I push my long blond hair off my face and quickly fastened it into a ponytail. I glanced at my companion, who also happened to be my sister. She had shoulder length brown hair, with clear teal eyes.

"Pole" I warned. She quickly sniffed the air, swerving around it just in time. I surveyed her. She was wearing what she always wore. Teal t-shirt, jeans, and those weird pointed red glasses! Though she wasn't holding her dragon-headed cane today.
I looked down at my own plain cloths. Jeans, cerulean blue t-shirt, black jacket. I pushed my round glasses up into place as they started to slip. I sighed.
We were walking back from school. I had my blue backpack slung over my shoulder, she had her teal one, which ressembled a messenger bag, slung over hers. Both our backpacks were unusually light.

"Terezi," I began cautiously, turning to my companion. "Didn't you find it weird how all the teachers took all of our books today? Not even giving us homework?"

"Honestly, Vriska! I would have thought you would be the last person on earth to complain about having no homework!" Terezi teased lightly. Then the playful light died from her eyes. "Yay, and how they only did that to us, too."

"Something's up." I confirmed. Terezi murmerd in agreement.

"Nothing detective Pyrope can't handle!" Her face split into a smile. I stared at her. She always looked devious when she smiled, like she was planning some prank or something else bad. Plus her teeth looked somewhat sharp.

"It couldn't be a prank, since the only person bad-assed enough to pull something like this off would have to be a Serket." Now it was my turn to flash a smile.

We were nothing alike, me and her. My family had taken her in, or adopted her, when she perticipated in a car crash that claimed the lives of her parents and left her blind. She had been my best friend and now she was my sister. Though she refuses to respond to the name 'Terezi Serket' She says time and time again that she prefers the latter. Probably because she's the last Pyrope and she wants to preserve the name.

My mother has recently turned cold, Putting everyone in a bad mood, drinking, smoking, abusing her kids, (not necessarily in that order) I make sure Terezi is never hurt, because then she'll cry, and tears block out all her other sences, and the last thing I need is a blind chick with a face puffy from crying running into walls and falling down stairs. Yay, I think I'll pass.

The worst part is, she never gets better. Just worse. Once, when she was completly drunk and raging, she through what must have been 5000 glasses at me. One cut right throungh my eye, making me blind in that one,I still can't see out of it, it's unrepariable. and all the others cut my left arm, which killed the nerves there, also killing my arm. I have a robotic replacement arm now, some guy made it for me and shipped it out here all the way from canada.

Lost in my thoughts, I didn't realize we were at my house until i nearly tripped on the stairs. I quickly fished the key out of my pocket and unlocked the door. Quietly, Terezi and I climberd the stairs to the bedroom we shared. So far, so good. No sight of mom. Wait, cross that. Usually, If there's no evil mom apperance, something bad's about to happen. I Race to the end of the hall, swing open the door and gasped with horror.

Everything was gone.

Terezi walked in behind me and screamed. I flinched, too surpised to move.

"I-i...can't...smell...anything!" She manedged in between gasps of breath and screams. "Is my sence of smell failing?" She wailed.

"No." I whispered."There's nothing here to smell."

Just then Our mother walked in. For some reason I can't explain, she only lets us call her by her nickname, mindfang. We don't know her real name; for that matter, I don't think even dad knows it...

"Vriska, Terezi, dear." Uh-oh. Two reasons that I know somethings up. 1. She called us 'dear' 2. She said our names. I didn't even know she knew them!

"Everythings packed and ready, get in the car." She ordered roughly.

"Where are we going?" Terezi asked.

"You two and dad" Mindfang corrected. "And your off to canada."

"What!?" I objected. "I'm not going!"

"Yes you are, Vriska Spinnerette Serket! So shut your mouth and don't give me anymore bullshit!"

"But what about my friends?"

"What friends? Who would want to be friends with you?!" She laughed with bitterness and stalked away (the last time Terezi and I would see her) as I flinched at her hard words.

I stared at the floor. "I don't want to go." I whinned soflty "It'll be hard enough to be excepted by anyone, let alone make friends..."

"I don't want to go either." Terezi whispered "My mother and father's graves are here. Plus It'll be hard enough having to find my way around a different school, let alone a different contanint."

"I'll help you." I vowed. "We'll help each other."

3 days, 4 hours and 1 minute later, Terezi and I were sitting in our new backyard, sulking about every negative thing we could think of. Being sent here; new school, new place.

"School starts tomorrow, you ready for this?" Terezi asked me. I scowled.

"No." I sulked. "I don't want to go." I chucked a rock at the fence in front of us. It bounced off.

"Neither do I." Terezi admitted. Closing her eyes. There, we sat in silence for awhile until Terezi opened her eyes, then her mouth, as though to tell me something. But before she could speak, someone spoke into my left ear, causing me to jump up and spin around.

"Hello," It was a girl with brown hair that ended at her ears. She had brilliant jade green eyes. She was wearing a green long - sleeved shirt with a black t-shirt over it. She was also wearing a red skirt that went down to her feet. But what really amazed me was that she looked like she had fangs - my teeth were exactly the same. She looked at Terezi and I in confusion." I'm sorry but I assumed that one of you would have seen me coming or-" She broke off mid - scentence as my eyes narrowed. I looked over at Terezi, who looked as offended as I felt. The girl lopoked flustered. "Did I say something?..." I whirled around and stalked away, one hand draped over Terezi's shoulder, since she didn't really know her way around yet. We stormed inside and stayed there the rest of the day.

That night, Terezi and I got ready for bed. She slipped into a long nightgown with the Libra sign on it, and teal short shorts. I got into my own nightgown with the Scorpio sign on it and cerulean short-shorts. As soon as we finished brushing our teeth, Terezi slipped right into her bed, pulling the covers up benieth her chin.

"Night, Vriska" She murmured sleepily.

"Night 'Rezi." I answered, a bit of sympathy creeping into my tone. It must be hard for her, learning all these strange scents and sounds all at once. I flinched as I thought of tomorrow, how people will stare at her, how she won't even know where her homeroom, where so many things could go wrong...

"I'll be fine! Don't you dare think otherwise, Vriska Serket!" She teased lightly before falling asleep. I was use to her knowing exactly what I felt, so it didn't creep me out anymore.

I flopped down into the computar chair and spun it around, pushing the power button. While waiting for the computar to load, i doodled absent-mindedly on a piece of paper.

When it was finally loaded, I logged onto my pesterchum account and found someone trying to pester me.

grimAuxiliatrix [GA] began pestering arachnidsGrip [AG] [GA] Hello.
[AG] Who the hell?
[GA] I Believe We Met This Afternoon.
[GA] Well, Not Formally, Since You Ran Off On Me Before I Could Introduce Myself.
[AG] Ohhhhhhhh...that.
[GA] Yes, That.
[GA] Do You Mind Explaining Why You Stormed Off In Such A Temper Like That?
[AG] Do you mind explaining why you walked up on my left side and then accused me of not seeing you?
[GA] Well, What, May I Ask, Is So Wrong With The Left Side?
[AG] Ugh, are you that stupid? I'm 8lind on my left side, and Terezi is 8lind period [GA]Oh...
[GA]Then My Apologies On This Afternoon [GA] I'm Kanaya Marayam, By The Way.
[AG] er, Vriska Serket.
[GA] I Shall See You In School Tomorrow, Then. Good Night.
grimAuxiliatrix [GA] ceased pestering arachnidsGrip [AG]

The last thing I thought before falling asleep was 'god, She's annoying!'