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5 Years After Kyuubi Attack

Naruto is in an alley being beaten into the ground like normal but something was different in Naruto's head.

In Naruto's Mindscape

Naruto awakes in a sewer that he'd never seen before. Since Naruto had been on the streets since before he was 4 and treated like dirt before that he wasn't very scared. Naruto wasn't really scared of anything.

He hears a soft voice saying "this way" so he follows it. When he reaches a door with a number 9 on it he opens it.

On the inside is a woman in a red kimono who looked on the verge of crying looking at him.

"I'm guessing your Kyuubi."

She gasped but said in a quiet voice "Yes. How did you know?"

"I started guessing because of everyone calling me a demon but the nine on the door answered my assumption."

"Very smart. I guess you hate me don't you?"

"No, why would I?"

At this she started crying softly "I ruined your life!"

"Not really if it wasn't for you I would think these people were good people but you made it where I could see how terrible they are."

"So I still attacked them and they hate you for it."

Now she was full on bawling and while Naruto was almost emotionless no one liked to see a woman cry. He walked up to her and grabbed her shrinking her down to his size and set her in his lap.

The Kyuubi looked up confused and asked "How did you do that?" Now even her voice was younger.

"I figured my mind my rules. Now would you please stop crying I don't like it."

After he said that he pulled her closer.

She looked at him with tears in her eyes.

"Why aren't you mad at me?"

"I already told you. I look at it like you did me a favor."

"Anyways I need your help with outside if you can."

She looked up at him and smiled. "Yes I can just bite my neck and drink my blood and it'll start the transformation."

Naruto hesitated for a second then leaned down and bit her neck his larger than normal canines sinking in as he began to drink.

When he was finished he started glowing and his eyes started swirling while his body slowly faded.

The last thing he heard was "Give 'em hell Naru-nichan."

1 Year Later outside Forest of Death

Naruto was standing outside the Forest of Death thinking of the last year.

He had convinced everyone he had no idea what had happen the night he met Kyu-chan even though he did. He also convinced the old man to get him an apartment the same day.

Also just last week he convinced the geezer to let him train in the forest for the next 6 years and it count as the academy and all he had to do was take the test that he could pass now.

He started rushing into the forest not afraid of anything in here because he had been there plenty of time before.

"Hey Naru-nichan."

"Hey Kyu-chan."

"When you get to the training site I want you to work on your physical attributes for the first year."

"Ok Kyu-chan."

1 Year Later In A Clearing in the Forest

Naruto was sitting on a rock meditating. He had trained extensively this past year and was now a little over 4 feet tall.

"Ok Naru-chan do you remember the plan."

"Yes I will go find Mizuki and you will put an illusion over me to look like Orochimaru. I will then convince him to take the forbidden scroll of sealing."

"Right and remember to not get caught by anyone."

That would be easy for Naruto wince he was basically a kitsune and kitsunes are masters of stealth and deception.

He had gotten so good he could sneak into the village and take anything he wanted and never be found.

He started heading to the village to find Mizuki. They had thought of this plan so that Naruto could get the Scroll and never be found out.

Naruto was outside of Mizuki's apartment waiting for him to get home. Suddenly he saw Mizuki go inside.

"Ok Kyu-chan activate the illusion."

"Got it."

Suddenly a puff of smoke appeared around Naruto and when it disappeared he looked exactly like Orochimaru.

Naruto got inside the house and saw Mizuki sitting down.


Mizuki looked up and saw it was Orochimaru so he stood up.

"Yes Orochimaru-sama."

"I need you to do something for me."

"What is it?"

"I need you to take the Scroll of Sealing from the Hokage Tower tomorrow at 3:00 in the afternoon at that time a distraction will happen so no one will be there."

"Of course Orochimaru-sama."

"Good. Bring it to the Forest of Death and I will be waiting for you. If you complete this you will become my second in command."

"Yes Orochimaru-sama I will be there."

With that Orochimaru/Naruto disappeared in a shushin.

Next Day

Naruto had snuck around the village setting up minor paper bombs. He placed them at the Inuzuka's cages, the Hyuga Compound careful to not hurt anyone since he didn't hate anyone there, he put some in a set few shops, and he made sure to avoid the Aburama and Nara clans since they were the only ones who ever helped them which is saying a lot since the Naras are very lazy.

Naruto was waiting outside the Forest in the Orochimaru disguise when Mizuki ran up with the scroll. Mizuki ran up and handed him the scroll.

"Thank you Mizuki and now die!"

Naruto pulled out a kunai and stabbed him in the head.

Mizuki died before he hit the ground.

After that Anbu found the body and they never found the scroll.

Another Year Later

Naruto was standing in a clearing panting from doing an A-Rank jutsu for the 20th time in the last hour.

The jutsu was called Ligtning Style - Zeus's Bolt. The name is kind of self explanatory and explains why there is a hole through 5 trees.

Naruto sat down to rest and began to think about the night he unlocked both his bloodlines.

Flashback Night Naruto Met Kyu-chan

Naruto opened his eyes and red and purple chakra started pooling around him. In a giant burst that caused a crater to form around Naruto.

His nails started to grow to look like claws, his ears became more pointed on the ends, his canines grew about an inch and half longer, his hair became more wild, and lastly his eyes stopped swirling and were purple with a black pentagram.

Suddenly he charged at the three closest people cutting their throats open. A low rank Jonin in the group ran to him but Naruto smashed his head against the wall splattering skull fragments and brain matter everywhere.

This continued until Anbu came upon the aftermath of a slaughter. The only people still intact were the three whose throats were slashed and one woman who had tried to stop them from hurting Naruto. And Naruto was laying down passed out from the whole ordeal.

The next day when he woke up in the hospital he heard Kyu-chan's voice in his head.

Naruto I have something to tell you. Come into the cell."

Naruto closed his eyes and started concentrating on the cell Kyu-chan was in.

When he opened his eyes he was inside the cage. He saw Kyu-cahn who smiled when she saw him.

"Good your here I have something important to tell you."

He nodded and got up to walk over to her and he sat down and put her in his lap.

"Now what is it?"

"You have awakened two very old and powerful bloodline. They are the greatest human bloodline the Rinnegan and the greatest demon's bloodline Demonic Pentagram."

"What does this mean and how did I get them?"

"The Demonic Pentagram was a bloodline the Juubi had which is the monster I was created from along with the other bijuus. I am unsure what it will do aside from what its already done to your eyes but I believe it was awakened from the rush of my chakra combined with the traumatic events last night."

He nodded and asked "And the Rinnegan?"

"I believe it was awakened from the traumatic events last night combined with the fact you are an Uzumaki who are descendants of the Sage of the Six Paths. If I am correct from looking at your DNA there is someone else out there who has the Rinnegan and you both have the same powers but certain ones are strengthened more. For you the Yin-Yang Release is as good as the Sage and you will be able to revive people but you'll never be able to make the Six Paths also I believe you had more of the Sage's chakra/body while he got the doujutsu part. Reasons I believe this is because the Demonic Pentagram overlapped the Rinnegan for you and even though I am inside you wouldn't have this much chakra any other way. Now the powers of the Ying-Yang release actually end up being reviving people but with Paths it is much easier. The powers you will have great control over will be the Banbutsu Sozo or Creation of All Things which eventually will allow you to create items similar to the Sage's necklace which augmented any element you've mastered and his staff which couldn't be broken and helped with Fuinjustu or commonly known as sealing.

She took a breath and said "Ok I'll tell you some more later."

Naruto nodded and said "That's good I guess and now close your eyes I have a surprise before I go."

She nodded and closed her eyes. Suddenly it felt warmer and something appeared around her neck.

When she opened her eyes there was a red and black choker on her neck and she was leaning against a tree in a forest.

Out of nowhere she faintly heard "Enjoy."

End Flashback

2 Years Later

Naruto had been training with Shadow Clones and Gravity and Resistance Seals for the past two years. He had also created a few things with Creation of All Things. While they were not the most amazing things they were useful. He had created six earing 3 for each ear. Each one showed how much progress he had with each element including Yin-Yang Release. So far Wind was the only one completely glowing, fire was 3/4 of the way filled, and water about a 1/3. Earth and Lightning were just barely glowing. The Yin-Yang one was about a fourth the way filled.

Now we are at the clearing with Naruto again meditating on the rock. Suddenly he hears someone crashing through the forest about a mile away. He opens his eyes and starts heading that way. When he gets there he sees a blue haired girl running from a giant tiger.

He decided to stop it so he jumps down when the girl trips and falls. The girl closes her eyes waiting for the end when she doesn't feel anything she opens her eyes to a boy about 4 feet 8 inches with blond hair that had black tips and silver streaks.

She saw that he started talking to the tiger and a few minutes later the tiger left.

He turned around and she ran up to him and hugged him saying "Thank you, thank you so much!"

"It's fine don't worry about it but why were you in here anyways?"

She looked up at him and said "I don't want to bother you with my problems."

"Come on tell me I can help."

She looked up and could tell he would help. She nodded and started telling him.

About an hour later Hinata had explained how her father and whole family thought she was worthless. He could relate to the poor treatment even though it wasn't near as bad.

"I think you are a very talented young girl that has been put down by her father's insane expectations. I believe you are strong and deep down so do you.

She looked up at him and hugged him. Later she had to leave and asked if she could come back he said yes but not to tell anyone he was there.

2 More Years After

Naruto's training would end soon and he would be placed on a team by himself because this year's graduates graduated a month ago.

Hinata was with her team who had just finished another mission. Even though Kiba and Shino were talking she was thinking of Naruto who's name she had actually only learned a few months ago.

Suddenly they all heard a huge explosion at the gate and Team 8 ran towards the gate. When they got there they saw a bunch of Kumo nin fighting Leaf nin. Kurenai said they would look for the other teams.

It took about 30 minutes but they eventually found the other teams of Team 10, Team Gai, and Team 7 who had Saskue, Sakura, and Sai.

They were just inside the village when a group of 2 dozen nin apeared with the person leading it all.

"Bow before me, Zarachi and I won't kill the women only making them slaves."

"Forget that!" Hinata yelled throwing a kunai at the man skimming his cheek.

"Ow that hurt bitch. Die!"

He went through hand signs and yelled "Lightning Style- Electric Storm." A bolt of electricity shot out of each of his fingertips.

Hinata saw that their was to many to dodge so she just closed her eyes waiting for it. She felt someone pick her up bridal style and when she didn't feel anything else she opened her eyes.

When the smoke cleared everyone saw that their was a boy about 13 years old, 5 foot 8 inches, and blond and silver hair with black tips.

Naruto looked at Hinata and said "Is this going to become a regular thing?"

"Naruto!" Hinata shouted

She wrapped her arms around him. He walked over to the others and set her down.

"You got to let go Hime I need to take the bad men out."

She nodded and let go of him.

"Are we going to let some little 13 year old go in there?" Kakashi yelled

"Considering he just took an A-rank jutsu head on and doesn't have a scratch I think he'll be fine."

Everybody was watching Naruto as he walked over to the Kumo nin.

"You know I wasn't going to kill you but you just attacked my Hime which is unforgivable. I will give your subordinates the chance to leave though."

When no one left he continued "Ok then. Some would consider you a demon but you're not a monster maybe but no demon. No, no I'll show you a real demon."

He went through several hand seals and said "True Demonic Form Release" and smoke appeared. When the smoke cleared Naruto was standing there with even wilder hair that was completely black, his eyes were how they were supposed to look, purple with black pentagrams, and when he smiled all of his teeth were sharp.

All of the Konoha nin gasped and most of the Kumo nin yelled in fear.

Cue Music Till I Collapse - Eminem

Naruto looked up at them and smiled.

"Get him!" shouted Zarashi

When the first ninja got to Naruto he kicked him to the side caving in his chest cavity. The next to had their heads smashed together causing skull fragments everywhere. The nest three were sliced in half at the waist and one behind them had a kunai in the throat. One stupid guy that came behind him had a sword through his forehead.

Naruto licked the blade and said "I love the taste of blood."

He pulled out a giant shuriken and charged it with wind chakra, no one knew this of course. He threw it and even though people jumped away it followed and killed three and injured 2 that would die soon, because both legs being cut off is fatal if not treated soon and the other had his innards on the ground. Two guys that thought they could get him ran at him from both sides, but when they got there he jumped up pulling out his blade cutting both of their heads off.

"I'll show you how to use that jutsu."

He stabbed the sword in the ground and went through hand signs and said "Lightning Style - Electric Storm" and shot out ten bolts that hit every one of the nin, except for Zarashi, and killed them.

Zarashi was looking around at his dead or dying soldiers. When looked up to look at the boy who did this he was gone.

"What are you looking at?"

He heard this behind him and turned around put he was pushed down and was stabbed into the ground through his hands by a sword.

"You'll regret trying to hurt my Hime."

By now Zarashi was shouting incoherent phrases. Naruto heard Hinata so he turned towards her.

"Please stop."

He nodded and turned back to Zarashi.

"Your lucky she has seen enough."

And with that he slammed his fist into Zarashi's chest causing a crater to form and turning his chest to pudding on the inside.

End Music

Naruto picked up his sword and sealed it away. Then he went through hand signs and said "Seal" and his demonic features vanished.

He walked over to Hinata and picked her up. "Are you ok?"

"Yes thanks to you my guardian angel."

"Yea well even an angel can become a demon when provoked."

Kurenai walked up and asked "Who are you?"

"My real name is Naruto." Kakashi froze up "But you all know me as the container of Kyu-chan."

All of the Jonin now froze up and the Genin were confused except Hinata who just leaned further into Naruto. Nobody really noticed him say Kyu-chan.

"I thought the Kyuubi was dead killed by the 4th Hokage?" the Banshee asked

"Hahahahahaha. You think a puny mortal could kill Kyu-chan." Naruto said

"So you have the horrible Kyuubi inside you?!" guess who (Banshee)

Naruto released KI(Killing Intent) out focusing it at the girl in front of him and said "Shut up stupid banshee."

Naruto started to walk away but Kurenai put a hand on his shoulder.

"Where are you going with her?"

"Does it matter? Does she look like she's in danger?"

Kurenai looked at Hinata who had her eyes closed and was leaning into Naruto.

She nodded and let Naruto go. He turned around and took one step disappearing which surprised everyone.

A few minutes later Naruto appears in front of the Hyuga compound scaring the guards in the process. They were about to attack when he turned to them.

"Open the gate!"

They normally wouldn't listen but he had Lady Hinata so they opened the gate and let him pass.

Naruto walked up to the main door and opened it. Hiashi was on the inside and stopped to see who was coming in. He was surprised when he seen a boy of around thirteen years old carrying his daughter. He was about to say something when he noticed the boy was carrying her to her room.

Naruto went into Hinata's room placed her on her bed but he noticed she wouldn't let go of his jacket so he slipped it off and placed it on her. After that he went back to where Hiashi was.

"We should go to your study."

Hiashi was confused how he knew that he had a study but nodded and started heading there. When they got there Hiashi walked in and Naruto closed the door behind him.

"What are you doing here?"

"Bringing her back and I needed to talk to you."

"Why do you need to talk to me?"

"I have a question." "What the fuck where you thinking?"

Hiashi was stunned at the bluntness of this boy. "Watch what you say I'm the Hyuga Clan Head."

"Yea and I'm a demon so what?"

Hiashi suddenly had a flashback of Minato and realized who he was talking to. "You're Naruto."

"So you remembered me by my father I've been told we look-alike." "Don't ask how I know I won't tell you." "Now answer my question."

"You didn't clarify what you meant."

"What were you thinking treating Hinata like that after her mother had just died?"

Hiashi had a flashback of how he had treated Hinata and realized what a terrible father he had been.

"I only wanted to make her stronger so she wouldn't die like her mother." Hiashi said on the verge of crying.

"I know you had but I'm glad you realized it." "Now I must be leaving I need to talk to the stupid old man."

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