Chapter 8: Birthday Blues /3

Character Focus : Mike Mizanin (the Miz), Jerry Lawler


Mike didn't know what to think about how the year had gone so far. On one hand, he felt more loved and cared about than he ever had in his whole life. On the other hand, it had definitely been the most complicated: his father showing up and being arrested; Jerry's heart attack. Things that shook the foundations of his world. But there was always one immovable force that kept him from spiraling down a road that would lead him to depression and sorrow, and that was his 'new father,' Jerry Lawler.

Mike didn't know what he would've done without the man. Jerry's care and love had kept him on the straight and narrow path, even if it had caused them pain, more so for Mike's backside. Mike shook his head when he thought about those times. He knew the spankings were meant to teach, but damn, those lessons hurt.

Now, you gotta understand, being on the road constantly, you never really have any time to think about birthdays or holidays, unless the WWE is commercializing them in some way. So when Mike's birthday rolled around, the only reason he remembered that it was his birthday was because Vince thought it was a good idea to have a segment about it on Raw. Of course, he didn't make too big of a deal about it – birthdays were never too big of a deal growing up. Not really something to look forward to.

But there was a little part of Mike that really, really was hoping that Jerry would do something for his birthday. Nothing big – just a simple 'Happy birthday, kid' from the man would make the young Superstar happy. He was back, able to walk around backstage and help out with little things. Mike idolized Jerry more than anyone else, even 'Macho Man' Randy Savage, and that was really saying something.

So, as Mike sat on a metal folding chair, fixing his tie, ready to go out and shoot the segment of 'Larry King Now,' he felt an overwhelming wave of sadness wash over him as he decided that Jerry probably wouldn't even remember on his own. Oh well, he thought. As long as he's happy, I'm happy. But there was still a little sadness left in his heart that would undoubtedly grow over time.

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