A/N: This is actually the third in a series of Quatre x Trowa poems I wrote. I still haven't typed up the first two. It's Trowa's POV.

"midnight encore"

i wander down a darkened hall

and dreary thoughts drag me in

when suddenly my ears perceive

the sound of your violin

i lean into the room

just to watch you for a while

you don't even know i'm there

and i can't help but smile

your haunting song draws to an end

and you look satisfied

i duck around the corner

intending to go hide

but you must've heard my footsteps

for you find me right away

and your grin is bright enough

to turn night into day

i feel a little strange

and i start to blush

you laugh and then you leave

i chase you in a rush

you raise your violin

draw the bow so tight

and play for me an encore

in the city of midnight.