Maka hurriedly scampered home through the rain. She had a bright yellow umbrella and matching boots, but that still didn't keep her from getting wet. Rain could be beautiful, serene even. In places like Death City, it just made things soggy and disgusting. She imagined the soft couch in the living room. A warm blanket wrapped around her, a book in hand, and maybe even some hot chocolate would be awesome.

The door creaked slowly as Maka entered the apartment she shared with Soul. She made sure to lock the door tight before she shed her rain boots on the mat. Today had been a tough day at school and she was looking forward to doing her homework and maybe hanging out with the others later.

She felt a twinge in the pit of her stomach when she didn't hear a lazy "Hey Maka", or spot her nonchalant weapon partner sprawled out on the couch. He would normally be playing Final Fantasy or napping. Instead, the house seemed empty... And dead silent. That was a rare occurrence.
It was certainly possible that he hadn't come home yet. Wait, she pondered. I saw him run home after school. Why had he been in such a hurry? She deposited her backpack in her room and set out to find Soul.
She peered into the kitchen from behind the fridge. Wooden cupboards and a checkered tile floor greeted her. Maka huffed in exasperation. She didn't have the patience to do an all out search at the moment. Besides, she was almost one hundred percent sure that he was just up to something dumb, not in any real danger.
She cracked open the door to the bathroom. Of course there would be no one in here if the door were unlocked. Maka and Soul were both careful about locking the bathroom door when they went in. They were opposite genders living under the same roof at an interesting age. The awkwardness was already at a high level without accidental peeping incidents...
There was one more place she could expect to find him though. She bounced down the hall, stopping when she reached the decorated door to his room. Maybe she shouldn't go in there... Her imagination was starting to creep up on her as she stared a hole through the door, and she didn't like it. Her stubbornness reared its head as she was about to turn back. She needed to find out what the heck was up with Soul!
She gave the door a tentative knock. "S-Soul?"

"Wh-who goes there?" came the anxious reply.

"It's me, Maka you idiot!" it was irritating that he didn't recognize her voice. It wasn't that hard to tell!

"I don't believe you!" he whimpered. "You'll have to answer a question only the real Maka could answer!"

"Fine," Maka sighed. "Fire away".

"You have fat ankles."


"Yep that's Maka..." he cringed, opening the door slowly.

"What are you doing in there?" She saw a mix of blankets and pillows, shaped similarly to a fort.

He stared at her, his expression reminding her of a lost puppy.

"C'mon," she whipped around, her skirt twirling. "You can tell me while we do the dishes"

She handed him a plate to dry. "So what's going on with you?"

He shuddered. "It's...Blair."

Maka felt a familiar twinge of annoyance but she pushed it down. "What do you mean?"

"She keeps...shoving her boobs in my face...way more than usual" he hugged himself. "I'm gonna die of blood loss at this rate... This is so not cool."

"There's gotta be a way to make her stop," Maka pondered, a hand on her chin.

"I wish," Soul grumbled. "It's near impossible."

"We could lock her in a room," she volunteered. "Then she wouldn't be able to escape!"

"Wouldn't she be able to use her pum-pum whatever magic to escape?" Soul replied.

"True," Maka raked the recesses of her mind for more ideas. "We could spay her."

"Umm...?" Soul really didn't have a response to that.

"Or you could get a girlfriend!" she piped up suddenly.

"Ehhh..Let's go with the spaying idea instead," he groaned nervously.

"Think about it Soul!" Maka reasoned. "She only does it as a joke, probably `cause you don't really tell her to stop. But if you had a girlfriend, she'd see how serious you were about whatever girl it was, and she'd probably stop. Besides, I'm pretty sure spaying is kinda risky for a female. At least more risky than neutering I think."

"You could always Maka Chop her," he joked with a chuckle.

He quieted when she gave him an annoyed glance.

"How am I gonna get a girlfriend anyways?" he whined.

"Shouldn't be too hard for you," Maka smiled down at the cup she was washing. "Surprisingly, you're not the only one who thinks you're cool."

All Soul could do was stare at her. It was one of those rare moments where Maka showed her softer side. He felt a bit of pride knowing that he'd probably witnessed most-if not all those moments. Warmth creeped up on his cheeks and he quickly replied before she looked up and noticed.

"Uhh yeah sure," he grumbled impulsively.

"It's settled then!" she yelled, springing up from the sink. "We're gonna find you a girlfriend!"

She pranced down the hall, disappearing into her room. Soul sighed, scratching the back of his head. He felt slightly uneasy about this idea of hers. It was true that he wanted Blair to quit her antics...But a girlfriend? He wasn't sure he wanted that. He felt content with his life at this point. Being Maka's weapon was enough for him. He was too cool for a girlfriend.

He glowered at the unwashed dishes like they were the source of his problems. Should I finish these up for her? The lure of gaming, or watching TV, maybe even annoying Maka would assuredly be more fun. Despite this, his hands plunged into the soapy water, swirling around for the submerged sponge. He fished it out of the sink and scrubbed a greasy frying pan. A girlfriend huh? Maybe it'll be good for me. He sighed. This is gonna be interesting...and possibly uncool.