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Merlin's Diary

Chapter 5: The Poisoned Chalice


"Who did you say it was?"

It was King Arthur, he stood tall and questioned a small woman in her late 30's.

"I-we do not know who it was… we just saw jet black hair, pale skin, and a handkerchief tied around his neck." The woman trembled, her hair was tied back into a head cover. She bowed her head and then escorted out of the large throne room.

Arthur sat still in the large wooden throne. The king clenched his fists until his knuckles were white. Anger flooded him, anger and disappointment. Why would Merlin… Merlin of all people do this? The blond placed his elbows unto his thighs and placed his head unto his right hand. Uther's voice echoed in his head:

All Magic is evil, magic is nothing but evil

The king motioned to sir Elyan to let the next group of civilians to enter the room.

There a girl in her youthful years skipped into the room and two knights followed after her. The King's blue eyes narrowed. "What have you come for?" he greeted.

"My lord, I have come to tell you… that…" The girl froze and smirked. "That war has begun." The child's brown hair blew with the wind. She chanted a spell.

Arthur stood from his throne and shouted: "Guards capture her!" But it was too late, The girl has vanished, same goes for the two knights.

"Elyan! Leon! Gather the rest my men! We must prepare." Without skipping a beat the two men rushed out the door.

Arthur sat back down and covered his faced with his hands. Even after three days no one knows where the rebels are meeting. He rubbed his eyes in frustration. By now Merlin would have commented on something idiotic. Arthur sighed. The one person he needed the most was gone, and he was a magician.

The king wanted comfort, but his hate toward magic only grew when he eyed the leather journal Gwaine did not throw away. He opened it knowing he will soon regret it.

*Dear Diary,

I began the day by polishing some armor; it was the day Camelot was going to make a treaty with the Kingdom of Mercia. Throughout the day I was doing chores… a lot of chores. However while I was talking to Gaius I met this person, she was beautiful. She tripped in front of me and she said her name was Kara. She said it was nice meeting me. Kara had a red and blue dress, her hair was under a head wrap.*

"I remember this event" the blue eyed male mumbled. Merlin… was an ordinary person, it is still hard to accept that fact that he has magic. Arthur then continued to read.

*Afterward I had to help Arthur get ready for the banquet; his clothes were disgusting smelly… and the worst part… I had to wear the official ceremonial robe of a servant of Camelot. I cannot tell you how horrible it was.

Feathered hat, apron style clothes. UGH*

Arthur knew something was off, how would someone so trustworthy have… magic? Denial was strong in the King's mind. He was confused, frustrated, and upset.

*But after the two kings signed the treaty, Kara took me to the back and told me… that King Bayard poisoned Arthur's cup, I had to do something to stop them but... when I did. I got scolded and almost got killed. There were knights drew their swords and Uther handed the goblet to me. I knew there was poison in it. Although Arthur tried to stop me… I knew I had to drink it. It was my duty to protect him.*

"You know, Merlin isn't the one burning the crops… nor is he the one killing all those men."

Arthur looked up, Gwaine was leaning on a pillar with his arms crossed. "What do you want." He spat.

"All I wanted were a friend and someone I could be loyal to." The brunette pushed himself off of the pillar and walked toward the frustrated male. "I had everything I wanted. Trust me Merlin has too soft of a heart to actually hurt anyone."

Arthur looked back at the journal and spoke, "Why would someone with magic drink poison for a prat?"

Gwaine raised his eyes in amusement. "Are you talking about Merlin?"

The king nodded.

"Well… because he loves that prat." The corners of the knight's mouth curved up, "Well… I guess I'll leave you to continue to read." Then the man turned around and waved goodbye.

*When I drank from the cup nothing was wrong, however I felt fire… fire through my throat and slowly as it spread through my body I fell, unable to keep my knees from trembling. I don't remember anything else that happened (Gaius and Gwen helped me fill in the story.)*

"was he really in that much pain?" mumbled the King.

*Arthur volunteered to go get the antidote; however Uther forbade him to go. I heard that Arthur actually cared for a low life servant for me. Thanks to Morgana, Arthur left on a dangerous journey.*

The blond stood up and stepped down from the seat and with broad shoulders he prepared himself to enter the room where the circle table was.

*All I remember is that fire was burning me; I felt cool sweat run down my neck and forehead. I overheard Gaius and Gwen talking… I had only three days until I died. Magic has increased the power of the poison.

It burned. Burned like mad. I recall mumbling things although I don't know what; Gaius told me about the things I said a couple of words in the old language and Arthur's name. I felt the magic run through my veins, but I didn't know what for.*

Guilt began breaking Arthur's heart.

*It is so frustrating! I cannot remember what happened! And it burned, it was as if fire was surrounding me, everything was cold. But then I do remember I had a vision; it was Kara leading Arthur into a trap. (Gaius told me that I was mumbling a few phrases again). Arthur flew across the bridge and there were large spiders coning after him. I never felt so useless and fearful. I was about to black out. I could feel my heart stopping. But with the last few ounces of magic I sent a magical bubble to lead Arthur out of the caves. It was draining me… but I knew I had to keep going on. (Gaius told me I kept mumbling: Leave them, go save yourself, follow the light, Faster, follow the light, move, climb.)*

Arthur stopped in his tracks, that magical bubble… that guided me out of the cave… Merlin sent it? The blond put his hand on his forehead. He could not believe that Merlin… his manservant was the one who saved him. He thought it was a fluke or something.

*I do not know what I was doing, or what Arthur was doing.

I heard that when Arthur arrived to back to Camelot. Uther arrested him and lectured him about doing the right way and the wrong way.

I could only feel death approaching me. His Black Robes reaching toward me… long slender fingers reaching for my throat.*

Pain hit Arthur right in the heart. Thinking that Merlin might have actually died gave him fear… true fear.

*I could see it… there was the light. But I knew my life was not over yet, so I stopped and tried to hold on to everything I could. I felt warm liquid run in me, my heart was thumping hard… but then there was nothing… no heart beat… no anything.*

"My god… Merlin… you had to endure all that pain?" Arthur arrived to the room; his knights, Guinevere, Gaius, and a few council members stood as he walked through the door.

*But then I felt hands pull me back, then I opened my eyes and I saw Gaius hugging Gwen – which was pretty disgusting.

So then I told them:

"You should be ashamed of yourself! You're old enough to be her grandfather."*

Arthur took his spot and sat, "We are now at war." Nothing can make Arthur smile ever again. His ex-manservant and friend… his brother… betrayed him. The innocent Merlin is no more. Reading the ex-manservant's journal only gave him pain.

*Then a surprise happened… Gwen kissed me. It… It was more than okay.

Anyway I am glad that this experience was over, however Uther once again blamed magic but no… magic is not evil! Only the people are…

Afterwards Arthur came into my room. He asked if I was still alive. I was extremely thankful so I told him I was thankful, from the heart.

Arthur was a true prince, I knew he is more than a spoiled prat… he was more than a prince. He was a man of true honor.*

"Merlin…" The King began. "Is no longer an ally, he is… a part of the sorcerers… because" Tears ran down from Arthur's eyes. "B-because" A lump in Arthur's throat caused him to choke on his words. "B-because he has magic." Tears spilled uncontrollably down Arthur's cheeks.

*After he left Gaius and I talked, we were discussing what the witch had as a goal… she wanted me to die… her goal was my death. She knew what my destiny was… she knew how great my powers are… but I know she was mistaken. I am nothing but a servant.*

No longer was Arthur in denial…

But instead… he misunderstood who Merlin really is…

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