renée. You need help. Witches don't exist. We are not moving to England and our daughter is not a witch."

"Charlie, listen to me. I'm a witch. I've told Bella what she is and she wants to move to England. She'll fit in at the school. She'll have friends that won't judge her." Bella's mom pulled out a wand. Charlie just glared at it. "This is my wand. I've always told you that it was a bit of my grandfather's cane. Well, this is his wand."

Charlie looked at the wand, "Renée, this is just a stick."

"No it's not. Watch. Lumos." Renée's wand lit up.

"That's very impressive. Where's the button?"

"There's no button, Charlie. Believe in what I'm saying! Accio bills.

Envelopes flew into the her hand. Charlie stared in shock.

"Leave, you... you... FREAK!" Charlie screamed, thrusting his arm to the door.

"I knew this wouldn't work. Obliviate." The glow from her wand trailed around Charlie's head

"What are you..." Charlie went silent.

Renee cast the false memory charm to put arguments inside his head. When Charlie came to, Renee simply said, "I want a divorce. As soon as possible."

The scene changed to outside of a courtroom. A nine-year-old Bella stood next to her mother.

"Daddy's not coming to England with us, is he?"

Charlie got into a car and drove off.

"No sweetie," Renee said, "He's not."


All that Bella has ever told me is a lie.

I returned from her memory, looking at Bella, shocked and disgusted. "You..."

Bella looked back at me hurt and angry. "Since you wanted to know so badly, I was getting your Christmas gift, you nimrodic bastard!"


That was it. I hadn't seen her since then. Bella didn't come back after Christmas holiday. I had no idea she was even missing until Lupin called me. I just had to find her and make it right.

Because I am, Harry FREAKIN' Potter.

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