Emma's POV

"Emma, Stewart is here," my mother yells from below. I leap out of my room and walk down the stairs to the living room. I try to conceal my excitement when I enter the cozy space.

"Hey Stewart," smiling as brightly as I possibly can. "Hey Emma," he replies back with a dazzling smile and whispers, "you look beautiful." I spin to show my dress off. I got the dress back when I lived in England, it's a lavender color I only wore it once to a Christmas party disaster, but that doesn't make it ugly. "Not too bad yourself," was the simple reply back to his compliment.

"Don't be late," my father ordered and interrupting the moment. "We won't Mr. Hawthorne," Stewart stated. It's not like my dad doesn't like Stewart in fact he loves Stewart, he even sometimes wonders how Stewart isn't related to us, Hawthorne's. He just likes to act like a strict dad even though he isn't. At first I plainly thought he just hated me and Stewart together and was being way over protective and so unfair, and then we had a long discussion on boys.

"This way milady," Stewart escorts me to his new car he just got from graduating. We are going to some mystery place for our 2nd year anniversary. I'm surprised I haven't figured it out yet, but all my friends are in on the surprise and keep torturing me about it for a whole month. "We're here," Stewart announces. I recognize this place right away we are at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.

"Stewart, wait up," I call out. I'm in heels and didn't expect to come to a graveyard, but that doesn't mean I don't like the idea of coming back to a place where I my got a first forehead kiss. "Come on slow poke," he teased. We finally stop and I look where we are at in the area its dark and I can barely see but I can still see we are obviously at Authors Ridge and then there is a familiar bench.

"Stewart! This is amazing," I scream with excitement. He smiles with pleasure. There is a white frosted, ice-cream cake with the words Happy Second Year Anniversary made out of red frosting on top of the cake, red heart shaped balloons, and a huge handmade sign saying Happy Anniversary, Emma! I know Megan probably made it because it has a beautiful rose border (Megan's favorite flower) and really good calligraphy. Stewart's grin gets bigger and bigger. I ran into his arms and kissed him.