Megan's POV

"Where is Cassidy?" Zach asked.

"I don't know. She was here just a second ago," Becca replied calmly.

"She has to be here somewhere," I say, "I mean how far could she have gone?"

"Megan this is Sloane you are talking about," Zach exclaimed, "She can be half way across town in 5 minutes."

Cassidy is really fast and I mean fast!

"True," I reply.

I spot Becca under a tree giggling to herself. I wonder if its Theo. Theo is the guy Becca met during her spring break at Minnesota. Get this to his name is Theodore Rochester like Mr. Rochester from Jane Eyre. She giggles like a dork a second later. Yeah it is so Theo.

"Becca, you ok?" I ask like I had no clue what was going on.

"Oh nothing," she replies innocently.

"You sure? You seem a little-," I snatch the phone from her hands and read I read the text as fast as I can.

Becca when are you coming ba-

Becca screamed and jumped to save her phone I try to read the rest but Becca was too quick and snatched it back before I got a chance.

"Why did you do that?" she screamed angrily, "This is private!"

"Ok chill, but we need to focus on the main problem "Where the heck is Cass!"

"Ok, ok," she gives.

"Good girl now let's go find us a red haired giantess!"

Just a second later I see Darcy and Stewart by a tree. Becca was about to say something to call them over, but I told her to shut up. That is because I overheard Stewart say something to Darcy about Emma.

"Becca they found Emma and that must be where Cassidy is," I exclaimed.

"What are we waiting for lets follow them," she replies excitedly.

We followed them and as we suspected Emma, Jess, Cassidy, Darcy, and Stewart were there.

"Hey guys," Becca and I say.

They all turn toward us and say nothing.

Becca then stupidly and suddenly said, "Awkward."

She turns bright red and everyone starts to give her a look, all except Emma who is starting to giggle. Then everyone joins in all except Cassidy.

I look at Emma she has obviously been crying because her mascara is smeared and her eyes are red. She also is wearing that dress I keep telling her not to ever wear again. Why not? I will admit it is gorgeous and everything but it s cursed. She has worn that dress exactly three times (that I know of) and all of them ended in complete fail. First Christmas Party, then prom, now this! I mean come on, it has to be cursed and that is a lot to admit considering how much I love cloths.

"Emma Jane Hawthorne! I told you never to wear that again!" I yell in a fake motherly tone.

"Thanks for trying Megs, but I really just don't feel like talking and it wasn't the dress that did it," she explains.

"Emma I didn't mean anything like this to happen! I didn't mean anything I even said. Please understand!" Cass begged.

There was a lot of silence after that. Emma was about to say something, but it was interrupted by Ethan, Third, and Zach. Yay, more to add to the party.

"So who wants punch," Ethan says to break the silence. Emma again starts to cry. Poor Emma!

Author's Note:

Hey guys! I already told one person this but I wanted to tell all of you I'm only going to upload once every two weeks, but if I have any extra time I will do it then. Another thing I wanted to say was thank you to the people who actually took the time to read this, even though it is so not the best writing here. :D