A/N So, last chapter was crazy, right? It will be explained, but damn some of you were pissed off as hell. I know that last chapter was kind of hard to follow at parts and somethings didn't make sense, but my version of Naruto never does anything for no reason he plans things out most of the time. Now while I say that as it says in the title he still is humane and has human emotions so he is bound to make mistakes. This will play a huge part in this chapter remember that.

Or I might disregard everything said before. Prepare for a very serious raping of the mind either way.

Born Naruto Uzumaki, now known only as Naruto, is the only son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki and was born very unlucky. Within an hour of his birth his father sealed the Kyuubi no Kitsune inside him and his father died doing so. His mother left him within a week of this and hated him. He had more assassination attempts on his life than most royalty had in their entire life in his first year. There was ups and downs as the years progressed, much more of the later, but Naruto always though his life could be worse and toughened through it. One thing he had come to realize is that his life will always take a turn for the worst sooner or later. A lot of people around him had also noticed this.

So when he handed himself over to Orochimaru for seemingly no reason people were confused at first since he told no one his reasons for doing so, but everyone trusted him and no one was too worried. People did become worried however when after the year of him being with Orochimaru was over and he didn't show up. Soon though everyone in the elemental nations because news spread that all the nine jinchurriki had vanished and that Orochimaru had not been seen in a while and was supposedly hurt badly.

Now nine years later everyone will find out what happened and Naruto will find out was has happened while he was gone.

Very Center of Elemental Nations

In the center of the elemental nations there was a giant flash of light in a forest followed by a terrifying roar that destroyed the landscape for roughly 2,000 feet from the epicenter. Making the forest now look like a barren wasteland. Outside of the destruction the roar carried across the elemental nations because of the amount of chakra put into it.

In the Former Sand Village

The former Sand Village, now known at Demon Village, where most of the former Konoha 12 where located along with parts of the Aburame, Nara, Akamichi, Yamanaka, Hyuga, also among them where various former jonin including ; Tsunade, Jiraiya, Shizune, Kakashi, Guy, Yugao, Gekko, Genma, Ibiki, and Anko. Everyone inside the village looked up at the sound of the roar all thinking the same thing.

"It's can't possibly be him, can it?"

Outside of the Water Village

Outside of the Water Village there were people underground in bunkers that were all part of the resistance. Among them was ; Zabuza, Haku, Mei Terumi, Ao, Chojuro, and the Demon Brothers. They all looked up at the sound of the roar. Thinking different thought.

Everyone but Zabuza and Haku thought, "What the fuck was that?"

Haku and Zabuza were thinking, "It couldn't be?"

Inside the Rock Village

Various people in the Rock Village looked up at the roar notable people being most of the Akatsuki and the Tsuchikage.

The Tsuchikage shivered and thought, "Fucking scary."

Hidden Leaf Village

Everyone in the Leaf Village shivered at the sound of the monstrous roar that resonated all over the village.

Back With Naruto

Naruto stretched and looked around when his chakra wave returned. The roar he just produced had its reasons. It was used to scan a very large area quickly and while it was not very quiet it was the quickest way to gather info on his location. From what he could tell he was in the center of the Elemental Nations, but he was confused by what else he could tell. Firstly Kumo was no longer there unless he somehow missed it which he doubted, secondly most of the people he knew personally were in Suna, and thirdly he wasn't sure how long he had been gone.

He would head towards Suna since he felt 4 S-rank nin heading that way. He got down on all fours and looked around a bit before rushing away only making the leaves on the trees rustle slightly.

Back in Demon Village

Most of the former Konoha nin were talking about the roar when one of the people protecting the walls of the village ran up.


Jiraiya who had sat down stood up and had a serious look on his face.


"Firstly one of the sensors on the wall just felt 4 S-ranked shinobi about 5 miles away from the village moving at a moderate pace and will be here in about 5 minutes if they keep it up."

Jiraiya stiffened up at this along with the rest of the shinobi who heard it.

"What else?"

"Someone at one of the border checkpoints radioed in saying someone ran straight through the checkpoint before they could do anything. The checkpoint was about 150 miles out."

"When will this person get here most likely?"

"That's the crazy part that I had to ask a few times about. They said at current speed 15 minutes."

Everyone just stared at this speechless. Jiraiya finally spoke up.

"Are you sure about that? The only people who could go half that fast our myself, Guy, and Lee."

The nin just nodded his head. Jiraiya frowned and turned to the people behind him.

"Myself along with Guy, Kakashi, Tsunade, and what remains of teams 8-10 will go fight the S-ranks. Now would be a good time so see how you fare against an S-rank. So teams 8 and 9 will fight one S-rank while team 10 will fight another. Guy and Kakashi will take one each. When the other unknown person arrives I will take care of them if they are hostile. Ok?"

All of the nin nodded and they all headed outside of the village.

With Naruto

Naruto had just passed some sort of checkpoint and was now on the sand. Now that he was on the sand he could sense everything throughout the desert and sped up slightly. If anyone could have seen him it would have looked like he was gliding over the sand. Now that he could sense almost anything in the desert he felt something that made his heart jump.


Naruto nearly doubled his speed when he noticed her.

2 Miles Outside Village Walls

All of the Konoha nin had finally come face to face with the S-rank nin. They were all Akatsuki members but only Jiraiya knew who they were and said it out loud.

"So we have Deidara the Mad Iwa Bomber, Sasori of the Red Sands, and The Zombie Brothers, Hidan the Immortal and Kakuzu of the Five Hearts. Deidara uses explosives, Sasori is a master puppet user, Hidan uses a scythe and can not be killed in any known way, and Kakuzu had five hearts and can use all of the elements."

Everyone was shocked at this and knew they were in for a fight.

"Kakashi should fight Deidara, Guy should fight Sasori, Team 10 should fight Hidan, and Teams 8 and 9 should fight Kakuzu. Shikamaru find a way to at least capture Hidan."

Jiraiya looked at Shikamaru and noticed that he was visibly shaking.

"I'll do more than that. I'll obliterate this fucker out of existence."

Everyone except the rest of his team was surprised by Shikamau's outburst since he was normally aloof.

"Calm down, Shikamaru."

Before Shika could respond Choji charged forward moving faster than anyone had ever seen him move. Blue wings expanded out of his back and when he reached Hidan he reared his left fist back.

"Let's see how immortal you are. Butterfly Bomb!"

Choji's fist connected with Hidan's chest and sent him flying back over 300 feet away. Everyone was surprised that he used such a move without the Akimichi special pills. Choji turned to Shikamaru with his hair covering his eyes.

"Shika I can give you five minutes to think of something no longer."

With that Choji shimmered away towards Hidan. Shika got into his thinking pose. Jiraiya looked at Ino who answered the unasked question.

"Hidan killed Asuma-sensei."

Jiraiya nodded understanding their anger. Teams 8 and 9 jumped towards Kakuzu to begin their fight. Guy ran towards Sasori and tried to kick him bit he blocked it, and Deidara started flying up and Kakashi chased after him.

Guy V.S. Sasori

Guy was standing a bit aways from Sasori.

"You are a lot faster than you seem I will have to take my weight off."

Guy reached down and pulled his weights off and threw them towards Sasori who raised his tail to block them. He was surprised when his tail shattered but they redirected the weights making them fly past him. He looked up and noticed Guy was gone when he felt something hit him in the side and make him go flying. When he impacted the ground he jumped out of his Hiruko puppet.

"That was suprising. It has been a while since I used myself."

Sasori threw his cloak off revealing that he had turned himself into a puppet.

"That is most unyouthful of you!"

Even though he was a puppet he sweat dropped and unsealed a puppet.

"Let's see how you fair against the Third Kazekage."

Team 10 V.S. Hidan

So far for the past five minutes Choji had mostly just been punching Hidan around. Most people would be dead but Hidan was living up to his reputation, pun intended. Choji was just about out of chakra so after he knocked Hidan away again he ran up to Shika.

"What's the plan?"

"I need you to knock Hidan directly at me. That's it."

Choji nodded and dashed away.

Hinata, Shino, Tenten, and Lee V.S. Kakuzu

Lee quickly ran at Kakuzu and attempted to kick him, but when he did black thread came out of Kakuzu's body and blocked it. Lee jumped away quickly before he almost got stabbed by the thread.

"Reminds me of Garra's sand."

Everyone agreed with him it was very similar. Kakuzu glanced around at the people.

"I see I have The Demon Queen, Hinata Hyuga, The Green Beast, Rock Lee, The Killer Panda, Tenten, and The Black Death, Shino Aburame. You all have very large bounties on your heads. I'm glad I came now."

Before anyone could say anything Tenten charged at Kakuzu while shouting.

"God damn it I haven't worn my hair like that in years why do I still have that name?!"

Everyone,including Kakuzu, sweat dropped at this. When Tenten got close she tried to stab Kakuzu but the thread shot out and snapped the sword in two. Tenten almost got stabbed, but Lee had taken his weights off and got her away in time. He set her down and wiped is brow.

"Whew, that was close."

Hinata stepped forward having thought of a plan.

"Tenten and Shino get back and support Lee and I. Lee you and me will be fighting Kakuzu up close."

They all nodded and did just that.


Kakashi was chasing Deidara around trying to knock him out of the sky and it was about an even battle. He would eventually use his Sharingan to knock him out of the sky and injure him, but Deidara would get away.

Guy was in the second gate and Sasori had just used his Hundred Puppets Technique. Guy would eventually destroy them all and kill Sasori by going into the View Gate and being poisoned in the process, but Tsunade is able to get rid of the poison afterwards.

Choji was able to knock Hidan over to Shika before passing out. Ino used her Mind Transfer to take control of Hidan and let Shika posses him. Now Shika thinks that if he rips Hidan to pieces with his Shadow that he will die.

After they had just destroyed the second of Kakuzu's five hearts Tenten ran out of tools. Because of this she wasn't able to protect herself when the Water Mask attacked her, but before she was hit Lee saved her by taking the hit and kicking the mask away. Shino started fighting this mask while Tenten tried to patch Lee's wound. This left Hinata fighting Kakuzu, who had his earth heart, and the Lightning Mask.

Suddenly everyone started feeling the ground shaking violently. They all looked in the direction it was coming from. They could all see something coming in the distance. Hinata who had her Byakugan on knew what it was though. Once it got closer they all saw that it was a giant wave of sand and on top of it was a man. Most people's first thought was, "Garra?"

Once the wave got within 100 feet of everyone it just crumbled slowly leaving the man just standing there.

He had on a deep, dark, red trench coat that was cut into ten pieces on the bottom and each piece had something written on it but no one noticed. He didn't have on a shirt showing off his sculpted chest. Everyone noticed that he stood a staggering 7 feet tall. The only person close to his height was Jiraiya who was about 6' 4''. He had on black combat boots crimson, red gloves with metal plates on them. His hair went down a little past his shoulder blades and was dyed in ten different colors. Going from left to right they were: Sand yellow, Navy blue, Sea green, Vermillion, Ivory white, Alice blue, Light yellow, Burgundy brown, International orange, and Byzantium. He also had 3 earrings in each ear, 3 on each side of his nose, 1 in each eyebrow, and he had a ring on each finger.

So this was a very odd-looking character to everybody. Jiraiya walked over to him.

"Who are you?"

The man looked up at Jiraiya and was about to say something when Kakuzu decided to attack Hinata while she was distracted. The Lightning Mask tried to impale her while Kakuzu attempted to take her head off. Right when Hinata thought she was about to die she didn't feel anything for a few seconds and opened her eyes. The man was standing in front of her holding Kakuzu in one hand and the Lightning mask in the other. He looked back at Hinata and smiled.

"Are you ok, Hime?"

With that the man shattered the Lightning Mask destroying another heart. Then he threw Kakuzu up in the air and he exploded.

"The string he uses is conductive."

The man said answering the unasked question. By now Shino had killed the last mask and Jiraiya walked up to the man.

"Again, who are you?"

"Oh, you know. Just your everyday badass, King of Demons, Successor to the Rikudo Sennin, N..."


Hinata screamed as she tackled the now identified Naruto knocking him down. Naruto stood up holding the now crying Hinata.

"I'll answer everyone's questions, but first Shika don't kill Hidan we need him."

"Why shouldn't I this fucker..."

"I know he killed Asuma. I'll tell you later how I know,but we need him so we can get info on Akatsuki. I promise once I'm done you can do whatever you want. Ok?"

Shika nodded and knocked Hidan out with his shadow.

Now everyone was just looking at Naruto mostly.

"Let's all head into the village then we'll talk."

They all nodded and Naruto picked up Hidan before they all walked away. Once inside the village Naruto tied Hidan up and injected him with a poison to keep him comatose before throwing him down. He turned to everybody and looked around before speaking up.

"Ok I will explain what has happened to me in the past... How many years has it been?"

"It has been almost 7 years exactly since you went to Orochimaru."

Naruto nodded and closed his eyes thinking.

"Firstly the reason I went to Orochimaru was because Kyuu-chan was dying. She would have died in two years at the absolute most and I was not letting that happen. I had been thinking about it for months and thought that I didn't know enough about science to get her out since the seal keeping her in wasn't even my father's I removed that when I was 11. It was the Shinigami's sealing technique that kept her in, so I figured maybe it was possible to get her out with science, but I did not have the time to become an expert in the field so I decided to try to get the best. So I figured I could control Orochimaru with my Rinnegan so he would sub-consciously try to experiment with taking the Kyuubi out. It was working and Orochimaru was almost done when something went wrong. The other jinchurriki along with myself were teleported to the Demon Realm better known as Hell."

Everyone gasped and looked at Naruto who just continued with his story.

"All of us awakened in a city not unlike Konoha, but with some differences. Firstly this city's walls appeared to be constructed of flames. Secondly the residents looked like normal people. but had different animatistic features. Thirdly all the buildings were at least 200 feet tall. After talking with our inner demons we discovered where we were and where we needed to go, which was the Council. The Council is the counterpart to the Bijuu who are meant to keep relative peace in their realm. By peace they are meant to make sure that no one person runs anything and that no one is doing anything to horrendous. Now that requires a back story all on its own. About one thousand years ago the Juubi, who was the Queen of Hell, prepared to reverse back human progression just as she had done three times before."

With that Naruto opened his eyes and the were black pools with blood-red streams swirling around them.

"The reason for this was that if human's became to advanced they would eventually do unspeakable acts and would fight all the time. She had thought about it and had even spoken to Kami about it who had said that as long as she believed it was the right thing to do Kami would not mind her actions. So the great Juubi took half of her chakra and formed the Nine Tailed Beast of Hell. These nine beast would govern Hell while she was away. With that the Juubi went through the only portal to the human realm. Now someone can leave Hell and enter Hell without the portal, but it takes tremendous amounts of chakra to do so. It would take about a fourth of the Juubi's overall chakra to perform this technique. After she arrived here she started destroying everything. After two days of this a man showed up to stop her. This man is known as The Sage of the Six Paths or the Father of Ninjutsu."

Now Naruto's eyes changed to the familiar ripple pattern of the Rinnegan.

"The Juubi looked at the man and asked, "Why do you fight back? You must know you cannot win?" The man just looked at the Juubi and responded with, "I cannot let the people I care about be killed." The Juubi was shocked by this answer and just stared. She had many foolish humans before try to stop her, but none had responded with such a selfless anser before. The Juubi smirked and decided she would test this human's resolve. So they began to fight and fight they did. They fought for nearly a week and the Juubi was impressed by the Sage's ability and resolve. She noted that he was almost out of chakra and that he was focusing all the chakra he had to his hands. Now the Rikudo Sennin would perform the greatest feat of ninjutsu ever. He would create the moon with gravity manipulation."

Naruto chuckled at the look on everyone's face and continued with the story.

"Once he had created the massive rock he attempted to slam onto the area knowing that it would destroy him and the Juubi. The Juubi was amazed this human could create something like this and would purposely kill himself. She used her power and shot a massive Bijuudama at the rock propelling it into the sky way above the earth where it remains. When the Sage realized he had wasted the rest of his chakra he slowly walked over to the Juubi. Once over there he kneeled before her and begged. He begged for the wellbeing of everyone in exchange for his life. The Juubi was amazed she had never met a human who was so selfless. She looked at the man before her before thinking of something. She told the man that if he could think of a way to separate her into nine beings within five years she wouldn't destroy anything and everyone would be spared. This is how the tailed beast were created."

Everyone nodded in understanding since it all made sense, but Jiraiya had a question.

"How do you know all of this?"

"You will know soon enough. Now once myself and the other 8 jinchuuriki had composed ourself we headed off to find a way out of what we believed to be hell. We eventually found out the only way to leave hell was to defeat the 9 tailed beast in order. I now know a jutsu that allows me to leave, but that is besides the point. It took us nearly twenty years just to find the Ichibi of Hell and defeat her. The only reason we defeated her was because during the fight I absorbed the last of Kyuu-chan's youkai and almost killed the Ichibi in my rage. We realized from that we would take to long to find the tailed beast. I was the only one that would be safe because my seal let me absorb Kyuu-chan's youkai and I was a full demon so I would not die of old age, but the others had different seals and could not release the other tailed beast nor absorb them so they decided on something else behind my back. They all gave me there Bijuu and allowed me to absorb them. Each bijuu also gave me a special gift."

All of the people looked at Naruto in wonder. They were curious of his powers.

"From the Ichibi I was given complete control over sand, gold dust, and iron."

With that three pillars came up behind Naruto. One of sand, one of gold dust, and one of iron dust.

"Nibi gave me control of her hellfire."

Naruto breathed blue flames on to the pillars. The sand became glass while the iron and gold turned to molten puddles.

"Sanbi gave me the ability to grow scales."

Naruto breathed in and breathed out causing green scales to form all over his visible body.

"Yonbi gave me the ability to grow extra limbs."

Naruto put his hands together and two arms started to appear and do the same.

"Gobi gave me the ability to withstand incredible temperatures whether they be cold or hot."

"Rokubi gave me control of bubbles. I know it sounds useless, but I can prove it's useful. Jiraiya there are currently 27,387 people currently in the village correct?"

Jiraiya nodded suprising everyone when it suddenly started raining.

"I send out nearly useable bubbles that when they pop I get any information. That was them."

Everyone nodded in understanding.

"Nanabi gave me one of my favorite things ever."

Naruto reached and took off his trench coat and sealed it away. After the coat was gone two black leathery wings sprouted from Naruto's back.

"A pair of badass wings."

A/N Imagine angel wings, but black and red feathers.

"The Hachibi gave me the ability to transform my outward appearance at will."

Naruto's hair lengthened a few inches, his eyes turned pure black, and his skin turned a bluish color. It changed back after a few minutes.

"Lastly Kyuu-chan gave me all of her memories and the mental capacity to contain nearly anything."

After everyone had a minute to think about everything Naruto continued.

"When I awoke I spent much time training my abilities. Tell me how old do you think I am?"

Everyone thought about and all said, "20."

Naruto instantly started laughing confusing everyone. After a few minutes Naruto calmed himself.

"I am glad you think me so young. No I am far older than that. I am exactly 637 years old."

Everyone just stared at Naruto waiting for the him to say he was joking.

"I'm serious."

"How is that possible?"

"Well time passes much differently in the dimensions. I wasn't sure by how much until now. Anyways back to the story."

"After I felt I had perfect control over all of my abilities and had discovered the location of all the bijuu I started taking them out one by one. After I had defeated all of them they taught me how to open a portal in between worlds. It took me another 10 years to fully master the technique and in that time I met several notable 'people', but that can wait. When I arrived here I used that roar you heard as a sensing technique to scan all the Elemental Nations. Now I need a quick summary of what has gone on since I left."

Shikamaru stepped forward, "Everything was fine until four years ago when a lot of stuff went down at once. First the Akatsuki moved out with around 20 or so ninja all ranging from very high A-rank to very high S-rank. Three of them wiped Kumo off the map in a single day. After that Iwa joined with them. Soon after Jiraiya arrived telling that Danzo along with more than half of the ninja and most of the civilians were planning a revolt. It would have cost to many lives to fight back so we took all the people not involved with us here. That includes most of the Aburame, Nara, Akamichi, and Yamanaka clans, a little less than half of the Hyuga, a few Inuzuka, about a third of the remaining ninja, and about a fourth of the civilians. Sai who was a member of Root couldn't decide on his feelings so when we were attacked on our way out of the village he preformed a sealing jutsu that killed a good part of the enemies. Also while the Branch family was escaping from the Hyuga compound Hiashi and Neji held back the Main family long enough for everyone to get out at the cost of their own lives. Once everyone had joined up we headed to Suna."

Jiraiya stepped forward to continue, "We decided to send some ninja to help in the Kiri Civil War which still continues and is at a stalemate. Right now there are two sides The Demon Alliance and The Akatsuki Alliance. We are not currently sure of where Danzo is in all of this. Also, we have not heard from Kabuto, Orochimaru, or Saskue in over 6 years."

Naruto decided to ask something, "How many ninja to we have and how many would we have if we won the war in Kiri?"

Jiraiya thought about it for a moment, "Currently we have about 45,000 ninja and if we won Kiri we'd have another 15,000. Taking into account of deaths and injuries."

"And how many are with the Akatsuki with and without counting Danzo?"

Again Jiraiya though about it, "They have around 55,000 without Danzo and 70,000 with."

"How big would a village have to be to hold all of our ninja and civilians including Kiri, Shika?"

Shika did some quick calculations, "If it is a square then it'll need to be 30 miles by 30 miles a little more to be safe."

"Ok. Have everyone in the village ready to leave tomorrow at noon. Can you get a message to Zabuza?"

Jiraiya nodded, "Tell him to meet me on the shore of the mainland in a week. I am going to head to the location Shika gave me I'll be back tommorow at noon."

"How can you go that far and back that fast?"

"My top speed with all of my weights and seals can break the sound barrier so I can do it. Would you like to come Hime?"

Hinata nodded and smiled while walking over to Naruto. Naruto crouched so she could get on his back and then stood back up.

"See you all tomorrow."

With that Naruto took off causing a loud cracking sound.

Next Day Main Gate of Suna, 12:00

All of the residents of Suna were outside of the main gate having just been told what was going on there was quite a lot of talking. As soon as noon came around there was a bright flash and Naruto and Hinata were standing in the middle of everyone. Naruto walked into the middle of everyone and looked around.

"Is everyone ready?"

Everyone nodded and Naruto threw a Wormhole kunai down.

"Mass Wormhole."

Everyone slowly sank into the ground and came out of the ground in the middle of a huge clearing that looked like it had recently been cleared.

"Is this big enough Shika?"

Shika walked over to Naruto and nodded.

"Good. I want everyone to head into the forest and don't come out until I say so."

Shika raised an eyebrow, "Why?"

"I'm going to make a village."

Shika looked at Naruto for a moment before mumbling something about troublesome and telling people to clear out. Once everyone was inside the forest Naruto walked into the middle of the clearing and sat down. A giant stone that was black came out of the ground under him rising 100 feet in the air. The stone was perfectly rectangular and reflective. Naruto opened his eyes which were in their Rinnegan form.

"Banbutsu Sozo (Creation of All Things)."

Slowly giant buildings and houses rose out of the round. The buildings were made of the same stone the pillar under Naruto was made out of. Most of the homes reached only 30-40 feet, but some of the buildings reached nearly as tall as Naruto's pillar, but not qite at about 85-90 feet in heighth. Once buildings covered about 30 miles of the 35 mile clearing a giant black wall came up around the entire village which came up about 30 feet. The giant wall had a gate that had an image of the Juubi with the Rikudo Sennin kneeling in front of her. Finally 9 giant buildings, similar to the Hokage Tower in the Leaf Village, came up on the opposite side of the village from the main gate with a even more massive building that came up behind them.

Naruto stood up on the pillar and quickly headed to the main gate. Once there and after everyone had gathered at the gates Naruto turned to everyone.

"Before anyone enters I have a few things to say. First, I will be the leader of this village and you can call me Shoni (First Demon) if you wish. Second, I will have 9 advisors under me. If you wish to get anything to me then you must have 6 of the 9 advisors agree on it. The advisors will be labeled by number and by their specialty. The number 1 and 2 advisors will be over civil matters and D-rank missions. The number 3 will be over the Shibobi Academy and deciding who becomes a Chuunin, but they will have to ask myself first before promoting the person. The number 4 will be over C-rank missions and Jonin promotions, but they will have to get my permission to become jonin. Number 5 will be over the Science and Health departments in the village. The number 6 will be over B-rank missions and prison and interrogation of criminals. The number 7 will be over Spy and Espionage departments in the village along with our version of Anbu known as Shinigami. Number 8 will be the one who deals with foreign matters and all patrols in and out of the village. Lastly number 9 will be my war general and be my right hand meaning I take their advice above everyone's. Their will be many rules that I will announce eventually. Also you should remember that while I will be as kind and considerate as possible, this is a dictatorship and my word is law. Is there anyone who wishes to leave?"

Naruto looked around and no one was leaving.

"Good. Now let me announce my advisors. Number 1 will be Baki. Chouza do you think Choji is ready for this position?"

"He is more than ready."

"Then Choji is my number 2. Number 3 will be Temari. Shibi do you think Shino is ready for this?"

"I do."

"Then Shino is my number 4. Number 5 is Tsunade who will decide a second is command. Number 6 will be a cooperation between Inoichi, Ibiki, and Anko. Number 7 will be Jiraiya who will decide a second in command. Number 8 will be Hinata. Lastly Shikaku do you think Shikamaru is ready for this?"

"He was ready long ago."

"The my right hand will be Shikamaru. I welcome everyone to The Village Hidden in Hell."

1 Week Later

Naruto was waiting for the boat Zabuza was coming on. He had settled things back in the village and made sure everyone had a place to stay before leaving.

Naruto looked up at the boat that had finally pulled up. Naruto saw Zabuza walk off the boat and look at him.

"You the one they sent?"


"What's your name?"

"I'm offended Zabuza. forgetting about little old me."

Zabuza's eyes widened, "Naruto?"

"In the flesh."

"Holy shit! You got to tell me what happened to you."

"I will on the boat ride."

"Great. Get on."

Naruto and Zabuza both got on and the boat sailed off.

After about 4 hours and a long story from Naruto they were in Kiri and Zabuza was caught up on everything.

"Damn! That is a story!"

"That it is. Also I need you to make a Kenjutsu training regime for the Academy and I'll send the details back to the village."

"Ok, I will. Now lets head into the base."

Naruto and Zabuza walked through a forest for about a mile before coming to a run down old house that they went in. Once inside Zabuza wallked over a pulled up a secret trap door. They both went in and walked for another half mile before coming to a large room with about a hundred people in it and had many other tunnels stretching off of it.

"Not a bad place. I assume there's other entrances and ways of blocking off tunnels, right?"

"Yea there is."

They continued walking until they came upon Haku who had turned into a beautiful woman and was wearing the basic hunter-nin outfit. She was talking to someone in an outfit that was similar to an anbu's ans she had long red hair. Haku turned to Zabuza and Naruto and looked at them in confusion.

"Who is this, Tou-san?"

"I'm offended, Haku-chan."

Haku's eyes widened and ran to Naruto and hugged him.

"Naruto! Where have you been?"

"Zabuza can tell you later, but first."

Naruto held his hand out and a mask formed in it. It looked like a wolf, but was similar to her old one.

"Here you go."

Haku took it, "Thank you."

"No problem."

The redhead walked up, "Who is this, Zabuza? Also, is this all they sent to help?"

"This is Naruto and yes this is it."

"Why did they only send one person?"

"Because this is all we need. This guy scared me when he was 12, I can't imagine his current strength."

"Even so what can one man do?"

Naruto decided to step in, "One man? Nothing, but I am not human."

"Then what are you?"

"Born an Uzumaki, became half demon at 6, and full demon at 16. I am Naruto formerly Uzumaki and I contain all of the power of the tailed beast."


"That can wait. First I need you to 'accidentally' let the enemy know where this base is."

"Why would I do that?"

"So I can take the enemy out. I know that since Yagura disappeared a member of the Akatsuki has been controlling everything. If they discover our location they will send most of their forces and then I can slaughter them."

"You? I doubt anyone could do that to all of the enemy no matter your strength."

"Are you related to the Uzumakis?"

"Yes, distantly."

"Then look."

Naruto took his cloak off and handed it to Haku. He then started channeling chakra revealing his seals. Naruto had added a 'few' seals since before he left. Now he had what appeared to be chains running all along his body that were slowly moving around and appeared to be vibrating extremely fast.

"While that is impressive it doesn't prove anything."

"Take a closer look."

Mei leaned forward and stared at one of the chain links. She noticed a resistance seal, gravity seal, chakra storage seal, and a few other she hadn't seen before.

"That shouldn't be possible."

Zabuza was suprised by the shaky tone in Mei's voice. As long as he had known her she had never sounded so frightened. He decided to ask what shouldn't be possible.

"What is it?"

"Everyone of those chain links has chakra storage, gravity, resistance, and at least two other seals I've never seen before. How many chain links do you have in total currently?"

"I have 523 links and I add another every other week. There are also four other seals on them. A chakra eating seal, a KI eating seal, a Youkai eating seal, and a nature chakra storage seal."

Everyone was looking at him and Zabuza was thinking, 'I knew he would get strong, but that is insane. From what I know about seals a normal kage could handle between 20-30 at most.'

"I still can't be sure of your skill."

Zabuza and Haku looked at her like she was crazy. Naruto grinned and snapped his fingers. A clone appeared behind everyone in the room with a kunai to their throat except for Haku and Zabuza.

"Is that enough proof?"

The clones all disappeared and everyone looked at Naruto.

"So how long 'till the enemy gets the information?"

4 Days Later Near the Base

Naruto, Zabuza, Mei, and Haku were near the base waiting on a scout to get back and tell them when the enemy would get there.

"Are you sure he can do this, Zabuza?"

"I don't have a single doubt in my mind."

"I have to ask you three to go back underground. Don't ask why you will know soon enough."

They all nodded and left. Naruto saw the spy coming.

"How are the enemies moving?"

"They are marching and there are about 15,000."

"Ok, thank you. Go underground now."

The man was about to argue, but decided against it and left. Naruto started heading towards the army at a slow pace, for him anyways. Once he arrived he looked around thinking of a way to kill as few people as possible.

'I could release my KI seals. No that would break them. I could make a cage around them. No they would break out. I could use fire... I've got the perfect plan.'

Naruto threw a kunai up into the air above them and teleported to it. In mid-air he did a single seal and summoned a giant cage made of rock. When he landed on top he did another seal and summoned a fire storm all around the cage taking all of the oxygen out quickly and causing the captives to pass out. Before releasing the cage he pushed some chakra through it feeling how many people he knocked out.

'I got a little over 6000. Good.'

Naruto used the Rinnegan and caused another 4000 to fall down and pass out from the pressure. Lastly Naruto summoned a hundred clones and they all rushed into the last 5000 knocking them all out. Naruto stood straight up and looked around. He flared his chakra causing a genjutsu to release and saw Itachi and Kisame appear. Naruto looked at Itachi with a raised eyebrow.

"So you haven't gone blind yet? How long has it been since you used your Mangekyo?"

"Over 4 years now. How have you been Naruto-kun?"

"I have been ok. So you two have been controlling Kiri since Yagura disappeared."

"Yes we have."

"Interesting. I have a proposition for you two?"

They both looked at Naruto skeptically.

"How would you Kisame like to recreate the Seven Swordsman? And Itachi how would you like a new set of eyes?"

3 Days Later Hell Village

Naruto had just teleported back to his office in the village. After he had gotten done dealing with Kisame and Itachi he had called everyone to get all of the ninja and they had started treating him like a hero. After three days of most people partying while he and Mei discussed some things he was glad to be back. He heard the door open and saw Shika standing there sweating.

"What's up, Shika?"

"Shoni I have some bad news."

"What is it then?"

"It's Hinata, she's been taken by the Leaf."

Oh tragic news. You all hate me now I'm sure. Anyways the reason this took me so long is because I have had some personal problems. That's all I'm saying. Also I am sure half of you like where the story is going and the other half hate it. To those who like it thank you. To those who don't fuck you. Until next time.

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