Totally Chaos: Tying Loose Ends

"Where'd that bloody Authoress go!?" Kuroyanagi fumed, looking around. After Monica fainted, the Authoress had suddenly dissapeared.

"I guess Mystical decided to run off when it had the chance to." Sophie muttered, looking around before looking at the unconscious Monica. "I'm not sure what we should do now..."

Meister sighed of relief, looking down at himself and realizing he was back to normal. The same went for Kai. "At least we don't have to worry about the genderbent issue anymore. I guess the reaction was only temporary." He started to leave the room. "I don't know what all the rest of you are going to do about this, but I'm changing back to my normal, masculine attire and getting back to work. Now, if you excuse me..." With that, he left, perfectly walking in those high heels without tripping.

Kai tore off his high heels and threw them aside, hitting Kawachi in the face. He then got over to Monica and looked at her carefully. "Baldy, if she's in a coma or anything serious like that, I will cut you." He growled at Kawachi, pointing his katana blade at him as he spoke.

Meister sighed of relief as he got out of that lolita outfit and changed back to his normal attire. He was glad the mess was over, for sure.

It was only after changing that he noticed a small bottle with pink liquid in it, as well as a note beside it. He immediately picked up the note and read it.

To Meister Kirisaki

I apologize for messing with you and Kai while you guys were genderbent, though it was Kawachi's fault in the first place that it happened. You guys can keep your outfits; if you don't want to, you could probably just give them away to someone else who wants them. I'm sure you can figure something out.

I also apologize for running away when Monica fainted, but seriously, Kuroyanagi and Kai at the least were probably ready to kill me by now, so I didn't really have much choice but to flee.

Oh, by the way, the bottle of pink liquid there is meant for Kawachi. Slip all the contents of it into his food sometime. The reaction should last approximately twenty-four hours. Let's just say it's a way to give him a bit of revenge.

Sincerely, Mystical Authoress.

Meister smirked, before grabbing the bottle and running out of his room to tell his sister, Kai, and Kuroyanagi about the plan that he concocted in his mind...

There was a scream that resounded through the Pantasia building the next morning.

Kawachi stared in the mirror. "I'm a...I'M A GIRL!" He screamed, terrified. "How...what the...WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON!?"

He turned to see Kai smirking, with Meister, Kuroyanagi and Sophie by his side. "That's what you get for messing with me and the GM." He spoke, before walking off. "Enjoy."

Sophie grinned, before turning to Meister. "Brother, this has got to be the best prank ever!" She told him excitedly.

Meister nodded in response. "Yes, I suppose it is." He replied, smiling back. "Oh, and Kawachi-san, that should last for approximately twenty-four hours, according to an anonymous friend." He added, his smile now forming a smirk before he and everyone else began to walk away.

"WAIT! Kuro-yan, someone help me! I can't be like this for the whole day!" Kawachi shouted. Kuroyanagi just stuck out his tongue at the teen before walking away. "Aargh! CURSE YOU MYSTICAL AUTHORESS!"