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Men are disgusting pigs.

Maka Albarn repeats those words in her head until she's sick of them, absolutely convinced that they are true. 'Men are filthy, disgusting pigs who don't deserve to be trusted,' she had been warned by her beloved mother. 'And if you do happen to trust one, I can guarantee you that he will take you heart and everything you hold dear and smash it into little pieces.'

Maka knew this for a fact; she had lived it, felt it, and heard it:

"That's it! You've cheated on me for the last time, Spirit!" There was a clash and a bang, then the sound of furious footsteps clamoring down the stairs. "I'm finished!" Eight year old Maka peeked around the corner of her room with the door slightly ajar and saw her mother with a single suitcase stomp angrily towards the door. Her desperate father was not far behind her, trying to appease the infuriated women.

"Please, Kami. Don't leave just yet! We have a daughter to take care of!" Spirit pleaded.

"I'm sorry, Spirit. But I've reached my breaking point. We're through," she sneered harshly and swung the front door open.

"Mama?" Little Maka called from her room, rubbing the sleep from her curiously large emerald-green eyes. "Where are you going?"

Spirit and Kami turn their attention towards their little daughter and exchanged glances. "Sweetheart," her father said gently. "Please go back to sleep, Papa will solve everything, okay?"

"Listen to your father, dear," Kami insisted sternly.

"But Papa - "

"Go, Maka," he urged quietly. The girl gave them a saddened look as she always did when they fought, and slinked back into bed, trying to tune out their rising voices.

"Please don't leave, Mama..." she whispered to herself a secret prayer that would never be answered.

And later, when she was older and thought she could handle a boyfriend:

"C'mon, babe!" Greg Herklander, her first boyfriend, urged and forcefully pushed himself closer to her body. "I know you wanna..." he crooned in her ear with a whisper, using the same exact words that she knew he'd use with every girl to smooth them over. But thankfully she was different than every girl.

"Get off!" She struggled to shove the drunken boy off her body. "Seriously, you've had too much alcohol! Maybe we should just go home now!" But he persisted on her until she was backed up all the way against the wall, him kissing the base of her neck and slowly making his way upwards as her hands pushed him away.

"Maka, don't be such a pussy," he coaxed softly, resting his head in the crook of her neck as his lustful hands made their way down the arch of her back and right above her ass. "I know you wanna fuck me tonight...so let's get it on now..."

"I said get off!" She finally pushed him off of herself, and he staggered backwards and fell into a nearby table.

"What the hell?!" He yelled in a drunken rage.

"Ugh! I can't stand it anymore, Greg!" After a month of dealing with this jackass, Maka was done with him. "It's over! I'm leaving!" She huffed and ran out of that party and into the rainy night as fast as her heels could carry her without falling, all the way home. It was on that day she promised that she would never entrust herself to a man ever again.

Now she was 16, and a well-off and studious young girl who had her whole future planned ahead of her, living with her father whom she despised for chasing away her mother. She didn't need the comfort of a boyfriend to be happy; all she needed was good grades and her friends to support her.

But little did she know that her whole-hearted philosophy was about to be completely rewritten.


"C'mon, ol' buddy. Just do me this favor."

Soul Eater Evans wasn't exactly into doing favors, especially ones that involved girls.

"I need you to take care of this girl - Maka Albarn - for me. You'd do that, won't'cha?" Herklander asked him slyly. "I promise a full pay out if ya do."

"Alright, Herklander. What do you want me to do?" He asked impatiently.

"Ya know that girl I dated a couple of months ago and how she stood me up at that party right? You were there, weren't you? You saw her; she stood me up good. And now I want revenge."

"You know I would never do something to a girl."

"Yeah, yeah, I know. But this ain't so bad. Here's what I need you to do for me: I want you to take that cute little heart of hers -" he picked up a small pea from his plate on their lunch table "- and I want you to squish it and destroy it until there's nothin' left."

"What are you talkin' about?" He leaned in secretively towards the boy at the other side of his table, afraid that the other students would hear.

"I want you to pretend to like her, land then in the end, dump her like a cocky jackass. I swear, it'll kill her," he chuckled. "Go ask her out, get her to fall in love with ya, then at the end of next week, break her heart. Squish it...like a pea." He stabbed the fork downwards into the small green ball, and it splattered.

"Maka Albarn? Doesn't she avoid every guy who approaches her?" Soul asked suspiciously.

"Yeah, she does. But she didn't avoid me. And, with those charming looks of yours and that suave you got, I'm pretty sure you could win her over. Besides, I hear you could use the extra dough..." Herklander grinned and pulled out a fat wad of money out of his pocket and tossed it to Soul.

"Is this the payoff?" Soul asked, cautiously tucking the generous amount of bills in the pocket of his jacket.

"Hm. It could be, it may not be. How 'bout this: win over her heart in the next two weeks, and then dump her. If you do enough damage, I'll give ya four times as much as this wad. How's that soundin'? Today's Monday, so you'll have until...next Friday okay?" Soul grinned with satisfaction; this would be the type of money he needed.


Tricking girls into falling in love with him wasn't cool, but he had no choice but to win her over for the sake of his cash. He needed the money desperately; ever since he parents had died and left him with a house to tend to, he'd never been able to pay off their debt easily. The threat of being evicted from his own house constantly loomed over him.

But to ask out a Maka Albarn? He had no idea how. Sure, many of his past relationships with girls had proven himself to be charming and unmistakably labeled a 'hottie.' But the girl he knew as Maka Albarn was completely different; from a guy's perspective, she was absolutely unapproachable.

He only knew that he needed the money, and he needed it badly. So he approached her, confident and smooth as hell, and quietly took a seat in the desk in front of her, her face hidden from his view by a hardcover book. He waited for her to look up, but the time never came.

"You look lonely." He leaned onto her desk and watched as two wary and slightly annoyed emerald eyes peeked up from the depths of her book.

"No," she answered curtly. "I'm actually perfectly fine, thanks for the concern." Eyeing her book, she shoved it back in her face and fingered through the pages.

"Really? I think you look like you need some company," he persisted and tugged her book downwards below her face.

"No, really. I don't like to be bothered. I'm in the middle of reading," she said dryly and buried her face into the book again, as if talking to him was worst than being condemned Chinese water torture. He tapped the hard cover of her book again with his knuckle.

"The name's Soul. Soul Eater, that is." He offered a hand to shake as she quirked an irritated eyebrow. "You're Maka, right? Maka Albarn?"

"Are you always this persistent?" She asked, annoyed.

"Are you always this cold?" He retorted.

"Why? Is it wrong for a woman to just sit here quietly and read her book without being disturbed?" She answered, her olive eyes narrowing and piercing him like two green daggers.

"Can't we just talk for a moment?"

She sighed and finally set down her book. "What do you want?"

"I wanna talk."

"So talk."

"Nah, I mean talk, as in talk later on. Y'know, like grab a snack or something and talk or something. After school in a restaurant somewhere," he said casually. So much for subtly, he thought.

"You mean, like a date?" She asked disgustedly.

"Whatever you wanna call it," he shrugged.

"Sorry, I don't do dates," she said quickly.

"Fine, then. Don't call it a date, call it 'hanging out.'"

"And why are you asking me? Right now?" Maka gained suspicion in her tone.

"Because..." He faltered nervously under her glare. "Why? Is it wrong for a man to ask a girl to hang out with him a little?"

"That's not what I meant. Why are you asking me?"

Because I need to break your heart within the next two weeks because I need some cash, he reminded himself. "Chill, I ain't asking you out on a date. I said I just wanna talk. Y'know, to get to know each other."

"About what?" Her questions kept coming; they might as well have been in an interrogation room, not a classroom. "You barely even know me."

"Oh c'mon, blondie, a guy has the decency to wanna spend some quality time with you and you act like its the worst thing that's ever happened to you."

"Funny, it actually is the worst thing that's happened to me," she said cynically.

He paused. "Seriously?"

Maka sighed and leaned back in her chair. Maybe, she decided, just maybe she'd be able to stand this guy. After all, she'd heard rumors about the cool and mysterious hottie named Soul, and how he was unlike one of those cocky douchebags such as Herklander who'd screw around with every girl if he'd get the chance to. Maybe, she thought. "Well, I guess your gonna have to find out later during our little 'hang out.'"

"So...I'm gonna take that as a 'yes.'" She nodded solemnly, almost even regretfully to meet the albino boy at Death Bucks Cafe at 4:30 right after school.

Why would he ask me out? She asked herself. Maka Albarn was nothing special; even she knew that. And yet every few months or so, a brave soul of a boy would approach her timidly and give a shaky invitation for her to go out with him, to which she would refuse. "It's not healthy," her friend Tsubaki had admonished her about her behavior towards boys. Because, she said, if she didn't learn to trust now, then she'd never learn to trust at all.

But she didn't need trust, she had told her friend.

Trust was just another novelty that she would never be able to understand.

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