Author note: I don't own Yakitate! Japan.

Okay, if you guys thought this is another fic centered around the Meister...


This is basically going to be a series of oneshots around Azuma, Tsukino, Kawachi, Suwabara, Kanmuri...pretty much most of the main cast of Yakitate! Japan (this is also an attempt at some humor for a change). We're going to assume here that this takes place in both mangaverse and animeverse combined, so there might be spoilers for certain chapters/episodes. Pairings may also vary, but will be solidified by the end of the series, I hope...

Warning: Randomness (because you know the show is somewhat random ocassionally), craziness (everyone's crazy!), PAIRINGS(including yaoi), and maybe some violence and swearing.

Reviews and Constructive Criticism would be great, and I hope you guys read and reivew! Thanks!

1. Power of the Pen

Prompts/What inspired this oneshot: Pen, paper, hangman.

Characters: Azuma, Kanmuri, Tsukino, Kawachi, Ken Matsushiro.

Summary: When four of the South Tokyo Branch's employees get bored with nothing to do, doodling chaos ensues.

Parings: none

"I'm so bored." Kawachi muttered, letting his face hit the counter. "I mean, we don't really have any customers; we've baked pretty much all the bread for the day...ugh..."

Tsukino, Kanmuri and Azuma had to agree with him. Things had been a little slow lately at South Tokyo Pantasia. It made sense that the four would be bored because of that.

So, what were they to do?

They eventually agreed upon a game of hangman.


"Nope!" Kanmuri drew a head onto the horribly drawn gallows (courtesy of Kawachi, who had drawn those gallows). "Guess again!" he told Kawachi, who groaned in frustration.


Ten minutes later...

"AAUGH!" Kawachi was really freaking out now. He was only a foot away from execution, quite literally. Kanmuri grinned evilly. "Alright, I give up! What was the word?"

"Altruism." Kanmuri told him.

"Uh...and...what does that word mean exactly?" Tsukino asked, confused.

"It is the practice of concern for the welfare of others." Kanmuri responded. "Your turn to choose a word, Azuma-kun."

"Oh, right!" Azuma had drawn the spaces for the words, and everyone was in the middle of trying to figure out the sentence when...

"AND WHAT ARE YOU FOUR DOING!?" Ken Matsushiro shouted, bursting into the room. "GET BACK TO WORK!"

"Uh...YES SIR!" everyone immediately dashed back to work, baking more bread or working at the computers. Matsushiro picked up the paper and looked at the spaces carefully.

"Too easy." he muttered quietly. "Azuma, it's 'Afro brothers,' isn't it?"

Azuma nodded as he kneaded the dough. Matsushiro stuffed the paper into his pocket before heading back towards his office.