Kyle was lying awake staring up at the night sky. He was looking at the stars and moon. He shifted around in his sleeping bag and looked at the remains of the fire. Amy had lit the fire and Corey was sitting in the middle of Leslie and Freddie. She was pouting that she was the one who didn't light the fire. He was sure that Corey would still be pouting in the morning.

He walked over to the fire and sat down crossed leg in front of the fire. He started poking the fire with a stick he found. Freddie walked over and sat next to Kyle, crossing his legs.

"Are you okay?" Freddie asked, watching Kyle poke the fire remains.

Kyle shrugged. "I'm just peachy."

Freddie knew that there was something bothering his friend. "Want to talk about what's bothering you?" Kyle sighed. He knew talking about it would be good.

Kyle tapped his thigh repeatedly, a sign Freddie knew was a nervous habit. "Josh and I kissed once." He admitted feeling the world was lifted off his shoulders a little.

"When? Why didn't you tell me?" Freddie asked, and started to punch his friend's shoulder.

"It was when I was avoiding you guys." Kyle explained and took a deep breath. "I was in the auditorium, writing some music and playing the piano. It was always my thinking place. So he walked in. I panicked and tried to leave. Falling down in the process," Freddie tried not to laugh at the fact that his friend fell down.

"You fell down?" Freddie asked.

Kyle rolled his eyes counter clockwise. "Yeah. I fell down. He helped me pick up my sheet music, and tried to get me to talk about why I was avoiding him. I got mad, dropped my sheet music again. Blamed Josh on it, started to repeatedly smack Josh on his arms out of anger. He stopped me and then like two minutes later he kissed me." Kyle explained. "He told me that he didn't mean it, and to forget that it ever happened." Kyle shrugged and poked the fire remains with the stick again.

Freddie twiddled his thumbs around. "That must suck."

Kyle nodded. "It did." Kyle wondered if he should tell Freddie about his dream he had. Should he? "I had a dream-"

Freddie couldn't help himself. "So did Martin Luther King Jr." He cracked a smile, but Kyle tried not to smack Freddie.

"As I was saying, I had a dream that I came home, and my parents were out shopping. Josh then came up to me, crying. I guess he was happy, and I tried to push him away because he was hugging me. He then kissed me. I woke up and felt slightly grossed out, yet excited." Kyle explained to Freddie, who just nodded. He was trying to be supportive, but if he had a dream about kissing another dude, he would seriously be grossed out.

Freddie shrugged. "Hey, whatever floats your metaphorical boat." Kyle stared at his friend his eyebrows knitting together in confusion.

"Okay then?" Kyle said and went to his sleeping bag, after dropping the stick he was holding. Freddie stared at the remaining fire pieces that weren't snuffed out by Kyle.

Sam and Carly had tried to strip Freddie of his pride by insulting him and Carly playing with his emotions. They tried to down play him and embarrassed him on iCarly.

He was lucky he ran away and got out of it. The road became his friend and he liked the freedom he got by choosing to run away.

A/N: Sorry this is a short chapter. Just Kyle admitting his dream and kiss to Freddie. It's three pages on Microsoft Word. Have a Happy Thanksgiving holiday.