No one's POV

Freddie is sitting on his suitcase at a curb at a bus stop. It's been thirty minutes since he packed his bags and left Bushwell Plaza. Soon a double door, gray car pulled up to him and the trunk opened. Freddie walked over and stuck his suit case in the trunk along with two other suitcases.

He closed the trunk and got in the backseat of the car. He was fifteen years old and ran away. He'd gotten into a big fight with Carly and Sam, then left.


Freddie was sitting in a bean bag chair with Carly and Sam. They were discussing bits to perform on iCarly. Freddie had an idea to get an amateur band and have they perform on iCarly.

"I have an idea." Freddie said. "We get-"

"Tough notch Benson. Let the stars do the work and stand behind your pretty little camera, staying quiet." Sam had said and Freddie felt anger course through his veins.

"You didn't let me say what I've wanted to say." Freddie said.

"You're just the help." Sam snapped back. The air was thick with tension so bad that you probably could've cut the tension with a finger nail.

"You're right! I am the help! So let me help you!" Freddie shot back standing up. Carly sat there on her bean bag chair watching.

"We don't need your help nub! We're the stars not you!" Sam said, standing up. She shoved Freddie and the boy pushed her back. "If you disappeared, no one would care." The next thing, everything got quiet as the sound of flesh meeting flesh rang out. Sam stood there shocked, her cheek turning red. Carly stood up, placed her hands on her hips, and glared at Freddie.

"GET OUT!" Carly ordered and Freddie didn't need to be told twice. Freddie left the studio, ran out of the apartment, and ran to his apartment. He sent a text to his friend Leslie who was a junior at school.

We have to have our plans of running away today. Meet me at the bus stop in your car. Freddie sent and started to pack his clothes in a suitcase. He packed a towel, a toothbrush, and toothpaste in his suitcase.

Okay. Let me get Corey. Was the reply he got and Freddie gathered his money he saved for the occasion. Him, Caroline, Corey, for short, Kyle, and Leslie planned to run away from their problems. They planned to run away once their situation gets worse and since Freddie slapped Sam, he knew that they had to leave. Apparently Corey's life got worse and he wasn't sure about Kyle yet.

It took about him about ten minutes to get to the bus stop and he set his suitcase down and sat on it.

End flashback

Freddie was staring out the window and finally felt free. He didn't felt the pressure of school, the web-show, never getting Carly's love, and didn't feel the pressure of pleasing his mom. Freddie took a look at Corey's face.

Leslie was a little on the chubby side, and had black hair framing her face. She wore some eye shadow and some mascara, which made her green eyes unnoticeable. Leslie's parents neglected her, like Sam's mom, but Leslie's parents had forgotten that Leslie existed.

Corey had long blonde hair with black dyed streaks in her hair and wore some eye liner which made her blue eyes stand out.

Freddie took one good look at Corey and noticed some cuts and bruises on her face. Since Corey's parents died, her older sister got custody of her, and since her sister has a boyfriend, he hates Corey.

"Man. I finally feel free." Corey said and Freddie nodded. He noticed that they were pulling up to a street sign. Kyle held his hand out, his thumb up, as if he was hitch-hiking. The trunk opened and Kyle stuck his suitcase in the trunk of the car. Kyle closed the trunk and got in the backseat of the car.

Kyle happened to be bisexual and was in love with his friend Josh. Kyle said he didn't want to deal with unrequited love, deal with the guys at school calling him names like 'fag', and he wanted to run away.

Kyle had blond hair with small dyed brown streaks in his skater like hair, and had violet eyes with a quarter of an inch amber ring around the pupils.

"We're free." Leslie said.

"Woo!" The four teens in the car shouted with glee.

"Now what?" Leslie asked confused and the other three teens sat there in silence. They had forgotten that part. Where were they supposed to go?

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