It was two pm...then again it could've been six am for all I cared. My life had just been shattered and I was left on my knees in the road. It was in the middle of no where and I had to feel the life slip away from the one person I love in this world. No one could help me, at least not until Jack came along. He literally saved my life, ten seconds later and I would've been road kill. He jumped out and pulled me to safety from the eighteen wheeler who had no intentions of stopping. He even held me back as I tried to run back into the road for my lost love. The agony was too much for me to bare, I broke down crying and grabbing at the ground...

I sighed as the memory still haunts me even after everything that's happened.
"Hey what are you doing up so early?" Jack asked curiously. I turned around, the cool air lightly touching my skin.
"Don't worry about me I just couldn't sleep that's all," I didn't want to worry him like I had the past few weeks. I walked over to the bed and slid under the covers. Jack put a comforting arm around my belly while I continued to look out the window at the stars.